Sean Hurley, hearforward's - #btvmayor panel deck


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This is an edited version of deck presented by Sean Hurley, Managing Partner at hearforward, at #btvmayor panel on May 7th, 2012. A deck reviews the increasing necessity of Facebook's Ads and Facebook's role in Miro Weinberger's successful campaign for Mayor of Burlington, VT.

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Sean Hurley, hearforward's - #btvmayor panel deck

  1. 1. Too much content Too many webpages Too many followers / tweets Too many stories5/9/2012 #btvmayor panel 1
  2. 2. Not enough brainspace not enough5/9/2012 #btvmayor panel 2
  3. 3. Algorithms make editorial decisions about what content you see Pagerank “Top Tweets” GraphRank5/9/2012 #btvmayor panel 3
  4. 4. if the algorithms don’t like your content, you can use theplatform’s ad products to make sure your content is seen5/9/2012 #btvmayor panel 4
  5. 5. Gasp! Facebook says you might only be reaching 16% ofyour Fans “Reach Generator” Facebook. #btvmayor panel 5
  6. 6. so candidates are all like: WTF?!5/9/2012 #btvmayor panel 6
  7. 7. and scrooge McZuck is all like: 115/9/2012 #btvmayor panel 7
  8. 8. Takeaway: You have to spend money on Facebook Ads to aggressively grow a Facebook presence. Which kinda zucks.5/9/2012 #btvmayor panel 8
  9. 9. In the run up to election day, Facebook Ads helped Miro’s messagereach users outside of the page’s organic and viral reach. In the week following the launch, the page’s message reached over 130k users:  1,534 organically  13k virally  121k via Facebook Ads  142k total5/9/2012 #btvmayor panel 9
  10. 10. Ask and ye shall receive – “fan” gating is an importantpart of the landing experience You need to make an explicit call to action for the behavior you want from your visitors.5/9/2012 #btvmayor panel 10
  11. 11. Facebook can make it rain From contacts acquired on Facebook & through website optimizations Directly from website optimizations  Beyond “likes” – a Facebook presence can generate revenue. $5,175  hearforward’s efforts Directly from Facebook generated over $5,000 in contributions – mostly from Facebook.5/9/2012 #btvmayor panel 11
  12. 12. Facebook does saturation  Repetition is critical to building name recognition. Facebook can generate the kind of frequency campaigns are have historically only been able to get from Radio and TV 102k users were exposed to the brand 6 or more times In a similar market, hearforward managed a campaign where stories hit saturation levels among in- market buyers in just 1 week5/9/2012 #btvmayor panel 12
  13. 13. 34% less money spent in the General Election  Under hearforward’s management, the campaign spent 34% less money on Facebook Ads than it did during the primary. A significant savings for a local campaign -34%5/9/2012 #btvmayor panel 13
  14. 14. Less money, more likes  hearforward’s tuned, holistic approach generated 27% more Likes from the campaign’s during the General Election than were generated during the primary – from 34% fewer Ad dollars +27%5/9/2012 #btvmayor panel 14
  15. 15. Overall, a 48% reduction in the cost of growth  27% more likes from 34% fewer dollars equates to a cost-per-like that was 48% lower  Reducing the cost of growth has significant value5/9/2012 #btvmayor panel 15
  16. 16. Everyone in Burlington has a friend that likes Miro for Mayor  The social result:  According to Facebook, everyone voting-age Facebook user in Burlington had a friend that liked Miro for Mayor by election day  Miro had over three times the number of fans as his closest opponent  The election result: Landslide 20-point win5/9/2012 #btvmayor panel 16
  17. 17. hit us up CONTACT: Sean Hurley 802.376.17375/9/2012 #btvmayor panel 17