New Marketing - Why Dialog and Engagement?
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New Marketing - Why Dialog and Engagement?



Introduction to Dialog Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing

Introduction to Dialog Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing
#1 of a three part Secture at the ESB Reutlingen, Germany



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New Marketing - Why Dialog and Engagement? New Marketing - Why Dialog and Engagement? Presentation Transcript

  • New MarketingUnderstand, Embraceand Engageyour AudienceDr. Ute HillmerBetter Reality MarketingESB, Reutlingen, 20.7.201220.9.2012 Dr. Ute Hillmer
  • Dr. Ute Hillmer is… an expert in marketing and promoting technology products, especially innovative hard- and software products that are not self-explaining. With such products, human behavior is often outside the boundaries of rationality, despite its economic context. It is typically a result of social, cognitive and emotional factors, along with economic ones. ….20.9.2012 Dr. Ute Hillmer
  • Ute Hillmer• 25 years of international marketing (HP, CoCreate, MFG Innovationagency state of BW, Better Reality Marketing)• Dissertation in business administration, behavioural economics in technology marketing: Technology Acceptance in Mechatronics• Worldwide company and product communication; mainly 3 continents (America, Europe, Asia)• Product-, program-, channel-, partnermarketing, marketingcommunication, branding, positioning• Responsible for operative, strategic + corporate marketing, branding, sales training• Experienced in large corporations, SMEs and freelance work as well as political institutions.• Responsible for the first international website of Hewlett Packard in 199320.9.2012 Dr. Ute Hillmer
  • Content of the SM Marketing Lecture 1. Why engage with the customer? 2. Social Media Marketing Basics 3. SM Toolbox + Cases Corporate Website Crowd Sourcing Corporate Blog Online Shops Social Networks Microblogging Content Sharing Platforms Social CRM 4. Content Marketing for B2B + Cases 5. Hands on: Social Media Marketing in Practice20.9.2012 Dr. Ute Hillmer
  • Engage with the Customer “Do I have to do this?”20.9.2012 Dr. Ute Hillmer
  • Die20.9.2012 Dr. Ute Hillmer
  • Why is Marketing Changing? Because buyer behaviour is changing significantly!20.9.2012 Dr. Ute Hillmer
  • How did you buy yesterday?How do you buy today?How will you buy tomorrow? 20.9.2012 Dr. Ute Hillmer
  • The Power of Recommendations:„I‘ll Have What She is Having“20.9.2012 Dr. Ute Hillmer
  • Change Engines on the Meta Level Technological Development • Digitalization • Visualisation tech. • Network technologies • Social Media • Converging media • Digital distribution • Storage technologies • Intellig. automation • … Social Development The mature human – the mature customer • Selfconfidence • Participation • Self-determination • Individualisation20.9.2012 Dr. Ute Hillmer
  • Changing Kommunication fromSender Receiver20.9.2012 Dr. Ute Hillmer
  • Changing Kommunication toSender Receiver20.9.2012 Dr. Ute Hillmer
  • From Product- to Customerfocus Product Customer Needs Price Customer Cost Place Convenience / Access Promotion CommunicationMcCarthy: Basic Marketing: A managerial approach, 1960Schullz, Stanley I. Tannenbaum, Robert F. Lauterborn, Integrated Marketing Communications, 1993 20.9.2012 Dr. Ute Hillmer
  • Social Media –“Do I really have tobe there as aCompany? “20.9.2012 Dr. Ute Hillmer
  • It‘s not only the web 2.0 generation that isWarum sind Sie in Sozialen Netzen online(Europea Data) get to know things about(new) products / come in contact with brands / stimulate my find other users of a certainbrand / find promotions of a certainbrand / become a famous become an opinion leader20.9.2012 Dr. Ute Hillmer Source: Social Media Around the World 2011, InSites Consulting
  • Customers + Web 2.0 Technologies20.9.2012 Dr. Ute Hillmer
  • 20.9.2012 Dr. Ute Hillmer Social Media: Does it Pay Off? 1‐ research/register‐2011‐social‐media‐consumer‐ trend‐report.html
  • 20.9.2012 Dr. Ute Hillmer Social Media: Does it Pay Off? 2‐ research/register‐2011‐social‐media‐consumer‐ trend‐report.html
  • They talk about you!• They do it with or without you … you should steer the direction best you can!• Dell Hell was a showcase starting point in 200520.9.2012 Dr. Ute Hillmer
  • Dell Hell20.9.2012 Dr. Ute Hillmer
  • Dell Hell 2 “Obviously a lot of people are in the blogosphere  talking about their issues with Dell products, why aren’t  we doing anything about it?”  Michael Dell, 200620.9.2012 Dr. Ute Hillmer
  • Dell 2006:“Obviously a lot of people are in the blogosphere talking about their issues with Dell products, why aren’t we doing anything about it?” Michael Dell, 2006 2011: Dell named “most social brand of 100 top brands”20.9.2012 Dr. Ute Hillmer
  • Targeted Customer Dialog20.9.2012 Dr. Ute Hillmer
  • Social Media – “Do I really have to be there as a B2B Company? “20.9.2012 Dr. Ute Hillmer
  • Social Medianot just for nurds20.9.2012 Dr. Ute Hillmer
  • Social Media matters to B2B because• Chief stakeholders may not be using social media – but their lieutenants will• Social media is impacting how B2B decisions are being made – Background research – Expertise – Search results impact20.9.2012 Dr. Ute Hillmer
  • Successful B2B marketing is…• about segmenting customer experiences to fit the product life cycle and the typical customer profile• about developing and maintaining trust – matching the different customer segments need• about initiating a customer centric dialog that takes the different customer profiles into considerationThis is what social media is all about!20.9.2012 Dr. Ute Hillmer