motivating techniques in nepal telecom


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made by ujjwal with the help of group member

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motivating techniques in nepal telecom

  1. 1. Motivation in Nepal Telecom Prepare by Group “F” membersUjjwal Shailesh Pradip Ramhari
  2. 2. PRESENTATED BY GROUP “B” in topic ”motivation “ with the help of
  3. 3.  For this whole presentation I would I like to thanks all my group member , classmate who have directly or indirectly helps for our presentation and special thankful toward HMR teacher Mrs. Mikha Shrestha and college management and heartily thanks to Mr. Sesraj Dahal HR officer of Nepal telecom Thanks Thanks
  4. 4. Limitation of Field Visit Limited time Lack of resources Lack of experience in group member Information through only HR officer
  5. 5. Introduction to Nepal Telecom Nepal telecom was establish in 1970 MOHAN AKASHWANI is the formal name of Nepal telecom It named Nepal Doorsanchar Company Limited from Baisakh 1, 2061 assist in the socio-economic development of the urban as well as rural areas It is continuously trying to provide quality service to customer It has also link to Nepal police club for the development of Football and Cricket in Nepal
  6. 6. Definition Of Motivation Motivation: The act or process of stimulating to action, providing an incentive or motive, especially for an act.
  7. 7. IMPORTANCE Understand Employee Behavior Productivity Improvement Quality Improvement Employee Retention Creativity Promotion
  8. 8. A Challenge Please write a One Sentence Definition of EFFECTIVE MOTIVATION
  9. 9. Herzbergs theory(Satisfaction vs. Dissatisfaction) Motivators Hygiene Achievement Salary Growth Job security Recognition Supervision Responsibility Work Conditions
  10. 10. Expectancy theoryA. Eff0rt- Performance RelationB. Performance – Reward RelationC. Reward – Personal Goals Relation
  11. 11. Goal Setting Theory Employee commitment to goals Self-efficancy : employees belief in job performance capability Cultural adaptability : goal setting is culture bound
  12. 12. What Employees Want  Maintainers.  Motivators.
  13. 13. Maintainers Working conditions. Company policies. Job security. Pay and benefits. Relationships with coworkers. Supervision. Status.
  14. 14. Motivators Reward Bonus Promotion Increasing in salary Providing different facilities like medical, transportation, education etc..
  15. 15. Determinants of Job performance Factors are ability, motivation & situational constraints • Perfect match gives appropriate performance • Manager should identify the deficiency and fulfill the gap.
  16. 16. Motivational Techniques Telecom uses techniques like Employee Participation, Behavior Modification, MBO etc.a. Employee participation Employee participation is used to certain extent. Employee share ownership is also available.
  17. 17. b. Behavior Modification Technique: Incentives are also given  Telecom offer bonus Promotion as a tool to modify behavior Reinforcement through rewardsc. MBO: Managers at all levels are invited for collaborative goal setting and provided rewards and feedback.
  18. 18. c. Rewards Issues in rewards:  Intrinsic rewards  Extrinsic rewards I. Financial II. Non-financial  Fresher motivation Vs. Experienced personnel
  19. 19. Limitations in techniques:NTC find it hard use Modified work schedules and some of Job redesign measures like job rotation. For example: NTC open from 10 to 5 NTC job need specialization Nepal telecom use core time and not flex time
  20. 20. Finding of flied visit most of the manpower is unskilled one or unwanted number of staff which is only the burden to pay the salary can’t deal with the new situation and dynamic environment. less attractive towards young generation due to its ineffective service freedom to choose the political party and to established union in the organization.
  21. 21. Suggestion for NTC Unskilled manpower should be remove Quality service should provided to customer Operating cost should minimizes As it is the government organization it should challenge with international market
  22. 22. If anyone has any queries thanfeel free to ask ?????