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BT - Adhesives BT - Adhesives Presentation Transcript

  • NATURAL ADHESIVESNatural adhesives are made from inorganic mineralsources, or biological sources. A simple paste can bemade by mixing flour and water.CASEIN GLUE This product is made by dissolving casein, a protein obtained from milk. In wood bonding, casein glues generally are superior to true animal glues in moisture resistance and aging characteristics.
  • ANIMAL GLUEAn animal glue is anadhesive that is created byprolonged boiling of animalconnective tissue.Stereotypically, the animal inquestion is a horseAnimal glue was the mostcommon woodworking gluefor thousands of years
  • SYNTHETIC ADHESIVESASPHALT CEMENTThe primary use ofasphalt (Bitumen) isin road construction,where it is used asthe glue or binder forthe aggregateparticles
  • NATURAL RUBBER ADHESIVENatural rubber is often vulcanized, a process by whichthe rubber is heated and sulfur, peroxide or bisphenolare added to improve resilience and elasticity, and toprevent it from perishing.
  • PHENOLIC RESINin dry and liquid form,excellent bond to wood andpaper requiring hot pressused to manufactureplywood.
  • NEOPRENEAdhesives based on Neoprene are available as eithersolvent or aqueous compositions. They can be lowviscosity sprayable and roll coatable, intermediateviscosity brushable, or have high viscosity mastic-likeconsistencies.
  • A membrane made withNeoprene provides watertightprotection for the 10-storyInternal Revenue Service (IRS)Computing Center in Detroit,Michigan. Because the buildinghouses millions of dollars ofelectronic equipment thathandles the agencys criticaladministrative and tax-relateddata processing, the flooringsystem needed to be 100 percent Architects designed the newwatertight. IRS Detroit Computing Center to be 100% watertight between floors.
  • MELAMINE ADHESIVEA fast setting adhesive speciallyformulated for room temperaturebonding of porous substrate todifficult-to-bond synthetic materialssuch as melamine surfaces andhighly impregnated papers.Product also shows success inbonding wood to metals such asstainless steel, copper andaluminum
  • EPOXY RESINEpoxy adhesives are amajor part of the class ofadhesives called"structural adhesives" or"engineering adhesives"(which also includespolyurethane, acrylic,cyanoacrylate, and otherchemistries.)These high-performance adhesives are used in theconstruction of aircraft, automobiles, bicycles, boats,golf clubs, skis, snow boards, and other applicationswhere high strength bonds are required.
  • POLYVINYL RESIN (PVA)As an emulsion in water, PVA issold as an adhesive for porousmaterials, particularly wood,paper, and cloth. It is the mostcommonly used wood glue, bothas "white glue" and the yellow"carpenters glue."
  • SODIUM SILICATE ADHESIVEalso known as water glass or liquidglass, available in aqueous solutionand in solid form, is a compoundused in cements, passive fireprotection, refractories, textile andlumber processing.Also used for automotive engineblocks and gaskets.
  • CYANOACRYLATEis the generic name for cyanoacrylatebased fast-acting glues such as ethyl-2-cyanoacrylate (commonly soldunder trade names like Superglueand Krazy Glue)Cyanoacrylate is a tenaciousadhesive, particularly when used tobond non-porous materials or thosethat contain minute traces of water.