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Weight loss Community Questions Sitemap

  1. 1. Weight loss Community Questions Sitemap Weight loss Community Questions Sitemap | Answerbag Home / Sitemap / Weight Loss Community Questions Every page in Weight Loss. I gained 15.3 lbs. but my waist size is still exactly the same. What are the side effects of weight loss drugs ? 143.5 pounds (65kg) I use This supplement safer colon. Plz tell me is it safer or not What's the lowest weight at which you can remain healthy? Should I cut carbs to lose weight? http://lipo13netherland.com/ When was the last time you were told to lose weight? Can I have some tips for losing weight? how much weight is it realistic is it to lose in 6 months? Which weird ways people try to lose weight? Which is the best seller book on losing weight in the market? Which is the best seller book for losing weight ? I want to lose weight. I am 13 and 78.5lb and 5ft. idk I really want to be skinnier so. How to lose 5lbs?... normal weight when youre 5"3? Has anyone tried garncia gamboa for weight loss? If so, what are the results?
  2. 2. How can i lose 5lbs in 1 Week?. Have you heard of or used "yacon" to assist you with weight loss ? How to lose belly fat fast Is it possible to lose weight without exercise? Women: Have any of you heard of the Venus Factor? How Can I Lose 10lbs in 1 month without Dieting. Is it time for you fat cats to lose some weight? Should I loose weight? Have you changed your diet? In the past week i cut calories in 1/2 eat light bfast, snack and supper b4 5pm I lost 5 pounds. I weigh myself 5x a day. Am I anorexic? Do you know of a situation where a very overweight man/woman lost weight and became more of an as*hole? Have you ever lost your weight when you do your job at work? I lost 4 pounds in one week ,is that good? And how would I know its only water weight loss or fat loss? What made you realise you were getting too thin? If a fat woman called Elizabeth lost a lot of weight, would she be known as Thin Lizzy? How to lose 12 pounds? How can I lose weight without exercising, moving and not eating? Do you stress about calories? Do you have a limit in your head as to how many a day you will not exceed? Do you religiously stick to this? I'm so disgusted with losing and gaining back the same 10 lbs. no matter how much exercise I do unless I eat grass. Killer exercise every day. So infuriating and painful but no way around it. And at best it just maintains your weight. Since your set point makes it impossible to get down to a superweight like 155, what are you supposed to do? How do people lose a lot of weight fast? All of a sudden they're a rail.
  3. 3. What are some weight loss tips that WORK? I eat healthy and exercise already.. I want to lose 20 to 30 lbs What is done Cenaless? How does constant sex lead to weight loss.? can someone tell me how the raspberry ketones work tablets work please What's the most weight you have ever unintentionally lost and how/why did you lose it? If I don't eat foods at night, will I lose weight? Why am I stuck at 184? Why can't I get down to 180? It's the difference between still having love handles and six pack abs. Ladies, if you get a smaller bag, how many lbs will you lose? I've absolutely given up hope on weight control. A woman tattooed her weight-loss goal onto her stomach. Would that motivate you if you did the same? Help, I can't tell if she's overweight?!?! i dont want to ask her!!! http://m1312.photobucket.com/albums/classicalbirdy/ Is there chances of weight after taking liposuction? Where do you put your weight scale? how can my 11 year old boy loose stomach weight for summer? What method of working out helps you to lose the most weight? Can I help my little brother to loose weight? has anyone used or know someone that has used sercet diet drops to help them lose weight and what are they like please What was your lowest weight? Which one will make me lose the most weight What's the most amount of weight you can safely lose in a month? in the past I've lost 30 pounds (younger) I actually wasn't trying to Does Amberen Cause Weight Loss? Is Amberen An Effective Weight Loss Aid for Menopausal Women? Sensa : Does Sensa Work for weight loss?
  4. 4. Can anyone help me whether RU 21 dietary supplement is the right supplement to avoid Hangover and why ? Should I lose weight?? tell me three best ways to kill fat in shorter period?// Is Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract Really Effective on Weight Loss ? http://puregarciniacambogiablog.net/ Weight loss is a pain in the butt to put it mildly due to set point, exercise only taking off water weight and no such thing as a reasonable diet. i stopped talking zoloft 2 weeks ago, weaned myself off as didn't need it anymore. How long will it take to lost the weight i put on? Why do you lose weight in the face and neck? If you're thin do you mind that gaunt look? Does sunning yourself and getting color in your face make you look better? I lost five pounds, should I put up missing posters? Is there a faster way to lose weight than getting divorced? Do ice baths aid fat loss? Can I lose 50 pounds in one month if I exercise a lot (5 hours per day), take weightloss pills, and water fast (only consume water)? Why is it when I did 3000 situps I knocked off weight like crazy but when I did only 2000 no weight came off? I couldn't do that many for more than a week because my ass was on fire. Set point and water weight are the scourge of weight loss. No matter what you do you keep losing and regaining the same 8 pounds. What To Do When Choosing Supplements To Get Big? Has anyone ever lost weight from eating yogurt, grapefruit and watermelon, the three food items that allegedly speed up metabolism? Do you lose weight in stages? I feel the weight coming off but it stalls. Metabolism is a gonif in that it detects your calorie loss from exercise and increases the difficulty level exponentially. Why am I gaining weight after I work out? Am i going to lose 10 kilograms like that? Any other help? Please? ia feel a popping in my abdomen after i lost weight, what could it be? The problem with exercise is that we have bodies with genetics from the Stone Age that were hunter gatherers.
