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The Thailand AutoBook 2014 is a comprehensive overview about the Thai Auto industry and the main players:
OEMs, The Thai Automotive Cluster, Tier 1 Suppliers from Japan, USA, Europe and Australia, Automotive Organizations, Industrial Estates, Events and Media and much more. It also includes detailed statistics about Automotive sales, market share, OEM capacities and information about new programs 2013-15.

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Thai AutoBook 2014 Preview

  1. 1. Thailand AutoBook 2014
  2. 2. Chapter 1 Introduction Thailand is ASEAN’s Automotive Hub and largest manufacturing base for the industry. And Thailand offers a double opportunity – both as a potential sales market on one side as well as an attractive sourcing base. We invite you to discover the Thai Automotive Industry by browsing through this eBook - have fun and hopefully you’ll find information and inspiration to expand your business network! If you have any questions please email us here.
  3. 3. Thailand's Automotive Industry Thailand’s Automotive Industry offers a wealth of opportunities for local and international sales and sourcing. Incentives are offered to encourage local production of components, electronics and eco-cars. and there is also demand for design, R&D and testing centers. Automotive exports will grow significantly through Thailand’s free-trade agreements (FTAs) with it’s ASEAN neighbors and many other countries such as India, China and Australia. Many of the world’s major automakers, assemblers, and parts and components manufacturers have put their footprint in Thailand, and many are planning additional investment. Section 1 AT A GLANCE 1. Thailand is the Automotive Hub of ASEAN with 2.45 Million cars produced in 2013. 2. About 50% of the manufactured vehicles are exported. 3. OEM’s are from Japan and the USA supported by virtually all MNCs (Multinational Corporations) and a Thai Automotive Cluster of components suppliers. 4. Thailand is the second largest producer of pickup trucks after the USA. 5. 85% of the market share is controlled by Japanese, about 15% by US OEMs Introduction 6 Table 1.1 Thailand economic development Source: Global Insight, Bank of Thailand, Thailand Ministry of Finance, Thai Autobook Research Real and nominal GDP growth 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014* Real Growth (% change) 4.8 4.1 1.7 3.3 5.1 4.9 2.9 2.6 Nominal GDP (US$ Billion) 246 273 278 294 317 335 345 354 * Forecast
  4. 4. Mitsubishi, Mazda, Toyota, Isuzu, Honda, Nissan, Ford, General Motors, Volvo, BMW, Daimler all have a presence in the country, together accounting for about 2.5 million vehicles produced in 2013 and are expected to reach about the same volume in 2014. The Thai automotive industry has developed into a major production center with significant export for both automobiles as well as components. As of 2013, the industry employs about 350,000 people and generates 12% of the national GDP. Automotive exports are expected to reach 1,200,000 units in 2014. With shipments to more than 100 countries, Thailand is currently the world’s second largest producer of one-ton pickup trucks and the seventh-largest automotive exporter overall. It is the top manufacturer in all of Southeast Asia. Research & Development More foreign makers are beginning to appreciate Thailand as a location for R&D investment as well. Toyota has established a technical facility here to conduct R&D work on product design, testing and evaluation. 7 Chart 1.2 Thailand Domestic SalesChart 1.1 Thailand Automotive Production 2004-2013
  5. 5. Other examples include Toyota Tsusho Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd., established in 2005 who develops embedded software for automotive applications and Honda R&D in Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate, Chonburi. Thailand is the only country outside of the 30-nation Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development in which Toyota has such sophisticated facilities. Attractive Policies The Automotive Industry in Thailand is looking to further growth and development. Such optimism stems largely from FTAs with countries such as Japan, China, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand and India, and the prospect of rising exports to ASEAN member nations. As the industry contributes significantly to the local economy, the Thai government is also offering substantial support in the form of tax incentives and various other measures, making Thailand fertile ground for investors. In June 2009, the Thailand Board of Investment expanded its automotive incentive scheme to cover automobiles that have high 8 Chart 1.4 Thailand enters the Top 10 car manufacturersChart 1.3 Thailand OEM Capacity 2014
  6. 6. technologies new to Thailand such as hybrid drive, brake energy regeneration and electronic stability control. The BOI’s new policy, which is designed to attract international automakers looking torestructure by relocating production facilities overseas, provides a range of incentives, including corporate income tax holidays of between 5 and 7 years. To be eligible, projects must involve a minimum investment of 10 billion baht. Green Technology Among the many programs aimed at developing the automotive industry, the Thailand Ministry of Energy is promoting fuel- efficient transportation through a natural gas vehicle initiative. So far, 10,000 natural-gas-powered taxicabs and related NGV subsidies have been introduced through PTT Public Company, Ltd. The program also exempts new natural-gas-powered cars from import duties. Growth opportunities also exist with E85 ethanol. The Thailand Ministry of Finance is offering a 3-year exemption on the import duties of foreign auto parts used to make vehicles E85-ready. 9 2012 Advertisement for the new Chevrolet Colorado, made in Thailand Movie 1.1 Thailand – In Love with Pick Up TrucksChart 1.5 Segmentation Passenger Cars and Pickup
  7. 7. Chapter 2 Statistics A collection of statistics on the Automotive Industry in Thailand. You can download a complete set of statistics included in the Thai AutoBook 2014 from the new TA Statistics Dropbox. All subscribers will receive invitations to get access to this resource which is updated on a monthly basis with sales and production statistics. If you don’t have access yet, please email here.
