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UHI postgraduate prospectus 11-12
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UHI postgraduate prospectus 11-12


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  • 2. ContentsWelcome to your campus 3Postgraduate study and research 4International students 6Gaelic at UHI 7Our coursesArts, Humanities and Social Sciences 8Education and Childcare 20Health and Wellbeing 26Business and Management 32Environmental and Rural Studies 38Application and finance 44Student support 46Useful contacts and addresses 47A-Z course listing 48
  • 3. UHI MissionStatementTo be a distinctive and innovative regionaluniversity of national and internationalsignificance: a university with a pivotal rolein the educational, economic, social, culturaland environmental infrastructure of its regionand which reaches out to the people of theHighlands and Islands and the rest of theworld through its research and teaching.Gairm UHIA bhith nar n-oilthigh sgìreil fa-leth agusadhartach aig a bheil seasamh gu nàiseantaagus gu h-eadar-nàiseanta: oilthigh a bhiosa’ dèanamh obair chudromach a thaobhfoghlam, eaconamaidh, coimhearsnachd agusàrainneachd bun-structair na sgìre, agus abhios a’ buntainn ri muinntir na Gàidhealtachd’s nan Eilean agus an còrr dhen t-saoghal troa rannsachadh agus a theagasg.
  • 4. Welcometo the University of theHighlands and IslandsUHI gives you the chance to dosomething different; something special.Our network of colleges and researchcentres, spread across the Highlandsand Islands of Scotland, offers you anatural, supportive environment forstudying at postgraduate level andachieving your ambitions.
  • 6. Welcometo yourcampusAt the University of the Highlands and Islands(UHI) you choose your campus. You can studyat one of our colleges or research centres spreadacross the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, orjoin our large body of students who create theirown campus by studying online from homeor work.As a postgraduate student at UHI you will benefit fromexceptional support from your tutors and peers. Evenif you are studying online, you won’t be studying inisolation. We are experts in providing support to off-campus students, thanks to our distributed structureand innovative use of technologies, including: videoconference, a virtual learning environment, onlinediscussion groups, audio conference and Skype.Some campuses have small communities of studentsand researchers all working on the same subject; forexample, the Centre for Mountain Studies at PerthCollege UHI, and the Centre for Nordic Studies based atOrkney College UHI and Shetland College UHI. You canbe part of such communities whether you are studyingon-campus or online. 3
  • 7. Postgraduatestudy andresearchAt UHI you can study one of a growing numberof taught postgraduate courses in somevery specialist areas reflective of the uniqueenvironment, culture and heritage of theHighlands and Islands of Scotland. These courses are often linked to academicresearch being carried out by our staff andstudents, and in the 2008 Research Assessment Greenspace Research based at Lews Castle College UHIExercise (RAE) certain elements of UHI researchin Celtic studies, archaeology and earth systemsscience were recognised as “world-leading”.Research at UHIResearch is undertaken across the UHI partnership at anumber of specialist research centres that are associatedeither directly with UHI or with one of our academicpartners. UHI is developing a strong reputation in certain nicheareas of research, many of which draw directly from, andgive back to, the natural environment in which we arelocated.Our primary areas of research expertise include:• Diabetes and cardiovascular science• Agronomy• History• Sustainable rural and mountain development• Archaeology• Gaelic• Theology• Renewable energy and energy engineering• Nordic studies• Marine and environmental science Artur Steinerowksi, research student at the Centre for Rural Health, wins UHI research stu4 | UHI POSTGRADUATE PROSPECTUS 2011/12
  • 8. UHI Graduate School The new Graduate School is a focal point for all postgraduate research activity across the UHI network, providing services for research staff and students. The aim of the Graduate School is to support, promote and enhance a high quality learning experience for all our research students. Research students at SAMS UHI The UHI Graduate School provides advice and guidance for research students on registration, progress reporting, welfare and management, and is the source of all information, policy and procedural documents pertaining to postgraduate research degree delivery. There is a programme of transferrable skills training for all students who can also apply for discipline-specific tuition, to ensure our postgraduates have a skill set that will promote transfer into academic, business, commercial and other careers.udent of the year award 5
  • 9. InternationalstudentsIf you would like to study in a country of Accommodation is often a key issue for overseasoutstanding natural beauty, friendly communities, students. Most of our international students stay inand cities buzzing with social life and activities, self-catering accommodation or are placed with hostthen the Highlands and Islands of Scotland families. Some of our colleges have modern, purpose-should be your first choice. built student accommodation. The UHI colleges can assist with obtaining suitable accommodation.Entry requirements and applicationWe make offers of entry based on qualifications achieved Study abroadworldwide. The UHI International Centre will help you If you are an international student enrolled at anidentify the UK equivalence of your qualification and will institution overseas you may want to get a taste ofguide you through UHI entry requirements. Admission studying abroad. A year or a semester at UHI can be ato our courses depends on a proven level of competence great way of gaining first-hand experience of Scotlandin English. If English is not your first language you may and Scottish culture.wish to take an IELTS test. You should have a minimumscore of 6.5 for postgraduate courses. Contact If you wish to improve your English before commencing You will find lots of useful information on the internationalyour studies, contact us at section of our website or you can contact:Support and adviceOur dedicated staff at our award-winning International UHI International Centre,Centre or individual colleges are here to guide you Perth College UHI, Crieff Roadthrough the application process and support you with PH1 2NX, Scotland, United Kingdominformation and advice on visa, accommodation and T: +44 (0) 1738 877299other issues. E: | UHI POSTGRADUATE PROSPECTUS 2011/12
  • 10. Na Gathan air an àrd-ùrlar aig Rock Off UHI 2009Na Gathan performing at UHI Rock Off 2009Gàidhlig aig UHIGaelic at UHIMar oileanach aig Oilthigh na Gàidhealtachd agus nan As a student at the University of the Highlands andEilean bidh cothrom air leth agad Gàidhlig ionnsachadh Islands, you will have a unique opportunity to learnagus iomadh cuspair a dhèanamh tro mheadhan Gaelic in regions where Gaelic is a real part of the localna Gàidhlig ann an sgìrean far a bheil i na pàirt de culture. Courses taught through the medium of Gaelicchultar an t-sluaigh. Tha cùrsaichean tro mheadhan are available at Lews Castle College UHI and Sabhalna Gàidhlig rim faotainn aig Colaisde a’ Chaisteil UHI Mòr Ostaig UHI, and some are also available at otheragus Sabhal Mòr Ostaig UHI, agus tha cuid dhiubh locations across the region, and by distance learning.cuideachd ri fhaotainn aig àiteachan eile san sgìre agus Our students are carrying the language into thele ionnsachadh aig astar. 21st century by applying their skills in areas as diverse Tha ar n-oileanaich a’ toirt a’ chànain chun na 21d linn as media and the arts, education, the civil service andle bhith a’ cleachdadh an cuid sgilean ann an roinnean community development.cho farsaing ris na meadhanan agus na h-ealain,foghlam, an t-seirbheis chatharra agus leasachadhcoimhearsnachd. 7
  • 11. Social and culturalresearch expertiseAt the University of the Remote and rural studiesHighlands and Islands we Researchers at the UHI Centrereflect the heritage of the for Remote and Rural Studies areregion in all its forms. We addressing the social, economic,have considerable research environmental and culturalstrengths in archaeology, challenges facing remote and ruralhistory, Nordic studies, regions across the globe.Gaelic and theology andoffer postgraduate courses Theologyin these areas. At Highland Theological College UHI in Dingwall, research staffArchaeology and geophysics are producing work that wasOur archaeology team, based recognised in the most recentat the Orkney Research Centre Research Assessment Exercise (RAE)for Archaeology (ORCA) at as ‘internationally excellent’. TheOrkney College UHI, combines college boasts an extensive libraryinternationally recognised research of more than 60,000 theologicalexcellence with professional titles, some of which are nationallyexpertise in all aspects of important archives.archaeology and geophysics. HistoryGaelic language and culture In the historic town of DornochWe offer the UK’s only Gaelic in Sutherland the UHI Centre formedium teaching and research History, operated by North Highlandinstitution at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig College UHI, is building a strongUHI on the Isle of Skye. It has research base in all aspects ofa reputation for international Highlands and Islands history.excellence in research into CelticStudies and houses an impressive Rural childhoodcollection of Gaelic, Celtic and The Centre for Rural Childhood,Highland resources and archives. based at Perth College UHI and directed by Professor RebeccaNordic studies Wallace, researches the issues ofOn the Northern Isles of Orkney children worldwide who grow upand Shetland is the Centre for in a rural environment. ProfessorNordic Studies; the first research Wallace, an expert on internationalcentre of its kind to study the law and human rights, leads on allislands from a Nordic perspective. aspects of childhood including,The centre has gained international health, education, drugs, crime andrecognition for its research into abuse, all in a rural context.Nordic and Northern Scottishculture and heritage.
