Writing for the web

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Writing for Web - a presentation based on information and writing of Jakod Nielson of www.useit.com :-)

Writing for Web - a presentation based on information and writing of Jakod Nielson of www.useit.com :-)

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  • 1. Writing for the WebUjjwal Acharya Most of the content is derived from or based on writings of Jakob Nielsen http://www.useit.com/
  • 2. This sessionWhat we are going to discuss and do? How and why are web writing different from news written for newspapers, radios and televisions. Discuss about headline and need to write teaser text Discussion on paragraphing, sub-titling, visual aesthetics and use of eye-friendly stuffs – photos / lists /info-boxes Finally, try writing a small content for web using everything we discussed
  • 3. How Users Read on the Web • They dont read, they just scan the page. • 79 % of always scan page; only 16 % read word-by-word. So what to do then? Simple, write scannable text, using • highlighted keywords • meaningful sub-headings • bulleted lists • one idea per paragraph • Concise text http://www.useit.com/alertbox/9710a.html
  • 4. The F TheoryOf Pattern of Reading Web Content By the way: F is for FAST! What were you thinking?
  • 5. Reading on computer screen Is it same as reading newspaper or book?
  • 6. Headlines The average headline is mere 5 words and 34 characters. So, good headlines are • short • rich in information scent • front-loaded with the keywords • understandable out of context • predictable http://www.useit.com/alertbox/headlines-bbc.html
  • 7. TeaserThe first paragraph of news is not the lead Teaser is important for two reasons • Users do not read much on the web • On index page (such as homepage), only headlines and teasers are displayed. Teaser is a paragraph that tells the details of the news story but should also leave lure user to click to read full story! It should contain many of 5WH to summarize story but could leave one or two to keep the interest!
  • 8. Headlines & Teasers
  • 9. Long story shortHow to write news for web? PARAGRAPHING One idea per paragraph One or two short sentence per paragraph Blank line after each paragraph VISUAL STUFFS Break after 4 or 5 paragraphs by sub-title or visual stuff • Photo • Bulleted list • Info box • Hyperlink SUB-TITLE Could be simple ‘what to come’ summary or quote or simple two-word description No need to stress over to find clever sub-title
  • 10. Example Watch out for • white spaces around • Length of paragraphs • Number of sentences in a paragraph • Use of photos • Use of sub-title
  • 11. Let’s Begin!Now,Please write aNEWS orOPINION orEXPERIENCEon eitherMEDIA or THANKYOU!CONSTITUTIONAL ISSUE ujjwal.acharya@gmail.com www.facebook.com/ujjwal.acharyaApproximately 400 words www.NepaliVoices.com