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Package, Stream, Manage. Application virtualiization isolates applications to create a conflict free environment with manageability as the cornerstone to successful service delivery in large organizations. With App-V, deploy applications in seconds to thousands of computers automagically.

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  • *1, Microsoft MDOP customer study. Base: Current MDOP customer n=108, non-MDOP customer n=367*2, MDOP ROI Analysis by Wipro. Wipro Product Strategy and Architecture Practice’s Analysis of Features, Cost Benefits, and Effects on IT Best Practices that Improve IT Infrastructure Optimization, March 2007, Sponsored by Microsoft, available on our website at <http://download.microsoft.com/download/8/f/4/8f461f10-23fd-472a-8af9-72153b56fcc1/MDOP%20TCO%20Wipro%2020March%202007.xps>
  • Overview of Microsoft App-V 4.5

    1. 1. Delivering Business Value Today and Tomorrow Updated May 2009 1
    2. 2. Current Microsoft More on the technologies horizon Data, User settings Folder Redirection Improved Offline/ Offline files Online sync Issues IT Faces What’s Changing PC components Breaking ties using Applications bound together, technologies like difficult to replace virtualization to Calista Technologies hardware, software increase agility Operating System Hardware- Image management independent and deployment WIM Images across WIM and Hardware VHD images Centralized Desktop 2
    3. 3. Enterprise Investment Areas Access Information Enhance Security Streamline PC Anywhere and Control Management “My enterprise is “How can I enable “How can I reduce becoming more the software and costs and take disperse. How do I devices my users advantage of new keep people require and technologies like connected to what minimize their risk?” virtualization?” they need?” App-V; MED-V Bitlocker™; AGPM; MUI; 4 Virtual OS; DaRT Subsystem for Unix; AIS; AGPM; App-V; DEM 3
    4. 4. What you need to know •Regular updates 1 Provide immediate ROI •Faster upgrade cycle, separate from Windows® •Minimal deployment effort •Run out of the box 2 Deliver end-to-end solutions •Integrate with existing management solutions •>95% of MDOP customers are (very) satisfied *1 3 Lower Desktop TCO •$70-$80 net cost savings per PC per year using MDOP *2 *1, Microsoft MDOP customer study. Base: Current MDOP customer n=108, non- MDOP customer n=367 *2, MDOP ROI Analysis by Wipro 4
    5. 5. Dynamically streaming software as a centrally managed service Provisions applications to users Readily accessible applications Centralizes permissions Accelerated desktop deployment and Isolates applications application recovery Provide real-time metering reports Minimize app-to-app compatibility testing Leverage existing PC Lifecycle Management investments Heidelberg App-V App-V App-V 4.5 4.5 CU1 4.6 “Microsoft Application Virtualization helps us dramatically reduce packaging time, optimize application delivery and management processes, and cut the total cost of ownership for our client environment. It paid for itself in just September March H1 six months.” 2008 2009 CY2010 Axel Junghans Global Client Manager Heidelberg 5
    6. 6. App-V for Desktops Virtual applications run on the user machine Consolidate & standardize images Build business continuity for applications Applications can be taken offline *Microsoft Application Virtualization CAL for Desktops is available through MDOP for Software Assurance only. App-V for Terminal Services Virtual applications run on the Terminal Server Enable Server Consolidation Mitigate Roaming Profile Issues for Terminal Services Transform TS into a dynamic system *Microsoft Application Virtualization CAL for Terminal Services is available and sold separately from MDOP App-V Hosting for Desktops Available through Service Provider License Agreement Allows organization to host virtual applications on behalf of their customers Hosting for Desktops Can be used for 3rd party or LOB application delivery *Microsoft Application Virtualization for Service Providers is available and sold separately from MDOP
    7. 7. Data, User settings What it does What it does Creates a package Applications Creates a package with a full OS of a single application What it is good for OS Eliminates software Resolve install incompatibility between applications What it is good for Hardware and a new OS Resolve conflicts Run two between environments on a applications single PC (e.g. Simplify application corporate and delivery and testing personal)
    8. 8. Application Policy Based Flexible Application Sequencing and application Infrastructure Virtualization Virtualization management with Multiple Client Delivery Options Microsoft Application Virtualization Platform Dynamically streaming software as a centrally managed service
    9. 9. Package, Stream, Manage. Application virtualiization isolates applications to create a conflict free environment with manageability as the cornerstone to successful service delivery. No user learning curve. Flexible deployment and Mature and Proven Click to launch any virtual streaming options for all Save Time & Money. application anywhere business needs. Deploy Applications Simplify your next Readily Accessible Virtually Windows rollout Applications for Partners ready to move Easily prepare Virtual Users, Manageable for you from Proof of Applications and IT. Concept to Production Dependencies for Virtual Application Deployment. Management in the box.