  • 12. Arts, Humanitiesand Social Sciences
  • 13. Archaelogical Practice PgDip/MAOrkney, Shetland, Caithness and Sutherland have some of the AT A GLANCEworld’s most renowned archaeological monuments includingSkara Brae, Maes Howe, the Camster Cairns and Mousa Broch. Ft Pt F2F VC OlThe MA Archaeological Practice offers you the chance to studyand practice archaeology based in Orkney, at the heart of thisinternationally important historical region. Entry requirements Undergraduate degree in archaeology or related subject, or equivalentYou will benefit from being part of PgDip academic or professional qualification.a vibrant archaeological research To complete the PgDip you must Those who can demonstrate extensivecommunity based in Orkney. study eight taught modules over professional experience without these You will learn the excavation and two semesters (January-September). qualifications will also be considered.curation skills required to appraise Core modules include: theoryarchaeological methods with and practice; professional practice; Campusconfidence, through course work research skills; excavation; and Orkney College UHIand hands-on field experience. placement. You will learn through face- Option modules include: Course starts September 2012to-face lectures and tutorials at geophysical survey; underwaterOrkney College UHI and VC tutorials archaeology; archaeology and Career opportunitieswith experts based at other UHI tourism; upland landscape Government agencies and localcampuses. There is also a significant management; and death and burial authorities; tourism, heritage sites;amount of fieldwork that involves archaeology. national and countryside parks;excavation, investigation and curation universities; museums; contract unitstechniques in one of the world’s best MA and consultancy; PhD research.archaeological classrooms. To achieve the award of MA you must complete a research Fees See page 45Course structure dissertation.You can study individual modulesfor personal or professional interest,or work towards the PgDip orMasters degree.10 | UHI POSTGRADUATE PROSPECTUS 2011/12
  • 14. Shallow Geophysicsfor Archaeologists andEnvironmentalists PgCert/PgDip/MScBased in Orkney at the heart of one of the world’s mostinternationally important archaeological areas, this Masterscourse provides you with an understanding of the scientificprinciples behind the techniques used in archaeological andshallow geophysics. AT A GLANCE Ft Pt F2F VC Ol Entry requirements Undergraduate degree in a relevant subject, or equivalent academic or professional qualification. Those who can demonstrate extensive professional experience without these qualifications will also be considered. Campus Orkney College UHI Course starts September 2012As an archaeology graduate you PgCertwill be encouraged to widen your Core modules are: introduction to Career opportunitiesskills base into environmental site shallow geophysics; data processing, Archaeological geophysics;investigation and geographical display and interpretation; and two Environmental geophysics;information systems (GIS). modules in geophysical survey Environmental assessment; Geophysics graduates will techniques. Site investigation; Projectbe encouraged to gain an management.understanding of the formation of PgDiparchaeological sites. For the PgDip you can choose Fees Core modules cover theoretical from a range of options See page 45and practical applications of including: archaeological survey;shallow geophysical techniques archaeological theory and practice;including gradiometry, magnetic archaeological professionalsusceptibility, area resistance survey, practice; underwater archaeology;electrical imaging and tomography, excavation; GIS; interpretingand ground penetrating radar. the historic environment; and developing research capability.Course structureYou can study individual modules MScfor personal or professional interest, To gain the award of MSc you mustor work towards the PgCert, PgDip complete a research dissertation.or Masters | 0845 272 3600 11
  • 15. Highlands andIslands Literature PgCert/PgDip/MLittThe MLitt Highlands and Islands Literature allows you to studythe writers and literatures of this hugely creative region in thecommunities to which they belong. Available to study at severalUHI campuses, you can explore the literary heritage of theHighlands and Islands, whilst at the same time experiencingfirst-hand the wider culture of the region. AT A GLANCE Ft Pt VC Ol Entry requirements Ordinary or honours undergraduate degree in English literature and/or language or other cognate discipline. Access route Direct access from UHI degree in Scottish Cultural Studies with bridging unit. Campus Argyll College UHI Highland Theological College UHI Inverness College UHIYou will study three main themes PgCert Lews Castle College UHIthroughout the course, namely: Core modules are: the Gaelic Moray College UHIlandscape and identity; the literary legacy; writers and place; literary North Highland College UHIand linguistic legacy for the modern iconographies. Orkney College UHIperiod; and the place of Highlands Option modules include: historical Perth College UHIand Islands literature in the wider and cultural perspectives of the Shetland College UHIcontext. North Atlantic Rim; contemporary West Highland College UHI You will benefit from lectures and Scottish poetry and early Scottish Selected UHI learning centresseminars by local writers, and small literature.class sizes. You will learn through a International students can study the course via distance learning online andcombination of video conference PgDip by video conference.lectures and tutorials, and online Core modules are: modern Scottishstudy via the UHI VLE. Gothic; and a tour of the Highlands. Course starts Option modules include: September and JanuaryCourse structure exploring creative writing; theYou can study individual modules language and palaeography of older Career opportunitiesfor personal or professional interest, Scots and; the North Atlantic Rim Secondary teaching in English (onor work towards the PgCert, PgDip literary context. completion of PGDE(S)); tourism; localor Masters degree. government posts; journalism; or MLitt postgraduate research. To achieve the award of MLitt Fees you must complete a research See page 45 dissertation.12 | UHI POSTGRADUATE PROSPECTUS 2011/12
  • 16. Orkney and Up Helly Aa, ShetlandShetland StudiesPgCert/PgDip/MLittThis unique course is delivered by the prize-winning Centre for Nordic Studies team andgives you the opportunity to study the history,culture, literature, archaeology and language ofOrkney and Shetland, either on the islands orby distance learning from UHI learning centresacross the Highlands and Islands.The Orkney and Shetland islands, along with Caithnesson the Scottish mainland, are positioned at thecentre of the Nordic world and combine a wealth ofarchaeological and cultural heritage, resulting from theirstrategic importance through the ages. AT A GLANCE You will benefit from lectures by local experts andsmall class sizes. You will learn through a combination of Ft Pt VC Olvideo conference lectures and tutorials, and online studyvia the UHI VLE. Entry requirements 2.2 honours degree in a relevant subject area, such asCourse structure Scottish/English literature and/or language or Celtic studies.You can study individual modules for personal or Other disciplines, will also be considered.professional interest, or work towards the PgCert, PgDipor Masters degree. Access route Direct access, with bridging unit, from UHI degrees inPgCert Scottish Cultural Studies, Scottish History, Social Sciences,Core modules are: Orkney and Shetland: myths and and Environment and Heritage; archaeological heritage of Orkney and Shetland;medieval history of Orkney and Shetland. Campus Option modules include: early Scottish and Norse Orkney College UHI Shetland College UHIliterature; historical and cultural perspectives of the Selected UHI learning centres.North Atlantic Rim; the Orkney and Shetland tongues. International students can study the course via distancePgDip learning online and by video conference.Core modules are: traditional custom, belief and folkloreof the Northern Isles; modern history of Orkney and Course startsShetland. September and January Option modules include: Orkney and Shetlandliterature; the language and palaeography of older Career opportunitiesScots; exploring creative writing; the North Atlantic Rim Primary school teaching on completion of a PGDE(P); secondary school teaching in English and History onliterary context. completion of a PGDE(S); community/adult education; journalism; governmental agencies; tourism.MLittTo achieve the award of MLitt you must complete a Feesresearch dissertation. See page | 0845 272 3600 13