  5. 5. How To Find Best Supplement Stack? Are you supposed to be hungry in order to lose weight? I diet/exercise and at the end of the day feel extremely hungry, is it safe/normal? how do you get a body like this? http://tinypic.com/r/3323tki/6 please serious answers only. I am a 5ft/2, 19 year old girl who weighs 230 I am only supposed to weigh between 130 and 145. which would be better? I am 19 and 5ft/2 weigh about 230 pounds and it is causing serious stomach problems but nothing seems to get the weight off. Any help works I've found that when it comes to workouts you can't create something from nothing. If you run for 2.5 hours it will take off a lot more weight than doing situps for 45 minutes. Time spent exercising matters and running takes off a lot more weight than relatively stationary exercises like situps. Your thoughts? How the hell did I lose 3.5 kilos in 1 night? How many days should I sat to see a significant weight lost? Why do the government and the media continue to lie about how much exercise and dieting is needed to get down to a healthful weight? How would you tell a loved one or someone you really cared about that they need to lose weight? Does raspberry ketone really make you lose weight or is it just another scam? Dr. Oz endorses it so I take notice since he may have Do you want to be skinny or fat? I just want to be 200 lbs for my high of 5'6. i cant loose weight! im 11.2stone,5ft4inch tall,size 10,i eat 1200 kcal a day & do zumba why do i loose 2lbs then gain it back help! have you ever tried the forever poop diet? If lose weight (10 to 15 pounds) in a slow and healthy way, will my skin be stretched/sagging? I'm 18 by the way If I lose weight (about 10-15 pounds) in a slow and healthy way will I get stretched/sagging skin? I'm 18 by the way How To Loss Weight Fast? Am i getting fat?i was 117lbs ,size 2 last summer and now im size 15-16 im 5'3' my waist is 49in . how much you think i weigh?an i fat? Is it dangerous to use laxatives to lose weight?
  6. 6. In societal, not medical terms, at what point do you consider a person "fat"? Diuretics.. I'm not fat I'm ____________. I'm 15 and 5'7, I weigh 160 and I'm pretty chubby. My boobs are a natural 38DD and i want to know how much they weigh. How to lose 5 lbs in a week or less.. Do you have a weight scale at home? Is eating chocolate slowly (a bite every 15 mins or so) low glycemic? How do I know how much I really weigh? is it true that if u drink a large glass of water before every meal it will make you feel fuller?? On What Websites Can I Find The Other Picture That This Weight Loss Product Was Shown With? my boyfriend was just recently deployed...... Anyone Juice??? Suggestions??? What have you gained? Weight loss help! Why am I not losing weight? how can a teenage girl lose weight Do you think cold showers can contribute to weight loss? How to lose weight?I am 5'3 tall and my weight is 70 kg(154 pounds). Can I lose weight if I only eat clean? My foot is broken so it's hard to move/exercise :( I am 16 years old. i am a girl. i am 5,5. i weight 116 pounds. is this a healthy weight for my age? I am a 16 year old girl. my height is around 5,5 and i weight around 116 pounds. is this a low weight for my age? Have you tried Sensa the weight loss product? what is the best and most affordable meal replacement shake out there? What is a good way to lose weight? I can't take being over weight anymore.I have lost 10 lbs in 5 weeks but it's slowin down. I need
  7. 7. help! cant help but think bout not eatin Would you by weight loss suppliments and food froman advertiser whos hips were wider than her shoulders(not looking allthat goodor healthy)? Did you ever have so much dental work you could not eat for a while and lost weight? what is the ideal weight for myself. i'm 6ft 4inches tall, aged 21 and currently 106kg? Am I fat? I'm 5'9 and 194 ibs.. By the way it is definitely not muscle.. Don't work out How do I get rid of moobs? (man boo*s) I BARELY have any belly fat, plus I am in great shape, but I have little patches of EXCESS skin (DESC i'm trying to lose weight and it's lunchtime. what do people suggest i have for lunch? Good way to lose weight quickly? What does not require losing weight would eating 890 calories a day and exercising 40 minutes a day make you lose weight? What Is the weirdest way you heard of someone losing weight? I'm 137 pounds at 5'6 , my measurements are 38-25-38.I wanna lose my weight and have a nice body.I'm 17 now so What do i do ? I'm 137 pounds at 5'6 , my measurements are 38-25-38.I wanna lose my weight ,and have a nice body.I'm 17 now so What do i do ? What Are All The Foods You Guys Can Think Of That You Need To Eat To Lose Weight? A List Would Be Helpful... Who wants to team up and lose weight? I need to lose 20 lbs by my b-day end of May. Why have I not found the motivation to stick with my diet? Is there anyone else like me, who finds that the BEST exercise for weight loss is "making love"? I lost 14 lbs in 1 wk from it.... What's your weight-loss secret? Does anyone take Raspberry Ketone to loss weight? Has it worked for you? I am 5' 1" and was 130 lbs in June 2011. I am down to 116. How much more should I lose? I have a small frame and want to lose more. How do I loose stomach fat? what is the fastest and easiest way to loose weight?
