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Indoor rc models article 5

  1. 1. Indoor RC Models – Article 5Surfboard Remote Demoby ADMIN on NOVEMBER 11, 2011Voice operated Remote ControlVideo Rating: 0 / 5{ Comments on this entry are closed }RC Cars!!!?by ADMIN on NOVEMBER 10, 2011Question by Marc A: RC Cars!!!?hiI’ve been wanting to get into the hobby of building my own rc cars nitro or battery powered.but i’ve been looking for a site where it give lessons for noobs and introduces this cool hobbybut i couldnt find one perhaps some of u people might know one. thxBest answer:Answer by Dan, R-C RC universe,been in RC for 26 years have fun, you may want to look at tower and get onethat’s built as it breaks and you need to fix it you will get the hang of Assembly of the kits.Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!{ Comments on this entry are closed }Altered Electric Hamboards – ABEC 11 – Electric Skateboards LongboardsNOVEMBER 9, 2011Owner of ABEC 11 & former IGSA World Cup Downhill Skateboarding Champion, ChrisChaput rips up the boardwalk in Huntington Beach on his on his Altered Electric Hamboard!Chris is one of the most versatile skateboarders on the planet. He’s been both a worldchampion in freestyle & downhill skateboarding, plus he skated in the [...]Read the full article →Making a motorcycle RC on long island do I need permission from 1%ers?NOVEMBER 7, 2011Question by DaniSh: Making a motorcycle RC on long island do I need permission from1%ers? Me and some friends from long island want to create a motorcycle riding club (all
  2. 2. didfeferent ages genders, etc..). We are just a few people who really enjoy riding. We want tomake a name and a back patch [...]Read the full article →What should I get for my boyfriend for christmas?NOVEMBER 6, 2011Question by Fiona: What should I get for my boyfriend for christmas? This will be our 4thChristmas together and I have always gotten him car parts for Christmas and his birthday,because this is what he asked for, but I want to do something different this year. He alwaysknows what he is getting [...]Read the full article →RC MotorcycleNOVEMBER 5, 2011Little ride………………… Video Rating: 4 / 5Read the full article →Car accessoriesNOVEMBER 4, 2011Article by Ramesh Kumar Car accessories play a prominent role in the protection andbeautification of your vehicle. Different kinds of Car accessories are available in the marketwhich can be used to enhance the look and feel of a car, that too within a comparativelyreasonable amount. There are two major categories of automotive [...]Read the full article →Does anyone know how I can get a job testing RC boats?NOVEMBER 3, 2011Question by AJ: Does anyone know how I can get a job testing RC boats? I am interested intesting RC boats for any RC company. I have a large pond in my backyard and I am goodwith RC boats. Can anyone give me any info or any links that might hook me up [...]Read the full article →Potato Gun vs RC Boats (An Early Awakening)NOVEMBER 2, 2011A young boy wakes up to obnoxious RC boaters messing around on his pier. Little do theyknow, small plastic boats don’t stand up so well to flying chunks of potato.Read the full article →Plan your family, take home a Nano: Rajasthan govtNOVEMBER 2, 2011Plan your family, take home a Nano: Rajasthan govt … on offer as well such as motorcyclesand refrigerators. "With the attractive offers, we expect the sterilisation numbers to increaseby a substantial margin. The prizes will be given to lucky lottery winners in January nextyear," said RC Samaria, … Read more on Hindustan [...]
