Management and Managers
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  • 1. Efficiently
  • 2. The PROCESS of PLANNING ORGANIZING GOALS LEADING CONTROLLINGThe effort Organization Member and resources
  • 4. A manager has anarea of responsibilityThat is an activity or afunction that he or she is responsible for running
  • 5. Good Problem Solver Area of Responsibility
  • 6. High tight Competition Sophisticated Consumers Dynamic Challenges Technology Development Massive Global interaction Never ChangesBusiness will always need manager Business activity and competition will always provides challengesProfessional manager always ready
  • 7. The 3 vital determinantsof team work : Environment Subordinates Leader
  • 8. Managers do:Responsible to create conduciveenvironment to workStudies the employees individually andinsist interest in themEncouraging the inquisitive employeesand by prohibiting insidious elementsCreates hygienic environmentInculcates the sense of collectivism inemployees to work as a team
  • 9. informational Roles
  • 10. Figurehead Interpersonal Roles Leader Liaison Monitor informational Roles Disseminator Spokesperson EntrepreneurDecisional Roles Problem solver Resource allocator Negotiator
  • 11. Human Skills By Robert L. Katz
  • 12. Educational Based and continued life-longeducational experiences Successful acquisition and utilization of basic management skillsInitial job experiences:continued experiencesthrough a variety of job assignment
  • 13. Competency – a combination of knowledge, skills,behaviors, and attitudes that contribute to personaleffectiveness Managerial Competencies – sets of knowledge, skill, behaviors, and attitudes that a person needs to be effective in a wide range of positions and various types of organizations
  • 14. Communication CompetencyTeamwork Planning andCompetency Administration Competency ManagerialGlobal Effectiveness StrategicAwareness ActionCompetency Competency Self-Management Competency
  • 15. Self Managementand Personal Skills Working with PeopleKompetensi Manajemenadalah lingkup pengetahuan,keahlian dan sikap yang merupakankinerja manajerial yang efektif
  • 16. Verbal Communication Practical Working experiences Computer SkillsWriting Skills Solid Educational Background
  • 17. Organization
  • 18. The 3 Characteristic of Organization Board of Director Secretary HRD Finance
  • 19. Conceptual Skill Conceptual Skill Conceptual Skill Human Skill Human Skill Human Skill Technical Skill Technical SkillTechnical Skill Top Manager Middle Manager First-Line Manager
  • 20. Making decisions about the direction of the organization Establishing policies that affect all members of organization Translating the goals set by topTop Manager management into specific details that lower-level managers can perform Directing day to day Middle Manager Activities of operatives First line- Manager
  • 21. responsible for the operations of moreGeneral Managers complex units for example, a company or division Oversee work of Functional Managers Responsible for all the activities of the Unit Need to acquire strategic and multicultural competencies to guide organization
  • 22. A manager responsible for just oneFunctional Managers organizational activity such as accounting, human resources, sales, finance, marketing, or production Focus on area of expertise Use communication, planning and administration, teamwork and self- management competencies to get work done
  • 23. Individuals in an organization who direct the activities of othersPeople who work directly on a jobor task and have no responsibilityfor overseeing the work of others
  • 24. FINANCIAL MANAGERS OPERATIONS MANAGER GENERALMARKETING MANAGERS MANAGERS Other areas may HRD MANAGERS have to be added depending on the nature of the firm and the industry
  • 25. PLANNING ORGANIZING LEADING CONTROLLINGDefining Goals Determining Directing Monitoring What needs Activities Establishing Motivating To be done Ensuring that Strategy All involve How it will parties They are Developing Be done Accomplished Subplans Resolving As planned Who is to do it Conflicts Coordinate GOALS activities Stated by organization
  • 26. THANK YOU For LISTENING Management DAY TWO Presented by Sugiharto, SH. MM Re-programmed Presentation created by ugik013 Presentation Pro Images provided by Corbis Personal collections Fotosearch.comClosing theme performed byThe Corrs ‘Everybody Hurts’E-mail: STIE GICI Business School © 2011