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sports social media consultancy offering from Dan McLaren

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Dan McLaren - Sports Social Media Consultancy

  1. 1. Dan McLaren DAN MCLAREN social media consultant
  2. 2. Daniel McLaren I’m a Social Media professional with a background steeped in sport with the drive to help educate and push boundaries in the industry. My beliefs and enjoyment come through continuous learning and being a good facilitator. Helping others become the best they can be. I’ve developed a large network of contacts (many of whom have become friends) within sport and digital, meeting many through LinkedIn, Twitter and industry events. I now work as a Social Media Consultant – helping brands, agencies and start-ups with both strategy and implementation – as well as run/edit/event manage on leading social media sport blog UK Sports Network. This past year I’ve spoken at several events including; BUCS Annual Conference, World Yacht Racing Forum, Liverpool FC Partners Event, Social Media Week London, Social CRM Summit and the Inbound Marketing Conference. WHO AM I?
  3. 3. Daniel McLaren Head of Social Media – Pulse Innovations •  Social Media strategy for International Cricket Council •  Launched ICC accounts on Instagram, Twitter & YouTube •  Twitter Product Development Head of Marketing (contract) – Copa90 •  Lead on PR, Social Media & Paid Media •  YouTube Partner Programme Senior Account Manager – We Are Social •  adidas global contract •  Rugby, football and tennis activations adidas Social Media Lead (UK) – Carat •  Launched @adidasUK •  Lead on UK social media for ‘All In’ campaign http://uk.linkedin.com/danielmclaren75 SOCIAL MEDIA EXPERIENCE
  4. 4. Daniel McLaren The UK Sports Network (UKSN) was set up back in January 2010 to cover sports and social media related news and thought pieces. It attracts over 15k visitors a month with contributions from some of the leading figures in the industry. Reports on campaigns, latest news, opinions and advice with the aim to provide an educational environment for those who work (or are interested) in how social media works within sport. Previously I’ve contributed to an article on BBC Sport website, appeared on BBC Radio 5 Live show and been ‘Business of Sport’ award winner. BLOGGER
  6. 6. Daniel McLaren I’ve worked on overall brand strategies in social as well as on various product and event campaigns over the past few years. My work centres around the client – what are their business objectives and desired outcomes. Social Media can be an important part of the bigger picture and needs to work closely with PR, customer service, marketing and sales. I work with your business on how to achieve these outcomes, measure them and ensure they succeed. STRATEGIC ADVISE
  7. 7. Daniel McLaren I have worked with all the major platforms and have good contacts at Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Livestream and more. I advise on best practice for each platform and how they fit in with social media strategy and business objectives. Platform launches have worked on include; •  @adidasUK •  @adidastennis •  adidas Rugby Facebook Page •  adidas Football Tumblr •  @ICClive •  ICC on Instagram PLATFORM DEVELOPMENT
  8. 8. Daniel McLaren I'm a big believer in defining what makes a brand unique and developing the story around these points. This includes an overall content strategy, which then helps define the social media strategy and includes the creation of a content plan. Telling the story of the business, giving consumers reasons to develop emotional bonds to products and the brand is so important. What do you talk about, where and when? These are the questions we ask and find the answers to. CONTENT STRATEGY
  9. 9. Daniel McLaren I enjoy working on the conceptualising and devising of campaigns and strategies around them. Bringing social media to the table at the start of the process ensures it is at it's heart. This gives it the best chance to succeed and avoids being a 'bolt on’. Experience of working on creative concepts from briefs on the agency side with Pulse Live, Carat and We Are Social. CREATIVE
  10. 10. Daniel McLaren Two key areas of social media which are often overlooked... Monitoring – the ability to track mentions works with both campaign strategy and reputation management (crisis comms) in real-time. Research – doing good research takes away much of the guesswork with campaigns and can save lots of wasted money, time and effort. Software Levels of experience using Topsy Pro, Social Bakers and Google Analytics RESEARCH & MONITORING
  11. 11. Daniel McLaren I work with teams that are potentially (or already are) involved with social media as part of their role. It is important that this takes place to ensure best practice and avoid mishaps. Can be achieved on a one-to-one or group basis and shaped to work best for you. Have worked with departments to increase their knowledge, gain vital buy-in and helped individuals make the most of platforms. TRAINING
  12. 12. Daniel McLaren Pricing can be worked out in different ways dependent on your needs, resources and objectives; ▸  Daily rate, ▸  Project rate, ▸  or target related/revenue share COSTS