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technology study in nepal telecom
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technology study in nepal telecom


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it made by ujjwal devkota student of BBA 4th sem. TU

it made by ujjwal devkota student of BBA 4th sem. TU

Published in: Education, Technology, Business

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  • 1. Motivation in Nepal Telecom Prepare by Group “B” membersUjjwal Shailesh Pradip Ramhari
  • 2. PRESENTATED BY GROUP “B” in topic ”Technology “ with the help of
  • 3.  For this whole presentation I would I like to thanks all my group member , classmate who have directly or indirectly helps for our presentation and special thankful toward B.E. teacher Mrs. Pooja upadhaya and college management and heartily thanks to Mr. Rajan aacharya from technological head of Nepal telecom Thanks Thanks
  • 4. Limitation of Field Visit Limited time Lack of resources Lack of experience in group member Information through only technological officer
  • 5. Introduction to Nepal Telecom Nepal telecom was establish in 1970 MOHAN AKASHWANI is the formal name of Nepal telecom It named Nepal Doorsanchar Company Limited from Baisakh 1, 2061 assist in the socio-economic development of the urban as well as rural areas It is continuously trying to provide quality service to customer It has also link to Nepal police club for the development of Football and Cricket in Nepal
  • 6. The External Environment Environment Economic Industry Environment Threat of new entrants Power of suppliers Power of buyers Product substitutes Intensity of rivalry Competitor Environment Technological General
  • 7. A Challenge Please write a One Sentence Definition of technologyTechnology is knowledge that leads to new and improved machinery, processesand product.
  • 8. Level of technologyManual technologyMechanized technologyComputerized
  • 9. Manual technology Low volume simple production Difficult in quality Low cost control Production cycle is long
  • 10. Mechanized technology Suitable for Machinelarge volume based production Highmaintenance Efficient cost
  • 11. Computerized Computer- Digital basedFew numbers Highlyof employees skilled
  • 12. Status of traditional technology pottery Architecture and construction Paper manufacturing
  • 13. Food technology AgricultureWater management& medicine
  • 14. Status of modern technologyGrowing use of Skills base for modern modern technology technology Telecommunication, internet & satellite-based Used foreign labor Computer, health- Technical human related & save energy resource is less
  • 15. Research and Transfer ofdevelopment technology spending Done by Establishment of government & multi-national universities companies R&D efforts have remained International confined to trade laboratories
  • 16. Information technology in Nepal • Planning • Informati and control on managem used for various types of ent Geographical boundaries & distance organization, strategic and decision making On-line education ATM M-banking Business to business On-line banking transaction, share transaction , sale of books music, birthday gift Call centers Cards • E-commerce • E-education & E-banking
  • 17. Information Technology Policy To declare information technology sector a priority sector, To adopt one window system for the development of information technology, To priorities research and development in the field of information technology To encourage the use of computers in private sectors, 5.9. To develop physical and virtual information technology parks at various places with private sector’s participation in the development of information technology,
  • 18.  To use information technology to promote e- commerce, e-education, e-health among others, and to transfer technology to rural areas. To establish a National Information Technology Centre, To establish a venture capital fund with joint participation of public and private sectors, To include computer education in the curriculum starting from the school level and broaden its scope, To establish Nepal in the global market through the use of information technology, To enact necessary laws for providing legal sanctions to the use of information technology,
  • 19. If anyone has any queries thanfeel free to ask ?????