  8. 8. If you add more protein to your diet (but keep your calorie count the same) will you gain weight? Why (humor welcome) might I be having trouble losing weight? How can I get people to vote for me? I am on a 1200 calorie diet. Would it be healthy to expend 1000 calories a day? How much weight can you safely lose each month? Fill in the blank: The best way to lose stomach fat is _____________. Be specific!(: I am 5'3 and 107 pounds. I have a lot of belly fat, and I want to be able to lose it by April. What should I do? HELP!!! If i wanna loose weight should i walk 9.3 miles 5 days a week or run 4 miles 4 days a week? I NEED to lose weight... see description anyone know any good weight loss shakes sold at walmart, or k mart? Can somebody help me come up with meals for a day that have 2500 mg of sodium or less for the whole day? HIP SIZE! im at a young age but i dont like what i look like.i have been thinking about diet pills. should i consider taking them? if so which ones? i am 14,my height is 5ft 8in,i am very athletic, i have a large build, but i am very muscular. i would just like to know, am i fat? can someone tell me the full timeline of getting a gastric band pre and post op thanks I can't lose weight, what am I doing wrong? Have you seen the Japanese "calorie burning" underwear, which claims to burn hundreds of calories when worn? Are you trying to lose your weight? how easy is it to lose weight? What's the best alcoholic drink to have if you're counting calories? Ive been eating normally but I keep losing wieght! I was already tiny, does anone know what I could do? I'm 13. How can get Great Shape ? Are snack pack puddings fattening?
  9. 9. Can you suggest me natural and guaranteed safe weight loss product ? Im going to europe this summer and i wanna look good in a bikini but i am VERY overweight! What are fast acting diet pills thatll work? You can suggest me Safe, effective and natural weight loss product ? Lose weight fast? im 12 years old,5'2,weigh 118.i am a little chubby on my waist and have chubby thighs and rear end plz tell me how i drop 10 pounds ASAP want to lose 2 dress sizes in 2 months I have facing weight problem so you can give me best solution ? Is anyone else wathing Tyra right now about women getting tape worms? Does anyone else think these women who arent even fat are insane!? Do you want to lose weight fast? I need to lose weight faast. I get made of a lot at school. And i weigh 250 pounds and just turned 15. help! I wanna get hydroxycut??? Should I lose weight? http://s1091.photobucket.com/albums/i387/lalala294/?action=view&current=DSC_0052.jpg How can lose weight from my tummy ? what weighs more a pound of feathers or a pound of rocks and if so does muscle weigh more than fat? You can suggest me good slim body product ? How can get slim body ? So Im trying to lose the half inch of belly fat above my six-pack,im fourteen help?! How can I survive on only 500 calories a day? How can get slim body without any hard work ? Do saunas actually help you loose weight? Is your bank taking a drink? Are you looking or not looking? Is your stage coach stopping along the way? Your balance? How can I lose thirteen pounds in four/five weeks? Whats the fastest, quickest way to lose 10 pounds? I way 115 lbs, and 14, so i cant get dieting pills. help?
