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How your brand can work with

  2. 2. ABOUT US is a powerful marketing & sales channel promoting and selling distinctive and emerging brands and their products. THE BRAND FOCUS has daily brand focus promoting ONE SELECTED BRAND and a well chosen range of products per mail-out to the LX audience. A quirky brand related call to action message engages with LX members and offers an uncluttered and brand focused online media channel. has 250,000 members at time of writing and there is a forecast of 12,000 new sign ups a month with a target in the near future of 500,000 members. Unique campaigns based on the brands the brands product portfolio can be arranged. WHAT ARE WE DOING FOR YOUR BRAND is selling & promoting selected brands and products through a private members network allowing brands to limit the number of people who have access to the sale prices, and control the time period that the sale runs for. LX campaigns increase awareness for the featured brand and increased demand for the brands in off line retail channels.
  3. 3. HOW DOES IT WORK. LX approaches a brand looking to promote & sell products. The brand & LX agree on the products and the pricing (including a margin for LX) and LX then sends an email to its database. This email sends interested members to a branded, exclusive online shop dedicated to that brand and members have the ability to order for a set period (typically three days). LX takes the order, goes back to the brand with one aggregated order and then takes responsibility for order fulfillment. LX spends a lot of time with the brand up front to find out about what they are trying to do with their sales and marketing campaigns. LX is suitable for marketing campaigns for a new product or a campaign to aggressively clear excess stock. LX delivers relevant users and it is not about the total number of users, itʼs about the relevant types of users. WHY DO LX CAMPAIGNS NOT CANNIBALIZE STORE SALES? “Recent survey data* shows that if users miss out on a sale, 63% still go out to a store to buy the item they saw online. LX campaigns create huge brand and product awareness which drives people into stores. Shopping clubs in general demand stimulating, and retail shops are demand satisfying. LX can facilitate the sale of other products but will channel these off elsewhere at this point.
  4. 4. SHIPPING: LX has accounts with the most reliable and competitive national & international courier services including Australia Post. We are offering our brand clients two solutions: Solution A: The purchased items are shipped out of the brands warehouse. LX supplies all customers address labels and packaging as boxes or sachets. the brand prepares all items for customer shipping at their warehouse and all shipments are getting picked up via LX contracted courier at the brands warehouse at an agreed date. Solution B: The purchased items are shipped out of the LX warehouse at an agreed date. The brand supplies all purchased goods to LX warehouse. LX prepare all items for customer shipping and ship directly to the customer. PRICING: LX is selective about the brands being promoted through its network. Once a brand and a few selected innovative products are approved to be promoted through the LX network no cost for the campaign applies. The brand and LX agree on the products pricing including a margin for LX and the total number of items available for sale. Shipping cost is additionally applicable to the LX customer at checkout. Shipping solution A: no additional cost applies Shipping solution B: Additional cost applies. Cost is dependent on the volume and type of item.
  5. 5. THE TEAM Business Development Christoph Doerfel | +61 (0) 405 174 | Andrew Mciver +61 (0) 424 950 199 | Marketing & PR Paul Reichman | +61 (0) 459 609 689 | Web administration Tom Fischer | Accounts Julia Schimanski |
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