  • 17. History of the Highlands and Islands PgCert/PgDip/MLitt This is the first ever taught postgraduate course that focuses on the complex, colourful and often conflict-driven history of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. You will study Highlands and Islands history from the medieval period to the twentieth century, covering topics such as clearance, war, emigration and famine. Through in-depth analysis of these past events you will begin to question and even abandon certain stereotypes and cherished myths. The course is available to study entirely online, withAT A GLANCE support from staff and fellow students through online discussion forums. Ft Pt Ol Course structure You can study individual modules for personal orEntry requirements professional interest, or work towards the PgCert, PgDip2:1 honours degree in a history subject. Applicants with or Masters degree.2:1 honours in another cognate subject will be consideredindividually. PgCertAccess route The core module is arguments and alternatives: models,Direct access from UHI degrees in Scottish History, History interpretations and debates in Highlands and Islandsand Politics, Scottish History and Archaeology. history. You will also choose option modules from the list below.CampusYou will study entirely online with support from staff at PgDipthe UHI Centre for History, operated by North Highland Core modules at PgDip and MLitt levels are: argumentsCollege UHI. and alternatives: models, interpretations and debates inCourse starts Highlands and Islands history; and authors and archives:September and January sources in Highlands and Islands history. You will also choose option modules from the list below.Career opportunitiesTeaching; research; media and journalism; museums and MLittlibraries; or community/adult education. To achieve the award of MLitt you must complete a research dissertation.FeesSee page 45 Option modules include, but are not limited to: contemplating the clearances; the Lordship of the Isles; the diaspora; and gender and the family in the Highlands and Islands, 1700-1900.14 | UHI POSTGRADUATE PROSPECTUS 2011/12
  • 18. Elgin Cathedral
  • 19. Restorative PracticePgCertIf you are interested in exploring alternatives to AT A GLANCEcriminal justice that focus on repairing the harmdone to individuals and communities, rather Pt Olthan on simply punishing offenders, this newPgCert Restorative Practice is at the forefrontof original and innovative academic work in Entry requirements 2.2 honours degree in relevant discipline. An ordinarythe field. degree will be considered with appropriate professional experience. Other relevant professional qualifications suchThe course brings together theory, research and practice as: social work, teaching, or community education, counselling, criminal justice and socialwork into the emerging social science of restorative Access routepractice. From UHI degrees in Child and Youth Studies; Childhood You will study part time online with support from Practice and Social staff at the Centre for Rural Childhood, based atPerth College UHI. The flexibility of the course means Campusthat you can study wherever you are; Scotland, the UK You will study entirely online through supported online learning. You can study anywhere in the UK, including UHIor elsewhere in the world. learning centres, and internationally.Course structure Course startsCore modules for the PgCert are: introduction to September and Januaryrestorative practices in different settings; origins ofrestorative justice; implementing restorative policies in Career opportunitiespractice; and international perspectives in restorative Roles in government agencies, the police, social work,practice. prison service, education and the third sector. Fees See page 4516 | UHI POSTGRADUATE PROSPECTUS 2011/12
  • 20. Socio-Legal Issues of ChildhoodPgCertIf you are working with children, for example, AT A GLANCEin education, social work, police or judiciary,and are interested in the socio-legal issues Pt Olthat affect a child’s development, this newpostgraduate certificate is at the forefront oforiginal and innovative work in this field. You Entry requirements 2.2 honours degree in relevant discipline. An ordinarywill explore a range of models and philosophies degree will be considered with appropriate professionalrelating to contemporary childhood issues and experience. Other relevant professional qualifications suchdevelopments. as: social work, teaching, or community education.You will study part time online with support from expert Access routestaff at the Centre for Rural Childhood, based at Perth You can gain entry from UHI degrees in Child and YouthCollege UHI. Studies; Childhood Practice and Social Sciences. The flexibility of the course means that you can studywherever you are; in Scotland, the UK or elsewhere in Campusthe world. You will study entirely online through supported online learning. You can study anywhere in the UK, including UHI learning centres, and internationally.Course structureCore modules for the PgCert are: the UNCRC: its Course startsdevelopment and implementation; research with September and Januarychildren; Article 12: listening to the child’s voice; andcontemporary issues of children and childhood. Career opportunities Roles in social work, family services, voluntary organisations, locally or internationally. Fees See page | 0845 272 3600 17
  • 21. Cultar Dùthchasach agus an ÀrainneachdMaterial Culture and the EnvironmentPgCert/PgDip/MAThis Masters course is delivered entirely through the medium ofGaelic, so communicative ability in Gaelic is essential. Sabhal MòrOstaig UHI offers courses which can bring you to a suitable levelof fluency in the language including the Access to Gaelic course,An Cùrsa Inntrigidh. GRAD-SHEALLADH Pt AC Ol Inntrigeadh Ceum le urram aig 2:2 no nas fheàrr ann an cuspair iomchaidh. Thathas a’ cur fàilte air tagraichean aig nach Clann ‘Ic Alasdair, Arasaig, 1904 eil na teisteanasan seo ach aig a bheil eòlas proifeiseanta ann an cuspairean iomchaidh fios a chur thugainn. ThaGheibh thu eòlas domhainn PgCert comas conaltraidh ann an Gàidhligair caractar is cor sòisealta is Am measg nam modalan riatanach riatanach agus tha aig tagraicheaneaconamach na Gàidhealtachd airson PgCert a choisinn tha Cultar ri agallamh a dhèanamh airson anle bhith a’ rannsachadh Dùthchasach agus Tìr-mòr na Roinn comas cànain a dhearbhadh.cultar dùthchasach, cànan is Eòrpa, Bailtean agus Iomairean, agus Cuine is càitecleachdaidhean na sgìre, cho math ri Cultar Dùthchasach - Dòighean Faodaidh tu an cùrsa a dhèanamhcruth na tìre agus na h-àrainneachd. Rannsachaidh. Bidh agad ri modal air-loidhne aig àm agus ann an àite Bidh thu ag ionnsachadh tron eile roghainneil a thaghadh, sam bith a tha freagarrach dhut fhèin.VLE air-loidhne aig UHI agus tro Seasmhachd air an Talamh no Maccho-labhairtean fòn le stiùireadh an Duine agus an Saoghal Nàdarra. Cùrsa ri fhaotainnbhon luchd-teagaisg, cho math An t-Sultainri obair-làraich. Thèid an cùrsa PgDipa lìbhrigeadh uile gu lèir tro Am measg nam modalan Cothroman obrachmheadhan na Gàidhlig. riatanach airson PgDip a choisinn Roinn an dualchais agus taighean- tasgaidh; foghlam na Gàidhlig; tha Thar nan Linn, Cruthachadh an roinn phoblach, buidhneanStructar a’ chùrsa agus Àrainneachd, agus Nuadh leasachaidh agus cultarach, buidhneanGabhaidh modalan a’ chùrsa a Bheachdan. Bidh agad ri modal eile saor-thoileach is neo-riaghaltasach.dhèanamh fa leth no còmhla ri roghainneil a thaghadh, Dòigheanchèile. Dh’fhaodadh gum bi iad Beatha agus Nàbaidheachd no Cìseansin gad threòrachadh do PgCert, Imrich agus Buaidh Beatha. Faic duilleag 45PgDip agus for-cheum MA. MA Gus MA a choisinn feumaidh tu tràchdas rannsachaidh a chrìochnachadh gu soirbheachail.18 | UHI POSTGRADUATE PROSPECTUS 2011/12
  • 22. Ring of Brodgar, Orkney
  • 23. Advancing theskills of teachersAt the University of the Progressing teachingHighlands and Islands we offer in Higher Educationa range of taught postgraduate UHI places great emphasis on theand professional qualifications quality of teaching it provides to allfor teachers at primary, of its students.secondary, FE and HE levels, As such, we have introduced athrough our own expertise new postgraduate certificate inand a special partnership with Teaching in Higher Educationthe University of Strathclyde. (PgCertTHE), which is grounded in experiential learning and reflectiveOur postgraduate courses include: practice.the MSc Chartered Teacher; PGDE As part of the MA ProfessionalPrimary Teaching with either a Development, this new PgCert isGaelic medium or English medium underpinned by the core knowledgefocus; and an MA in Professional and professional values requiredDevelopment, which has a particular of Fellows of the Higher Educationfocus on teaching and education. Academy (HEA) and maps to the UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF). Successful completion of the PgCertTHE will make you eligible to become a Fellow of the HEA.
