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Blue-Crow Company Brochure; Created by Salim Sheikh, CEO

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Blue-Crow Brochure

  1. 1. L I M I T E D O U R C O M M I T M E N T I S Y O U R S U C C E S S Business Integration and Enterprise Architecture Solutions
  2. 2. Reasons for using an Architects are trained to take your brief and can see the big picture architect Architects look beyond your immediate requirements to design flexible solutions that will adapt with the changing needs of your business. Architects solve problems creatively When they are involved at the earliest planning stage, they gain more opportunities to understand your business, develop creative solutions, and propose ways to reduce costs. Architects can save you money by maximising your investment A well-designed solution may involve high initial investment but it will provide a good return of investment in the long-term. Architects can help manage your project from product selection through to project completion In many IT projects the role of the architect includes co-ordinating a team of specialist consultants such as technical architects, application developers, infrastructure specialists, suppliers and subcontractors. Architects can save you time By managing and co-ordinating key project elements they allow you to focus on your organisation’s activities. Architects can help your business They create total environments, internal and external, which are functional for the people who work and do business within them. DELIVERY DESIGN A NALYSIS ARCHITECTURE
  3. 3. Comp a n y O v e r v i e w Blue-Crow was originally founded in April 2001 by a technical consultant from a systems integration and engineering background. The company has since grown into a full lifecycle architecture-led solutions consultancy whose portfolio extends to enterprise-level business and systems integration and centres on business alignment strategies. Our consultants include senior-level professionals with 10 to 25 yearsʼ experience in all facets of the Private and Public sector industries. Today, our clients are primarily in the Public sector and include Local / Central Government, Police and Emergency Services and, more recently, Public and Independent Healthcare. Our vision is to take a consultancy led (rather than license led) full lifecycle approach to the market. In our opinion, there is a market demand for a price competitive consultancy which is not license led, tied to any one vendor or looking only for siloed-focussed initiatives. We do not suggest or pretend to know or be capable of doing everything and our alliances/partnerships are equally important to us and our clients. Our goal is to ensure that customers realise the benefit of integrating not only their IT applications and systems but also their fundamental business processes. Managing and aligning an organisation's business processes and IT with its overall strategy is the key to Enterprise Architecture – our forte. As a customerʼs business processes, information systems, IT systems and technology grow and become more complex, diverse and numerous, it becomes imperative to have a strategy and long-term plan to manage and implement changes for improvement. Blue-Crow can assist in each of these areas. We can work with our customers to model, improve and manage processes and technologies We understand that individual clients face that support, simplify and automate their operations - organisation-wide. their own distinct set of business challenges; rather than applying a standard approach to similar issues, we develop solutions that meet your organizationʼs specific profile and produce the results necessary to ensure your Our Operating Principles organizationʼs continued market viability and strong financial position. As our customer, youʼll work with highly qualified consultants who will operate in a close-to-the-client style, placing high value on longstanding business relationships. Itʼs this operating philosophy that has Our consultants are renowned for their extremely detailed approach to client problem-solving, for their willingness to get resulted in more successful — and more deeply involved with any sort of organizational challenge you may be facing, and for direct, honest communication and satisfied — clients that have continued to candid advice. It is this “insider” perspective that we believe is one of the keys to our success. retain our services time and time and again. We ensure that our customers receive equal measure of care and service throughout an engagement. We aim to provide our customers with intelligent and innovative solutions which are “fit-for-purpose”. OUR COMMITMENT IS YOUR SUCCESS
  4. 4. Our Services By defining strategic objectives which span both business and IT, and the mapping between them, Our Partner Network Blue-Crow can help customers develop an Enterprise Architecture framework from which they may define, We accept that we cannot do everything. To ensure that deliver, track and measure IT services. we offer our customers total business solutions we rely on our business and technology partners. Blue-Crow delivers this framework through a range of professional services: Where appropriate, we tap into the tools and resources YOUR ENTERPRISE offered by our partners and pass these benefits onto Strategic planning to enable Business and IT alignment; our customers. This allows us to offer faster, more Enterprise architecture to enable true Business and IT efficient results and, consequently, provide high interoperability; customer satisfaction. Business process modelling; Application and Information-systems integration; Collaboration is not just a solution; itʼs a fundamental Software selection and procurement. principle of how we do business. We have developed partnerships with market leaders that enable us to By delivering an Enterprise Architecture, we can help collectively leverage our respective strengths to deliver our customers manage and align four domains with an total solutions to our customers. overall strategy: business processes, information, systems and technology. The framework often takes The result is a diverse and rich partner economy that different forms, usually depending on the maturity of a provides our customers with the business consulting, customerʼs IT services. Regardless of the imple- implementation services, integration solutions and mentation, the underlying objectives are usually off-the-shelf products necessary to deliver total- identical: ensuring the alignment of the business with customer focussed solutions. IT in a format that is readily accessible and understood. Our Commitment No company can prosper without its architectures in place. The production and maintenance of architectures is a specialist task, Contact Us with specialist tools and techniques, but the most senior ALIGNING managers in an enterprise should ensure that they are in place, To find out how Blue-Crow can help you, contact us: that they call upon them themselves, and that corporate processes exist to ensure their use. Blue-Crow 1 Liverpool Street Achieving goals of better integrated and responsive IT services London EC2M 7QD requires moving away from stand alone applications toward United Kingdom more comprehensive, integrated architectures. As a result there is mounting pressure to move from disparate systems operating Tel: +44 (0) 20 7956 2137 in parallel toward a shared architecture designed to support Fax: +44 (0) 20 7956 2001 information exchange and cross-agency business processes. Email: Blue-Crow can advise you on how to begin this process and will Alternatively, please visit: work with you to develop your ideas quickly.