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Kitchen top

Kitchen top






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    Kitchen top Kitchen top Presentation Transcript

    • Abhishek SahuUser Experience Designer, BangaloreKitchen Top
    • Overview of Slides• Problem Statement• Brain Storming• Synthesis• Target User Definition• Scenarios• Biggest worries• Task Flows• Design / Wireframes• High fidelity Mockup• Other use cases around it• Other Design Options
    • Problem StatementFamily households today are often very chaotic places. Parents and childrenare coming and going at various times. There are chores that need to bedone. Menus need to be planned, groceries need to be purchased, and mealsneed to be cooked. Everyone wants to chip in and help, but it can bechallenging coordinating everything. Many times the kitchen ends up beingthe central point of interaction. Design an interface that a modern family canuse in that space to orchestrate their busy lives.Assumption1. Technology is not the limitation, proposed solution can use anyfuturistic technologies and not tied-up with any specific platform etc.2. Proposed solution can use possible sensor integrations.3. It is assumed that internet connectivity / SMS etc can be used toconnect any devices.4. High-fidelity mockup is static and non-interactive in nature due tolimitation of time.
    • Brain StormingBrainstorming: image belowDid some browsing on internet to find out some standard kitchen layouts, some kitchen managementtips, needs, advices etc. Also browed some related apps as well.
    • SynthesisSynthesis of information collected during the brainstorming (image below)
    • Synthesis5 Special Ingredients of a Excellent kitchenkitchenSafeHygienicInvitingPlentifulOrganized
    • SynthesisBiggest worriesIs Gas Stove left open?Milk boiling or other burning stuffRotten StuffGroceries running offServing too hot or cold specially for kidsMenu Selection and options?#*
    • Targeted UserUser SegmentTargeted user groupfamily belongs to uppermiddle class society. Theyare active, logical andhave good reputation insociety.Rational AspirationalLess active/ socialHighly Active/socialTarget Users
    • PersonaFamily Persona: Sharma family belongs to upper middle class society. Mr.Sharma is senior manager in a software company and Mrs Sharma is takingcare of her founded NGO. They have two kids both Girls, Studying in 12th and9rd standard respectively.Though it’s a busy family but they have good bonding. Family has breakfastand dinner together in most possible cases. Mrs. Sharma loves cooking and inmany cases cooks by herself with domestic help and sometime if kids havetime they help as well. She is an organized lady and takes care of her homeduty very well.
    • Potential Scenario 1Mrs. Sharma gets up in the morning, does her daily ablutions and goesto the door to pickup milk packets and fresh breads dropped byvendors. She goes to Kitchen and puts the stuff there. She looks at the“Kitchen Top” and it shows what options are available to preparebreakfast. She selects available raw material options and it gives therelevant recipes to be prepared, listed by recently, popular and fromher social network & friends. Mrs. Sharma selects most desirable one,which gives the ingredients of the recipe and their availability at home.She adds that in the Menu.In the Breakfast options she finds that Juice Packets are going to expirein next 2 days. Hence she takes them out for breakfast and also addsJuice in Grocery list as well.
    • Potential Scenario 2Today Allen is late from office and alone at home as his wife has goneto kids school for some event. He gets into kitchen, looks at “KitchenTop” and finds a note from his wife that they will have dinner in eventitself.Now he looks at the options below for the dinner options. He findsthat there are Mushrooms in fridge. He loves Mushrooms hence looksfor some possible preparations. He finds some good and easy optionsto prepare to have with Breads suggested by his friend Rick also hefinds that necessary ingredients are also there in home. Rick staysclose-by so he invites him as well for the dinner with Beer. They hadgood time and posted some pictures on their social network.
    • How it works“Kitchen top” can be installed with a dedicated device on differentplaces of kitchen like “Kitchen Table” or on Refrigerator. The solutioncan be available on Tablets to install and use it in kitchen.
    • How it worksCentral “Kitchen top” device will be connected with thesensors installed on different elements in kitchen to keepinformation updated.KitchenTopSensors on thecontainer updatesthe quantity andother informationSensors installed onStove for safetySensors installed onFridge to updateaboutfreshness/Hygieneetc.Heat sensor on thescreen to displayHot and cold fooditems
    • Task flow
    • Sketches-Wireframes
    • High-fidelity MockupWhen there are no Alerts or Notes
    • High-fidelity MockupWith Alerts or Notes
    • Other User CasesHow this solution can be extended to solve otherissues too– This Central Device is connected with other devicesand can be synced by Internet or Bluetooth etc.– Entire Grocery list can be available on mobile phoneas well.– Solution can work without sensors but there it will belots of manual interaction with it and overallexperience will not be upto the mark.– Peripheral sensors can be connected to update aboutother appliances like Gas Burner/ hot plate burner,dishwasher cleaner / Refrigerators etc.
    • Other User Cases– Kitchen Top kind of solution can work smartly if ithas temperature sensors etc. So that when a veryhot or cold object is served, it can reflect thatthere only when served.