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Fossilfuels 100525220626-phpapp02 (1) Fossilfuels 100525220626-phpapp02 (1) Presentation Transcript

  •  Fossil fuels are formed by the earths natural resources. They are mostly found from dead organisms from millions of years ago. Were created around the Carbonifeous period
  •  here are 3 major forms of Fossil Fuels. They are coal, oil, and natural gas They were formed hundreds of millions years ago way before dinosaurs were around.
  •  Hard, black colored like rock Made up of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and amounts of sulfur. Formed from the remains of vegetation that grew about 400 million years ago. Also formed when much of the Earth was covered by steamy swamps. Three major coal formations: Anthracite, Bituminous, and Lignite
  •  Different stages of coal formation Lignite- Lowest rank for its heat energy producing capability. Deposit the most the lowest intensity of heat and pressure. Sub Bituminous- Higher carbon content and make up majority of coal in the U.S. Bituminous- Estimation of 100 to 300 million years old. Used for energy in power plants. Anthracite- High carbon content, cleanest burning coal but is very rare.
  •  Coal helps produce electricity. Helps build homes, start fires, heats homes, and help produces iron and steel.
  •  Oil is used as a fossil fuel because it gives out energy and is a big part to our environment today It is used for things such as cars, paint, and even clothing.
  •  The main ingredient in natural gas is methane, a gas composed of one carbon atom and four hydrogen atoms. It also came from animals and plants decayed millions of years ago.
  •  Used for cooking, washing, drying, and even air conditioning.
  •  An industrial plant used for purifying the substances. Its important because fossil fuels are obtained through this.
  •  he Exxon Valdezoil spill was one of the most publicized and studied environmental tragedies in history 10.8 million oil tanks were spilled. Animals died and many wildfires were created.