  3. 3. Read the full article →Red Bull Extra 330-3W&3W-AEMA rc ADMIN on NOVEMBER 11, 2011Panos with beautiful Extra from 3W kit powered with3W competition 110cc twin engine.{ Comments on this entry are closed }Electric powered 3.3 meter Zagi Maximusby ADMIN on NOVEMBER 10, 20113.3 meter Zagi on frozen Vesijärvi lake in Finland. Weight about 14kg, power about 1350WBatteries 6s 5000mAh Lipo Power/weight ratio is about 100W/kg, which is close to theminimum. Flying is ok but take offs with this heavy wing tend to be difficult.Video Rating: 0 / 5{ Comments on this entry are closed }Airfoilz Edge 540NOVEMBER 9, 2011Airfoilz Edge 540 Video Rating: 4 / 5Read the full article →Kyosho Minium Edge 540 being flown by tjd modelsNOVEMBER 7, 2011tjd models test fly the minium Edge 540 at an indoor flying event. Video Rating: 3 / 5Read the full article →RC Edge540 RedBull at RC AirportNOVEMBER 6, 2011Finally my RC Edge540 Redbull doesn’t have to fly off roads anymore. A big nice RC Gradescaled and smooth runway is what this and all other planes needed. Enjoy this flight. We hadfun with some great smooth passes. Comments and feedback welcome or Don’t forget to http [...]Read the full article →Yasalam begins with colourful paradeNOVEMBER 4, 2011Yasalam begins with colourful parade First up is the Red Bull Racing Can, which will happentoday from 6.30pm tto 8pm. University students across the UAE will use their creativity andengineering skills to create a RC-Racer with nothing but Red Bull cans! They will then hit theasphalt … Read more on Khaleej Times [...]
  4. 4. Read the full article →RC Edge540 Redbull First HD FootageNOVEMBER 3, 2011Here is my Edge540 Redbull Nitro RC plane making a special appearance of normal flying inHD. I am not very skilled in RC planes flying. This bird is setup for just fun flight, notextreme aerobatics. Its beautiful and performs well for me. Enjoy the video. Comments andfeedback welcome at or [...]Read the full article →Bugs Extra 300s Rc Plane Red Bull FlightNOVEMBER 2, 2011Bugs Making The Flight Look Easy And Smooth. Video Rating: 4 / 5Read the full article →Kyosho minium Red BullNOVEMBER 2, 2011This is my second attempt flying the small plane from Kyosho. This day was very windy butmade it so much more fun. It rolls, it loops, its racing high and low and gives you endlessentertainment (and can take some serious beating without breaking) its worth every penny.Sorry for the poor video quality, [...]Read the full article →Kyosho Red Bull Peter – Edge540 – KyoshoRyggeNOVEMBER 2, 2011This is just a great plane form Kyosho! With a weight of just 1.140 kg, and a pull power of 2kg, its a perfect powered to be a acromachin! It`s ready to run for a very, very nice price!!!Supply with a battery and a receiver and you will be airborne in minutes. We [...]Read the full article →I’m looking for an indoor party place for a 7 yr. old to have fun. Jumping balloons, remotecontrol cars , gamby ADMIN on NOVEMBER 11, 2011Question by debnelise: I’m looking for an indoor party place for a 7 yr. old to have fun.Jumping balloons, remote control cars , gamA random place to take a 7 year old to play indoors in Sacramento, Carmichael, Fair Oaks,Citrus Heights.Best answer:Answer by misen55Try some of these.
  5. 5. What do you think? Answer below!{ Comments on this entry are closed }Home made GIANT SCALE rc car #21,1955 Chevy indoor testing, with Tekin ADMIN on NOVEMBER 10, 2011Getting it tested. Tekin RX8 on 12volts, scratch built 120 pound car using the motor out of anelectric scooter. Car is 48″ long, 29″ inches wide and 30″ tall. Driven by ACE RC car pilotEvan Billingsley from Stormer Hobbies{ Comments on this entry are closed }Hot toys for the holiday seasonNOVEMBER 9, 2011Hot toys for the holiday season Adults seem to take over these remote-controlled inflatablefish and shark balloons made for indoor swimming. Helium tank sold separately. NerfVortex: Hasbro, $ 16-$ 45, 8 and older. The new dart gun comes in four blaster styles andlaunches foam discs … Read more on Houston Chronicle Radio-controlled [...]Read the full article →Amazing R/C airplane demoNOVEMBER 8, 2011Precision