  • 24. Educationand Childcare
  • 25. Chartered Teacher PgCert/PgDip/MScAs an experienced teacher this part-time course will give you the AT A GLANCEchance to gain chartered teacher status through distance learningwith support from expert staff, and facilitated by excellent Ft Pt VC AC Olresources, at UHI.Through our partnership with the PgCert Entry requirements Possession of full registration with theUniversity of Strathclyde we are able Core modules are: professional GTCS, at the top of the main gradeto offer you the four core modules, development; learning and salary scale, with a CPD portfolio. Youplus several option modules, for the teaching; education for all; and will need to apply to the GTCS for aMSc Chartered Teacher via distance working together. certificate confirming your eligibility.learning; a combination of online See for morematerials, video conference and PgDip information on conference tutorials. For the PgDip there is a wider This highly-regarded qualification, choice including: mentoring; ICT; Campusaccredited by the General Teaching developing potential through You will receive your distance learningCouncil, will improve your own placement; independent study; pack at enrolment, which you can work through from home or your placeperformance in the classroom and implications for influencing learning, of work, with email and telephonegive your pupils a much better teaching, self development and support from your tutor.learning experience. awareness; and the learning school. Course startsCourse structure MSc September and FebruaryYou can study individual modules To gain the award of MSc you mustfor continuing professional complete a research dissertation. Career opportunitiesdevelopment (CPD), or work Improve your classroom teaching andtowards the PgCert, PgDip or increase your earning potential.Masters degree. Fees See page 4522 | UHI POSTGRADUATE PROSPECTUS 2011/12
  • 26. Primary Teachingwith Gaelic and English PGDEThe quality of education a child receives at primary school levelcan dictate their future success. This course gives you the chanceto have a positive influence on the lives of the children you teach. AT A GLANCE Ft F2F VC Entry requirements Undergraduate degree from a UK institution. Higher English and Intermediate 2 maths, or their equivalents. Applicants undertaking the Gaelic pathway must be fluent in Gaelic. Experience of working with children in primary school or related context will be taken into consideration for selection. Campus Inverness College UHI Lews Castle College UHI Moray College UHI Other campuses dependent on number of successful applicants* Course startsThe PGDE (Primary) is a 36-week Course structure Septembertaught course that will prepare you You will study the following modules:for life as a teacher and the Gaelic environmental studies and health Career opportunitiesoption allows you to play your part education; expressive arts and Gaelic medium/English primary the regeneration of the Gaelic physical education; language in thelanguage. primary school; mathematics in the Fees The current need for skilled, primary school; religious and moral See page 45qualified Gaelic medium teachers is education; educational studies;acutely felt and this valuable course planning for effective teaching; and * Numbers are dependent onoffers you the real prospect of filling learning – the early years. an agreement between Scottishone of the growing number of posts You will be evaluated by Government and University ofavailable across Scotland. continuous assessment based Strathclyde (Jordanhill). You will learn primarily by way upon performance during schoolof lectures delivered by video experience placements and courseconference from the University of assignments. You must be able to In association withStrathclyde. On occasion, visiting attend classes at a suitable UHIlecturers from Strathclyde will college.deliver lectures in person at UHI On successfully completing thecolleges. You must apply directly to course you will be qualified as athe University of Strathclyde. primary teacher.24 | UHI POSTGRADUATE PROSPECTUS 2011/12
  • 27. Professional DevelopmentPgCert/PgDip/MAIf you are working in an education or training context, this AT A GLANCEpart-time postgraduate course can help you take your careerto the next level. Pt OlYou will study online via the UHI PgCert Professional DevelopmentVLE, and our mentoring system Core modules are: learning: the Entry requirements Undergraduate honours degree,will ensure that you are supported individual, the group, and the although consideration is given tothroughout your studies, whether organisation and; theory and practice prospective candidates with differentyou decide to study one single of e-learning, along with any other experience and/or qualifications. Youmodule, or the full Masters course. option module from the list below. need to be in full-time employment inThe new PgCert Teaching in Higher education and or training.Education (THE) is accredited by the PgDipHigher Education Academy (HEA). The core module at PgDip level is Campus professional development through This course is available to study viaCourse structure action research. You will also choose supported online learning when and two option modules from the list where it suits you.You can study individual modulesfor continuing professional below. Course startsdevelopment (CPD), or work towards September and Februarythe PgCert, PgDip or Masters degree. MA To achieve the award of MA you must Career opportunitiesPgCertTHE complete a research dissertation. Education training or educationalTeaching in Higher Education management.Core modules are: learning: the Option modules include:individual, the group and the mentoring; challenging equality; Feesorganisation; theory and practice leadership; research supervision; See page 45of e-learning; and developing a developing potential throughresearch capability. placement; and preparing for Masters-level | 0845 272 3600 25
  • 28. Building healthiercommunitiesThe University of the Highlands Diabetes andand Islands is one of the cardiovascular scienceoriginal pioneers of supported The UHI Department of Diabetesdistance learning. For over and Cardiovascular Science, isa decade we have been conducting extensive researchdeveloping innovative ways to primarily into the causes andprovide higher education to consequences of diabetes,our distributed student body. but also into a wide range of clinical conditions; mostWe fully recognise that pressures notably cardiovascular diseases,of work in the health and social inflammatory diseases and sector mean that professionals The department is also home towanting to develop their skills the Free Radical Research Facility,require maximum flexibility in the and has research expertise inway they study. Our expertise is in genetics and immunology andsupported distance learning, which lipidomics.means that you will have as muchhelp and feedback as you need Rural healthwhile progressing through your The Centre for Rural Health is acourse at a pace that suits you. collaborative venture between UHI Our professional postgraduate and the University of Aberdeen,courses are underpinned by growing where researchers are workingresearch expertise in health issues. on a range of policy and research projects focusing on health and care provision in rural communities. One such project is O4O, older people for older people, which is actively engaging with remote and rural communities to draw on the skills and experience of older people so that they can help each other and stay within their own homes and communities.
