me too, Intelligent Business Solutions Services&Business Cases


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me too, Intelligent Business Solutions briefly presents its servises and succesful business cases (part 1, 2010).

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me too, Intelligent Business Solutions Services&Business Cases

  1. 1. Who we are? Our Visionme too, Intelligent Business Solutions is an me too, Intelligent Business Solutions having anoutstanding creative growing company, extensive professional background and widedemonstrating excellent business solutions experience in Brand Development and Support, isdevelopment proficiency, providing business aimed to empower Clients’ Businesses to becomeproducts and services which enhance its highly successful in convincing potential customerscompetencies, and raise long-term relationships and to not only recognize Clients’ trade marks’ logos,shareholder value. but generally have an impression that these products, associated with certain Brand, have certain specific characteristics or qualities, which make its’ special or even unique and competitive onOur Mission highly-competitive too, Intelligent Business Solutions was founded That’s why we have gathered an extra-productiveto provide high-quality and innovative solutions in team of artists, architects, engineers and productdesign, web , advertising and other marketing developers with a strong professional background –activities to make Brands and their services much ready to gather Clients’ requirements and meetmore attractive and well-sold. Clients’ expectations creating breathtaking presentation s of Brands on the market.We are a goal-oriented company that sets the rightaims and gains them basing on professionalism,client-orienting, adherence to ethical standards andworld wide business values.
  2. 2. What we do?One ThreeWe are one-stop resource for all Marketing&Sales We create 100% unique and creative businessneeds – from custom Logo Design to Printable solutions and implement them for having satisfiedDesigns, impressive Marketing Materials including potential consumers.Brochures, Flyers, Presentations, Businessdocuments Templates, Posters, Corporate FourNewsletters and Advertising Campaigns, to special We are ready for as much revision iterations as itEvents, BTL and ATL campaigns, and Marketing might be necessary for Your satisfaction, using theCommunication Strategy on the Market which are whole expertise of our production team – graphicaimed to drive Client’s Business up. artists, marketing experts, illustrators and copywriters.TwoWe dedicate a powerful force of expert Fiveprofessionals to provide business with the highest- We will take care of all the management andquality Designs, Visual Concepts and a wide range technical stuff, leaving You free to focus on Yourof Creative Business Solutions at a competitive business.costs and time-frames.
  3. 3. Goals:To develop a Brand platform(including Brand mission, vision,image, philosophy, goals, etc.).To develop the existing Brand in thecontext of Ukrainian dance industry.To develop graphic standards.To develop Brand Logo Design.Results:Brand platform development, MywayBrand establishing and promotion,Brand’s social position development,graphic design patterns creating,making a graphic design conceptwith a clear perspective for thefurther development.
  4. 4. Goals:Corporate Identity (CI) developmentwithin the general design concept ofthe Brand. Reflection of Brand’sphilosophy and Brand image by themeans of CI. Uniting different subbrands with the help of graphicalinsights. To attract and increase thetarget audience using originalgraphic solutions.Results:Corporate Identity development,Myway Brand promotion, creating theone general corporate style, unitingdifferent sub brands, implementationof graphical insights in souvenirproduction, business documentation,PR-attributes, etc.
  5. 5. Goals:To develop the first dance award inUkraine. To provide full service forthe event (from script to contractwork organizing). To raise publicattention to the Myway brand. Toattract and increase target audience.To position Myway Dance Awards asa unique dance event having noanalogues in Ukraine. To popularizedance as it is among the youth oftoday. To promote health way ofliving.Results:Brand development, logodevelopment, event planning andorganization, event arrangement,marketing campaign development,Myway brand promotion, increase inMyway sales, SEO results (morethan 2,500 releases and posts in theInternet)
  6. 6. Goals:To develop a concept of the mostdancing show of the spring 2010. Toprovide full service for the event. Todevelop a marketing strategy. Toattract and increase target audience.To promote Dance Centre Myway. topopularize dance among the youthand support health way of living. Toincrease the sales of the tickets.Results:Full design development (logo,poster, advertizing materials), eventplanning and organization, fullarrangement, Myway brandpromotion, Dance Centre Mywaypromotion, marketing campaigndevelopment, SEO results (up to10,000 releases and posts in theInternet), capacious and highly-effective advertizing.
  7. 7. Goals:Brand development for the firstprofessional dance agency inUkraine. To create a brand platform.To reveal dance agency experienceand proficient portfolio. To developgraphic design with a perspective forthe further development. To developlogo, corporate identity, generaldesign concept.Results:Up-to-date logo development,distinguishing corporate identitycreation, web-site, communicational& presentation materials indevelopment, brand platformdevelopment, optimization of theportfolio description.
