UFV High School Liaison Day 2012


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UFV High School Liaison Day 2012

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UFV High School Liaison Day 2012

  1. 1. Welcome to theUniversity of the Fraser Valley 2012 Updates
  2. 2. UFV snapshotNEW programs• Graphic and Digital Design Diploma (Mission campus) 1. B.C. secondary school graduation or equivalent or minimum age of 19 years of age before the first day of classes. 2. Applicants must satisfy the English language proficiency requirement. 3. Attend orientation session. 4. Submit a 250-word essay on Graphic Design as a career.
  3. 3. New BuildingsNew Chilliwack Campus•To be completed in May•Located on CEP by TTC•Home of Health Science programmingStudent Union Building (Abbotsford)•Construction to begin shortly•Fall 2013 projected completionNew Continuing Studies campus – UFV Clearbrook Centre•Continuing Studies and ABT programs
  4. 4. NEW in the College of ArtsFaculty of Arts is now the “College of Arts”• Divided into 2 faculties (Humanities and Social Sciences)New to the Bachelor of Arts:• Anthropology Extended Minor• Sociology Extended Minor
  5. 5. NEW in the College of ArtsArts 100:• 9 credit interdisciplinary course designed for first year Bachelor of Arts students (Satisfies writing and reasoning requirement for BA)Proposed programs: Economics Major, Media Arts degreeNot yet finalized: Criminology Honours, Global Development Studies degree
  6. 6. Updates in the Faculty of Health ScienceNew to Health Science: Bachelor of Kinesiology (formerly inthe Faculty of Science)•New Chilliwack cohort for 2012 (see handout)Practical Nursing change: PN is now a 2 year diploma with anintake of 32 students, rather than a 1 year certificate accepting 24Dental Hygiene: Has intakes in even # years; students should beaware of the 30 University credits required to get in
  7. 7. Updates in the Faculty of Professional StudiesECE Certificate program - Part time/evening offered every Fallalternating Campuses (Abbotsford Fall 2013 Chilliwack Fall 2014)•Application Window – Oct. 1 to Jan. 15Teacher Education Program•Relocating to Abbotsford•Waiting to get approval from Ministry for secondary programProposed Program: Bachelor of ECE degree
  8. 8. Updates in the Faculty of Trades and TechnologyConcurrent Studies programming•Students can complete a high school diploma and entry level tradescertificate concurrently•Must apply by Nov. 30 of grade 11 year•Students will receive dual credit for trades program•Available in 13 different trades programs
  9. 9. Admissions Info 2012… www.ufv.ca/ar • Most degree programs offer direct entry from high school as well as a program path (“Studies”) • Self-reporting grade system now closed, students need to send in transcripts by fax, mail, drop-off • Many programs now closing/closed for direct entrants (students can still apply for program paths)
  10. 10. Admissions Info 2012… New approved grade 12 courses added for 2013 intake • Economics 12 • Foundations of Math 12 • Law 12 • Pre-Calculus 12 • Social Justice 12 • Sustainable Resources 12
  11. 11. Program PathsWhat are they?• Program paths are a general “open access” program category, that allows students to prepare for entry into a particular program, while taking a variety of courses that may be applicable to their goal.• Applicants who are not admissible to the program to which they applied, or who apply when the program is closed, are admitted to program paths.• Program paths provide the opportunity to take courses to prepare for entry to a program, or to apply towards their intended program. Students may register for any course provided they meet the prerequisites.• Although students can apply directly to program paths, most students would benefit by applying for admission to a degree or diploma in their discipline (consider BA or BSc if the goal is less clear) if they can meet the qualifications.
  12. 12. Program PathsFor students who are:• Completing entrance requirements for an intended program• Taking courses that will count towards their intended program• Students are still able to take any and every course for which they have met the pre-requisites.• Students are not “locked in” to a particular program path.• Students on program paths must still apply for admission to their program once they qualify (preferably ASAP)
  13. 13. Student Residence:Baker House• 204 beds; accepting applications now - $50• First come, first served after January 15, 2012• New communal kitchen• Meal plan now optional• Floor meetings and lots of organized events• www.ufv.ca/residence
  14. 14. Contacts in Student Services Abbotsford: 604-854-4528, Chilliwack: 604-795-2808, Mission: 604-557-7603Advising Services advising@ufv.ca • ufv.ca/advising•Peggy Bray (dept head) peggy.bray@ufv.caFinancial Aid finaid@ufv.ca • ufv.ca/finaidCounselling • ufv.ca/counsellingDisability Resource Centre • ufv.ca/disabilityservices
  15. 15. Arts and Science AdvisingArts Advice Centre: arts.advice@ufv.ca Elaine Newman, Director elaine.newman@ufv.ca Nicholas Johnson, Advisor nicholas.johnson@ufv.ca Rhonda Colwell, Advisor rhonda.colwell@ufv.ca Joanna Hawkins, Advisor joanna.hawkins@ufv.caCall: 1-888-504-7441, local 4028Faculty of Science: Karen Cooper, Advisor science.advice@ufv.caCall: 1-888-504-7441, local 4060
  16. 16. Thank you for coming!• daniel.goertz@ufv.ca, holly.zonneveld@ufv.ca• info@ufv.ca• PowerPoint slides will be posted to: www.ufv.ca/Future_Students/forcounsellors