  • 29. Health and Wellbeing
  • 30. Health and WellbeingPgCert/PgDip/MAThe MA Health and Wellbeing is designed to meet the career AT A GLANCEdevelopment needs of health and social care professionals inthe UK. Pt OlThe course will give you the most PgCert Entry requirementsup-to-date legislation on patient Core modules are: policy into 2:1 honours degree or equivalentcare and managing staff within practice; and individual and social professional qualification. Applicantshealth and social care settings, influences on health. You will also with a 2.2 honours degree or below,enabling you to take your career choose one option module from but with relevant professionalto the next stage and to make a the list below. experience will also be considered,real difference to the health and in some cases with a bridging unit.wellbeing of those in your care. PgDip You must be in relevant employment You will also have the opportunity Core modules are: developing or engaged in relevant voluntaryto study modules in more specialised research capability; risk, ethics and activities.areas of health and care, such as governance; and challenges and Campusepidemiology, child and adolescent practice solutions in remote and This course is delivered through fullymental health and diabetes. rural areas. You will also choose one supported online learning, so that you You will study part time through option module from the list below. can study when and where it suits you.fully supported online learning, withlectures, tutorials and other materials MA Course startsaccessible from the UHI VLE. You will To achieve the award of MA you must September and Januaryreceive regular support from your complete a research dissertation.tutors and peers via online discussion Career opportunitiesgroups, telephone and email. Option modules include: change NHS staff currently on bands 5 and 6 of and innovation management; child the NHS Career Framework Ladder can progress to bands 7 and 8; enhancedCourse structure and adolescent mental health; employment opportunities within newYou can study individual modules developing communities; diabetes; or existing organisation; or PhD study.for continuing professional disability and society; epidemiology;development (CPD), or work informatics in health and social Feestowards the PgCert, PgDip or care; and leading and managing See page 45Masters degree. remotely.28 | UHI POSTGRADUATE PROSPECTUS 2011/12
  • 31. Infection ControlPgCert/PgDip/MScIf part of your professional role involves dealing AT A GLANCEwith infection, or you wish to apply for moresenior posts in infection control, this Masters Pt Olcourse will give you the key skills you require.You will develop your confidence and expertise in Entry requirements 2.1 honours degree in a health subject. Applicants withthe management of infection prevention and control an ordinary degree or below, but with a minimum ofchange. three years’ relevant professional experience will also be You will learn through fully supported online study considered, in some cases with a bridging unit.with lectures, tutorials and other materials accessiblevia the UHI VLE. Campus This course is delivered through fully supported onlineCourse structure learning, so that you can study when and where itYou can study individual modules for continuing suits you.professional development (CPD), or work towards thePgCert, PgDip or Masters degree. Course starts September Core modules for all awards are: micro-organismsand diseases; epidemiology and surveillance of HAI; Career opportunitiesdecontamination – infection control; and host defence Enhanced employment opportunities within new orand protection. existing organisation, or PhD study. In addition, core modules for the PgDip and MScare: infection prevention and control; and organisation Feesand public health law. You will also choose three See page 45option modules from a list including: infection controlintegration; health protection in the community;advanced epidemiology; microbiological standardsin public health; and leading and managing. To achieve the award of MSc you must complete aresearch dissertation.30 | UHI POSTGRADUATE PROSPECTUS 2011/12
  • 32. Medical DeviceDecontamination PgCert/PgDip/MScThis postgraduate course offers you advanced professionaldevelopment in the theory and practice of decontamination.You will enhance your knowledge and understanding throughup-to-date technical information, designed to stimulate criticalawareness of the scientific principles and evidence on whichgood practice is based. AT A GLANCE Pt Ol Entry requirements 2.1 honours degree in a health subject. Applicants with an ordinary degree or below, but with a minimum of three years’ relevant professional experience will also be considered, in some cases with a bridging unit. Campus This course is delivered through fully supported online learning, so that you can study when and where it suits you. Course starts September Career opportunitiesThe practice of decontamination is guidance; decontamination Enhanced employment opportunitiesbecoming increasingly technical in processes and their control; within new or existing organisation,nature and you may find that your and microbiological aspects of or PhD skills and technical knowledge decontamination.are in great demand. In addition, the core module for the Fees You will learn through fully PgDip and MSc is decontamination See page 45supported online study with lectures, consumables, utilities and facilities.tutorials and other materials You will also choose three optionaccessible via the UHI VLE. modules from a list including: host defence and protection; infectionCourse structure prevention and control; organisationYou can study individual modules and public health law; micro-for continuing professional organisms and diseases; researchdevelopment (CPD), or work towards methods and techniques; andthe PgCert, PgDip or Masters degree. developing a research capability. Core modules for all awards are: To achieve the award of MScscientific principles underlying you must complete a researchdecontamination; standards, dissertation.legislation, administration | 0845 272 3600 31
  • 33. Developing leadersand managersOur business and management Innovation in interpretationcourses are designed for The Highlands and Islands ofworking professionals wanting Scotland are an internationalto take their careers to the tourist destination with world-next step. We have particular class natural and built heritage.strengths in leadership, UHI has taken advantage of themanagement and the tourism region’s natural assets to developindustry. expertise in providing high quality training for the tourism industry,The University of the Highlands from hospitality managementand Islands Management School to interpreting and managingUHI has recently established a environmental and heritage sites.Management School, within the Innovative research andfaculty of arts, humanities and postgraduate courses forbusiness. The school will develop practitioners across the culturallearning opportunities to support and heritage sectors are providedthe business community, whether by the Centre for Interpretationcommercial, public or third sector. Studies at Perth College UHI. The The school’s initial offerings will centre has strong links with manybe in the area of leadership and key environmental, cultural andmanagement, with new courses heritage bodies - including Forestryin the area of e-marketing and Commission Scotland and theentrepreneurship. National Trust for Scotland - and is The school will also work with attracting an international audiencebusinesses across the Highlands to its courses.and Islands to develop and deliverbespoke solutions that help meettheir needs as they seek to developand grow. Contact the UHI Management School
  • 34. Business and Management
  • 35. Leadership and ManagementPgCert/PgDip/MScThis part-time postgraduate course will help you to become a much more effective and inspirational manager. Through structured, fully supported online learning you will share your professional experience and network with other students from a wide range of professional backgrounds. AT A GLANCE Pt Ol Entry requirements 2.1 honours degree. An ordinary degree will also be considered, along with appropriate professional experience. Candidates with no formal qualifications, who can demonstrate a capability and engagement in appropriate CPD, will be considered.On completion of the PgCert you PgDip Campuswill be eligible for full membership Core modules are: strategic planning This course is delivered throughof the Chartered Management and delivery; leadership, values, the UHI Management School and is available to study via supported onlineInstitute (CMI), which will significantly ethics and sustainability; and learning when and where it suits you.enhance your career prospects. The managing internal and externalcourse is available to study part time engagement, communication and Course startsonline via the UHI VLE, allowing marketing. You will also choose September and Februaryyou to fit your study around your one of the option modules listedwork and family commitments. below. If you wish to progress to the Career opportunitiesYou are also strongly advised to MSc you should choose research Management/senior managementattend a two-day induction event in methods and techniques. positions in private, public and thirdInverness at the start of the course. sector organisations; enhanced CPD MSc leading to promotion opportunities.Course structure To achieve the award of MSc you must FeesYou can study individual modules complete a research dissertation. See page 45for continuing professionaldevelopment (CPD), or work towards Option modules include, but are notthe PgCert, PgDip or Masters degree. limited to: change and innovation management; information andPgCert financial decision making; developingCore modules are: understanding communities; information, societycontemporary leadership and and rural development; newmanagement; creativity through enterprise development; developingcollaboration; and managing individuals; event management; andindividuals, teams and relationships. leading and motivating volunteersYou will also choose one of the and seasonal staff.option modules listed adjacent.34 | UHI POSTGRADUATE PROSPECTUS 2011/12
