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How I met your mother

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    1. 1. Have You Met Ted Gabriel Cortez Speech Dec 18, 2013
    2. 2. • • • • • • • • • How I Met your Mother was released in 2005 Created by Carter Bays and Craig Thomas It’s a Narrative in Past Tense Starting Josh Radnor, Jason Segel, Cobie Smulders, Neil Patrick Harris, Alyson Hannigan It has a total of 9 Season and currently 197 episodes The show length is 22 minutes per episodes Its broadcast on CBS The production company is 20th Century Fox Television Each episode is shot over three days in the LA based Soundstage Studio 22
    3. 3. Is a pathological Liar and has problem with commitment Barney born between 1974-76 Ends up Marrying Robin who is very similar to him Believes you should never wear anything besides a suit Is one of the 5 main Characters Is a serial womanizer with father issues Played by Neil Patrick Harris
    4. 4. Robin is a Scotch drinking, cigar smoking, Gun toting Canadian Pop star turned Journalist turned Morning Show host Is famous in Canada for her pop song Lets go to the Mall She was born July 23, 1980 Initially dating Ted after breaking up she stays best friends with everyone
    5. 5. Played by Jason Segel Hey I have given up peeing in the shower for you!
    6. 6. L I L Y Lily played by Alyson Hannigan Born March 22,1978 Formally a Amateur painter/ Kindergarten Teacher Now is a Art Consultant to THE CAPTIN A L D R I N Barney you don't start with the I got caught cheating diamond. You give yourself room to grow -Lily Gives birth to one son Marvin Ericson Slap bet Commissioner Old High School Boyfriend named Scooter Grew up in Brooklyn
    7. 7. Awards Won Primetime Emmy (2013) • Outstanding Cinematography Primetime Emmy (2012) • Outstanding Multi Cam Editing • Outstanding Cinematography Primetime Emmy (2011) • Outstanding Picture Editing • Outstanding Makeup • Outstanding Directing for Comedy Primetime Emmy (2009) • Outstanding Art Direction Primetime Emmy (2008) • Outstanding Art Direction Primetime Emmy (2007) • Outstanding Art Direction Primetime Emmy (2006) • Outstanding Art Direction 58 Nominations for Other Awards
    8. 8. Nicole Scherzinger Joe Manganiello Katy Perry Britney Spears Sarah Wright Judy Greer Rachel Bilson Jorge Garcia Sarah Chalke Mandy Moore Jennifer Lopez John Lithgow Bryan Cranston Wayne Brady Just a Small List of Guest Stars
    9. 9. Geeze Ted Dates some Hot Women I turned Her Lesbian Oh the MOTHER Left him at the Alter
    10. 10. The Highest viewed episode “the Pineapple Incident watched by 12.3 Million Viewers The lowest viewed episode was season 6 episode Landmark watched by 6.4 million viewers Season 7 Highest Watched Season by viewers 18-49
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