  10. 10. You can give me some suggest about good supplement ? Ways to lose 10- 15 pounds in 1 and a half month? Whats the best way to puke yourself, and or lose weight unnaturaly fast? Have you any idea about weight loss product? AM A 14 YEAR OLD GIRL.I WANTED TO KNOW WHY GUYS ARENT ATTRACTED TO ME BECAUSE AM LIKE 30 POUNDS OVER WEIGHT I have ready for weight loss but i need good weight loss product ?so you can help me ? Weight loss is a ordeal so you can help me ? Are chrome FTG tablets/pills, the same as Chromium? What was your weight before you lost 104 lbs? Safely lose weight... I'm 15 years old and 5'2. I weigh 104 pounds. I'm skinny, according to people, and my stomach sticks out a lot though. Can you tell me slim body safe product ? I'm a 14 yr old girl 5 ft 7 and 160 lbs. I really want loose 30-40 pounds over a 3 month summer. PLEASE HELP! Fast Weight Loss how many pounds a week are recomed to lose weight with out loseing any muscle? I need to lose 10 pounds in three days what should I do? I am 5 2' 16 years old. how many calories should I eat and of what? How to loss my weight quickly ? How can you make yourself throw up? I've tried sticking my finger down my throat, but I couldn't do it. how easy is it to get on the show biggest loser? How much is 13:2 1/4 Stone in Pounds? Will i gain weight when going from 800kcal a day back to 2000kcal? Can you give me " slim body " suggestion ? I am so fatty , can you give me weight loss solution ?
  11. 11. I Saw an Ad for "Weight Watchers", Went to their Website (See Below), Do you Think Providing Information, In Weight Loss, is Key? I have been taking Levothyroxine for 3 years and am afraid to take anything to help me lose weight. Do i need to lose weight? PLEASE ANSWER & BE HONEST? How can i reduce my excess weight? I'm a 14 year old girl, I eat a lot and still weigh 88 pounds. Could I have a tapeworm? Where can I buy body wrap cream/solutions to detox and loose inches? If a pear-shaped woman loses 2stone (28lbs) to reach their ideal weight, will their pear shape balance out? what is the best excercise to lose weight fast? and what are the best foods to eat to lose the weight? Does NutraSlim HCA good for weigt loss? "we love http://weightlosehow.blogspot.com ,do you wonder why internet users regularly visits this site?? Can i loose weight with Quick Detox? Will losing weight help with the fatty bit above my eyes (below eyebrow)? I'm not overweight but can lose quite a bit and still be healthy How to lose wight? Am 16 years am a boy and i have 180 pounds!!! Help please So you lose weight, get fit, look great & people tell you you have a nice ass. Do you dress to accentuate your sexy body? I am 82 kg, can i look slim? I was looking to loose weight and someone suggested using the weight loss supplement at http://fatabsorb.com/. Does this really work? How to i reduce my weight? Is okay to drink juice if you're trying to lose weight ? If I take a lot of laxatives will I lose a bunch of weight?? Will I lose weight doing this Do therogenic diet pills make you ill tempered such as oxy-elite pro or lipo six ultra concentrate Will eating acai berries make you skinnier? i've been running a little over 2 miles every day since last monday, and yesterday my knee hurt
  12. 12. really bad. what's wrong? what foods make your boobs grow and what are healthy ways to loose weight? i weigh around 112 pounds but i want to be 100-104. To lose a pound, how many calories would you have to burn? Is it safe for a small person (5'2, 118lbs) to eat less than 1200 calories a day? Please see description for more info. Do you think Marie Osmond REALLY lost 50 pounds on Nutrisystem? What is the absolute LOWEST weight I can be? Can Hoodia Gordonii Pills effective for loosing weight What would you say if I told you that you could lose 20lbs for $20 ? Does the slim weight patch really make you loose 2-4 pounds a week? Anyone use it and has success? Well do you want to lose weight and stay motivated? Click this http://veronica9748.eliteweightlosspackage.com How to lose 10 pounds fast without exercise? How could I loss my excess weight? How do you lose your belly after having a baby? I don't wanna lose weight just tone up. Why does weigh loss come in spurts? You can be stuck at the same weight for months but then all of a sudden lose 10 pounds. I want to lose half a stone and tone up, I have 4 months to achieve this, how should I do it? Does anyone have a good suggestion about weight loss? http://hcgactivator.org I weigh 67kg, 174cm height. Am i Fat?? Every meal I fear I am eating too much so sometimes i bearly eat at all. Is there a way to eat a good amount of food and then exercise it off so u will still lose weight? Or will I just hav to cut back on food to? Describe a number of systems analysis approaches for solving business system problems. Please describe a number of systems analysis approaches for solving business system problems. If not for the Earth's rotation producing a centrifugal counter force to gravity would you be a lot heavier than we imagined? What is the fastest way for a diabetic to lose weight?
