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  • Hyder is a multi national advisory and design consultancyWe have been in operation for over 150 years.Our roots date back to 1857 with Freeman Fox and Partners building bridges, for example the bosphorous bridge, sydney harbour bridge and tower bridge.Over the same period John taylor & Sons developed a global capability in water and sewerage projects, including Greater Cairo Wastewater Project.In 1987 the two firms merged which formed the basis of the modern Hyder Consulting brand where we continue to work on some of the most iconic landmarks. For example the worlds tallest building. the BurjKhalifa in Dubai.
  • The mega reservoirs project in Qatar is designed to provide 7 day storage of potable supply to city of Doha. Five sites with up to 10 modular storage tanks around the edges of the city will provide 15 million cubic metres of storage.The sites are connected to 2 desalination plants to the north and south of the city through large diameter trunk mains.
  • The expansion of Shronefeld airport into Berlin-Bradenburg international is set to become the third busiest airport in Germany with annual passenger numbers of around 27 million.The conversion of the existing site presents a need for expanded water and wastewater services for which we are providing design of water supply, sewerage and wastewater treatment services over the 1500ha site.
  • The strategic tunnel enhancement programme, or STEP for short, is 41km tunnel conveying wastewater from Abu Dhabi city to a new WWTP.The tunnel is 27m deep at its start on the Abu Dhabi island and terminates at Al Wathba wastewater treatment plant 100m down, whereby the wastewater is lifted to the plant by a large pumping station.Historically, the development of the sewerage network in Abu Dhabi has relied on a series of pumping stations to transfer flows to the treatment plant. STEP will now lead to the abandonment of many stations and savings in operational and capital costs.
  • We supported this EU funded programme of water and sewer network improvements to support compliance with Water Directives following accession of Latvia to EU. The potable network was an open system. For this reason an understanding of how the network performed and the level of leakage was not readily available. Through network modelling we were able to determine the characteristics of the system, develop district metered areas for the measurement & control of leakage and determine a high level water balance.To improve wastewater collection and reduce sewage pollution, a series of CCTV inspections were carried out followed by a sewer rehabilitation programme and a feasibility study to increase network coverage from ~60% to >90%.
  • Over the last 15 years we have provided client side transaction advice on major water sector Public Private Partnership deals in Middle East, Central Europe, Eastern Europe and UK.Right from strategy development and PPP model options;technical & environmental due diligence; transaction advice covering procurement processes, performance regimes and agreement drafting; through to audit and monitoringWe have a proven track record in providing tailored transaction advice to public sector clients seeking a PPP delivery mechanismOur approach with all deals is to work in collaboration – partnering as a single team with a single goal culture.In fact our companies collaboration ethos is being recognised through the British Standard BS11000 - collaborative business relationships, for which we have successfully passed the audit.The following are a selection of Water PPP projects.
  • Recognising the importance of water and wastewater infrastructure in the continued growth and success of the country, the Saudi government was eager to address the huge disparity in water services. We provided transaction advice to the Ministry of Water (later to become National Water Company) covering water services in the country’s second city, Jeddah. Our services covered the full procurement process; prequalification, soft market testing, request for proposals, evaluation, negotiation and closure. – all within a challenging 15 month timeframe.Two deals were on the table; a management contract for the water and sewerage networks plus customer management, and a concession for wastewater treatment to include existing & new investments.Our delivery of two PPPs has resulted in a massive step change in levels of customer service. For example, an intermittent water service of 1 day in 10.Here you can see numerous water tankers lining up to be filled – 1000 tankers per day – to provide water to customer ground tanks on the “off” days, typically at 5 times the price of piped service.The shaping of the contracts has resulted in the application of better water management techniques which will generate savings in the bulk purchase of waterand the cost of distribution operations and wastewater treatment is driven down through targeted performance measurement and incentivisation.
  • The Sofia Municipality Water Concession: In 2000 the Municipality of Sofia signed a 25 year concession agreement for water and wastewater services for which Hyder provided technical due diligence and transaction advice.We undertook a technical & operational audit looking at condition & performance of the assets, as well as an assessment of water resources. (CCTV survey of sewers)This diagnostic enabled thedesign and structure of the concession to be targeted to the problems experienced in Sofia. For example the unaccounted for water (now NRW) were found to be in excess of 60% largely due to failing service connections, fractured AC supply pipes and under recording meters as well as wastewater treatment shortfalls.These were addressed through the inclusion of concessionaire obligations to invest $250m in new infrastructure geared to improving customer service.The transaction advice also included development of the performance regime covering levels of service, compliance criteria, prioritisation of investment needs and penalties for non-complianceTechnical evaluation of bids & negotiation of the Concession Contract with preferred bidderDesign of a regulatory framework based on the establishment of a Concession Monitoring UnitPost award support to Contract monitoring unitThis was a flagship for international PPP in Central and Eastern Europe.
  • The Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services Company or ADSSC for short is responsible for the wastewater service across the emirate. 5000km network, 250 PS and 41 WWTW.The clients aspiration is to achieve an invisible service for the residents of abudhabi emirate, but the short term remeasurable O&M contracts were not supporting this aim.We scoped, designed and procured of a new suite of performance based outsourced contracts to replace the previous remeasurable types. The move to performance based contract model enabled ADSSC to specify the levels of service it wished to see as part of its vision.Performance-based contracts are designed to help public sector clients reap the benefits of private sector innovation and best practiceIn the performance-based approach, a client says what problem needs to be solved and allows contractors to provide their proposed solutionsThe idea is to let the contractor develop the best possible solution and only pay them for solving the problem, not on the individual steps as you would in a remeasurable contractThe approach avoids the risk of overpayment by requiring more work than may actually be necessary and avoid contract micro-managementAgain we were involved throughout the procurement process, but it was the design and shape of the deal that helped ADSSC realise the improvements.The result was a hybrid, borrowing from operations and management and lease type PPP models, that was able to address shortcomings of previous versions through:Improved definition of key performance indicatorsA balanced and equitable performance regime with incentivisation to drive outperformance of KPIsRemoval of reporting duplicationAllowance for inflation through indexation mechanismResponsibility for targeted capital investment improving asset stewardshipRemoval of ADSSC hidden costs, such as stores and accommodation
  • Introducing hyder british embassy event warsaw_18th feb 2014_1

    1. 1. INTRODUCING HYDER Multinational advisory and design consultancy One of the world’s longest established engineering consultancies Worked on some of the most iconic landmarks ENGINEERING IS IN OUR DNA
    2. 2. WATER ENGINEERING PROJECTS Mega Reservoirs, Doha, Qatar
    3. 3. Berlin-Bradenburg International Airport, Germany WATER ENGINEERING PROJECTS
    5. 5. mmm  Mmm  Mmm  Mmm Water & Sewerage Network Management, Riga, Latvia WATER ENGINEERING PROJECTS
    6. 6. 15 years of Client-side transaction advice in water sector deals  Strategic Planning  Due Diligence  Transaction Advice  Performance Improvement WATER PPPs
    7. 7.  Mmm  Mmm  Mmm WATER PPP PROJECTS Water Sector Reform, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia “The structure and transparency of the bid documents greatly facilitated our bidding process” Van-tin Pham, Suez Environnement “We have seen exceptional results” Loay Al-Musallam, CEO, NWC
    8. 8. mmm  Mmm  Mmm  Mmm WATER PPP PROJECTS Water & Sewerage Concession, Sofia, Bulgaria
    9. 9. mmm  Mmm  Mmm  Mmm WATER PPP PROJECTS Wastewater Management Outsourcing, UAE