Final photo analysis


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Final photo analysis

  1. 1. Placement: Contents page Placement: Front coverOpinion: This picture is of two artists that are Opinion: I chose to use this picture because offeatured in the magazine and is a great one to the positioning of the models, they’re at theuse in the contents page as it shows that the focus point of the photo, with the female in themagazine as connections to many different centre showing her lead role within the group.artists, the location is perfect for a Hip-Hop This photo is representative of the R&B genrecantered magazine as graffiti is known to be because of the stereotypical graffiti backgroundrelated to the genre. The ‘artists’ are also in and conventional ‘urban’ clothing, I also like theconventional ‘gangster’ clothing. The photo fact that all the group members are wearingwill need to be slightly manipulated however colour coordinated clothes, this makes it easieras the bike prop on the foreground wasn’t to use a colour scheme within the magazine.supposed to be visible in the shot.
  2. 2. Placement: double page spread, individual Placement: double page spread.character profile. Opinion: This picture is great as the ‘group’Opinion: This picture is perfect for the ‘character aren’t posing, the whole idea of the shot is toprofile’ section as it says a lot about the person, show them on stage, meaning the photo willthe fact that the female is looking away may need to be edited in order to manipulate theinsinuate that she has a past which she prefers background.not to talk about, this would give the magazine aselling point as it will engage with the readerand keep them guessing about the singer,wanting to find out her story.
  3. 3. Placement: double page spread Placement: double page spread, individual character profile.Opinion: I think this photo is perfect for adouble page spread as it is a complete Opinion: The non verbal communication in thisaction shot (where the artists aren’t posing) picture is magnificent as it allows the reader tothese type of images are commonly used in get an insight into the artist before even readingdouble page spreads as I recall from the their story, the crossed arms can hint that themagazine research I conducted. The image person is very stubborn. In addition, thealso shows variation in the pictures used as hard, dark shadow in the photograph (achievedit is an over the shoulder shot showing what by moving the lights close to the subject) showthe artists see. This photo also makes the that ‘Josh’ has had a harsh past but has movedmagazine look professional as there is lots of into the light through his music. All of this showsmusical equipment to be seen. that a picture can tell a story and therefore is great for the individual character profile section in the double page spread.
  4. 4. Placement: Contents page advertisement Opinion: This image has great focus on the main subject (iPod) as it is the only object with a shadow. The picture is a great example of a competition prize as it not only reflects that it’s a music magazine but also draws in readers as they would want to win this.Placement: ContentsOpinion: I think this picture is a great action shot as themodels aren’t facing the camera, the aim of the photo is tocatch the two ‘artists’ when they aren’t expecting it as itwill be used for a ‘gossip’ section on the contents pagewhich wouldn’t usually include planned photos.
  5. 5. Placement: Contents page advertisement Opinion: I really like this photograph as it is vibrant in colour and represents the Hip Hop genre simply because of the main image placed on the album cover. This image is perfect for its function (advertisement) as it looks professional and could be seen used in any music store advert.Placement: ContentsOpinion: This image is a good one to use as an extra artist featuredon the contents page as it shows different ethnicities within themagazine making it appeal to everyone. The conventional clothing ison point and the headphones complete the whole look and remindthe reader that it is a music magazine.
  6. 6. Placement: Main front cover image Placement: Double page spread, individual character profile.Opinion: I chose to use this picture as itcaptures the serious facial expressions on Opinion: Once again I like this picture forall the models ; this helps the magazine the fact that it tells a story, Jay looks verypresent its genre of Hip-hop as if the confidant due to posture and his raisedmagazine was the POP genre models head suggesting that he is the main man inwould be smiling. Another useful aspect of the group, not only that but out of thethe photo is the props used, the group three individual photos this is the only onemembers are all wearing the same colour without a shadow showing variation in themaking it easier to create a colour scheme photographs included in the magazine.also making the group appear morerealistic.
  7. 7. Placement: ContentsOpinion: I like the simplicity in thispicture as the ‘artist’ looks relaxedshowing the magazines calm side,this is another picture for a featuredartist in the magazine, it ties in withthe Hip-Hop genre as ‘Hadi’ iswearing a puffer coat and a backpack which are typical items worn byHip-Hop artists also the headphoneprop shows the music is still themain attraction of the magazine.