  13. 13. I am a girl, 99.3 lbs, 5' 3.25" 20% body fat. How long before I start passing out do to my anorexia? its been 2 weeks 500 cal a day Which option you want to Loose weight? how much wieght can you lose in a sauna suit in one day Eating 900 calories a day, running every day for 45 minutes, how long will it take to lose 20 lbs? i need to lose weight before july 2011 i need to lose a minimum of 100lbs help? i was thinking of a 500cal diet I need to lose weight fast. Can anyone give me any tips or diets? I'm at 9% body fat, but I have lost way too much weight in my face and look gaunt and wrinkled. Is there another kind of appetite and weight loss pill on the market that is similar to the affects of adipex with out the prescription? What should be the average weight for an 11 going on 12 year old girl be? What are some ways you motivate yourself to get to meet your fitness/weight loss goals? I'm 5'11, 12 stone, a UK size 14 and my measurements are 38-31-37, do you think of this as fat or chubby? Where Can I Buy Meratol Weight Loss Pills in UK? how long would it take to loose 80 pounds while eating 1000 calories a day? Could I make a diet out of nuts, berries and veggies? How to lose weight FAST ? Is it ok to be using certain diet pills but working out with gel reductor of another brand? is it bad,safe??anyone know is there any good wieght loss websites...for free? how do I loose weight fast but keeps me healthy ? If you lose weight slowly, can you keep it off longer? I'm desperate about my weight and all I do seems to be in vain, I was advised to take Meridia. Anyone here used Reductil? any experiences? Anyone you know lost weight only to have you find it on your hips? How to lost weight & feel great? if you asked to develop the supply chain in order to improve the communication between the parties
  14. 14. . What are your suggestions? What is the best and easiest way to loose weight? How to lose belly fat? Does water pills help you lose weight? Is there a device that you could put on your body to monitor your calorie burn when working out? What type of fitness class would be best for me to start with? Aquasize? Weights? Bootcamp? Suspension? Dance? Other..? Hi. I'm 13, 5'4" a 32D and 122 Lbs. I'm trying to get down to 92-94 Lbs. what would happen if you take xenadrine rfa -1 and dont eat? Why is speed walking good for losing weight? what are some easy ways to loose fat for teen girls i have tried everthing and i dont know what to do please help! why is this calorie deficit not working? How do I lose 100 lbs. over the course of 6 mos.? It's more important to look good than to feel good. The problem with fitness and keeping your weight down is that you lose weight in the Have you lost a significant amount of weight in the past few years? Will Xenical help me study for final exams? How can I reach my goal weight in time? Is it possible to lose ten pounds by thanksgiving? Why have I lost weight in college? I've lost almost 20 lbs and my pants feel tighter...what's going on? Why is it all but impossible to achieve six pack abs? It seems that losing the last ten pounds is a lost cause unless you Is 150 at 5'4 considered fat? Do you think The Oaks fat farm in Ojai would be a good place to shed a few pounds? Who would like to lose weight by diet pill? Male of Female? I want to lose weight, but don't want to diet or starve myself. Has anyone used any diet pill? Do they
  15. 15. work? I received an email that says banging your head against the wall uses 150 calories an hour. Is this a good weight reduction plan? is it better to walk 6 miles once a day or 3 miles twice a day I am desperate i want to lose weigjt now and fast what can i do or takr to lose weight? are there any fat burners that really works? Has anyone had gastric sleeve surgery & if so, how well are you doing? losing belly fat!!! How can I prevent myself from over-eating when I have the munchies? Is 116 puonds fat for a medium framed 5'1 25 yr old female? if you are a veteran does the va hospital cover the lap band procedure??? what is the difference between a gastric bypass and a lapband? which one has less rick? What is the best way to lose weight? I don't want to exercise and stress myself. Please help How often can I take lipotropic injections? and Will I gain weight if I stop the injections? I want to loose weight using a diet pill. What is the safest option available? Has anyone ever heard of the 7 day sliming pill? If so, whats your opinion about it? Does it work? What is the quickest way to lose 20 lbs? For 2 weeks I have walked 8 miles a day. Besides that my legs are stronger I dont feel like im losing lbs. What else can I do to lose weight Why is it that 5 years ago I got down to 167 lbs. but now I can't go below 181? What physical changes in the body cause this? I want to lose 15-20lbs in 5 weeks. Im eating right, exercising every day. Know any helpful weight loss supplements THAT WILL ACTUALLY WORK? What is the best diet pill or quick weight lose pill around? how do i maintain my weight even though im getting off a water fast and im eating whatever i want for 1 day can we lose weight with Acai Berryhttp://www.buzzle.com/articles/the-facts-and-half-truths-- bout-the-acai-berry-diet.html I'm 5'6", 287 pounds. Am I overweight?