flight of a radio-controlled airplane, indoors. Video Rating: 4 / 5Read the full article →Radio Controlled Flying DucksNOVEMBER 7, 2011Show flying with radio-controlled flying ducks at the German Indoor AerobaticChampionships in Rödinghausen on 30.3.2008. The ducks not only flew, but laid eggs whileflying! There was a mechanism able to drop 3 light plastic eggs one at a time built in theduck. There are a couple of closeups of the mechanism in [...]Red BullRead the full article →which is the best site to buy a toy indoor advanced functions remote control car?NOVEMBER 6, 2011Question by pratheep: which is the best site to buy a toy indoor advanced functions remotecontrol car? I couldn’t find a good looking Indoor RC car which has sophisticated functionslike cameras long battery backup etc. can somebody suggest a store or a site in US, i couldn’tfind one in sites like Amazon [...]Read the full article →RC ADVENTURES – RC CAR RACING # 5- TAMIYA TT-01 – INDOOR ON ROADTRACK RACING – 1/10th SCALE 4WD
  6. 6. NOVEMBER 5, – SUBSCRIBE! Do it NOW! 3,2,1 SUBSCRIBE!Read the full article →Are any Radio Controlled Indoor Helicopters strong enough to carry a beer to me?NOVEMBER 4, 2011Question by gatewaycustomer42: Are any Radio Controlled Indoor Helicopters strongenough to carry a beer to me? I thought it would be great if my spouse and I could transportbottles or cans to each other using one of those radio-controlled indoor helicopters or someother flying indoor RC type toy. Do you think they [...]Read the full article →Indoor RC Helicopters – Part 1NOVEMBER 3, 2011In this episode, Chris Chianelli shows you the ins and outs of mini indoor helicopters.Read the full article →Can anyone tell me where to find a stable indoor (remote controlled) helicopter for aChristmas gift?NOVEMBER 2, 2011Question by netsurfer733: Can anyone tell me where to find a stable indoor (remotecontrolled) helicopter for a Christmas gift? I am looking to buy some stable indoorhelicopters for Christmas gifts (for upwards of 6 people). I believe they say that 6-waycontrol is the best for control and stability in an indoor remote [...]Read the full article →INDOOR RC MODEL FLYING 2 – HDMFCby ADMIN on NOVEMBER 11, 2011A VIDEO OF SOME OF THE LADS FROM THE HARWICH AND DOVERCOURTMODEL FLYING CLUB ( HDMFC ) HAVING A LAUGH AT EACH OTHERSEXPENCE , FLYING THEIR INDOOR ELECTRIC RC MODEL AIRCRAFT ON 16-11-2008 .{ Comments on this entry are closed }INDOOR RC MODEL FLYING 1 – HDMFCby ADMIN on NOVEMBER 10, 2011A VIDEO OF SOME OF THE LADS FROM THE HARWICH AND DOVERCOURTMODEL FLYING CLUB ( HDMFC ) WRECKING THEIR INDOOR ELECTRIC RC
  7. 7. MODEL AIRCRAFT ON 26-10-2008 . THIS WAS OUR FIRST MEETING ORGANIZEDBY CLUB CHAIRMAN JONATHAN .{ Comments on this entry are closed }8-Foot B-17 RC Model IndoorsNOVEMBER 9, 2011Reegan May built this beautiful model with fanfold insulation foam. It has 4 brushlessmotors, and spans 96 inches.Read the full article →Amazing R/C airplane demoNOVEMBER 8, 2011Precision flight of a radio-controlled airplane, indoors. Video Rating: 4 / 5Scale AircraftRead the full article →Epic indoor rc action / crashs part 2NOVEMBER 7, 2011well here I am flying my redbull edge 540 with an axi outrunnt dont remember the model on2 cell it is about 8oz thanks for watching hope you enjoy leave a comment Video Rating: 4 /5Read the full article →Electronic toysNOVEMBER 6, 2011Electronic toys Each tractor is in 1:16 scale of the real thing and comes complete withaccurate detailing, real steering and an easy to use remote. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use,the RC tractors from the Big Farm range work on a number of frequencies so can be … Readmore on Toy NewsRead the full article →KIEF 2009 – Blade mCX RC Helicopter Obstacle Course with Perfect LandingNOVEMBER 5, 2011Keystone Indoor Electric Fly 2009 – Hosted by Muncy Indoor Flyers – – RC Planes and Helicopters. Night flying, micro scale flyingcompetitions, indoor pattern competition (F3P), seminars, vendors, and combat flying. AMA(Academy of Model Aeronautics) sanctioned event at the GSC Dome in Muncy, PA onOctober 16, 17, 18, 2009 KIEF 2009 [...]Read the full article →27 gram Indoor RC Sport Scale Model PlaneNOVEMBER 4, 2011