  8. 8. Section 1 Automotive Production 2003-2012 28
  9. 9. Section 2 OEM Capacity 2013-2015 29
  10. 10. Section 3 Sales February 2014 30
  11. 11. Section 4 Labour Situation 31
  12. 12. Chapter 3 OEMs Thailand has been discovered as a manufacturing base by Japanese Car Manufacturers in the 1960s both to serve the local market as well as to produce cars for export. Today, Thailand is home to 16 OEMs who produce cars in Thailand with various degrees of local content including a number of assemblers who import CKDs and assemble them in Thailand.
  13. 13. Virtually all of the world's major automakers are represented here, and together they produced 2.5 million vehicles in Thailand in 2013. General Motors, Ford, BMW, Daimler and Volvo, in addition to all major Japanese manufacturers - Toyota, Mitsubishi, Honda, Mazda, Isuzu and Nissan - have all established presences in Thailand. Section 1 AT A GLANCE 1. OEMs are from Japan and the US 2. Capacity predicted to increase from 3 Million to 4 Million vehicles the next years 3. The Eco-Car project are adding about 700,000 vehicles per year 4. Who’s not here? European and Korean OEM’s have only established CKD assembly and CBU import presences in Thailand. Introduction 38 Chart 3.1 Thailand Automotive Capacity 2014
  14. 14. 39 Table 3.1 Thai Automotive Roadmap 2012-2014 Brand 2012 2013 2014/15 Toyota Camry | Yaris Corolla Hilux Isuzu D-Max RF 10 
 to replace MU 7 Honda Jazz Hybrid CRV, Brio Sedan Accord Jazz, City Ford Focus Everest Mazda Mazda 2 Chevrolet Aveo T300, 
 Sonic, Trailblazer Eco Car announced Mitsubishi Mirage Mirage Sedan Triton (E3) Nissan Almera, Sylphy New compact sedan to replace Tiida Navara Suzuki Swift
  15. 15. Auto Alliance (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (AAT) was established in 1995 as a joint venture between Ford Motor Company and Mazda Motor Corporation to become the center of excellence for compact pick up truck manufacturing for domestic and international export markets. It is supported by Thailand's Board of Investment (BOI). Initial investment capital of more than US$ 500 million was made to build the first state-of-the-art, Integrated Manufacturing Facility (IMF). Facilities include a Stamping Shop, Body Construction Shop, Paint Shop, Engine Assembly Shop, and Trim, Chassis & Final (TCF) Assembly Shop for complete vehicles, or Complete Build-up Unit (CBU).  In addition to CBU products, AAT also produces Complete Knock-Down (CKD) kits, which it supplies to several Ford and Mazda assembly facilities around the world. Since 2007, Ford and Mazda invested an additional US$500 million to expand operations with a new, highly flexible passenger car plant that will utilize the same systems and processes, and state-of-the-art automotive manufacturing technologies already in place at AAT.  This latest investment brought Ford and Mazda's joint-investment total in the vast AAT facility to more than US$1.5 billion. Section 2 AT A GLANCE 1. Joint Venture between Ford and Mazda 2. Commenced operation in Thailand in 1999 3. Produces a range of pickup and passenger vehicles 4. Capacity in 2014: 275,000 Vehicles 5. Click here to go to the web site Auto Alliance 40 Auto Alliance (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
 Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate 
 No. 49, Moo 4, Pluakdaeng
 Rayong, 21140 
 Phone: +66 38 95 4111
 +66 38 95 4153 (Purchasing) Google Maps:
 13.00501770615877, 101.17077827453613 Auto Alliance
  16. 16. Adhering to international standards of quality, the Rayong based, BOT-promoted AutoAlliance facility represents Thailand's very first integrated vehicle manufacturing plant. The facility is located on a 529 rai plot of land in the Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate. The company, with its highly-trained personnel, is able to perform a wide range of processes from stamping, body work, paint to engine assembly, trim & final assembly, quality inspection, packaging and delivery. The AutoAlliance facility currently produces three major pickup models – the Ford New Ranger, Mazda BT 50 and Ford Everest. The new plant produces the Mazda 2 and Ford Fiesta compact cars for sale in Thailand and export throughout the Asia-Pacific region. The new passenger car plant increases the combined annual production capacity of AAT to 295,000 units. AAT exports Mazda and Ford pickup trucks to more than 130 markets around the world. 41 Gallery 3.1 Ford Lineup Gallery 3.2 Mazda Lineup
  17. 17. 42
  18. 18. Chapter 5 Japanese Tier 1 Japan was the first country to discover Thailand as an Automotive base and is still leading the market both in OEM as well as in component production.