  16. 16. Anyone had the Lap Band procedure? Is it really worth it? Any tips? how to make our body fit and good? http://acaiberryloseweightwithacaiberry.blogspot.com I want to get rid of belly fat,am 29 and want to get in shape.is GALENIC elancyl cellu reverse slimming serum helpful cho yung tea- yay or nay? Help me lose weight. What is a safe weight loss pill to suppress my hunger?? What is a safe diet pill? Please help...i'm overweight...want to lose fat.. How i can Lose my weight? http://www.wikipeers.com/health/3307-Can-You-Lose-Weight-With-Acai-Berry-Diet.html lose weight quick? what if i was to live on freshly grown cucumbers? and water? is this even healthy? i just want the fat gone. i want to lose 100 pounds as quick as possible how can i do this?> im like 5 2 and 225 yet i dont look like it What is the fastest way to loose the most weight? Is there weight loss pill? Okay, this question WILL annoy you but... I am almost 14, 5'4 1/2", and around 129 pounds. Do I need to lose weight? Read description. Why am I still dropping pounds? (I am 14 and 5 9inches tall) I have been exercising lik crazy & controlling my eating I've lost 5 pounds bt I'm stuck cnt lose anymore I want to feel a six pack, what should i do? how much should a 5ft person weigh to be a (clothes) uk size 6? If I'm losing weight, will I also lose weight in my chest? Will a coloncleanse give me the appearance of a flatter belly - I need to look slimmer quick Would you say 120lbs is too much for a woman standing at 5' 5"? Could drug induced coma help a overweight person lose weight? My fiancé is 6'0" tall and weighs 212 lbs. he doesn't look it but I'm concerned about his health. Is he really overweight? My friends say im not fat but i kno i am.skinny girls don't take 16 in jeans. Safe,fast ways to get this fat off me?I want it gone!
  17. 17. Why is it so hard to lose weight when your bodies metabolism changes? what is an appetite stimulant in injectable form? other than megace. whats the best combination on wii fit for effective weightloss? How can I loose 10 pounds in a month???? What are the side effects of old alli pills? The alli pills I have have gone over the expiration date, are there any serious side effects? are there any diet pills that get you high? How does fatburn work? do the body lose fat by high heartrate only or is it more on play like the movement it self on a treadmill? Why do most women want to lose weight? Aren't they beautiful just the way they are? Ive gained weight on my 7th day of the master cleanse diet i have three more days to go...wth am i doing wrong?? please help!! How can I tell if I was drugged with some sort of date rape drung or if i was just simply extremely intoxicated? Im not sure which i was... How can I shed some tummy inches? Did you have great succsess with trying looseing weight? Yes or No? Pleses exsplain what you did to fail or succseed. is it okay to take sida cordifolia tablets whilst taking thyroxine tablets Is this to harsh of a diet? i have no problem sticking to it,i just wonder if im loosing muscle mass because of the low cal diet. Scholarships for individual teens who are trying to lose weight with a weight-loss college program? Im 16. Im 78kg and i want to lose 28kg. wot do i hv to do? Wot do u suggest and no pills. Do you think going to the gym is enouth? Does anyone else gain or loose weight very fast? whats the best way to loose weight? how to lose weight 20 kgs in a month? How can I lose weight? I'm 13, 112lb, 5'2. I feel so huge next to all my friends and I want to be thin so bad it's driving me crazy. How can i loose weight quick possibley without too much exercise or none? I am a teenage ballerina but am to fat, I need a solution that is fast working to get me a lot thinner,
  18. 18. ideas? I am sixteen and I want to know what diet pills I should take so I can lose weight. what pills cause weight loss Has anybody here tried the new appetite suppressant patches - are they any good, and are they safe to use? Ive recently seen them advertised Does running on the treadmill make me lose weight? I'm a person that wants to lose wt. but sometimes when I eat a little more, my weight still goes down. Why does that happen? Have you tried using a natural dietary supplement which can helps in losing weight? Do you know some products? hellppp... should i lose weight? Any ideas on how to lose weight in a week if possible? What's the quickest way to get rid of stomach flab after giving birth Is walking a good way to lose weight? if I average about an hour a day would that be enough? I'm a pretty big guy. How can I lose weight Quickly? It doesn't have to be healthy. Please help. how to lose weight to fit in prom dress in 4 days???? what diet is the best diet? im 19 & im 14 stone which i hate so bad :( its nearly may & i wanna lose weight before july can anyone help? x I'm 15 and i'm very tiny for my age but i want a nice flat stomach.What would be the best way to lose weight? what do you know about the availability of the new weight-loss drug Lorcaserin? It's being touted as the new safer version of phen-fen. HOW HAS XENADRINE ULTRA WORKED FOR YOU? BM 1 once a day, have to make weight in 3 wks. I exercise 5 days a week, going to use exlax the 3rd week. How long does exlax last each use? what product is the best to use to gain muscle and loose weight? (be specific) What's the fastest way to lose weight (man)? how many ibs will i lose in a week burning 500 cal a day Has anyone here tried hCG weight loss? like the concept at http://www.hcgweightloss.com If so, did