    10. 10. Stream Once. Launch local and work completely offline. No waiting for complete application install or update. No reboots. No application conflicts. Preserve user settings online and offline. Automatic application and icon refresh if removed. Isolate and decouple applications from Windows to reduce conflicts. Reduce the Windows footprint by never installing applications. Reduce Windows deployment time by delivering applications virtually. Manage Windows and Applications independently but use the same toolset. Single sequencing wizard with powerful interface for customization. Simple MSI creation for quick deployment with existing software distribution systems. Simple application dependency creation. No editing or renaming. Easily view applications and their dependencies. Virtual applications supported on Windows 7. 11
    11. 11. Application Sequencing – The gateway to Microsoft Application Virtualization Windows Application CD Linearization Windows Virtualized Application Application Installer Optimization & Compression Unpackaging The admin has the option to stream the virtual application The Sequencer produces the or create an MSI wrapper for virtual application package Standalone Mode delivery Rapidly packages containing the application applications through active and its dependencies. watch technology including execution dependencies.
    12. 12. Dynamic Suite Composition (DSC) Virtual Environment Single application with no dependencies still exist Application known to not conflict may be configured to IndependentVirtual Environment Inter Application Communication Application Virtual Environments Combined Sharing Using DSC share the same virtual environment Mandatory/Optional dependency configuration options App “A” App “B” Virtual applications can share common dependencies Flexible Package Management Virtualize Middleware once share with many Administrator controls & configures the virtual Data System Services Configurations application separately Create a “one to one” scenario for single applications that are dependant on each other Create a “many to one” scenario where middleware and plug ins components can be reused Reduces the potential package size
    13. 13. Server or no Server, YOU DECIDE. Secure streaming, standard streaming or no streaming, YOU DECIDE. In the box infrastructure, integrates into System Center, or use your existing software distribution product, YOU DECIDE. Desktop Virtualization or Terminal Services integration, YOU DECIDE. Complete online, offline and over the internet application usage metering. Regular, automated polling for new applications or updates. No login or manual synchronization required. Roaming supported. Application & user preferences travel with your users. Customize offline behavior and metering to prevent non-compliant usage. Localized support in eleven languages, ready for global businesses. Troubleshoot using standard Windows methods (event log, mgmt pack).
    14. 14. Assign virtual applications to end users using Active Directory and stream to users. Update virtual applications without repackaging, disconnecting users or rebooting. Retire virtual applications quickly by removing assignment, no uninstall required. Single update process for client and infrastructure components via Microsoft Update, no application changes required. Virtual application license and usage metering included. Centralized infrastructure provides single delivery and management workflow for physical and virtual applications Deploy virtual application by targeting users or machines. Automated staging & replication of applications to the enterprise, no scripting. Inventory virtual & physical applications. Determine to who & where they are deployed. Integrate virtual applications with System Center to streamline your Windows operating system upgrade and deployment process.
    15. 15. Microsoft Application Virtualization Deployment Options Package, Deploy, Manage. Conflict free applications with manageability as the cornerstone to successful service delivery. • Reduce application conflicts • Remove application related reboots • Reduce application • Dynamic application streaming compatibility testing • Always accessible applications • Single Management Console • Single Software distribution workflow • No additional infrastructure required • Integrate Virtual applications with •Standalone execution Desktop Publishing Service •automated OS deployment Dynamic Delivery •of virtual Delivery Dynamicapplications ••Full status and reporting of virtual Package/Active Upgrade •No server is required Package/Active Upgrade applications • No SQL Server required •MSI wrapper is Directory Requires Activethe ••Inventory and updating of virtual Allows streaming capability applications to SMS/SCCM Configuration Manager 2007 configuration control and SQL Server R2 to be added • User or Machine targeting • Interoperable with SMS/ & 3rd party ESD SCCM & 3rd party ESD • Scalable to 100’ s of thousands of devices 16