  19. 19. ADVICS is a brake system supplier who provides advanced high quality brake systems and components to the global market. The Thailand office handles sales of automotive brake systems and components and oversee ADVICS's business operations in the ASEAN countries. Products: Electronic Stability Control, Anti-lock Brake System, Brake booster, Master cylinder, Disc brake, Drum brake and other related components. ADVICS builds new factory in Thailand Advics has announced in February 2012 that it will establish it’s own brake manufacturing facility in Thailand. The new company plans to launch production in July 2013 and hire 360 people by 2016. Section 1 AT A GLANCE 1. Japanese owned maker of braking systems 2. Belongs to the Aisin Group of companies 3. Click here to go to the web site Advics 122 Advics Asia Pacific 304 Industrial Estate 235 Moo 7 Tha Tum District, Simahaphot Prachinburi 25140 Phone: +66 37 414 093 Contact Representative: Kazuyoshi Saito
  20. 20. Summary of new company ADVICS Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Establishment: December 2011 Address: Pinthong Industrial Estate, Chonburi, Thailand Capital: 740 million THB (About 2 billion JPY) (Wholly owned by ADVICS Asia Pacific Co., Ltd.) President: Teruhiro Yasuda Line of business: Production of brake parts Product line: Disc brake calipers Production launch: Scheduled for July 2013 Sales volume: 3.4 billion THB targeted for 2016 Employees: About 360 targeted for 2016 Plant size: Site area: Approx. 89,000 sq.m. Building area: Approx. 18,000 sq.m. 123
  21. 21. AGC is a manufacturer of tempered and laminated Glass. Export Countries: Europe, USA, Indonesia, Malaysia, Phillipines, Canada, Saudi Arabia Customers: • Auto Alliance (Thailand) Co., Ltd. • BMW Thailand Co., Ltd. • Daimler Chrysler Thailand Co., Ltd. • General Motor Thailand • Fiat Auto • Honda Automobile (Thailand) Co., Ltd. • Hino Motors (Thailand) Co., Ltd. • Isuzu Motors (Thailand) Co., Ltd. • MMC Sittipol Co., Ltd. • Siam Nissan Automobile Co., Ltd. • Toyota Motor (Thailand) Co., Ltd. • Thai Rung Union Car (Public) Co., Ltd. • Volvo Car (Thailand) Ltd. Section 2 AT A GLANCE 1. Japanese owned maker of auto glass products 2. Established 1974 3. Belongs to the Asahi Group of companies 4. Click here to go to the web site AGC Automotive 124 AGC Automotive (Thailand) Co.,LTD. Bangpakong Industrial Park 2 700/366 Moo 6 Bangna-Trad k.m.57 Nongmaidaeng, Amphur Muang, Chonburi 20000 Phone: +66-038-214840-51 Domestic Sales: Mr. Luecha Tasanapreechachai
 Export Sales: Ms. Yuwana Nuathong
  22. 22. Manufacturing and sales of automotive parts. Japan's Aichi Steel Corp. plans to construct a factory in Thailand as soon as 2012 as automakers boost procurement in the country. The company will initially invest 1-2 billion yen (US$12.1-24.3 million) to launch production of crankshafts, gears and other forged products there. At start-up, the plant will be able to turn out 10,000 tons to 20,000 tons per year, with plans to expand capacity by around 60 per cent in 2014 or 2015 as customer demand grows. Thailand is becoming a production base for vehicles destined for other developing countries, as shown by the fact that Toyota Motor Corp. exported more than 1 million vehicles from that country last July. The automaker will expand assembly capacity for its IMV strategic vehicle series by 80 per cent this year and will boost engine production capacity as well. Aichi Steel currently makes 20,000 tons of forged parts for Southeast Asia each year in the Philippines, with facilities in such locations as Thailand and Indonesia used only for final finishing. However, the Philippine plant is at full capacity, prompting the decision to build the Thai facility. Section 3 AT A GLANCE 1. Aichi International (Thailand) Co., Ltd. belongs to the Aichi Group of companies 2. Established 2002 3. Crankshafts, gears and other forged products 4. Click here to go to the web site Aichi 125 AICHI Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate 700/39 Moo 5 Bangna-Trad (KM. 57) Road Klong Tamuru, Muang Chonburi 20000 Pinthong II Industrial Estate 150/68 Moo 9 Nongkham, Sriracha Chonburi 20110
