CNA Career Path


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CNA career description.

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CNA Career Path

  1. 1. What You Are Targeting in Your CNA Career PathTo chase a job of certified nursing assistant, you are supposed to go through anintensive training curriculum and subsequently you have the working clearance as acertified nursing assist, after successful completion of CNA examination. Today, themedical industries in growing immensely and simultaneously the scope and prospectiveareas or openings are expending enabling you to progress onward in Medial HealthSector.In building up such an amazing career path, you need to be serious to choose thecorrect training course and put up your best effort since it is well known to you, thata best job experience can truly, boost you in your promotional scope to much higherpositions in nursing industry. Here is a list of posts which can be your target point afterbeing a certified nursing assistant.Registered NurseMost of the CNAs are opting for the position of Registered Nurse after completionof a certain period of time as certified nursing assistant, when they become moreconfident about their knowledge and experience. They like to go forward to have moreresponsibilities along with higher job profile and pay package.Licensed Practical NurseBecoming a licensed practical nurse requires you to complete s bachelor’s degreeas well a degree of professional associate. However, one should consider beforeplanning that while a profession associate’s degree will consume two years time, abachelor’s degree is a matter of extensive four years. Naturally, one should make upher mind because it will be a real hectic task after maintaining her normal duty hours.Nevertheless, if a CNA or RN likes to take it as a challenge to go forward to be a mostsignificant part of health field and confident to do it, they can really accept this step.Nursing Home AdministratorThis is basically an administration oriented field in nursing career. This is why, it is foundthat only a few numbers of CNAs are trying or taking this position. If you want to bea nursing home administrator, only criterion is the completion of a successful fouryears bachelor’s degree along with some job experience in the relevant field. In fact, theposition offers and deals with administrative duties with a magnificent pay scale alongwith different parks which is far better in relation to the CNAs and RN as well licensedpractical nurses.Elderly people care managerThis is a very higher level position in medical health industries that concerns exclusivemedical services to the aged class people. This is a special care management whichis involved in offering a comfortable healthy environment to the senior people. Theposition needs much higher educational background than CNA, RN or LPN even the NHA
  2. 2. followed by excellent job experience. Mostly the medical institutes prefer higher levelprofessional with bachelor’s degree from the medical or nursing administrative sector.ConclusionThe CNAs who are interested to take more responsibilities and like to earn instantlywithin few years, they can certainly go for any associates degree after CNA training. Onopting for an administrative nursing career she can choose bachelors degree course. Nodoubt, completion of a four years degree will be a great option for the candidate withopportunities to grow generously in medical administration field and to boost them inworld medical sector.