    16. 16. Supports Streaming (File, RTSP/s, HTTP/s) File ALL HTTP/S Uses ConfigMgr Uses existing infrastructure DB N/A* New SQL DB SQL DB Offline Support Included Included Included Target & Deploy virtual applications to Machines N/A* N/A Included Target & Deploy virtual applications to Users N/A* Included Included Reporting for virtual & physical apps N/A* Virtual Included Supports automated OS Deployment including N/A* N/A Included virtual applications Inventory Virtual Applications N/A* N/A Included License Metering of virtual/physical applications N/A* Virtual Included Centralized Status & Reporting N/A* N/A* Included Active Upgrade N/A* Included Included Manages Virtual & Physical Apps N/A* Virtual Included Supports Internet Based Delivery N/A* Streaming Download/Execute Monitored and managed using OpsMgr N/A MP Available MP Available • Requires integration with electronic software distribution or customization • AVM = Application Virtualization Management for App-V
    17. 17. 14.1M+ licenses of MDOP sold containing App-V. Microsoft App-V4.5 is the 3rd Microsoft release of the product; ready to deploy at scale. 12yrs combined experience in the application virtualization and PC lifecycle management. Over 30 App-V specific case studies from Microsoft customers around the world. Eliminate application conflicts, reduce time and money. Deliver applications to users more quickly. Reuse existing infrastructure and extend ROI. Consolidate Servers using App-V for Terminal Services. Virtualize your infrastructure using App-V and Microsoft Virtualization technologies. Industry Partners build on the App-V platform to extend value. Industry Partners available to deploy App-V to the enterprise. App-V file format published to Microsoft Open Source Promise to further enable the ecosystem
    18. 18. App-V 4.5 Cumulative Update1 (CU1) Available March 2009 Provides compatibility with Windows 7 Beta Provides ability to sequence .NET Framework 3.5 and earlier on Windows XP SP2 Includes all fixes since 4.5 RTM release Available now via Microsoft Volume Licensing, MSDN and TechNet App-V 4.6 Available H1 CY2010 Broaden our Windows platform and application coverage Enable App-V to recognize and run 64-bit applications Enable App-V to run on 64-bit Windows Operating Systems Windows 7, Vista and XP Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2 (App-V for TS) Simplify the App-V Sequencing experience Improved Sequencer UI Enable App-V to sequence true 64-bit applications Further expand our global coverage Enable virtualization of non-English applications in 13 additional languages Enable localization of App-V management UI’s in 12 additional languages.
    19. 19. Reduce Application Enable Roaming Build Business Proactive insight into Management Costs and Free Seating Continuity for desktop crashes and Applications hangs Enable governance Reduce Accelerate OS Manage software and change control Help Desk Migrations assets across the Calls Enterprise
    20. 20. “…this suite is a must-have collection of valuable utilities—many of which originated at startups since purchased by Microsoft—and an obvious and tangible benefit of Microsoft's subscription-based enterprise licensing program. If you're not taking advantage of Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack, it's time to take a look.” - Paul Thurrott, Windows IT Pro Magazine April 30, 2008 “Organizations currently running Windows XP on their mobile PCs could save $605 a year per machine by replacing those systems with Windows Vista, using the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack and best practices to improve infrastructure optimization.” - Peter Galli, eWeek September, 2007 Yankee Group analyst Laura DiDio said in an interview that a comparable Microsoft offering could cost as little as one-third of what VMWare charges. “Until recently, there was not much competition,” she said. “Now what I'm hearing from customers is, they're glad to see Microsoft stepping up to the plate. They like VMWare's products, but they don't want to pay those high prices.” - Laura DiDio; Analyst, Yankee Group
    21. 21. Website for Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack for Software Assurance http://www.windowsvista.com/optimizeddesktop Microsoft Application Virtualization Home Page http://www.microsoft.com/systemcenter/appv/default.mspx Microsoft Application Virtualization TechCenter http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/appvirtualization/default.aspx Microsoft Application Virtualization Blog http://blogs.technet.com/softgrid/default.aspx Microsoft Application Virtualization Case Studies http://www.microsoft.com/casestudies/search.aspx?ProTaxID=3369 IDC Webcast: Improving Desktop Management with Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack http://www.microsoft.com/events/series/desktopoptimization.aspx?tab=webcasts&id=all Gartner: Quantifying the Value of Microsoft's Desktop Optimization Pack http://mediaproducts.gartner.com/reprints/microsoft/vol4/article6/article6.html
    22. 22. © 2007 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. This presentation is for informational purposes only and is subject to change. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, in this summary.