  23. 23. ATTG. and group of companies are one of the major part manufacturers in Thailand for the automotive industry. Section 4 AT A GLANCE 1. Japanese owned Automotive parts maker. 2. Commenced operation in Thailand in 1977. 3. Products are machined components, casting and forged. 4. Click here to go to the web site. Aisin Takaoka 126 ATTG Head Office Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate 700/89 Moo 1 Bangkao, Panthong Chonburi 20160 
 ATTG/ATFB Google Maps: 13.449313, 101.031067 SATI Google Maps: 13.447988, 101.039103 ATTG Group is the largest foundry / casting operation for Automotive brake parts in Thailand Illustration 5.1 ATTG Structure and Companies
  24. 24. Chapter 6 North American Tier 1 Tier 1s from the US and Canada have discovered Thailand along with the plant setups by GM and Ford. Today nearly all major US firms have their own manufacturing plants in Thailand and also supply Japanese OEM’s.
  25. 25. American Axle & Manufacturing has opened their new manufacturing plant near Rayong, Thailand, southeast of Bangkok. The 9,000 m2 plant is located in Hemaraj Industrial Estate and produces driveline products / rear axle assemblies. "Our new facility in Thailand represents a significant expansion of our manufacturing footprint in the important economy of Asia where growing demand for vehicles is accelerating production volumes," stated chairman Section 1 AT A GLANCE 1. US owned Automotive parts maker 2. Commenced operation in Thailand in 2011 3. Driveline components 4. Click here to go to the web site American Axle and Manufacturing 169 American Axle and Manufacturing
 500/52 Moo 3
 Tasit, Pluak Daeng
 Rayong 21140
 Phone: +66 38 927 200 Contact:
 Krisda Suratkulwattana, Purchasing
 Romrat Photharin, Engineering Google Maps:
 13.066602926752745, 101.17670059204102

  26. 26. and CEO Richard E. Dauch. "AAM is continuing to invest in products and markets where we can best serve our customers and have the opportunity to drive profitable growth." Products: • Front Axle • Rear Axle • Front Propeller Shaft • Rear Propeller Shaft 170
  27. 27. Thailand was selected as a strategic location for expansion of turbocharger production in Asia to support both local and ASEAN demand. Current turbocharger demand in Thailand is increasing rapidly with several Japanese and North American based automakers in the process of expanding production there. With its advanced and proven technology, BorgWarner stands to gain as the market expands. Turbocharger production in Asia is expected grow 48% by 2013 to 6.7 million units. Section 2 AT A GLANCE 1. US owned Automotive parts maker 2. Commenced operation in Thailand in 2008 3. Turbocharger components 4. Click here to go to the web site Borgwarner 171 Borgwarner (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
 Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate
 700/153 Moo 1
 Bankao, Panthong
 20160 Chonburi Phone: +66 38 2101 9620 Contact: 
 Chanchai Savanachai, Managing Director
  28. 28. With the market growing in Asia, Dana saw an opportunity to open a drive-shaft plant in Ladkrabang and later an axle plant in Rayong. In 2010 the Rayong facility was split into 2 sites as business has outgrown the original building. Dana Thailand employs more than 600 people and has become the centerpiece operations for Asia Pacific region in axles and driveshafts. Section 3 AT A GLANCE 1. US owned Automotive parts maker 2. Products are driveline components 3. Click here to go to the web site Dana Automotive Thailand 172 Dana Spicer (Thailand) Ltd. 375 Latkrabang Industrial Estate
 Chalongkrung Road
 Lumplatiew, Latkrabang
 Bangkok 10520 Phone: +66 2 326 0054 GPS: 13.764882, 100.786521 Factory Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate
 64/7 Moo 4 
 Pluak Daeng
 Rayong 21140 GPS: 13.008363, 101.178503
  29. 29. Chapter 9 Organizations This chapter includes information about organizations that deal with the Automotive Industry issues - from official government organizations such as the BOI Board of Investment to networking groups such as the AFG Automotive Focus Group Thailand.
