How to Participate in #ufprchat: Step-by-Step Guide


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Learn how to monitor and participate in #ufprchat.

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How to Participate in #ufprchat: Step-by-Step Guide

  1. 1. Step-By-Step Guide to Participating
  2. 2.  #ufprchat was modeled after other well- known Twitter chats, such as #journchat, #prstudchat, etc. It is a way for University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications students and alumni to network and interact while discussing: the use of social media as a public relations tool, job searches, personal branding, career tips and more.
  3. 3. 1. Create a Twitter account at 2. Sign in to your account, and click “Find People.” Search for “ufprchat” and click the icon that shows a “+” sign next to a person. You are now following the @ufprchat moderator account! (Now go find some other cool people and companies to follow…)
  4. 4. 3. We recommend (though it’s not required) to use a social media platform to better monitor the chat. Some suggested platforms where you can set up a free account:     There are LOTS of options to choose from! If you are going to use a social media platform, make sure to set up a keyword search to monitor #ufprchat.
  5. 5.  If you decide not to use a social media platform, you can monitor the chat at: or Type #ufprchat into the search toolbar, and watch the page as it refreshes.
  6. 6.  Submit any questions/topic ideas to @ufprchat on Twitter or  Check for news about upcoming chats.  Make sure you have writing utensils handy to take notes during the chat.
  7. 7.  When the chat begins, introduce yourself. Include your first and last name. For example:  I’m Adrienne Browne. UFPR ‘07. Currently a Writing Specialist @SouthwestAir in Dallas. Hello! #ufprchat  Stay on topic. Add “Q1,” “Q2,” etc. to represent the question number at the beginning of your tweets. Include #ufprchat in your tweets.  Q3 Answer answer answer go gators tim tebow answer answer #ufprchat
  8. 8.  Respect others!  If you think of a question or topic you would like the group to discuss, send your suggestion to @ufprchat without the #ufprchat hashtag. This is important because your question should not be visible to everyone; we don’t want the chat getting off topic.  NO FLORIDA STATE FANS! (We kid, we kid).
  9. 9.  Visit to review the transcript, statistics and highlights from #ufprchat.  Write for our blog. Submit your story ideas to  Stay active on Twitter, read the news, apply for jobs/internships and count the days until the next #ufprchat…
  10. 10.  Contact us at or @ufprchat.