  19. 19. it work for you? How much weight could someone loose in 34 weeks? i am about 5' 6" or 5' 7" and i am 14 years old is this normal to be 130 pounds. i ski race a lot and i skateboard and play lacrosse Will my streach marks fade after I lose enough weight? i have recently lost a lot of weight and now i have found out i have stretch marks, could i have got these from loss of weight? what is the best way to lose weight quickley? 7 day fast loss weight kit...what do ya think about it? should i smoke to lose 20 lbs or run? (female, 21, 5' 4", and about 130 lbs) Whats the best way to loose 150 pounds?! i have this lovely ginger cat but he is so fat how can i get him to lose weight? I walk on a treadmill 2 or 3 times a day and weight train lightly 3 times a week. Is this a good start for weight loss? I lost 8 pounds in 4 days. Is that healthy? Why dont i lose weight, even if i exercise regularly and eat right? Ok, i am trying to loose fat and gain lots of muscle for a sport. I workout 2-3 hours a day weight lifting, have any ideas on a diet? is ephrine legal in new york? where can you buy it over the counter? I Just Heard an Ad for "Smart for Life" Cookies. "Lost 115 Pounds In 6 Months", "up to 15 lbs a Month", Does the Math Work Out? If I take the fat burner dren in the morning and the suplement extenze at night, what will happen? Is it ok to do? Is reductil a safe way to loose weight fast What foods should you stay away from if you are trying to lose belly fat? which ones should you stay with? Do you think adios max slimming tablets work? Why am i loosing weight. I weight lift and drink muscle milk but nothing fat burning. i eat like a pig too. Is it the muscle milk? What is the laziest way to lose weight?
  20. 20. When you get married will you put on weight and let yourself go? Im so sick of dieting. When i get married i just wont care anymore. What is the fastest, most efficient way of geting rid of "moobs"? I eat no more or less than normal (3 meals, 5 a day etc.) and i cycle about 10 miles every weekday and parkour every saturday but i still cant lose weight, why? Do you think the people who complain about how skinny models and dancers are, are just jealous because they are so fat and out of shape? For those that are overwieght, do you ever wonder what you'd look like if you weren't. I often do, put if I were to lose a lot of weight wouldn't all my skin become stretched out? My b/f loves my body, doesn't pressure to change, & I eat healthy and excer I am 14 years old and i want to lose weight. What is the best video game out there that can do that? Can I lose 30 pounds in a month? How? (2009-10-18) Can I lose 30 pounds in a month? How? If I eat foods without saturated fat, will I lose weight? Does phentermine make your hair fall out? if yes what can be dont to stop it short of not taking the meds?...they are really working for weightloss...? What is phentermine? Is eating a tapworm a good way to lose weight? How much weigh have you gained in the last year or lost? I read that loosing more than 2lbs a week is unhealthy, but I'm watching the biggest loser, and in the first week someone lost 28lbs. Does that mean that if your very heavy, its okay to lose weight rapidly? What is one of the best exercises for losing weight? As a kid I was fat, but now that im older im thin (imo). I'm in good shape and exercises lot, but I have this belly (some skin like i'm still fat). do i have to get surgery or can it be trained away? I know both is good but: what is better? Seeing weight-loss results on a scale or noticing them on your body? Thank you All:) I lost seven pounds in less than a month do you think that is a lot? Is it okay for young people to use weight loss supplements? Does soup make me lose weight? What are some cheap Fat Burning and Fat Blocking pills?
  21. 21. Some people follow diets to loose weight leaving out certain foods from their diets. Everyone swears they loose weight. Well, what would happened if you left out everything and only ate Ice Cream? Do you think you'll get weight loss results? CAN I TAKE PHENTERMINE WITH A LAP BAND Can teens buy colon cleansers or weight loss pills? Do overweight boys find it harder to lose weight? What do you think of Richard Simmons and his Sweatin' to the Oldies videos? What foods you should avoid if you want to lose weight? Help!! i really need to lose at least 6 inches off my waist in about 3 weeks. i dont wanna buy anything (no programs, diet pills or gym memberships) and imwilling to do lots of boring situps or diet. i need it to work effectively. can anyone PLEASE help? Just wondering... If I jog around and lift weghts for say 10 hours straight, can I eat almost anything and not put on weight? How many calories would I have lost? Do you know the fastest and easiest way to loose weight without pills, exercises, cutting of limbs, surgery and divorces (cause im not married) and by the way don't bother telling me 2 watch what i eat cause i do. Do you know the fatest and easiest way to loose weight without pills or long exercises I have been working out for 15 hours per week the past 3 weeks I eat as before, why have I not lost any weight yet? I'm 17 and 5'3 and 185 pounds.. how can I lose weight. "When the body consumes fewer calories than it absorbs, the fat reserves increase."(Quoted from Women's Strength Training Anatomy - Frederic Delavier.)Does this mean that when one eats less calories than necessary they actually gain weight?Please explain. When you sit down, do you get tyres too? or is it just me? Can anyone who has used Hydroxycut weight loss pills give me an evaluation on how well it worked or didn't it worked for you? Which diet pills work best? What do you think about medicine that reduces your wait ? are they dangerous? do they have side- effects? I eat like once a day and when I do eat, it's vegetables and fruits, ground turkey, baked chicken, etc. Nothing fried. I drink water all day. No coke. And I still weigh the same, What am I doing wrong? I would like to loose at least 50 pounds in 3 weeks is this possible with outing being hungry