  30. 30. The AFG acts as a forum for gathering and sharing information related to the Thailand Automotive Industry in general but particularly the Automotive OEM's and Suppliers in the Eastern Seaboard. The AFG conducts monthly networking meetings in Pattaya with speakers giving presentations on automotive related topics. Section 1 AT A GLANCE 1. Automotive organization with about 100 members 2. Monthly presentations and networking events in Eastern Seaboard 3. Click here to go to the AFG web site AFG Automotive Focus Group Thailand 216 AFG Automotive Focus Group Contact: Frank Holzer
  31. 31. Automotive Industry Club; One of 42 Industrial Clubs in the Federation of Thai Industries. Section 2 AT A GLANCE 1. Click here to go to the web site. 2. 43 Members Automotive Industry Club 217 Thai Automotive Industry Club Queen Sirikit National Convention Center
 Zone C, 4 Fl. Ratchadapisek Rd. 
 Klongtoey Subdistrict, Klong Phone: +66 22 944 255 Illustration 9.1 Automotive Industry Club Objectives: Be a Center of Automotive Companies and a Representative of Automotive Industry to Government, Related External Parties and Public in order to enhance sustainable growth of the industry and the development of country’s economy.
  32. 32. If you wish to set up an operation in Thailand, please contact the Office of the Board of Investment (BOI), which operates under the Ministry of Industry and is the principal government agency for encouraging investment. The BOI is available to assist clients by: • Investment Facilitation. • Package of tax incentives. • No foreign equity restrictions on manufacturing activities and on some services • Assistance in the provision of visas and work permits to facilitate entry and subsequent operation for a foreign-owned business. • Waives restrictions on land ownership by foreign entities. Business Support Provides comprehensive information and advice on establishing operations in Thailand:
 • Arranges site visits. • Identifies potential suppliers, subcontractors, joint-venture partners. • Provides useful contacts with key public and private organizations. Section 3 AT A GLANCE 1. The BOI operates under the Ministry of Industry and is the principal government agency for encouraging investment. 2. Click here to go to the web site. BOI – The Board of Investment in Thailand 218 THAILAND BOARD OF INVESTMENT 555 Vibhavadi-Rangsit Rd., Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900, Thailand Phone (+66) 2553 8111 Fax: (+66) 2553 8222, Email: BUILD
 BOI Unit for Industrial Linkage Development Sirin Boonsaner
 Investment Promotion Officer Email: Google Maps: 
 13.818494330153818, 100.55794715881348
  33. 33. Chapter 10 Industrial Estates Thailand has more than 50 developed Industrial Estates. This chapter provides an overview of the estates in Thailand and the companies who operate them.
  34. 34. There are industrial estates that focus on the automotive industry and provide state-of-art facilities for manufacturers. Exporting automotive parts in Thailand is supported by the country’s extensive road networks, well-developed seaports and several international airports. The automotive industry is clustered around industrial estates in Bangkok and the surrounding provinces, especially Samut Prakan, Chachoengsao, Chonburi and Rayong. Thailand is divided into three industrial estate zones with Bangkok as a center. Each industrial estate zone offers different trading and tax rivileges for manufacturers located in these estates. The industrial estates in Zones 1 and 2 are mostly designed to serve the automotive industry with easy-to-access infrastructure, such as local roads, highways, railways and nearby ports. Section 1 AT A GLANCE 1. Thailand offers a large number and choice of Industrial Parks. 2. For further reading check out the BOI Web Site or Christopher Runckel’s article on ‘Picking the right Industrial Park’ Introduction 233
  35. 35. 234 Gallery 10.1 Overview of Industrial Estates in Thailand BOI Zoning As decentralization is a major theme in devising the BOI incentive scheme, the country is divided into three zones based on economic factors (with earnings and primary fa- cilities as criteria of each province.) Zone 1 Bangkok, Nakhon Pathom, Nonthaburi, Pathoum Thani, Samut Prakan, and Samut Sakhon Zone 2 Ang Thong, Ayutthaya, Chachoengsao, Chon Buri, Kan- chanaburi, Nakorn Nayok, Ratchaburi, Samut Songkhram, Saraburi, Supanburi, Phuket and Rayong. Zone 3 The remaining 59 provinces with low income and with less-developed infrastructure, which are designated as In- vestment Promotion Zones. 36 Provinces: Krabi, Kamphaeng Phet, Khon Kaen, Chanthaburi, Chai Nat, Chumphon, Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai, Trang, Trat, Tak, Nakhon Ratchsima, Nakhon Si Tham- marat, Nakhon Sawan, Prachuab Khiri Khan, Prachin Buri, Phangnga, Phattalug, Pichit, Phitsanulok, Phetchaburi, Phetchabun, Mukdahan, Mae Hong Son, Ranong, Lop Buri, Lamphang, Lamphun, Loei, Songkhla, Sa Kaew, Sing Buri, Sukhothai, Surat Thani, Uttaradit, and Uthai Thani. 23 Provinces: Kalasin, Nakhon Phanom, Narathiwat, Nan, Buri Ram, Pattani, Phayao, Phrae, Maha Sarakham, Yaso- thon, Yala, Roi Et, Si Sa Ket, Sakhon Nakhon, Satun, Nong Bua Lamphu, Chaiyaphum, Nong Khai, Ubon Ratchatani, Udon Thani Amnatcharoen and Bueng Karn.
