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What is Lucky-dux.com

  1. 1. Cool and Stylish Brand Supportive Sales Channel
  2. 2. About us LDX is a cool place to discover amazing products and brands at incredible prices. Our team of product fanatics scours the world for those unique products that enhance our lives in some small way. Benefit from our 250,000 strong community of pragmatic consumers.
  3. 3. Unique Functional products worth talking about Stylish Innovative We strive to ensure that products featured on the platform are always a powerful combination of unique, stylish, functional or innovative.
  4. 4. 250,000 audience CURRENTLY DUX INFLUX 12,000 NEW SIGNUPs Our team has a strong customer acquisition capability, comprising world class SEO, SEM, copywriting and design expertise. Starting off from a strong base we expect significant member growth and are targeting 500,000 members over the next two years. 500,000 MEMBERS FUTURE
  5. 5. 35% 65% Age Range: 25-45 Tech & Web Savvy High Disposable Income $75k + per year PERTH 15% FOOTPRINT OF LDX BRISBANE 30% SYDNEY 40% LDX members are affluent, live an active lifestyle and are in their prime consumption years. MELBOURNE 15%
  6. 6. the social twist Every brand is represented by a brand ambassador, an individual chosen carefully based on their passion for the product, on screen appeal and their story.
  7. 7. 1 2 3 4 e Congratulations your brand has been chosen to be featured on LDX Agreement on products, styles, quantities, pricing and timeline how does it work? Three mail outs per week LDX and the brand agree on product mix, quantities, schedules and pricing (including a margin for LDX) and LDX then sends an email to its database. This email sends interested members to a branded, exclusive online shop dedicated to that brand and members have the ability to order for a set period (typically three days). Fulfillment
  8. 8. 1 YOU SHIP Online Purchase LDX is working with one of Australia’s largest shipping agent offering highly competitive national and international courier solutions. LDX is offering our brand partners two solutions: CHOICE OF SHIPPING & PAYMENT Packaging Delivery $ Settlement The purchased items are shipped individually to the customer from the brands warehouse. LDX supplies all address labels, customer invoices and packaging if necessary. The brand prepares individual orders on their premises and the LDX courier collects for delivery on the agreed date. The brand is paid once we have received confirmation from the shipping partner that the shipment has been collected. 2 WE SHIP Online Purchase LDX Warehouse $ Settlement Packaging The brand partner ships the purchased items in bulk to the LDX warehouse on an agreed date. LDX prepare all items for customer shipping and arrange shipping to the individual customer. The brand is paid once the goods have been received at the LDX warehouse. Delivery
  9. 9. Chris Doerfel The bleeding edge is a comfortable place for Chris. His 20 year career began in the Austrian Special Forces, which instilled the discipline and self belief that would be essential in the ruffle and tumble startup world. In between skydiving and kite surfing, Chris has built a number of successful businesses: most notably an event marketing agency, Australia’s first transit media business and most recently Australia’s largest Winter event festival across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. Ullash Tiwari Tom Fischer Ullash Tiwari has a proven track record in the Digital, SEO, Socail Media and SEM fields. delivering large increases in traffic to organizations he has worked with such as IBM, Salesforce and Telstra. He has expert knowledge in the field of web analytics, working closely with teams to unlock the full potential of their knowledge assets, He also Loves Music and djs around the world. With over 10 years’ experience, Tom has been involved in technical projects for blue chip clients such as Audi, Vodafone, ANZ Bank and Westfield. He specialises in server & data architecture, platform integration and ecommerce technologies. Tom is also an outstanding project manager. On his free time, Tom loves to surf and challenge himself with triathlons. Words that Ullash lives by: “Make it happen" Words that Tom lives by: “Mens sana in corpore sano” Words that Chris lives by: "Nunquam Retro" Paul Reichman As a top rated investment analyst, Paul cut his teeth analysing technology businesses and building financial models. Soon tiring of critiquing from the sidelines, Paul decided to put his skills to test as an entrepreneur, launching Australia’s first corporate car share business. Paul soon partnered with Chris to deliver Australia’s lowest cost car share service, offering a branded fleet to Australian consumers. A proud style guru, Paul is now excited to help put the worlds coolest products into the hands of Australian consumers. Words that Paul lives by: "Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever." David Barrett David has 9 years extensive background in Digital Strategy and is a founding partner of Demonz Media. With unquestionable enthusiasm and understanding of futuretechnologies and trends, David’s unique skill set is regularly sought after to aid in commercialisation of new technologies on behalf of universities and venture capital funded projects, overseeing the end to end process, from product Brand and product concept to digital launch strategy. He’s also a self confessed beach bum. Words that David Lives by: “Be yourself” Nayanuka Herath With a reputation for being able to combine both technical and design skills, Nayanuka has delivered top end web and software development for organisations such as Maersk, Mitsubishi and the NSW government over the last 10 years. Nayanuka brings with him strong knowledge in software architecture, user interface design, development for mobile platforms & user experience programming. He is an avid reader. Words that Nayanuka live by: “Don't make me think”
  10. 10. Lucky-Dux Head Office Brand Partner Development Team e. brands@lucky-dux.com f. +61 2 9699 8766 Paul Reichman e. preichman@lucky-dux.com p. +61 (0)459 609 689 Level 2, 20 Hutchinson Street Surry Hills, NSW, 2010 Sydney, Australia Christoph Doerfel e. cdoerfel@lucky-dux.com p. +61 (0)405 174 027 Ullash Tiwari e. utiwari@lucky-dux.com p. +61 (0)433 785 846