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Walt Disney
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Walt Disney


Walt Disney - the biggest media conglomerate

Walt Disney - the biggest media conglomerate

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  • 1. WAL DISNEY T Seraphina + Aysha Seraphug + Ayshug.
  • 2. background information - It started as a small entrepreneurial enterprise, and was founded in the late 1920’s by Walt & Roy Disney (brothers) - Started by producing simple Mickey Mouse cartoons, and the company gradually grew. However, there were financial difficulties. - In the mid 80’s, things started to improve, and chief executive officer Michael Eisner declared the 1990s as the Disney Decade.
  • 3. today, Disney is the LARGEST media conglomerate in the world.
  • 4. it has converged to create more and more diversified conglomerates with other corporations, dominating the media and entertainment industry
  • 5. disney + synergy “The process by which media companies acquire and harness the relations between two or more elements of a media product” There are 2 different divisions in the Walt Disney Company: The Creative Content division and the Broadcasting division. Obviously, each division has it’s own responsibilities and areas of the conglomerate that it controls.
  • 6. the massiveness of disney Creative Content Division Broadcasting Division - Film - ABC Television Network (affiliated with TV - Television stations that reach approx. 25% of the - Cable Television US - Home Video households. - Music - Theatrical Productions - ABC Radio Network - Consumer Products - Specialized radio networks like ESPN Radio and - Websites; Radio Disney www.disney.com + owns go.com
  • 7. 1960: that Disneyland opened, bringing The year out their best synergistic strategies. They started a television show on ABC called “Disneyland”, aiming to promote the theme park and every Disney brand that exists. They also benefit from the ticket sales for admissions into the theme parks, especially when ESPN athletes go to them. It is also beneficial towards ESPN as it will advertise the channel, which ultimately allows it to gain more viewers.
  • 8. on top of the two divisions, disney now owns 6 major theme parks, hotel + resort properties, a cruise line, sports investments, & a planned community.
  • 9. DISNEY SYNERGY http://bp0.blogger.com/_tvgcmHMRG-U/SIzIA8J_KeI/AAAAAAAAAYA/U7TKSM346Zo/ s1600-h/synergy_a.jpg
  • 11. - Median age: 29 (66% between 18 and 34) - Men: 94% ➝ Single: 47% - College educated: 87% the demographics of - - Employed Full Time: 74% Average (Mean) HHI: $72,100 the espn audience: - - Attended sporting events within the last 12 months: 81% Purchased products online in the last 12 months: 89%
  • 12. sports center Sports Center is the flagship program for ESPN, which has aired more times than any other television show. Opening Credits of http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atE13pJ-RpQ&feature=related The opening credits already depict the Sports Center audience: The flashy metallic graphics and the techno music suggest that the audience is mainly males. This supports Boyle and Hayne’s ‘masculine ritual of sport’ where it is stated that sport is a male domain.
  • 13. theend!