  36. 36. Strategically situated in the heart of mainland Southeast Asia, Thailand is not only the gateway to the emerging economies of Greater Mekong Subregion, but is a hub to the entire ASEAN region, the world's fastest- growing market, that has now decided to establish an ASEAN Economic Community aiming to create a stable, prosperous and highly competitive ASEAN economic region by 2020. 304 Industrial Park has convenient access to Laem Chabang Seaport, Suvarnabhumi Airport and the capital of Bangkok. Section 2 AT A GLANCE 1. Operates 2 Industrial Estates in Thailand. 2. Click here to go to the web site. 304 Industrial Park 235 304 Industrial Park Co., Ltd. 106 Moo 7 Thatoom, Srimahaphot, 
 Prachinburi 25140
 Phone: +66 37 208 650 304 Industrial Park 2 Co., Ltd.
 200 Moo 3 Kaohinson, Phanom Sarakam
 Chachoengsao 24120 Contact: Mr. Meathasit 
 Phone: +66 85 835 1639 
 Email: meathasit_vi@304industrialpark 

  37. 37. Amata is one of Thailand’s leading developer and manager of industrial estates on the Eastern Seaboard of Thailand and in Vietnam. Amata Nakorn is their biggest estate, with over 2,000 hectares and more than 360 multinational clients. Located in Chonburi province, the estate is 57 km from Bangkok, and 42 km from Suvarnabhumi Airport. Facilities include schools and training center, commercial and residential, and even their own golf course, Amata Spring Country Club. Amata City, Rayong has 960 hectares (6,000 rai) and more than 90 international clients. Its location in Rayongprovince is just 27 km from the expanding deep-sea port at Laem Chabang and 99 km from Suvarnabhumi Interna-tional Airport.We offer land for sale in sizes to suit the individual requirement of each investor. Amata works with the Industrial Estates Authority of Thailand, so that investors can own land on a free-hold basis, operate on a 100% foreign equity basis, and enjoy other incentives from the Board of Investment. As an alternative to the land purchase, Amata offers ready-built, turnkey factories equipped with broadband multimedia service at sizes of 850 Sq.m. up to 1,200 Sq.m. or even larger for rent or sale. The factories are available both at Amata Free Zone and General Industrial Zone respectively. Section 3 AT A GLANCE 1. Operates 2 Industrial Estates in Thailand. 2. Click here to go to the web site. Amata Industrial Estates 236 Amata Corporation PCL 700 Moo 1, Klong Tamru
 Muang, Chonburi, 20000 Bangkok Office: 
 2126 Kromadit Building
 New Petchburi Road
 Bangkapi, Huaykwang 
 Bangkok 10320 Ms.Janjira Yamyim
 Mr. Viboon Kromdit Phone: +66 27 92 0000
  38. 38. Chapter 12 Events An overview of important Automotive exhibitions and events for consumers and professionals 2013 in Thailand.
