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Coca Cola - Very chill hay coke zindagi ad by Oglivy & Mather, Pakistan
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Coca Cola - Very chill hay coke zindagi ad by Oglivy & Mather, Pakistan


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presented for Advertisment Review - at IoBM Summer 2008

presented for Advertisment Review - at IoBM Summer 2008

Published in: Business

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  • 1. (c)2008.umairbabrrrrrr.all left & rights reserved.V Chill hay Coke ZindagiBRR RRRR…………..bYU M A I R BABRR RRRRRR©2008.umairbaber.all lefts & rights reserved.
  • 2. (c)2008.umairbabrrrrrr.all left & rights reserved.Reason to Focus:BRRR....effect !Product:Coco Cola - BRRRClient:Coco Cola PakistanAgency:Ogilvy & Mather PakistanDuration:45 secondsPENGUINSPenguins motionReason: V Chill temperature at POLES
  • 3. (c)2008.umairbabrrrrrr.all left & rights reserved.Scene 1buddhay main jaan daal day (PUT LIFE INTO DEAD)Scene 2Muashray ko meetha bana day (Sweet Sweet Society)
  • 4. (c)2008.umairbabrrrrrr.all left & rights reserved.Scene 3Ishq ma tarang la day (Bring life into love)Scene 4Jashan manana sikha day (teaches how to celebrate)
  • 5. (c)2008.umairbabrrrrrr.all left & rights reserved.Scene 5koi aur kahan hila saka (Other Drinks cant do it)Scene 6Yeh he hay real Music, yeh he hay DANCE ( this is real music, dance)
  • 6. (c)2008.umairbabrrrrrr.all left & rights reserved.Scene 7ab toh Ishara kafi ha.Scene 8Bach k !, KUCH BHEE HOSAKTA HAY ( beware, this is COCACOLA)
  • 7. (c)2008.umairbabrrrrrr.all left & rights reserved.HERE IS THE CREATIVE WORKWATCH AD
  • 8. (c)2008.umairbabrrrrrr.all left & rights reserved.MESSAGE STRATEGYAFFECTIVE. Designed to invoke Feelings, Emotions matching with theproductEMOTIONAL Attempts to elicit powerful emotionsPREEMPTIVE A common Attribute but get there first, little differentiationproductsRESONANCE uses Situations, Lifestyles and emotions of Target Audienceas this is highly competitive non differentiated product
  • 9. (c)2008.umairbabrrrrrr.all left & rights reserved.PREVIOUS ADSReason to Focus:Coke - The driving forceProduct:Coca Cola – bolayjunoon bolay eemanClient:Coca ColaAgency:Orient Mccann EriksonDuration:32 secondsReason to Focus:Bringing people closerNOKIA TUNEProduct:Coco Cola - Geo CokeZindagiClient:Coco ColaAgency:Orient Mccann EriksonDuration:40 secondsReason to Focus:A neat adaptation KHALAY P LAY G LAYProduct:Coca Cola DrinkClient:Coca ColaDuration:29 secondsFAIL AVG GOOOOD
  • 10. (c)2008.umairbabrrrrrr.all left & rights reserved.PEPSIReason to BOGUS:One should not impress individual,lead Society as Coca Cola did.Concept is not creativePEPSI for individuals,Coca Cola for everyoneAvg production by International AgencyReason to Focus:Pepsi: If there is a will, there is a wayProduct:Pepsi - Jo Chao Kar JaoClient:Pepsi PakistanAgency:JWTDuration:49 secondsSOMETIME HOW DIFFICULT IS TO SPENT 49 SECONDS, :p
  • 11. (c)2008.umairbabrrrrrr.all left & rights reserved.INTERNATIONAL ADSLET’S WATCH INTERNATIONAL ADS
  • 12. (c)2008.umairbabrrrrrr.all left & rights reserved.CONCLUSIONConcept as usual global but a verygood production byOgilvy & Mather PakistanConcept unique, memorable andbrrrr become a language ofcommunication joy happinessyouth chillllll
  • 13. (c)2008.umairbabrrrrrr.all left & rights reserved.QUESTIONS??????????????
  • 14. (c)2008.umairbabrrrrrr.all left & rights reserved.QUESTIONS?????????????ANSWERSNEW RATESRegular Rs15/=Can 30/=500ml. Rs 25/=1liter 30/=1.5 Liter 50/=Available at all logicalstores©2008.umairbaber.all lefts & rights reserved.