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  • 1. British Polish Chamber of Commerce Trade Team Connecting Business. Creating Trade. @BPCC_Trade
  • 2. BPCC Trade: Connecting Business. Creating Trade.
  • 3. The British Polish Chamber of Commerce •  Best British chamber in continental Europe four times over the past decade. •  Networking businesses in Poland since 1992. •  400 member firms, 70% of whom offer B2B services to support exporters. •  We work with UK investors in Poland, UK exporters to Poland, Polish exporters to UK, Polish entrepreneurs in the UK. •  Offices in Warsaw, Wroclaw, Krakow, London & 4 Teams in Warsaw HQ. •  For more information on the chamber please contact info@bpcc.org.pl or @BPCC_Trade
  • 4. The BPCC: Trusted by Government to Deliver The UK government and its trade and investment agency, UKTI, have embarked on a new programme for trade and investment support for SMEs partnering with chambers of commerce around the world. • We’ve created a new Trade team to help companies and are proud to have been the first chamber supporting British businesses, with a fully established Business Centre. • We work closely with UKTI in market, so whether you’re account managed by the BPCC or UKTI, your journey into market will take you through our collective services. • This presentation takes you through our services in detail, but do get in touch to find out more trade@bpcc.org.pl or follow us @BPCC_Trade
  • 5. BPCC Structure • Warsaw Headquarters with Media, Trade, Policy & Members teams. •  London Office. •  Wrocław Office. •  Kraków Office. We work very closely with the UK Trade & Investment team in market. Our Business Centre is your ideal landing zone in market.
  • 6. BPCC Trade: Our People •  7 Business Consultants with extensive experience working in UK and in Poland. •  Specialised experience in business sectors spanning manufacturing, consultancy, advisory, legal, food and drink and ICT, healthcare, sales & marketing. •  Funded by Government/UKTI to support more UK companies to export to market. •  Based in the British-Polish Business Centre in Warsaw. •  Range of products delivered in-house or outsourced to accredited chamber members. •  In 2013 we supported hundreds more UK exporters of goods and services to enter or expand in the Polish market and the surrounding region.
  • 7. BPCC Trade: Our Products in brief We offer the following services for UK exporters: •  1: Bespoke Support Packages. Our Business Consultants put together bespoke packages of support to get the best outcomes for you as a client. •  2: Company Debt Check. Search Polish company records on KRD, the national debt register. •  3: Instant Demand Analysis from our special trade data engine. •  4: Content Translation into technically perfect Polish (combine with 1 and 3 for low costmarket entry). •  5: British Polish Business Centre. Our chamber members offer a wider range of services for UK exporters – find out more by getting in touch: trade@bpcc.org.pl or contacting @BPCC_Trade.
  • 8. BPCC Trade: Our Products in Detail
  • 9. Product 1: Bespoke Support Packages •  We know small to medium companies are always looking for value support, so we’ll help you analyse your opportunity in the market by putting together a client-specific package of support from our team of Business Consultants and Researchers. •  Each client is different, so each service differs too. To find out how the process works, and what our existing client base says about us, get in touch. •  Ideally combined with Product 3 (Instant Trade Data) and 4 (Content Translation) for a lower cost route to market strategy.
  • 10. Product 2: Company Debt Check •  Establishing trust is one of the most important elements of building a business relationship. •  If you’d like to ascertain the reliability of your potential agent, partner or distributor, then a check of the National Debt Register could be an ideal solution. •  However access is costly so take advantage of a single use of the system from our access. Or contact us to allow our researchers to help you check a company. •  Cost: £18+VAT.
  • 11. Product 3: Instant Demand Analysis We know that analysing trade data is time consuming but hugely useful for exporters of goods. So we’ve built an engine which analyses total demand for 4000 individual product codes from Poland and the UK’s performance relative to competitors. What’s the demand and is the UK present made Simple. Cost: First 3 codes free, then £10 per code.
  • 12. Product 4: Content Translation •  In Poland, UK plc. stands for quality, reliability, innovation and skilled design. However, UK companies often lose out to other markets because they fail to translate their corporate material into the correct technical language. We say get it right the first time you hit the market. •  Working with accredited third parties, we take your content and translate it – either a website or into a lower cost brochure. This approach works really well when looking to approach customers, partners, agents or distributors for the first time. •  Each company is different. All content differs. So our prices do too. Get in touch to find out more.
  • 13. Product 5: British Polish Business Centre •  500m2 of Grade A office space for UK and Polish companies to do business. •  Ideal central Warsaw location for meetings, product launches, office services, events, seminars etc. or just to work out of whilst visiting. •  Services for any registered Polish or UK business. •  F o r m o r e i n f o r m a t i o n c o n t a c t : trade@bpcc.org.pl or follow @BPCC_Trade •  C h e c k o u t o u r 1 m i n u t e v i d e o ‪bit.ly/1kK350o
  • 14. Who are our customers? The Government has set the BPCC a simple target: to radically increase the number of UK companies trading with Poland. To do that we want to help: • UK small to medium companies across all sectors. • Representing the best of British innovation, who understand that entering Poland, the biggest untapped market for the UK in the EU, takes dedication and persistence. • When they succeed in the market, they help us to champion the potential. The BPCC is the premier networking chamber in Poland
  • 15. Our Clients Say… The BPCC Trade Team went out of their way to give me an outstanding level of service and support when I recently made an export enquiry. Their fast responses, knowledgeable staff and extensive links with business have proven invaluable in helping my company exploit the potential of the Polish market. The level of service I have received has been above and beyond that which I’ve ever had from any similar agency, UK based or otherwise. David Gray, Export Sales Executive, Roman Limited
  • 16. Our Clients Say… BPCC Trade has been extremely helpful in examining and advising upon different options for our business as we look to grow on the initial success we've had entering the Polish market. BPCC Trade have been in contact on a weekly basis, introduced us to some really great contacts that we would never have found on our own, and have shown they've sincerely cared about our business. It is a very refreshing experience to know that you have them supporting you as you try to make a success of your business. I would absolutely recommend them to any UK exporter looking at the Polish market. Andrew Dobson, Export Manager, UBER
  • 17. Our Clients Say… Given Poland’s considerable growth in recent years, we’ve made market entry here, along with Turkey, a top priority. The BPCC Trade Team have been very useful in helping us understand the market and support us as we build a successful distributor relationship here. They’ve been in touch on a weekly basis, and shown they really cared about our business development. Aoife Clarke, Export Manager, Zenith Hygeine Ltd.
  • 18. To find out more contact trade@bpcc.org.pl Follow us on Twitter @BPCC_Trade Check out our 1 minute Business Centre Video bit.ly/1kK350o