  39. 39. An internationally renowned fair, TAPA is an important market event for international players in the fast growing ASEAN market. Section 1 AT A GLANCE 1. 26-29 April 2013 at BITEC, Bang Na 2. ASEAN Auto Parts Sourcing Hub. 3. Click here to go to the web site. Thailand Autoparts & Accessories 253 Organizer:
 Department of Export Promotion Office of Trade Fair Activities
 Industrial Trade Fair Division 44/100 Nonthaburi 1 Road 
 Muang Nonthaburi 11000 Phone: +66 25 078 374
 Thai Auto-Parts Manufacturers Association (TAPMA)
  40. 40. Manufacturing 2012 is a marketing vehicle for 350 providers of machinery and technologies from 22 countries to develop business deals and relations with 38,000 regional industrialists, including assembly plants and subcontractors. Composed of 4 shows, 1 co-located show, and 2 featured pavilions in 1. This event presents machinery and technologies, new trends and allows to meet peers and new business partners while obtaining excellent networking opportunities. Manufacturing Expo consists of: • InterPlas Thailand, for plastics and rubber manufacturing • InterMold Thailand, for mold and die manufacturing • Automotive Manufacturing, for auto parts manufacturing • Assembly Technology, showing industrial automation and assembly technologies 1 Co-located Show: • Industrial Components & Subcontracting, sourcing hub for industrial parts Section 4 AT A GLANCE 1. 20 - 23 June 2013 at BITEC, Bang Na 2. Click here to go to the web site. Manufacturing Expo 256 Organizer:
 Reed Tradex Office of Trade Fair Activities
 100/68-69, 32nd Floor, Sathorn Nakorn Tower, North Sathorn Road, Silom, Bangkok Phone: +66 26 867 299
  41. 41. High-end metalworking technologies: control measurement, testing equipment and tools, tools and tooling. Machine tools, machining centers, EDM machines, mold and die, foundry. Factory automation, pumps and valves, material handling, accessories. Sheet metalworking, welding technology. With WIRE Tech, TUBE Tech, Machine Tools, Tools and Tooling Section 5 AT A GLANCE 1. 20-23 November 2013 at BITEC, Bang Na 2. Colocated with International Sheet Metal Machinery and Technology Trade Exhibition & Conference 3. Click here to go to the web site. Metalex 257 Organizer:
 Reed Tradex Office of Trade Fair Activities
 100/68-69, 32nd Floor, Sathorn Nakorn Tower, North Sathorn Road, Silom, Bangkok Phone: +66 26 867 299
  42. 42. Thailand’s biggest motor show targeted at end-users and Automotive professionals. The number of advance auto orders at Motor Expo 2012 hit a record high at 80,000 units, with Honda ranking first with over 16,000 units ordered during the 10-day event. Motor Expo organiser Kwanchai Prapaspong said the number of visitors reached 1.61 million, surpassing the expected figure at 1.6 million, thanks, he said, to an improved economy resulting higher consumer purchasing power. Section 6 AT A GLANCE 1. 28 November – 10 December 2013 at Impact Challenger 1-3, Muang Thong Thani 2. Click here to go to the web site. Motor Expo 258 Organizer:
 Inter-media Concultant Co., Ltd. 1143/1 Soi Suthiporn, Rachadapisek Road Dindaeng, Bangkok 10400 CEO: Mr Kwanchai Paphatphong Web: Phone: +66 26 418 444
  43. 43. Chapter 13 Media An overview of important print and online media for the Automotive Industry in Thailand.