  8. 8. This is a stick and tissue model I built to fly at our local indoor RC sessions. It weighs in at27 grams ready to fly with a 1S 240 mah lipo. The radio and motor is taken from a ParkzoneVapor. My build thread is on RCGroups. Video Rating: 5 / 5Read the full article →BMFA Nationals NATS 2011 – Indoor Flying – Flying RC CarNOVEMBER 3, 2011BMFA Nationals NATS 2011 – Indoor Flying – Flying RC Car Camera: Matt ChamberlainVideo Rating: 5 / 5Read the full article →MIA MPG-X1 Ultralight RC Autogyro – Awesome! Ultralight Indoor-Outdoor Model NightFlight!NOVEMBER 2, This is another of Mario I. Arguello’s Artistic and Unique FlyingModel Renditions, a prototype of a very lightweight scale model, based on a real pusherautogyro aircraft. Designed from the bottom up and only using a photo as inspiration. A lot oftrial and error went into the design of the stabilizing surfaces [...]Read the full article →RC Syma S2 Wind Speed Sport Racer Electric Speed Racing Boat RTRby ADMIN on NOVEMBER 11, 2011Awesome RC Electric Boat available at Twitter: For more RCboats, and other RC toys, please visit our website at If your lookingto crush the competition, the EP Racing Boat is the boat for you. Powered by an illustrious380 Type Racing Motor, your new EP Racing Boat will more than live up to its name.Combined with its professionally designed PC Twin Propellers, this radio-controlled monsterwill leave you wanting more. It utilizes a unique, 100% metal actuating mechanism whichhelps to ensure that your boat will always be ready to go. Its high-capacity rechargeablebatteries will guarantee minimal time at the dock so you can spend more time out on the openwater. Also included is a beautiful display stand for those rare times when your EP RacingBoat is out of the water. Features * Powered by 380 type racing motor which producestremendous power * Professionally designed and manufactured pc twin propeller * Vectorpush design for easy handling and control * Hi-capacity rechargeable battery * 100% metalactuating mechanism * Display standVideo Rating: 0 / 5{ Comments on this entry are closed }
  9. 9. Top RC Helicoptersby ADMIN on NOVEMBER 10, 2011Article by Calwin HopesRC (Remote Control)Helicopter flying has become a hobby for those who have the passionon these toys. RC Helicopter flying is better than flying a real helicopter because it costs lessand completely safe from crashing. There are different designs of remote control chopperslike :1. Toy electric helicopters.2. Electric coaxial helicopter.3. Electric fixed pitch helicopter.4.Collective pitch helicopter.Toy choppers are the helicopters which does not have full directional control. Toy helicoptersare easy to fly for beginners. Spare parts f this helicopter are not easily available meaningonce the helicopter is damaged in crash it is impossible to get it up and running again.Coaxial types have two rotors mounted one above the other on a common axis. The rotorsrotate in opposite directions. These types of choppers are easy to learn to fly. The weight ofthese helicopters are from 50 gm to 250grams.Electric fixed pitch rc’s are light weighted they are quite robust to crash. A fixed pitchhelicopter flies very similarly to a collective pitch helicopters. Collective pitch of types oftoys has number of advantages over fixed pitch types like they have better control responseand ability to auto rotate. These are of two types i.e.a. Electric collective pitch rc helicopters.b. Nitro collective pitch rc helicopters.Electric collective pitch choppers are smaller models can be flown indoors in sports hall theycan also be flown in large empty parks. The disadvantage of these types helicopters is thatthey are affected by the wind due to their low weight. They also have much more sensitivecontrols than larger choppers. Nitro collective pitch helicopters generally starts from 3kg.Dueto their size and large weight they requires dedicated flying site to fly so they cannot beoperated without training . The extra size and weight make them easier to fly, but the crashcosts are more.
