Ian Shephard at July 2013 Directors Event


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Ian Shephard has 20 years senior management experience in contract management, recruitment and training environments and was talking about recruitment apprenticeships.

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Ian Shephard at July 2013 Directors Event

  1. 1. Fishing for your own talent… The case for using Apprenticeships…!
  2. 2. Ian Shephard Director of Enabling Development Opportunities Ltd. Ambassador and ‘Ask the Expert’ panelist for the Institute of Recruiters. External Quality Assurer for Skillsfirst Awards for Recruitment Qualifications.
  3. 3. What do we look for our new recruits? Preparation Emotional intelligence Honesty Common sense Tenacity Trustworthiness Strong Work Ethic Communication Skills Personal Values Caring Flexible Good Under Pressure Persuasive
  4. 4. What difference will the new qualifications make? We’ve caught up with other sectors in having an Ofqual regulated and approved and third party accredited range of qualifications. The qualifications have genuine currency, in terms of recognition by FE and HE institutions, and other organisations outside of the sector. We can use these qualifications to inspire people to WANT to join the Recruitment Industry, instead of to ‘fall into it’, as I did!
  5. 5. Recruitment – A £25 Billion per year UK Business. A relatively young industry, but a ‘big child for its age’. Astonishing growth in the last 25 years. Flexibility enables the sector to react to external conditions and remain in growth. But - focused too often on the ‘short term’, expecting rapid ROI from staff, and accused of being opportunistic rather than professional….
  6. 6. Definition of a ‘Profession’… Noun. ‘A paid occupation, esp. one that involves prolonged training and a formal qualification.’
  7. 7. The funding landscape for training in 2013/14, and the significance of Apprenticeships in fishing for talent! Government don’t want to use tax payers money to pay for ‘grown ups’ to train anymore. Government don’t want to provide further support for skills training to those who already have a HND/Degree. The focus of the governments’ energies in terms of funded vocational training is now aimed directly at non-graduates of 16-23 years of age.
  8. 8. Economic Case for Apprenticeships: An 18 year old entering the sector attracts the following- Up to £4,600 full funding for Advanced Apprenticeship at Level 3.. Age Grant of up to £3000 for the Employer (London Weighting). Wage savings of £3,666 in the first year. £2000 funding for their Higher apprenticeship at Level 4. Total - £12,666 over the course of three years. Which is presumably why the Accountancy sector LOVES Apprenticeships.
  9. 9. The winners in terms of using Apprenticeships to secure the best talent…? Definitely Accountancy right now… The AAT run summer schools for Year 11, 12 and 13 students. Its accredited Training providers attend Jobs Fayres, Careers events and FIGHT for the brightest young people. They generate hundreds of Level 4 achievers for the industry at 20 years old every year. And it is no longer the case that our best 18 year olds decide to go to university…
  10. 10. So, will Apprenticeships ‘work’ in Recruitment? Oh yes! The right young person, within a supportive organisation can achieve great things! I’ve proved this time and again over the past decade. Let me tell you about ‘Kate’.
  11. 11. To sum up… A profession is meant to educate its workforce. The battle for new talent is shifting from the graduate market to to six form/college. The IOR and others have provided qualifications which will allow the development of existing staff and enable you to compete on a level playing field for new recruits. I’m not suggesting you replace all of your talent acquisition programme with Apprenticeships…Far from it. I am saying, however, that there are compelling reasons why apprenticeships should, to some degree, form part of the programme. A Fish Farm, if you like!