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Emerging europe newsletter no.3

  1. 1. Emerging Europe’s GREAT team drops in on the brand new British Business Centre in Warsaw to find out just how much support there is for UK companies interested in developing in Poland. The UK is not doing enough business with Poland. The brand new British Business Centre provides GREAT office facilities with a suite of practical business development services which are focused on rapid sales growth. See for yourself and get in touch today. Tomorrow you could be meeting your first customers in this exciting market. British Business Centre Warsaw – Up, running and open for business A GREAT place for trade Emerging Europe offers huge potential. Poland is now Europe’s sixth largest market with excellent sales and superb supply chain opportunities. The business development team at the British Business Centre is there to help you understand and access them. Fast Facts – Warsaw – 1 of 6 new British Business Centres which are opening across an exciting and dynamically developing region The new British Business Centre concept puts the 'e' back in 'exports'. Our innovative facilities are designed to make you feel at home in the attractive markets of Emerging Europe and network you into the business scene fast. -Understand your market – our instant market stats provide key market information in an easily understandable way. -Local language promotional material online gets you talking to your customers
  2. 2. in a way they understand. -Open a local ‘e-shop’ and start selling fast – low risk growth. A new approach to doing business in Emerging Europe ‘Partnerships are GREAT’ The UK Trade & Investment and Foreign & Commonwealth Office join forces to chat about taking a new approach to doing business in Poland, which includes doing your homework first, understanding the market and, above all, seeing it for yourself. HSBC Global Connections Report published An upturn in the global economy kickstarts trade in Europe. Poland, the largest beneficiary of EU funding will see a boost in spending on infrastructure which will create business opportunity. The UK and Emerging Europe are poised to seize the moment. Local partnerships are vital. Innovation and regional manufacturing are key drivers of success. Want to know more? John Rendall, CEO HSBC Polska explains the important role of Poland as the tiger in the region. Emerging markets are the engine of growth. The UK needs to do more out here. Take a look: Download raports in pdf format: HSBC_GC_Report_Poland HSBC_GC_Report_UK HSBC_GC_Global_Overview HSBC Report Summary
  3. 3. Equal Access to business opportunity – Polish Parliamentary delegation visits the UK A recent visit to the UK of a group of high profile Polish parliamentarians identifies GREAT opportunities for British companies in the health and social welfare market. Equal Access is Critical - UK companies are up for the challenge: In order to inspire trust and build strong relationships with its clients, it’s important for every business to treat all their employees and clients equally. That’s why the British model for providing access to people with disabilities and encouraging active participation in employment and daily life is a potentially huge asset in Poland. Wherever there are people, there’s a market. Jones Lang LaSalle’s latest Retail Market Report for Q3 Jones Lang LaSalle confirms the attractiveness of the Polish Retail Sector – we’re on the lookout for more British companies. Retail stock growth is strong and is expected to grow through 2014. Regional cities are expected to play a key role. Strong international investment demand drives growth. Consumers look for added value and quality. British retailers – a Call to Arms. Download raport in pdf format: Retail Report Summary EE_Retail_Report LOOKING TO EXPAND YOUR BUSINESS IN THE REGION? Find out about the British Centre and how the team can help you. Get in touch for an in-depth market briefing and business development discussion: MARTIN OXLEY – DIRECTOR, Trade and Investment, British Embassy, Warsaw Martin.Oxley@fco.gov.uk MONIKA SAMUŚ – MANAGER, British-Polish Business Centre, Warsaw
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