  10. 10. Power Source of RC Helicopters:There are two types power sources for remote controlhelicopters. These are:1.Electric remote control Helicopters2.Nitro HelicoptersElectric Helicopters are powered by batteries. The cheaper models use Nickel-Metal Hydride(NiMH) cells, whereas the better ones use Lithium Polymer (LiPo) cells .For the sameamount of power LiPo batteries are much lighter than NiMH batteries .LiPo batteries must becharged with special LiPo charger and they must not be over discharged otherwise damagedpermanently .Recharging a battery takes about an hour so regular flier must have two batterypacks.Nitro choppers run on a liquid fuel containing methanol and nitromethane (for power)and oil (for lubrication). In general Nitro helicopters much larger than electric helicopters .Itis very easy to refill fuel tank so nitro helicopters can be flown almost continuously ascompared to electric remote control helicopters. Nitro helicopters come in different sizes like15, 30, 50, 60 and 90. These numbers originated from the size of engine used in the differentmodels. Some other sources of power like petrol but very small number of larger choppersuse this.Although RC helicopters are generally used for recreational purposes, but sometimes they areused in applications such as filming, policing, and remote observation .Some companiesmake RC choppers specifically for these uses.RC Helicopters are one of the best remote control toys. These remote controlhelicopters comes with great features.{ Comments on this entry are closed }Super Fast Watercrafts Rc Radio Remote Control Boat Sports Racing Boats Dual Motor ShipToysNOVEMBER 9, 2011
  11. 11. High Speed!!! RC Boat Watercrafts Radio Control Racing Boat SportsRacing Boat Model Boats Dual Motor Ship RC ToysRead the full article →Filling the voidNOVEMBER 8, 2011Filling the void The mall also is adding several seasonal stores, including Sports Jungle,Hickory Farms, Dog Tags, Glass Gallery, Go Calendars, Go Games/Go Toys, PersonalizedOrnaments, Pillow Pets and RC Toys, which all should be open by mid-November. … Readmore on Youngstown VindicatorRead the full article →Aircraft pick up first pointNOVEMBER 6, 2011Aircraft pick up first point HASC, however, answered back almost immediately in the 63rdminute when substitute RC Prakashs cross was slotted home by Hamza. After the draw, bothteams have a point apeice from three matches and HASC will be keen to build on their firstpoint when … Read more on Deccan Herald [...]Read the full article →Amazing R/C airplane demoNOVEMBER 5, 2011Precision flight of a radio-controlled airplane, indoors.Read the full article →The RC Copter for Fun, Hob and SportNOVEMBER 4, 2011Article by Joe Goods Just not getting the same happy buzz from that umpteenth “House”rerun? Too gamed-out to be excited about the new Devil May Cry reboot? Maybe you coulduse some fresh air and a little fun while you are at it; maybe it is time you considered learningto fly an RC [...]Read the full article →Indoor Outdoor RC Blimp fast aerobatic sports stadium advertising photographyNOVEMBER 3, 2011Electric RC Blimp demonstration. A variety of samples. These advertising tool tools areavailable for rental or sale, or event operation, ready to fly with artwork. For More info,please visit or email us at These Blimps are custom builtin southern California. The Balloons are custom shaped to your specs. eBlimp Balloons [...]Read the full article →Top Gifts To Consider: Baby Toys, Boys Toys, And Girls ToysNOVEMBER 2, 2011
  12. 12. Whether it is for holidays, birthdays, or just for fun, you may be looking to buy your little onea present sometime soon. You can shop in-stores and be able to check out the gifts yourself.Or you can shop online and avoid the hassle of the crowds and lines. However you decide toshop [...]Read the full article →Bi/Tri Slow Stick. Indoor R/C Airplane funNOVEMBER 2, 2011This is why the RC sport is so much fun. We had 15 indoor flight sessions this winter, andthis was the final session, with the most bizarre airplane. Video Rating: 4 / 5Read the full article →