  • 36. Management CMI Executive Diploma*If you are a practising manager wishing to add a formal qualification to your work experience, or are seeking a managerial position, this post-experience course is designed for you. Linked to the Chartered Management Institute, the course uses the full resources of the UHI network and reflects the very latest developments in management philosophy and business technology. AT A GLANCE Pt F2F Ol Entry requirements Diploma in Management or other level 4 management qualification. Other relevant qualifications or appropriate work experience will also be considered on an individual basis. Campus This course, delivered through the UHI Management School, is available to study via supported online learning when and where it suits you. Course starts September Career opportunities Successful completion of the Executive Diploma allows access to the final year of the Flexible MBA at Glasgow Caledonian University. You can workThe Executive Diploma is aimed at Course structure towards Chartered Managementmiddle to senior managers with the status. Assignments are work-focusedauthority and personal inspiration to and you will have the chance to Feestranslate organisational strategy into undertake a work-based project. See page 45effective operational performance.You will study part time online via To complete the Executive Diploma * Subject to approvalthe UHI VLE and will be supported you will study the following modules:by your tutors online, via email and developing management skills;telephone. management information systems; managing business challenges;Successful completion of the course managing operations; financialmay allow you access to the final planning and control; managingyear of the Flexible P/T MBA at human resources; marketingGlasgow Caledonian University management; managingor the MSc Leadership and performance; and projectManagement at UHI. | 0845 272 3600 35
  • 37. Enterprise and e-MarketingPgCertThis hands-on postgraduate course is focused on business growth. You will develop your business and enterprise skills and gain a real appreciation of the role of e-marketing in facilitating business growth. AT A GLANCE Pt Ol Entry requirements 2.1 honours degree. Ordinary degree with relevant business experience. Campus This course, delivered through the UHI Management School, is available to study via supported online learning when and where it suits you. Course starts September and January Career opportunities Leading and developing an existing SME, helping it grow and become more sustainable; creating or developing a new SME; or taking on increased responsibility within an SME (whether private or third sector).You will enhance your leadership online resources. In addition you Feesand management competencies will be supported by academic staff See page 45and develop your strategic thinking, and business experts, as well as yourwhich will strengthen your ability fellow manage your business in a moreproactive way over the medium and Course structurelong term. You will explore the range Core modules are: entrepreneurialof online marketing tools available strategy and business growth; andand learn how these can help you to e-marketing.better understand online customer Option modules, from whichbehaviour and increase online sales. you will choose two, include: The course is highly innovative innovation and commercialisation;and flexible, allowing you to strategic planning and delivery;work round the demands of your web-based relationship marketing;business, developing skills as you and measuring and improving webneed them. You will study part time performance and via the UHI VLE and other36 | UHI POSTGRADUATE PROSPECTUS 2011/12
  • 38. American Museum of Natural History, New YorkInterpretation:Management and PracticePgCert/PgDip/MScIf you are passionate about creating exceptional visitor AT A GLANCEexperiences, this postgraduate course will give you the knowledge and skills to develop visitor attractions that will Ft Pt Olengage tourists and communities alike.The course is delivered by a team PgCert Entry requirements Honours degree or relevant professionalof experienced professionals, Core modules are: communication experience.academics and researchers at the strategies and theories; interpretation:Centre for Interpretation Studies purpose and policy; interpretation Campusbased at Perth College UHI. planning; and implementation of You can study this course online from You will learn online through interpretation. home or your place of work, anywherevideos, podcasts, interviews with internationally.practitioners, presentations, PgDipindustry case studies, e-books and You will choose four option modules Course startsacademic articles on the UHI VLE. to complete the PgDip. These include: September and JanuaryThese are complemented by regular communicative design; interpreting Career opportunitiesscheduled discussions with tutors the historic environment; interpreting Enhanced CPD leading to promotionand fellow students, telephone the natural environment; research opportunities; public, private andtutorials and one-to-one study skills methods and techniques (core for voluntary/third sector officer, managerassistance. MSc); sustainable tourism; and visitor and senior management positions; studies. self-employment; or PhD research.Course structureYou can study individual modules MSc Feesfor personal or professional interest To achieve the award of MSc you must See page 45or work towards the PgCert, PgDip complete a research dissertation.or Masters | 0845 272 3600 37
  • 39. Environmental andrural excellenceThe University of the Highlands Environmental researchand Islands is at the forefront The Environmental Researchof research into climate change, Institute (ERI), based at Northmarine science and renewable Highland College UHI in Thurso,energy, with much of our is involved in research to addresswork addressing the social, environmental issues and advancecultural and environmental understanding of the sustainableimpacts of development. Our use of the earth’s natural resources.postgraduate courses reflect ERI’s research priorities include:this inclusive environmental renewable energy; climate change;research. ecology; biogeochemistry; emerging contaminants; bio-Mountain studies technology and bio resources.At our Centre for Mountain Studies,based at Perth College UHI, an Carbon efficient buildinginternational group of scientists is Greenspace Research is based atstudying mountain environments Lews Castle College UHI on theand the people who depend Isle of Lewis, at the heart of theupon them, both in Scotland and drive towards creating renewablearound the world. The centre hosts energy sources in Scotland. Thethe UNESCO Chair in Sustainable team is focused on reducing carbonMountain Development and its emissions and improving the energyworld-class research underpins efficiency of buildings in the UK.the MSc Managing Sustainable Projects at Greenspace ResearchMountain Development. are grouped into six themes: energy and buildings; energy andMarine research infrastructure; energy dynamics;Marine environment research energy and economics; and energyis the focus for the Scottish and the natural environment.Association for Marine ScienceUHI (SAMS UHI) in Oban, where Agronomy90% of research was judged to The Agronomy Institute at Orkneybe ‘internationally recognised’ in College UHI provides a researchthe 2008 Research Assessment facility for the development ofExercise (RAE). SAMS UHI scientists plants and plant-based productsare working on a range of projects focusing particularly on thewithin four departments: ecology; Highlands, Western Isles andbiogeochemistry and earth science; Northern Isles. The institute has amicrobial and molecular; and wide portfolio of research covering:physics, sea ice and technology. cereals; biomass for fuel crops; plants for high value extracts; fruits and berries; and biodiversity.
  • 40. Enviromentaland Rural Studies
  • 41. Managing SustainableRural DevelopmentPgCert/PgDip/MScThis postgraduate course will give you a multi-disciplinary viewof rural development including the environment, communityengagement, policy issues, and professional skills that will helpyou to progress to a managerial role in rural development. AT A GLANCE Ft Pt Ol Entry requirements Honours degree or ordinary degree in a relevant subject. Other qualifications will be considered if accompanied by a minimum of three years’ relevant professional experience. Access route UHI degrees in: Sustainable Rural Development; Environment and Heritage; Sustainable Forest Management; Health Studies; Business and Management; Social Sciences.On completion of the Masters PgDipcourse you will be eligible for full You will choose four modules from Campusmembership of the Institute of a list including: research methods You will study entirely onlineEconomic Development. and techniques (mandatory to through supported online learning. You will study through fully continue to MSc); biodiversity You can study anywhere in the UK,supported online learning using management; developing potential including UHI learning centres, andmaterials on the UHI VLE, as well as through placement; strategic internationally. All students areonline discussions moderated by environmental assessment; required to attend a one-dayyour tutors. Assessments are diverse geographical information systems induction in Scotland.and continuous and do not include (GIS); sustainable tourism; water Course startsfinal face-to-face exams. management; and field studies. SeptemberCourse structure MSc Career opportunitiesYou can study individual modules To achieve the award of MSc you must Management positions, both atfor personal or professional interest, complete a research dissertation. home and abroad, in the publicor work towards the PgCert, PgDip sector, voluntary organisations,or Masters degree. non-governmental organisation development agencies orPgCert Accredited by conservation bodies.Core modules are: people and Feesnature; sustainable development; See page 45policy frameworks and analysis; anddeveloping communities.40 | UHI POSTGRADUATE PROSPECTUS 2011/12