    23. 23. Appendix
    24. 24. Microsoft Windows SA customers receive better value and lower cost using MDOP versus VMWare •BrachCache • AGPM •AppLocker • AIS •BitLocker/ToGo • DaRT •Network Boot • DEM •Boot from VHD • 4 Virtual OS’ • MUI Packs • Subsystem for Unix Desktop Virtualization and Management included Management unavailable from VMWare.. Market equivalent pricing for mgmt * Cost of adding MDOP to an existing SA subscription ** Cost of similar management and streaming technology from 3rd party Costs based on 500 users over 3yrs at product street prices
    25. 25. New Windows SA customers get more value when choosing MDOP + Client SA over VMWare •BrachCache • AGPM •AppLocker • AIS •BitLocker/ToGo • DaRT •Network Boot • DEM •Boot from VHD • 4 Virtual OS’ • MUI Packs • Subsystem for Unix Desktop Virtualization and Management included Management unavailable from VMWare.. Market equivalent pricing for mgmt * Uses market equivalent pricing for similar virtual application management and streaming technology from 3rd party Costs based on 500 users over 3yrs at product street prices Includes cost of SA + MDOP - customers get all six MDOP Products
    26. 26. App-V Management Console 3rd Party Solution Console to import Use App-V Mgmt package from Content share, create Sequenced app and place application, and assign to AD Security on Content share. Group. Package is available for Streaming , 3rd Party ESD, or Standalone distribution. App-V Sequencer OR Streaming IIS Server Standalone Content Server App-V Management Server ServerIIS Server (RTSP) (optional) 3rd party Standalone (MSI) Mode (content) (optional) (HTTP) (ESD) Mode (MSI) (HTTP) Virtual App is delivered to the Use 3rd party interface for client (RTSP/Http/ MSI/ESD). publishing to IIS 3rd party ESD or Standalone Mode. Virtual App is loaded into cache and icons and files are available to user. App-V client reads on launch, App-V Terminal Server Desktop PC runs app local or via TS. launch, runs app local or via TS.
    27. 27. Global manufacturer simplifies client management and reduces total cost of ownership with application virtualization “Microsoft Application The Challenge Virtualization helps us Time-consuming application packaging and delivery dramatically reduce packaging Gain control of disparate hardware and software across the time, optimize application enterprise delivery and management Reduce costs , improve software delivery and client processes, and cut the total cost management of ownership for our client environment. It paid for itself in just six months.” The Results - Axel Junghans - Global Client Manager Reduce application packaging time more than 50 percent - Heidelberg Realize 40 percent cost savings through simplified packaging,, faster deployment and shorter problem resolution “The knowledge you need to Empower local IT staff to package applications for local create a virtualized package needs is 10 times less than what you need to create a MSI Accelerate application repair by not requiring a reinstallation of applications package.” - Joerg Manske - IT IO - Heidelberg
    28. 28. Leading technical service provider streamlines Vista migration, accelerates application delivery and enhances client management The Challenge “Microsoft App-V improves the way our Speed application packaging IT staff and end users work. It gives users the flexibility to Enable multiple application versions to co-exist on run applications required for client devices their projects, without any risk of Create a uniform software delivery and management conflicts. And it helps IT simplify and infrastructure accelerate application packaging and time-to-delivery. “ - Joerg Umland The Results - IT Administrator - TUV NORD Reduced application time-to-deployment from one month to several days “We no longer have to test against Streamlined Vista migration and ease project other applications because there’s no management risk of affecting other applications on Enabled applications to follow users the client. Testing takes just one to two days at the most. So the whole process, Enhanced business continuity, reducing downtime to from request to deployment, takes just minutes a few days with Microsoft App-V, Simplified post-acquisition client management instead of up to a month—which is what it can take with locally installed applications.”
    29. 29. Streamlining application packaging and management while improving desktop security The Challenge “We were spending valuable time Time consuming Deployments and Updates dealing with the challenges Difficult Desktop Security inherent in managing so many applications and users. We sorely No support for multiple application versions on the needed a more innovative way to desktop do this in order to concentrate our efforts on other value-add services. Microsoft’s unique virtualization solution eliminates The Results application management complexities and helps us provide Simplifies and reduces application deployment from even better IT service to our several days to just hours constituency.” Cuts upgrade time for key applications by hundreds of hours - Laura Guillory Director of User Services, Improves desktop security by minimizing the need for California State University local administrator access for applications Chancellor’s Office Enables multiple application versions to run on the same computer, easing IT support for training labs, migrations “Application virtualization is critical. and software developer requirements It will enable us to have a simplified Enhances disaster recovery for applications model where we can give users a vanilla computer and instantly deliver their applications to the new machine.”
    30. 30. Enable dynamic application delivery and improve support for teachers and students The Challenge Streamline application delivery and management, and enhance end-user “Microsoft Application Virtualization helps support in large, decentralized school district. us accelerate application delivery and gives our schools much more flexibility in using applications for instruction. It provides The Results great benefits to teachers, students and IT staff alike. We’ve had tremendous success Reduced application deployment from four weeks to one day with it, and a lot of enthusiasm from all our Simplified application migrations users.” and user training - Chris Lewis Enabled application mobility Manager, Desktop Cut images by 50% and simplified Management Team maintenance Fairfax County Public Schools Improve license management Centralize application information *Customer used Microsoft Application Virtualization, formerly SoftGrid Application Virtualization and is upgrading to App-V 4.5