Why on & offline marketing is essential to recruitment success Mike Ellingham


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Presented by Mike Ellingham at the UK Recruiter Recruitment Industry Conference in November 2012

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Why on & offline marketing is essential to recruitment success Mike Ellingham

  1. 1. Mike Ellingham & Keith Robinson November 2012
  2. 2.  18 years working for recruitment businesses in Marketing roles Founder & Director of MESO Marketing - Recruitment Industry marketing research, strategy and marcoms specialists  Computer Weekly, Personnel Today and Totaljobs  Founder & Director of ECOM digital - content marketing agency which specialises in the HR and recruiting sector. © MESO Marketing Ltd November 2012
  3. 3. © MESO Marketing Ltd November 2012
  4. 4. i W W W S, S, Sp Md C D C © MESO Marketing Ltd November 2012
  5. 5. Energy Research/biotech Other Sectors are growing ? Health/ Medical Contract ForensicWhat Market Education Testing Food Growth PharmaWhat Skills will be needed ? Chemicals/FMCG Water 0 Market Share 40%Who/Which Clients are growing ?What are your Competitors doing ?What do your customers think of your Service ? © MESO Marketing Ltd November 2012
  6. 6. 100 90 87 Have a regular customer feedback survey 84 81 80  Clients and candidates 60 Not just placements – interviews ideally 40 Give incentive – charity or competition 20 Get feedback on key service elements 0 Overall Candidate quality Staff Knowledge Communication How you compare v competitors Analyze by team / consultant and reward “This survey has helped to position the Blue Pelican brand positively in staff my mind as I have never seen Invite staff to suggest improvements customer satisfaction surveys from Identify poor areas & address other recruitment companies.” Build on good areas Publish results “I think that its excellent that you do a Testimonials, case studies, referrals survey like this. Too many other agencies forget that todays candidate is tomorrows client.” © MESO Marketing Ltd November 2012
  7. 7. What Who Whyservices / skills are are you going are they goingyou going to supply? to sell them to? to use you ? Staff Services Purpose We are: The people resourcing excellence, which creates tomorrow’s world We are not:  Specialists  Generalists Structure Scope  Top of our game  Average  Joined up  Disconnected  Leaders (innovation)  Followers  Tenacious  At any cost  Fun and energetic  Work shy Formula for Excellence in Success Marketing Values People Success x Partnerships Together x Products Accountability x Processes Respect Goals Global £100m Sales 1000 active <25% staff Award 10% ROS Customers turnover Winning Ps How are they going to hear about you ? © MESO Marketing Ltd November 2012
  8. 8. Branding Website Video & Info-graphicCandidate E-marketing & newsletters Client Case Studies Brochures, e-brochures Job-board & Advertising management PR, Surveys and Award Entries Tenders & sales proposals / presentations Social Media Events © MESO Marketing Ltd November 2012
  9. 9.  What does your company stand for? Strengths, Values & Personality What do your clients want & like? Involve staff & clients Suitable for all media All at once – consistent and strong © MESO Marketing Ltd November 2012
  10. 10.  Design, functionality & content Specialist agencies can make website their key candidate sourcing tool – SEO What’s your google page rank? What’s your Alexa ranking compared to competitors? Website redevelopment projects take three times as long as you expect them to Use supplier with experience of recruitment  Broadbean / Logic Melon feeds, candidate application flow, candidate registration, jobs alerts by email © MESO Marketing Ltd November 2012
  11. 11.  Regular e-mail communication helps to prompt client/candidate action Make content relevant & targeted to your audience  Jobs / candidates  Information, trends, news Manage it correctly Reinforce brand – thought leadership Ensure appropriate follow-up (use tracking system so you can see who opens & what they click on) © MESO Marketing Ltd November 2012
  12. 12.  Info-graphics increase readability, understanding and prompts viral abilities – Maximus 14,907 views Video is an excellent medium for recruitment – culture and personality comes through © MESO Marketing Ltd November 2012
  13. 13.  Successful examples of your service Help re-assurance potential new clients Reminds current clients of what you’ve done! Each target sector / service / skill  Who  Their Need  Why you  What you did  End result  Positive impact for client  What client says  Would they recommend? © MESO Marketing Ltd November 2012
  14. 14.  Identify key audience – e.g. growing client sectors What should they remember from the brochure? Design for audience – not for you Get e-version (page turning) created that you can embed on your website Digi-print small numbers – update regularly © MESO Marketing Ltd November 2012
  15. 15. Candidates placed by jobboard careers4a Don’t spend a penny until you have some Jobs4DD form of success monitoring Monster Website Track placements – where did candidates Jobserve Pharmiweb come from ? Cwjobs 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 Job-boards, website, aggregators, social media, banners, Google ppc Traditional off-line – noticeboards, print media Train staff on how to write adverts Track effectiveness © MESO Marketing Ltd November 2012
  16. 16.  Build & Maintain a regular profile in target sector publications and websites  News  Views  Surveys  Case Studies Use surveys to generate facts  Client market trends  Candidate client views  Salary trends Awards can be good for general awareness, reputation and staff attraction © MESO Marketing Ltd November 2012
  17. 17.  Ensure social media channels are updated and relevant Tailor to reflect branding and feel of the channel More personal approach than website – pictures and personality Monitor and encourage/train correct staff involvement Linked-in ownership policy Consider advertising Most comprehensive databases in the world! © MESO Marketing Ltd November 2012
  18. 18.  Industry conferences & exhibitions can be great opportunities to meet & network Plan well in advance Pre, At, Post Have a traffic generator  Competition (make it relevant)  Latest research or white paper Get most senior / experienced staff to attend Give them challenges / run a sales competition Post event follow-up / communication © MESO Marketing Ltd November 2012
  19. 19. What Who Whyi services / skills are you going to supply? are you going to sell them to? are they going to use you ?p Staff, Services, Structure Plan Branding Website Case Studiesd Candidate Brochures, e-brochures Video & Info-graphic E-marketing & newsletters Job-board & Advertising management Client PR, Surveys and Award Entries Tenders & sales proposals / presentations Social Media Events © MESO Marketing Ltd November 2012
  20. 20. 3 things to take-away © MESO Marketing Ltd November 2012
  21. 21. 3 things to take-away 100 84 81 90 87 50 1. Get insight 0 Overall Candidate Staff Knowledge Communication quality 2. Have a plan 3. Start Sharing © MESO Marketing Ltd November 2012
  22. 22. Mike EllinghamMeso Marketing LtdTel +44 1344 636312Mob +44 7922 231023mike@mesomk.com@mikeellinghammesomarketing.co.uk/ Keith Robinson ECOM Digital Tel +44 2920 451115 Mob +44 7796 523355 keith@ecomdigital.co.uk @siteadvisor ecomdigital.co.uk/ © MESO Marketing Ltd November 2012