  22. 22. Whats the easiest way to lose 50 pounds before school and it starts on the 20th and well i dont wana be hungry i heard that you can take b complex and not eat as much so um yah give me some help on what u have done or would help me with How can I lose 37 pounds overnight? What is the proper ratio for diet to exercise when trying to lose weight?(30% diet and 70% exercise, etc) Duromine pills do they work? Is it possible to lose weight without paying money? How much weight can you lose by using your brain? Is it really possible for a female 16 year old who weighs 260 at 5'6, to have 30 lbs of water weight? Is it possible, with doctor guidance for a 16 year old female who weigh's 260 at 5'6 to healthily lose 100 lbs by April 9, 2010? I wanna be 160 (or less) for Junior Prom (in May) at my old High School... What has anyone done to lose weight fast, but keep it off? Is it possible, with doctor guidance to healthily lose 100 lbs by April 9, 2010? I wanna be 170 (or less) for Junior Prom (in May) at my old High School... I'm 16, 270 and 5'6... How much (roughly) weight do you need to lose to drop a dress size? Is it really possible to go from say 250 to 170 in 9 weeks with Ab Circle? Or drop 3-4 dress sizes... What is something that might motivate a man to loose weight? What is something that might motivate a woman to loose weight? I've lost 10" off my waist in about 10 months. Can I get an "ATTA BOY!"? I have a big pains with my back pain I am 19 and 282 lbs...I need true help! I lack will power, but have the desire to lose weight...Can someone please help me? How can i tone my stomache without doing cardio? what can i eat? what type of exercises (crunches, sit ups, etc.) and how many should i do? What was the turning point that gave you motivation to do something about your weight? If i eat less calories and drink lots of water, how many sit up and/or cunches should i do each day to flatten my tummy before school starts (1.5 months)? What types of fruit are good for simple weight loss? banana's? apples? rasberries? Hi im a 14 girl 130 Ibs. i just want to know a easy simple way to lose weight and flatten my tummy
  23. 23. before the new school year starts. my goal is to weight 120 Ibs. please help! My wife is having trouble losing weight. I am having trouble walking the line of not being an enabler and trying not to be too hard on her. I have never had much trouble losing weight. Any suggestions on how I can support and motivate her? How many calories do you need to burn, to lose a pound? I want to lose about 10 pounds and primarily trim up my lower abs. Whats the best way? Anyone have a workout & meal plan that worked for them? I am 13 years old in the eighth grade I next year I am playing football for my high school. I am about 5 foot 2 and I weigh about 130 pounds. I know that I am not that heavy, but I would like to slim down a lot for football. How can I slim down very fast? How does one get slim legs? Do the diet tablets Adios work well? Whats the fastest way to lose weight? or how do u lose the weight? If i went from 123 pounds to 116 pounds but saw no visible weight loss, do you think i lost water weight? Over the last few weeks I have lost around 5kgs. I have not been trying to lose weight, havent been exercising & have been eating the same! so Im eating a big block of choc =] but why would this be happening? Where did your motivation come from to start losing weight? How much do you need to lose to be your Perfect Weight? I'm 4'11" and 115 pounds but i'd like to weigh less. What's my perfect weight for my height? When do you know it's time to loose weight? Hi , i would like to know if anyone ever try the prodcut Green Tea purity? I heard that it makes you lose weight it sounds to good to be true. Did anyone try and if so does it really work. Thank you for your time:) I bought a bottle of Lipo 6x caps. I found that they are colored brown. Is this normal? Do Acai berries really make you lose weight? I chew food and spit it out bc I overeat bc I still want to taste the food. I need to drop like 10 lbs for my sister's wedding. (June 20th) Will I lose weight? I also walk 3 miles a day and use an exercise ball. I need to lose 40 pounds in order to be at a healthy weight. Any tips for losing it fast(ish)? How do you counter weight gain caused by medicine?
  24. 24. Is Meth a good way to lose weight? Jenny Craig or Nutrisystems? If our friend lost 5 pounds in a day, and you worked twice as hard, could you loose 10 pounds in a day? Will you try Nanofronts? These are pants which can apparently burn body fat, just by wearing them! I am 15 stone and need to be 10 in three months, help how can I acheive this?