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Newsletter 5

  1. 1. Emerging Europe — UKTI and PWC Economic Scorecard confirms attractiveness of CEE markets. Emerged and Emerging the exciting markets of Emerging Europe offer ‘easy win’ growth opportunity for UK companies. In increasingly complex global markets business is increasingly looking out for regional opprotuntiy to balance growth, risk and efficiency of costs. The launch of a new UKTI PWC Economic Scorecard focuses on CEE as a nearshore emerging market opportunity. UK Companies have so far missed this opportunity. The Scorecard shows in an innovative infographic way that the CEE region offers solid growth opportunity with a more competitive cost base than established EU markets and a level of sustainability and accessibility which is more attractive than the more traditional emerging markets. This mix makes the region an attractive trade and investment destination for international companies. The Scorecard is available in an attractive format with an online analytical tool which can be downloaded to your computer or iPad at: ‘Emerging Europe is GREAT’ and here’s an online tool to prove it. Download report in pdf file here - CEE Economic Scorecard European Funds Beyond 2013 – an 82 billion Euro opportunity not to be
  2. 2. missed! We take a look at Poland’s EU funding programme for 2014-2020. The draft Partnership Agreement focuses on the competitiveness of the economy, better social and economic cohesion and enabling efficient development in Poland’s regions. Operational programmes concentrate on infrastructure, the environment, smart growth, knowledge, education and digital development as well as technical assistance. Download summary in pdf file: EU Funds Ernst and Young report on Poland’s Special Economic Zones – Investment Incentives to 2026 Download summary in pdf file: Special Economic Zones Downl oad report in pdf file: With the Special Economic Zones (SEZ) and their attractive investment incentives extended to 2026, the first half of 2014 is the time to invest in Poland. Ernst & Young’s ‘Poland – a True Special Economic Zone’ report impressively estimates GDP growth in excess of 3.5% in 2014 and outlines the attractive commercial benefits of the special economic zones. The country’s stable economic conditions, positive growth forecast and regional investment aid programmes make it a great time for doing business in Poland. Going green is the best way to a safer environment and a more secure economic future at Warsaw’s COP19. The environment is a top priority for developed and developing economies, which is why it’s significant that the latest Conference of the Parties (COP19) climate change conference was held in one of the most economically promising countries of the CEE region. It is clear that we all need to take urgent action to mitigate the impact of climate change. Otherwise we will bequeath to our children a world much worse than the one in which we grew up. This means action from governments and business. Without the formidable organisational, creative and financial muscle that
  3. 3. business brings, we cannot seriously address climate change. Tackling climate change is a top priority for the UK Government, not just because the risks are too great if we do not act, but because in tackling climate change we can drive forward prosperity and growth. That is why the UK Government is working so closely with business to identify innovative solutions – be it on shale gas potential, nuclear, renewables or smart grid and metering. Download press release in pdf format: COP 19 It’s a win-win situation for the UK and Poland in ‘A shared future in growing green’ ‘Greener energy closer ties’in combating climate change. Poland's economy uses twice the amount of energy per GDP as developed countries in Western Europe. The country is grappling with reducing emissions, a legacy of coal and diversifying to new energy sources that are clean, long-lasting and reliable. Security is a critical driver of policy. Working in partnership with the UK offers great opportunities. LOOKING TO EXPAND YOUR BUSINESS IN THE REGION? Would you like to find out about the British Centre and how the team can help you? Get in touch for an in-depth market briefing and business development discussion: MARTIN OXLEY – DIRECTOR, Trade and Investment, British Embassy, Warsaw Martin.Oxley@fco.
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