  44. 44. Asia Pacific Metalworking has now reached a whole decade serving the machine tool and metalworking industry with all the latest news and information on machine tool technologies, cutting strategies, sheet metal processing, wire and tube manufacturing, ancilliaries and automation, inspection technology, industry updates, and regular reports on the industry’s leading events, as well as interviews with the leading players in the industry. Asia Pacific Metalworking is published bi-monthly in both English and Thai, and sent to over 22,000 subscribers working in the machine tool and metalworking industry, and distributed at the leading trade events in the Asia Pacific region. Section 1 AT A GLANCE 1. Click here to go to the web site. Asia Pacific Metalworking 260 Thai Trade and Industry Media Co., Ltd. 2034/73, 16th Floor, Italthai Tower
 New Petchburi Road, Bangkapi
 Huay-Kwang, Bangkok 10310 Phone: +66 02 716 1722 Editorial Department:  Nicholas Day Telephone : +66 02-716-1722 Ext.141 Email :
  45. 45. Asia Pacific Plant Management is a leading magazine in the Asia Pacific region focussing on the issue of manufacturing management. Asia Pacific Plant Management is published bi-monthly and written in both Japanese and English by our highly experienced team of professionals. The magazine is read by over 22,000 professionals in the automotive, electronics and electrical appliance, aerospace and medical industries, as well as being distrubuted at the leading trade events in the Asia Pacific region. The magazine covers industry news and market trends, quality management issues, environmentally friendly manufacturing, the energy sector, industry event previews and reviews, in-depth information on the latest machinery and equipment, as well as informative and insightful interviews with some of the leading players in the industrial manufacturing sector. Section 2 AT A GLANCE 1. Click here to go to the web site. Asia Pacific Plant Management 261 Thai Trade and Industry Media Co., Ltd. 2034/73, 16th Floor, Italthai Tower
 New Petchburi Road, Bangkapi
 Huay-Kwang, Bangkok 10310 Phone: +66 02 716 1722 Telephone : +66 02-716-1722
  46. 46. Our focus is on presenting continuous coverage and information regarding new technologies  in the metalworking industry, including reports and analyses  industrial investment trends in relation to the current world economy. Section 5 AT A GLANCE 1. Click here to go to the web site. MEGATech 264
  47. 47. The Nation is a broadsheet, English- language daily newspaper published in Bangkok, Thailand. Automotive is covered both in the ‘business section as well as in a dedicated Automobile Section which is consumer oriented. Section 6 AT A GLANCE 1. Click here to go to the web site. The Nation 265 The Nation 1854 Bangna-Trat Road
 Bangna, Bangkok 10260 Phone:" +66 23 383 000 Auto Editor:" Kingsley Wijayasinha
  48. 48. Chapter 14 Services This chapter presents an overview of service providers to the Automotive Industry in Thailand. Please submit your information here to be included in the next edition.
  49. 49. Section 1 LOREM IPSUM 1. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet 2. Consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do Automotive Intelligence 267 Service Provider Expertise Contact Information Frost & Sullivan Automotive Consulting & Intelligence
 Sasikarn WatthanachanCorporate Communications - Thailand P: +66 2 637 7414 E: IHS Global Audit and Assurance Service IHS Hong Kong Ltd. 8/F No. 1 Chatham Road South Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon    HONG KONG P +852-2368-5733    E LMC Global sales and production forecasts for light vehicles and heavy trucks, as well as forecasts of engine and transmission supply and demand. LMC Automotive (Thailand) Company Ltd
 Suite 1107, Q House Bldg.
 66 Soi Asoke, Sukhumvit 21 Road
 Watthana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand P +662 264 2050
 F +662 264 2051
 W E

  50. 50. Section 2 Automotive Consulting 268 Service Provider Expertise Contact Information Automotive Manufacturing Solutions AMS has 25 years of «on the ground» experience doing business in Thailand and provides complete Business Development Services including: 1. Greenfield Factory Site Selection and Factory Establishment 2. Joint Venture Partner Search 3. Company Setup Support 4. Dealer and Agents Search & Introductions 5. Component Sourcing George Strampp Royal Cliff Garden Condo-5RC 377/88 Pratumnak Road Pattaya, Chonburi 20260 Thailand P +66-81-831-6718 E
  51. 51. Section 3 Human Resource 269 Service Provider Expertise Contact Information Resourcelink Automotive Staffing: 
 Engineering, Operations, Management Richard Jackson Business Development Director Phone: +66 8 0286 3060 E-mail: Jobstreet Online Job Database JobsDB Online Job Database
  52. 52. Section 4 Logistics 270 Service Provider Contact Information CEVA Freight (Thailand) Ltd. 8TH Floor Electrolux Building 1910 New Petchburi Road Huaykwang, Bangkok, 10310 P +66 2 715 8100 E GAC THORESEN LOGISTICS LTD. Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate Phase 9 700/888 Moo 1
 Tumbon Phanthong, Umphur Panthong
 Chonburi 20160
 Tel: +66 38- 85 090
 Schenker (Thai) Ltd. 3388/54-61,63,66-67 Sirinrat Building 16th – 19th Fl, Rama IV Rd, Klongton, Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110, P +66 2 269-6500 E UTi Worldwide Co. Ltd. 19th Floor, Unit 1903-4 Exchange Tower 388 Suhkumvit Road, Klongtoey Subdistrict Bangkok, 10110, Klongtoey District P +66 2 663 7000 E YUSEN LOGISTICS (THAILAND) CO., LTD. G, 11th, 12th, 14th, 15th and 20th Floor, Ocean Insurance Building, 163 Surawongse Road, Sub District Suriyawongse, District Bangrak, Bangkok 10500 ,Thailand P +66-2206-8000
  53. 53. Acknowledgements
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