  8. 8. Goals:To develop the first dance wearbrand in Ukraine. To create a dancewear design within the generalconcept of the Myway brand. To starta highly effective PR-campaign. Tolaunch the brand. To implement andoverdo the sales plan. To promotethe Myway brand. To popularize thedance as an art among the youth. Tocarry on a social mission to the targetaudience (going in for sports, leavinga healthy life)Results:New dance wear brand developing,dance wear launch, execution of thesales plan, attracting targetaudience’s attention to the Branditself and to dancing in general,promoting dance as a hobby,creating the first dance wear series inUkraine, brand recognition,popularizing of the dance, salesincrease.
  9. 9. Goals:To develop corporate identity for theconcert agency brand. To promotethe brand. To implement the latestdesign trends by the means ofgraphical insights. To develop thegeneral corporate concept. To createa bright and recognizable design withthe expectation for furtherdevelopment in future.Results:Corporate identity development,concert agency promotion,popularizing concerts as the bestway of spending one’s free time,creating general design insights.
  10. 10. Goals:To develop a web-site including up-to-date Internet solutions.To create a recognizable portal withhigh usability and great potential.To develop a unique web-design forthe site.To prepare and hold the launch of theweb-site.Results:A highly efficient web-site with aunique design creation, a web-portallaunch, SEO development, fullservice package for the weboptimization, web-site promotion,PR-promotion, concert support.
  11. 11. Goals:To develop a brand-new web-sire forthe concert agency.To reveal and reflect the values ofthe agency (including its philosophy,aims and performer variety).To create a unique design in order toattract the target audience.To increase the sales level.Results:An up-to-date web-portal with highusability and trend design, a greatmarketing tool for attracting andincreasing the target audience, agreat advertising and PR-tool,concert promotion, client support,etc.
  12. 12. Goals:To create a resource able to dealwith tickets for all the kinds ifactivities.To develop a web-site with its uniquedesign.To develop a concept of the portal.To implement the ticket-shoppingsystem.To reach high usability level.To promote concert activities andagencies.To advertize upcoming events.Results:A brand-new portal for the ticket retailand PR/advertizing of the upcomingconcert activities, a great marketingand sales tool, a site that attractstarget audience and thus involvethem into the concert activity.
  13. 13. Goals:To develop logo design concepts formain Brand and it’s sub-Brands –Radio, Magic, Love.To reflect the main idea of theHappenstance Brand.To integrate the idea of the internet-radio into its graphic expression.To interact within main brand conceptof the Happenstance.Results:Strong color and sign composition ogthe Brand, logo concepts descriptionand presentation, showing logosincluding its further developmentperspectives.
  14. 14. Goals:To develop corporate identity for theBrand.To promote the brand.To implement the latest design trendsby the means of graphical insights.To develop the general corporateconcept.To create a bright and recognizabledesign with the expectation forfurther development in future.Results:Corporate identity development,concert agency promotion,popularizing concerts as the bestway of spending one’s free time,creating general design insights.
  15. 15. Goals:To create an online-radio socialnetwork.To include the possibility to upload,download and comment music &videos.To reach high usability level.To make a basic simple andconvenient in use social network.To imply music solutions in the socialnet project.Results:An up-to-date media portal for theonline-radio, a creative web-designwithin the Happenstance brandconcept, a user-attracting socialnetwork with a possibility of music &video file exchange, a wide net ofcomments, a possibility to discusslatest music issues and news.
  16. 16. Goals:To develop a logo for the real estatecompany. To make a logo that will beperfect for representing a companythat deals with a serious business. Toimplement calm business-orientedcolor spectrum. To turn a logo intographic tracing with design element.Results:A minimalist logo that reflectscompany’s policy, prestige, businessstyle and up-to-date vision, a logodesign that can be easily developedinto corporate identity, souvenirproduction and be used in all kinds ofgraphic advertizing.
  17. 17. Goals:To develop a corporate Identity (CI)that will reflect main Brand idea.To create a CI that can reveal Brandvalues and philosophy.To promote the Brand.To develop a general corporateconcept.To create a business-oriented designappropriate for the B2B and B2Ctarget audience.Results:A ready-to-go corporate identity withofficial calm color spectrum, a fulldesign package for the Brand.
  18. 18. Goals:To develop a web-portal for thecompany that provides wide range ofservices connected with the realestate sphere and investment. Theweb-site should be of the latest web-design trend, high usability,convenience, fast-speed and shoulddemonstrate the services with all theavailable graphic and general designmeans.Results:A modern web-site with simple butdeep structure. The solution turnedto be simple – to develop a one-pageblog-structured website with the web-design corresponding with the latestdesign trends, a calm color spectrumcorrelating the logo and the web 2.0background solution – light,volumetric, interactive.