10 Common Mistakes that people make when marketing their Fashion Brand


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Fashion Brands have a personality of their own, more so than any other business out
there. They are living, breathing organisms touching the lives of their consumer
quite personally by virtue of the product they sell.

Clothing, accessories; the way you look, carry yourself, are perceived by others. All
personal choices, a reflection of the person you are and such decisions cannot and are
not taken lightly. Hence with great power comes great responsibility.

The way that a fashion house presents itself to the world is paramount to its success or
failure. It has to have a clear vision, look, personality. It needs to have a set demographic
that relates to it and it needs to know what exactly that demographic is.

Not only must they be careful of how they present themselves but also be fully aware of
how their cast image will be perceived by others. In an industry so vastly growing, in a
world where fashion knows no bounds, a new fashion brand opens its doors everyday
and joins in the struggle of making its mark and leaving a lasting impression on the

Whereas old fashion brands, already established, are fighting the battle to stay hip and
relevant. Most of both, the latter and the former, are failing to do so in today’s economy
and the mounting competition they face. In this atmosphere, fashion brands are either
taking too many risks or staying too safe, none finding the right balance.

In such times, it is easy as well as necessary to highlight certain common mistakes made
on a daily basis by old and new fashion brands alike.

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