  • 42. Managing SustainableMountain DevelopmentPgCert/PgDip/MScThe MSc Managing Sustainable Mountain Development is aninter-disciplinary course that will give you a clear understandingof the complex issues faced by people living in mountainousareas. AT A GLANCE Pt Ol Entry requirements Honours degree or ordinary degree in a relevant subject. Other qualifications will be considered if accompanied by a minimum of three years’ relevant professional experience. Access route UHI degrees in: Sustainable Rural Development; Environment and Heritage; Sustainable Forest PgDip Management; Health Studies; BusinessThe course is run from the Centre and Management; Social Sciences.for Mountain Studies, based at Option modules, from whichPerth College UHI. The centre hosts you must choose four include: Campusthe UNESCO Chair for Sustainable people and nature; biodiversity You will study entirely onlineMountain Development, held by management; environmental through supported online learning.Professor Martin Price. assessment; geographical You can study anywhere in the UK, You will study part time online via information systems (GIS); the including UHI learning centres, andthe UHI VLE. You will be supported information society and rural internationally. All students areby your tutors and fellow students development; research methods required to attend a one-dayby way of online discussions and and techniques (mandatory to induction in rooms, email and telephone. continue to MSc); sustainable Course starts tourism; and water management. SeptemberCourse structureYou can study individual modules MSc Career opportunitiesfor personal or professional interest, To achieve the award of MSc you must Management positions in theor work towards the PgCert, PgDip complete a research dissertation. public sector or non-governmentalor Masters degree. organisations working in mountain areas in the UK and Europe. Work withPgCert Accredited by voluntary groups, conservation bodiesCore modules are: environmental or the private sector.and social issues in mountain areas; Feessustainable development; policy See page 45frameworks and analysis; anddeveloping | 0845 272 3600 41
  • 43. Sustainable Energy Solutions PgCert/PgDip/MSc This new Masters course gives you a comprehensive view of the development and management of renewable energy projects, from small scale, through to major projects. You will be at the centre of the emerging renewable energy sector. Studying online, on a full-time or part-time basis, you will critically analyse the theories, principles and concepts of sustainability and low-carbon technologies. All modules are delivered by recognised experts in the field of renewable energy.AT A GLANCE Course structure Ft Pt Ol You can study individual modules for personal or professional interest, or work towards the PgCert, PgDip or Masters degree.Entry requirementsHonours degree in a relevant subject. Applicants with an PgCertordinary degree or other qualification and at least threeyears’ relevant work experience will also be considered. You will study four core modules, or three core and one option at PgCert level.Access routeUHI degrees in: Sustainable Rural Development; PgDipEnvironment and Heritage Studies; and Natural and For the PgDip you will study four core modules and fourEnvironmental Sciences. option modules.Campus MScYou will study entirely online through supported online To achieve the award of MSc you are stronglylearning. You can study anywhere in the UK, including recommended to choose the research methods optionUHI learning centres. and you must complete a research dissertation.Course startsSeptember. Part-time students can apply to start at variable Core modules: energy climate and carbon; transition totimes throughout the year. a low carbon society; renewable energy technologies; and future energy scenarios.Career opportunitiesStrategic positions within the emerging renewable energies Option modules: sustainable rural land use and energy;industry and managerial positions within the public and energy modelling for building; wind, wave and tidal;private sectors. developing a community energy project; sustainable communities (residential); and research methods.FeesSee page 4542 | UHI POSTGRADUATE PROSPECTUS 2011/12
  • 44. DevelopingLow-CarbonCommunitiesPgCert/PgDip/MScThis new Masters course will enable you toinfluence directly the way in which we developcommunities in the future to minimise ourimpact on the environment and climate change.Studying online, on a full-time or part-time basis,you will critically analyse the theories, principles andconcepts of carbon consumption and communitydevelopment. All modules are delivered by recognisedexperts in the fields of community development andlow carbon technologies. AT A GLANCECourse structure Ft Pt OlYou can study individual modules for personal orprofessional interest, or work towards the PgCert,PgDip or Masters degree. Entry requirements Honours degree in a relevant subject. Applicants with an ordinary degree or other qualification and at least threePgCert years’ relevant work experience will also be considered.You will study four core modules, or three core and oneoption at PgCert level. Access route UHI degrees in: Sustainable Rural Development;PgDip Environment and Heritage Studies; and Natural andFor the PgDip you will study four core modules and four Environmental Sciences.option modules. CampusMSc You will study entirely online through supported online learning. You can study anywhere in the UK, includingTo achieve the award of MSc you are strongly UHI learning centres.recommended to choose the research methods optionand you must complete a research dissertation. Course starts September. Part-time students can apply to start at variableCore modules: sustainable development; energy, times throughout the year.climate and carbon; transition to a low carbon society;and renewable energy technologies. Career opportunities You will be well-equipped to take up positions in theOption modules: future energy scenarios; participatory management of community development projects, andapproaches to community consultation; developing in the public and private sectors.a community energy project ; local economic Feesdevelopment; sustainable communities (residential); See page 45research methods; energy modelling for buildings;and wind, wave and | 0845 272 3600 43
  • 45. Application and financeApplying for a UHI course • Full-time study is based on two semesters (fourYou can apply online for all taught postgraduate courses modules per semester) plus UHI via our website • Part-time study is normally one or two modules per You can also search and apply online for UHI taught semester plus dissertation.postgraduate degrees through Graduate A maximum of six years is normally allowed to complete You will find more information on all of our a part-time Masters degree. It is also possible to studypostgraduate courses, including contact details individual modules to gain transferable credit.for course leaders, on our website Enquiries from employers for multiple studentpostgraduate. registrations are welcome and special fee arrangements may apply.Financing your postgraduate studies You will find the costs associated with eachAs a postgraduate student you, or your employer/ postgraduate course at UHI on the adjacent page.sponsor, will be expected to fund the costs of yourchosen course.44 | UHI POSTGRADUATE PROSPECTUS 2011/12
  • 46. POSTGRADUATE FEES ACADEMIC YEAR 2011/2012 UK/EU Full-time fee INT Full-time fee Archaeological Practice MA £4,050 £8,550 Chartered Teacher MSc – – Developing Low-Carbon Communities MSc £4,500 £9,990 Enterprise and e-Marketing PgCert £2040 £2,550 Health and Wellbeing MA £4,050 £8,550 Highlands and Islands Literature MLitt (onsite) £4,050 £8,550 Highlands and Islands Literature MLitt (online) £4,050 £6,120 History of the Highlands and Islands MLitt £4,050 £6,120 Infection Control MSc £4,050 £6,120 Interpretation: Management and Practice MSc £5,760 £7,740 Leadership and Management MSc £6,120 £7,650 Management CMI Executive Diploma – – Managing Sustainable Mountain Development MSc £4,500 £7,650 Managing Sustainable Rural Development MSc £4,500 £7,650 Material Culture and the Environment MA £4,050 £8,850 Medical Device Decontamination MSc £4,050 £6,120 Orkney and Shetland Studies MLitt (onsite) £4,050 £8,550 Orkney and Shetland Studies MLitt (online) £4,050 £6,120 Primary Teaching with Gaelic and English PGDE – – Professional Development MA £4,050 £8,550 Restorative Practice PgCert £2,100 £2,100 Shallow Geophysics for Archaeologists and Environmentalists MSc £4,050 £9,990 Socio-Legal Issues of Childhood PgCert £2,100 £2,100 Sustainable Energy Solutions MSc £4,500 £9,990INT = International. Please contact our information line at for fees for courses not listed | 0845 272 3600 45
