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Eifl foss-advocacy
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Eifl foss-advocacy


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Libraries across the world are using FOSS solutions to provide a wide variety of services for their library patrons. There are FOSS tools to support nearly everything that happens in a library. There …

Libraries across the world are using FOSS solutions to provide a wide variety of services for their library patrons. There are FOSS tools to support nearly everything that happens in a library. There are solutions for integrated library systems; repositories; e-resource management and discovery; faceted search; federated identify management; and tools to support users with disabilities.

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  • 1. EIFL FOSS tools & advocacy@ the Kenya University Librarians Committee :: 27 January 2012 :: EM Njoroge ::
  • 2. About EIFL? International not-for-profit organisation Participation in more than 45 countries. EIFL enables access to knowledge for education, learning, research & sustainable community development. Learn more:
  • 3. EIFL Programmes EIFL- Consortium Management EIFL-PLIP: Public EIFL- Library Licensing Innovation Programme EIFL-FOSS: free and EIFL-OA: open open access software for libraries EIFL-IP: copyright and libraries
  • 4. EIFL-FOSS Improving ICTinfrastructure in libraries
  • 5. EIFL-FOSS in action… Introducing ProvidingEncouraging Raising Building a FOSS training and knowledge awareness network of software guidance sharing and FOSS tools and that enables through understandi champions highlighting libraries to best- ng of FOSS in EIFL exemplars of implement practice use in partner best FOSScase studies. libraries. countries. practice. solutions.
  • 6. EIFL-FOSS Programme Manager EIFL-FOSS Country Coordinator (CC)
  • 7. form a mutually the main conduit supporting for information community. about the program Collectively they to local FOSS are the first-line of groups and support on FOSS- libraries across related questions their country. for EIFL members. the main source for information aboutFOSS developments EIFL-FOSS Finally, they have a particular role in theand implementations in their respective Country special projects that the EIFL-FOSS countries. Coordinator (CC) program takes on.
  • 8. What is FOSS? Free and Open Source Software. Also FLOSS, Free/Libre/Open Source Software. Allows users to freely use, study, change & improve its design through the availability of its source code.
  • 9. How are libraries using FOSS?
  • 10. FOSS Tools availableCUFTS SubjectsPlus DSpace Fedora Disability Tools Greenstone EPrints Open Journal Systems Evergreen OpenBiblioFaceted Search SimpleSAMLphp Shibboleth Koha
  • 11. FOSS Library Advocacy ResourceDesigned to1) provide library directors and decision-makers with the information they need to make a decision about whether to choose a FOSS solution and;2) help library technicians to advocate for FOSS tools where there are strong arguments for deploying them.
  • 12. FOSS Library Advocacy Resource
  • 13. FOSS Library Advocacy Resource The Library Software Costs Comparison Worksheet is provided to help you objectively Includes a brief compare COTS overview and (Commercial, Off The rationale for using Shelf) software with FOSS, downloadable FOSS software. software choices worksheet and links to more information about major library FOSS tools.
  • 14. The FOSS Library Advocacy ResourceAccess to FOSS Library Advocacy Resource? is available online
  • 15. Access this presentation online