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  • Supplies: Pens, nametags, markers, paper Meeting needs: Food, meeting space
  • optional
  • Parent Meeting

    1. 1. Meet & Gr eet
    2. 2. UGI VE. ORG excite, and empowermission is to 501(c)(3) organization whose catalyze, the next generation of volunteers.
    3. 3. What i s UCREW?• Six-month long program running October 2012 through March 2013• Participants learn about social enterprise and ultimately develop an idea for their own
    4. 4. So, what exact l yi s a soci alent er pr i se?
    5. 5. Si m y st at ed: plAn or gani zat i on t hat usesbusi ness m hods t o sol ve eta soci al pr obl em . Check out t hese exam es… pl
    6. 6. Val ueCi nc i nnat i ,Ohi oENVIRONMENT•Salvages reusablebuilding materials forresale to the public,keeping them out oflandfillsEMPLOYS•People workforcedisadvantages
    7. 7. Vi neCi nc i nnat i ,Ohi oPROVIDES•Paid on-the-job trainingtailored for inner-cityresidentsHELPS•Overcome obstacles topursuing and maintainingstable employmentEDUCATES•Employees on topicsrelated to their desiredcareer
    8. 8. W shoul d your hy st udent j oi n
    9. 9. UCREW s wi l l : er• Gain valuable leadership experience• Learn about the emerging field of social enterprise• Meet other students from all over the city
    10. 10. UCREW s ar e f r om er …• Cincinnati Country Day • Madeira High School School • Moeller High School• Colerain High School • Mount Notre Dame• Dayton High School • Oak Hills• Diamond Oaks • Seven Hills• Elder High School • St. Xavier• Harrison High School • St. Ursula• Indian Hill High School • Summit Country Day• Kings High School School &&
    11. 11. How does UCREWwor k?
    12. 12.  Identify a social enterprise Turn an idea into reality Launch their own business Be an effective public speaker
    13. 13.  Once a month, UCREWers will spend time volunteering at local social enterprises Where they will learn from people who are already running successful social enterprises!
    14. 14.  Use all the knowledge and experience they’ve gained to create their own social enterprise THEY pick a problem, and THEY develop a business that will help solve it!
    15. 15. Backgr ound• 5th year for UCREW in Cincinnati• 2nd year that students are focusing on social enterprise
    16. 16. Bi g News!•Launching social enterprise curriculum in 6additional Ohio cities & Louisville, KY•Looking to expand program nationally in2013-2014 school year
    17. 17. Requi r ed Com i t m m ent s• Monthly meetings  1 Tuesday every month  Content-based• Committee meeting  1 Tuesday every month  Group-work based
    18. 18. Requi r ed Com i t m m ent s• Volunteering at local Social Enterprises  1 Saturday every month• 2-4 hours of work outside of meetings each month
    19. 19. How c an s t udent s earnpoi nt s ? Points Tasks50 Per 5 tickets sold/people recruited for launch event100 Per attendance at each volunteer activity100 Per attendance at each monthly meeting100 Per attendance at each committee meeting100 Parent attends Parent Meeting200 Attend Launch Event200 Attend Kickoff Meeting in October
    20. 20. What c an s t udent s earn?Points Prize800 UGIVE Vintage Tee1250 Recognition at Culmination Event/ NYSS1500 Recommendation Letter1700 Profile and Video on UGIVE Blog, linked to Social Media1850 Buy one, get one at Culmination Event/NYSS2000 Entered in drawing to go to National Conference
    21. 21. To earn points, you have to sign up for ALLmeetings and volunteer activities on theUGIVE site! Its easy, just search for the opportunities for Cincinnati UCREW then click the "Sign up" button.
    22. 22. AMPLI FYSaturday, March 16th 2013•Students will pitch their business idea totheir family, friends, teachers, and the localcommunity
    23. 23. Cul m nat i on i Event• Each UCREW will be invited to share their business idea with the other UCREW programs• Will be a celebration of all of the hard work UCREWers did throughout the year!
    24. 24. Fl ex Cr edi t Opt i ons• Students in Ohio are able to apply to receive high school credit for participation in the UCREW program• Students are responsible for pursuing this, not UGIVE.ORG; however, UGIVE.ORG staff will support their efforts in any way possible
    25. 25. Fl ex Cr edi t Opt i ons• Pre-approved by Columbus City Schools • 1 credit for Small Business Development• Students attempting to receive credit MUST complete all of the work/activities that are in the UCREW book; and deliver the business pitch to a class/student group at their school
    26. 26. Fl ex Cr edi t Quest i ons• School administrators and counselors are best to answer questions about the policy at your child’s school• More info about the Ohio Department of Education policy on flex credit can be found on their website
    27. 27. Fee Br eakdown $50
    28. 28. Quest i ons?