  • 47. Student supportAs a UHI student you’ll be supported throughoutyour studies by very experienced and friendlystaff and students, whether you choose to studyon-campus or from a distance. Your welfareand your personal success are hugely importantto us and we’ll do all we can to ensure that yourtime at UHI is everything you hoped it would be.UHI student charterThe University of the Highlands and Islands studentcharter sets the standards of service you can expectto receive from application through to graduation. Werecommend that you read the charter, which can befound on our website career centreThe UHI career centre is an online resource for all UHIstudents and graduates, providing inspiration, information,insights and interaction to help you plan for your futurecareer. For more information or to get in touch visit thecareer centre at library and learning resources Student development fundEvery student has access to books, journals, e-books Many UHI students have the opportunity to do somethingand other online resources, no matter how you choose extra special during their studies, such as studyingto study. Books available at other UHI colleges can be abroad or taking part in a special event or activity.requested through the inter-site loan system. Easy access To ensure that you don’t miss out on theseis offered to both UHI-provided online resources and to opportunities because of financial constraints, thethe vast array of resources available on the internet. University of the Highlands and Islands Development Part-time and distance learning students have access Trust has created the student development fund toto the libraries of other universities across the UK allow you to make the most of your experience at UHI.through the UK Libraries Plus scheme. For more information on the student development fund For more information on the UHI library service, visit visit Students with disabilitiesAccommodation Wherever and however you are studying, if you have aShould you choose a location-based subject, such as disability and feel you would get more from your studiesarchaeology, you should contact the local campus for with some additional support, then please contact us ashelp in finding suitable lodgings, flat share or rented soon as possible. You may want us to arrange personalaccommodation. Private accommodation can often be support, or find someone with specialist skills, or helpcheaper in rural areas than it is in the city. you make an application for financial support such as the Disabled Students Allowance. The information youChildcare give us will be treated as confidential and only given toExcellent childcare facilities are available at several of others with your permission.the UHI colleges. You may also be able to apply to the You will find more information on all of the supportDiscretionary Childcare Funds for financial help towards available to students on our website Please visit our website for more information. students.46 | UHI POSTGRADUATE PROSPECTUS 2011/12
  • 48. Useful contacts and addressesUniversity of the Lews Castle College UHI Perth College UHIHighlands and Islands Stornoway, Isle of Lewis, HS2 0XR Crieff Road, Perth, PH1 2NXExecutive Office, Ness Walk, T: 01851 770000 T: 0845 270 1177Inverness, IV3 5SQ F: 01851 770001 F: 01738 877001T: 01463 279000 E: E: 01463 279001 Principal: David Green Principal: Dr Thomas Admissions: Catherine Donald Admissions: Admissions officerPrincipal and Vice Chancellor: Support services: Christine Mackinnon Support services: Student services teamJames Fraser Registered Scottish Charity No. SC021204 Registered Scottish Charity No. SC021209Information line: 0845 272 3600International: +44 (0)1463 732551 Moray College UHI Sabhal Mòr Ostaig UHIRegistered Scottish Charity No. SC022228 Moray Street, Elgin, IV30 1JJ Teangue, Sleat, Isle of Skye, IV44 8RQ T: 01343 576000 T: 01471 888000UHI Graduate School F: 01343 576001 F: 01471 888001Executive Office, Ness Walk E: E:, IV3 5SQ 01463 279332 Principal: Mike Devenney Director: Professor Boyd RobertsonE: Registry: Maureen Beaton Admissions: Eilidh GrantHead of Graduate School: Dr Lois Calder Support services: Heather Henderson Support services: Sheila Hamilton Registered Scottish Charity No. SC021205 Registered Scottish Charity No. SC002578Argyll College UHIWest Bay, Dunoon, Argyll, PA23 7HP NAFC Marine Centre UHI Scottish Association forT: 0845 230 9969 Port Arthur, Scalloway, Shetland, ZE1 0UN Marine Science UHIF: 01369 707185 T: 01595 772000 Scottish Marine Institute,E: F: 01595 772001 Oban, Argyll, PA37 E: T: 01631 559000Director: Michael Breslin F: 01631 559001Admissions: John McLuckie Director: Professor David Gray E: services: Liz Richardson Admissions: Anne Birnie Scottish Charity No. SC026685 Support services: Caroline Hepburn Director: Professor Laurence Mee Registered Scottish Charity No. SC003715 Admissions: Linda RobbHighland Theological College UHI Registered Scottish Charity No. SC009206High Street, Dingwall, IV15 9HA North Highland College UHIT: 01349 780000 Ormlie Road, Thurso, Caithness, Shetland College UHIF: 01349 780001 KW14 7EE Gremista, Lerwick, Shetland, ZE1 0PXE: T: 01847 889000 T: 01595 F: 01847 889001 F: 01595 771001Principal: Rev Hector Morrison E: E: Angela Spence services: Angela Spence Principal: Dr Gordon Jenkins Director: Professor David GrayRegistered Scottish Charity No. SC029190 Admissions: Amanda Buttress Admissions: Student records team Support services: Anna Swanson Support services: Linda TaitInverness College UHI Registered Scottish Charity No. SC021215Longman Campus, 3 Longman Road, West Highland College UHILongman South, Inverness, IV1 1SA Orkney College UHI Carmichael Way, Fort William, PH33 6FFT: 01463 273000 East Road, Kirkwall, Orkney, KW15 1LX T: 01397 874000F: 01463 711977 T: 01856 569000 F: 01397 874001E: F: 01856 569001 E: E: John Spencer Admissions: Admissions officerAdmissions: Student records department Principal: Dr Bill Ross Support services: Georgina MorrisonSupport services: Karen Mitchell Admissions: Peter Kitney Registered Scottish Charity No. SC024193Registered Scottish Charity No. SC021197 Support services: Linda | 0845 272 3600 47
  • 49. A-Z course listingA OArchaeological Practice MA, 10 Orkney and Shetland Studies MLitt, 13CChartered Teacher MSc, 22 PCultar Dùthchasach agus an Primary Teaching with Gaelic or Àrainneachd, 18 English PGDE, 24 Professional Development MA, 25DDeveloping Low-Carbon R Communities MSc, 43 Restorative Practice PgCert, 16E SEnterprise and e-Marketing PgCert, Shallow Geophysics for 36 Archaeologists and Environmentalists MSc, 11H Socio-Legal Issues of ChildhoodHealth and Wellbeing MA, 28 PgCert, 17Highlands and Islands Literature Sustainable Energy Solutions MSc, MLitt, 12 42History of the Highlands and Islands MLitt, 14IInfection Control MSc, 30Interpretation: Management and Practice MSc, 37LLeadership and Management MSc, 34MManagement CMI Executive Diploma, 35Managing Sustainable Mountain Development MSc, 41Managing Sustainable Rural Development MSc, 40Material Culture and the Environment, 18Medical Device Decontamination MSc, 3148 | UHI POSTGRADUATE PROSPECTUS 2011/12
  • 50. Published by the University of the Highlands and Islands, a limited companyregistered in Scotland No.148203. Registered Scottish Charity No. SC022228.Registered office: 12b Ness Walk, Inverness, IV3 5SQ, Scotland.© University of the Highlands and Islands 2011No part of this publication may be reproduced without the written permissionof the University of the Highlands and Islands.‘University of the Highlands and Islands’, ‘UHI’, their Gaelic equivalents andthe UHI mountains and water device are all trademarks and/or registeredtrademarks of the University of the Highlands and Islands.ISBN: 1-902393-29-5Print code: C2-PGPROS2-11Designed by Abby FranklinPrinted by Allander Print LimitedGaelic translation by Joanne StephenThank you to all students and staff who helped in the production of thisprospectus.We have made every effort to ensure that the information in this prospectusis accurate at the time of going to press. Inevitably, because of the extendedlead time of prospectus production, changes to course information may occurand we will endeavour to reflect any such changes as quickly as possible onour website photographs and images used in this prospectus are protected bycopyright and may not be reproduced without permission.This prospectus is printed on Essential Velvet which is an FSC accreditedmaterial produced using Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF) pulp. This material isrecyclable and biodegradable and 90% of the waste in production is recycled.
  • 51. Glossaryof termsPostgraduate Certificate (PgCert) – To gain the award of PgCertyou will complete four modules, and if you are studying on a full-time basis you will study the four modules over one semester. Ifyou are studying part time, you may take two or more semestersto complete the PgCert.Postgraduate Diploma (PgDip) – To gain the award of PgDipyou must complete eight modules over two semesters if you arestudying full time. This will take longer if you are studying part time.Masters (MA, MSc, MLitt, MTh) – To gain the full Masters degreeyou must complete eight modules, plus a dissertation or other pieceof work specific to the course. If you are studying full time you willnormally take one year to complete the Masters degree. You cantake a maximum of six years to complete your Masters if you arestudying part time.Continuing professional development (CPD) – You can chooseto study at postgraduate level on a module-by-module basis tocontribute to your continuing professional development (CPD). At UHI you’ll study in various ways, using different technologies.The blend of technologies used on your course will depend on themodules you’ve chosen, but it is likely that you will use some or allof the following learning resources:Video conference (VC) – Using cameras and microphones, a VCcan connect staff and students at two or more UHI campuses, orany other site worldwide, with the required technology.Audio conference (AC) – Using traditional phone systems orweb-based phone technology, an audio conference enables threeor more people to share a conversation or discussion.Virtual learning environment (VLE) – A web-based system thatenables you to access learning resources, guidance and support,and also access and submit assessments, plus communicate withstaff and other students through discussion boards or live “chat”. Ft Available to study full time F2F Face-to-face Pt Available to study part time VC Video conference Ol Available to study online AC Audio conference
  • 52. University of the Highlands and IslandsWelcome to our campus NAFC Marine Centre UHI * * Shetland College UHI Ionad Mara NAFC UHI Colaiste Shealtainn UHIOilthigh na Gàidhealtachd agus nan EileanFàilte gu ar n-àrainn * Orkney College UHI Colaiste Arcaibh UHI * North Highland College UHI Colaiste na Gàidhealtachd a Tuath UHI * Lews Castle College UHI Colaisde a’ Chaisteil UHI Highland Theological College UHI * * Moray College UHI Colaiste Mhoireibh UHI Colaiste Dhiadhachd na Gàidhealtachd UHI * Inverness College UHI Colaiste Inbhir Nis UHI Sabhal Mòr Ostaig UHI * * West Highland College UHI Colaiste na Gàidhealtachd an Iar UHI SAMS UHI * * Perth College UHI Colaiste Pheairt UHI Argyll College UHI * Colaiste Earra-Ghàidheil UHIWant more information?Call our information line or visit our website...0845 272 3600 |