Treasure Detectives CNBC Analyze Stradivarius Violin Varnish with a UV Black Light


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Discover more details about using a UV black light as used on Treasure Detectives on CNBC. Tips you should know as a collector

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Treasure Detectives CNBC Analyze Stradivarius Violin Varnish with a UV Black Light

  1. 1. Last night’s episode of Treasure Detectives on CNBC dealt with theauthentication of a Stradivarius violin and one of the “tests” or methods ofexamination utilized the UV black light.The UV light is a standard method of inspection (or should be!) among vintagepainting collectors and art conservators to help see invisible clues in the surfacevarnish layers. But it’s a technique that can be utilized by all collectors ofmemorabilia, collectibles, heirlooms and antiques. Here are a couple of the thingsthat can be seen/learned with a UV light: Some qualities of varnish can be generally identified Sometimes the general age of the varnish can be determined Previous “Monkeying around” with the varnish …Other important invisible clues you can discover are listed in the longer article atTips For Art Collectors.It’s interesting though that most painting collectors mistakenly consider the UVblack light a simple method to understand or read. But, there is MUCH more to seethan just some purple spots that may be retouching. There was an important pointshown on the TV show that perhaps wasn’t noticed…The quality of the UV black light they used in the show wasn’t very good. Here iswhat I hope is a good review of the use of a UV black light for looking at antiquepaintings. (Click on the link/colored words) However, a UV light is VERY useful forlooking at and inspecting all antiques and collectibles…. I hear they are also usefulfor seeing scorpions in the dark.Thumbs up to Treasure Detectives for making a technical show entertaining. I’m afan and stay tuned… I’m also in an upcoming episode!Was the violin considered authentic? More details are listed in the longer article atTips For Art Collectors
  2. 2. Questions? Call Scott M. Haskins, art conservator at 805 564 34387Art appraisal questions? Call Richard Holgate at 805 895 5121See short videos by Scott M. Haskins on art conservation related subjects atYouTube channel “Bestartdoc” us on FacebookFine Art ConservationSave Your StuffScott M. HaskinsFor a news article featuring Scott M. Haskins’s, Click here: