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UFCW 1360 newspaper, spring 2011 edition

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Voice of 1360 Spring 2011

  1. 1. The Voice ofLOCAL 1360United Food & Commercial Workers Union Vol. 13 No. 1 Spring 2011Collective Bargaining Rights:The Fight is Coming to New Jersey!Wal-Mart Updates!Important Message from ourPresident Sam Ferraino!Golf Outing, Comedy Night, Phillies Game andMore!
  2. 2. healthy and happy retirement. If it is not bad enough that we are having problems in the private sector, but the challenges we face in the public sector are monumental. By now, everyone should be aware of what has been going on in Wisconsin, along with Indiana, Ohio, Florida, Michigan, and our own state of New Jersey. The recently elected republican governors have decided to take on the working people of this country. Make no mistake that this is a consorted effort by the Republicans to destroy the unionized working class by blaming state deficits on employees’ benefits, wages and pensions. Don’t be fooled by this shell game that is being played by the Republican leadership,The President’s Message because at the end of the day, the deficits in every state shall be the same By Sam Ferraino because the savings that are being made by cutting health care cost, pensionThis has been a difficult time as far as victorious without your help. If you have and wages are then being given to thethe economic situation that faces all of any spare time that you can give to Local corporations. So at the end of the day,us. We as a nation turn to the country’s 1360 in our effort to stop these non-union the rich get richer and the middle classleaders to help stop the economic crisis stores from undermining our contract gets poorer. I would encourage ourthat faces us all. The issues are numerous and our union companies, please contact membership to watch MSNBC, “Theand we all wait in hope and anticipation your Union Representative to volunteer Rachel Maddow Show” at 9:00 p.m. andthat we can soon see the signs that the your time. The job you could be saving the “The Ed Show” at 10:00 p.m. Theyrecovery we hear so much about, is could be your own. have been covering what has been goingactually taking place. At a time when I believe that all unions on with the public sector around theThose issues affecting the country affect should show unity, many are doing just country. The sad part is Ed Schultz (fromus every day as union members. As gas the opposite. Unions continue to build The Ed Show) interviewed a member ofprices, unemployment and health insur- the beast which on a daily basis threat- the teaparty who was protesting theance costs continue to skyrocket people ens our existence as a union. Yes we can same day that the public employeehave less money in their pockets, thus blame the store’s losses on poor man- rally was being held in Trenton, NJ. Thehurting the bottom line of many of the agement, high unemployment and sky- women who was interviewed said “whystores we faithfully serve. rocketing gas prices, but the fact is these should they not have to pay for their stores threaten the further existence of health care when I have to pay for mine”.As a union we are also facing new non any stores in their vicinity. This is a classic example of the Americanunion stores moving into our area suchas, Super Walmart, Target Greatland, I wish that I could present you with a rosy people not raising each other up, butWegman’s, Trader Joe’s, Bottom Dollar picture for the coming year, but I have rather pulling each other down. As I(aka) Food Lion and Save-A-Lot (aka) and will always be honest with you. We said in the past, we should be saying asSuperValue. At these stores we continue will face some of the most trying times Americans “if somebody has benefits andto have a presence distributing handbills that we have faced as a union. A&P, I don’t, then good for them and I wantand giving information to those who ACME and Rite Aid are all having serious what they have”, instead of, “if I don’t haveask for it. The hard work of those on the financial issues. As A&P and Acme are it, they shouldn’t get it”. It truly is a race tofront line is appreciated by all of us and closing stores we will continue to work the bottom.we will continue to make our presence to have our membership placed atknow when and if non union stores try to other locations. To our Acme memberscome into our jurisdiction. We cannot be who have taken buyouts, we wish you a (President’s message continued on page 4)
  3. 3. Table of Contents Secretary-Treasurer’s Servicing Director’s Report 2 Political and Legislative Report 2-3 Negotiations Update 4 Weingarten Rights 5 Union Representative Reports 6-8 Member Milestones 9 Golf Outing 10 Scholarship Application 11 Wal- Mart Article 12 Benefits for Super Fresh Members 13 Women’s Network 14 Minority Coalition Report 15 Organizing Director’s Report 16 Heart Disease Facts 17 Proud to be Union 18 Member Spotlights! 20-21 DUI in New Jersey 22 General Membership Meeting General Membership Meeting @ 7:00 p m Tuesday, March 29, 2011 (Bordentown) Monday, June 6, 2011 (1360) Monday, September 12, 2011 (1360) Tuesday, November 1, 2011 (Bordentown) Terri LaCerra - Executive Administrative Assistant/Office Manager Lisa Johnson - Executive Assistant/Membership Research Department Grievance Amount From January 1, 2011 to February 28, 2011, Local 1360 members collected $5,481 36 in back pay and financial settlements from grievances filed by the Union It pays to belong Donna Hale - Executive Assistant Donald Scott - Head of Maintenance and Repair to UFCW Local 1360 PUBLISHED BY: United Food & Commercial Workers Local Union 1360. Chartered in 1939 by the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union. AFL-CIO. PUBLISHED QUARTERLY: Volume 13. Number 01. Third Class Postage Paid in Bellmawr, NJ. EDITORIAL OFFICE: Local 1360, 400 Commerce Lane, West Berlin, New Jersey, 08091. Phone: 856-767-4001 or toll free at 1-888-YES-1360. PRESIDENT & EDITOR: Sam Ferraino, JR. - websteward@ufcw1360.org SECRETARY TREASURER: Peg Michalowski - PMlocal1360.org RECORDER: Sue Michielli - smichielli@ufcw1360.org EXECUTIVE BOARD: Cookie Conway, Paul Cortesini, Brian Covely, Vince Germani, Robert Hollinger, Ruby Jones, Tom Jones, Rudy Margiotti, Frank Pagano, Al Parker, Helen Polizzi, Gregory Quagliato, Paul Prosser, Denise Scheuerman, Saylor Winslow PUBLICATIONS CONSULTANTS: AVC Pictures, LLCpage 2
  4. 4. Secretary-Treasurer’s Servicing Director’s Report Political and Legislative Report - continued we’re still in negotiations.” Union leaders His statements clearly illustrate that Gov. unemployment insurance benefits. The say they were told no meetings would be Christie does not support the fundamental bill defines “severe misconduct” that will Peg Michalowski Then, they cut their legs out from under It would be nice to see Rite Aid try running scheduled until after the governor’s budget right of Union employees. We suspect disqualify fired employees from benefits them. It is obvious to us that SuperValu has the pharmacy business with the same de- presentation, Feb. 22. In past contract that the real reason he is not going after as committed with malice and deliberate Secretary-Treasurer/Servicing Director again started calling the shots from their termination. As their stock hovers around negotiations, discussions have begun the Collective Bargaining is because he simply disregard for the property safety or life of As we enter into the ivory tower. They do not have the ability $1.25, you would think they would target previous fall. doesn’t have the votes within New Jersey’s people at the worksite or consumers, and New Year, we are to run a supermarket, as shown in their changing operational practices, instead of Democratic Legislature. Be assured if consists of violence, threats, theft, or other facing more chal- continued failure in every market area cutting the only asset they truly have, their Governor Christie has stopped short of elections in the Fall go the way he wants, employee-caused, substantial property or lenges than ever they attempt to operate. Theodore Roos- employees. calling for an end to collective bargaining we will be right up there on his target list. monetary loss. before. At a time evelt once said, “The best executive is the rights in New Jersey. “What I believe in is true, This New Year also brings us an attack by It is of the utmost importance for the future when retail markets one who has sense enough to pick good adversarial collective bargaining,” he said Fired employees already could not collect the Republican Party on Collective Bargain- strength of our Unions, that we vote against need to be on top of people to do what he wants done, and self on “Face the Nation.” “What I’ve said in New benefits if they have been fired for “gross ing. We have rallied with our brothers and those who do not support our mission. their game to com- restraint to keep from meddling with them Jersey is, as long as it’s fair and reasonable misconduct,” which is defined as criminal. sisters of the labor movement to stand up collective bargaining.” He added, however, But Christie added severe misconduct pete, we have a few Union employers that while they do it”. This is advice that Super- for workers rights in Wisconsin. If we don’t that he did not believe collective bargaining Additional News: which he defined as “not necessarily limited just aren’t up for the task. Valu CEO, Craig Herkert, should heed to. stand together nationally, we will fall, one rights for public employees were a given. to” several examples, including falsifying If both of these companies don’t make union and one state at a time. “Listen, all these rights are legislatively Assembly panel approves change records, misuse of benefits and sick time, A&P some substantial changes in the very near created,” he said. “They didn’t come down in unemployment eligibility and using drugs and alcohol on company If the Republican Party succeeds with their future, it may be too late for any type of from tablets at the top of a mountain. So property. We have watched A&P take on more than mission, the future will no longer see a In January, an Assembly panel approved a a recovery plan, no matter who is at the political things change and go back and they can handle with the purchase of Path- middle class. Instead, it will be the “haves” bill that narrows the definition of conduct helm. forth. Every state is going to make their own Mark. Then, instead of utilizing the talented and the “have-nots”. Our children will not be that can cost fired employees their personnel they now have with PathMark, afforded the rights that we so often take for determination on that.” they chose to release them, and leave the Rite Aid granted: working for a fair wage, affordable SuperFresh personnel there to ruin yet an- health benefits, paid vacations, seniority, Rite Aid has taken on organized labor as a other banner. and a grievance procedure to protect our whole. They have waged a war on union- jobs. Here’s a fact check of some of Gov. Chris Christie’s favorite figures, according to Beth Defalco of the Associated Press. ized members to strip them of the benefits SuperValu they have worked so hard to earn. It doesn’t History shows that with Collective Bargain- matter if they work in a warehouse in Cali- ing, everyone is a winner. The higher the Christie Says The FACTS SuperValu hired the best of the best to run fornia and are a member of the Longshore- percentage of unionized workers is, the their Acme banner, and tried to recoup it higher the standard of living is. Collective He closed an $11 billion budget defi- People paid more in taxes last year. The structural deficit — what the state would have spent if it man’s Union, or if they are in Ohio and New from years and years of mismanagement. Bargaining allows even the unorganized to cit without raising any taxes. fully funded every program on the books and accounted for inflation — was $10.7 billion for the Jersey, the company is coming after them. be lifted up with the organized. 2011 fiscal year, which ends in June, according to the nonpartisan Office of Legislative Services. OLS projected the 2012 budget year deficit at $10.5 billion. Much of the gap Christie closed was done by skipping a $3.1 billion pension payment. Political and Legislative Report Christie also reduced tax relief. Property tax rebates were cut by 75 percent in fiscal year 2011, meaning that ultimately; homeowners had a higher tax bill. The earned income tax credit was Sue Michielli also cut by $45 million that year — money that will be made up by taxpayers who don’t receive it. Political and Legislative Director He closed an $11 billion budget defi- They did in July 2010. But that’s because they deferred for 18 months a 3.5 percent raise in 2009 cit without raising any taxes. as part of a deal with former Gov. Jon Corzine that guaranteed no layoffs. The 7 percent Christie Collective Bargaining Rights: The Fight Is Coming To New Jersey. State workers got a 7 percent salary cites combines the 3.5 percent raises over two years. Since the passage of the National Labor bargaining rights of unions. As this battle • Require public workers and retirees increase this year. Relations Act in 1935, collective bargaining in Wisconsin unfolds, we soon will have a to pay 30 percent of their health care “We’ve cut spending two years in a When you take out federal stimulus money in the budget — spending of state dollars is basically has been the primary means by which fight of our own in New Jersey as contracts premiums; row.” flat from year to year. The governor also counts a $500 million pension payment the state has not U.S. workers can collectively negotiate the for some 49,000 state workers come up for • Raise the retirement age from 62 to 65; yet made as part of the 2011 fiscal year budget — inflating the 2011 budget year number even terms and conditions of employment with renewal. though the dollars have not, and may not be spent in that year. their employer. Why is this so important? • Eliminate cost of living adjustments for Governor Chris Christie is expected to attack Says he increased K-12 aid by 3 per- That’s true. What he doesn’t mention is that he cut education funding by $820 million in the 2011 Collective bargaining is a fundamental pension recipients. two issues: health reform and pension cent the 2012 budget, or $250 mil- budget year, which ends in June. So by comparison, the state spent $8.5 billion in direct school human right and it balances power reform for public employees. Christie Meetings are expected to start at the end of lion. aid in the 2010 budget year ($1 billion was federal stimulus money). It spent $7.9 billion in 2011. between employer and employee. asserts there will be NO pay increases for March with the governor’s office but there Christie proposes spending $8.1 billion in 2012. So spending is up, but not at the same level as In Wisconsin, the Governor and a majority state workers. Additionally he is expected are concerns there will not be enough time before he took office, when federal money was available. of legislators are waging a war with the to propose cuts in employee benefits. He to get contracts finished. “It’s going to be Democrats want to raise income tax That depends on your definition of “millionaire.” Just before Christie took office, an income tax Wisconsin teacher unions. They are trying would propose to: pretty ugly,” said Jeff Keefe, a labor professor on those making $400,000 or more. hike known as the “Millionaire’s Tax” (even though it applied to those making $400,000) expired. to pass a law that would change the way at Rutgers University. “I’m not sure we’re The surcharge raised the income tax from 8.9 percent to 10.8 percent. Last year, Democrats tried • Increase pension contributions for all going to be well-served by what comes out most state employees organize – with employees to 8.5 percent of salary; to revive the income tax hike, but on those making $1 million or more, Christie vetoed it. an end goal of weakening the collective of it. I wouldn’t be surprised if in Septemberpage 2 page 3
  5. 5. Negotiations Update Weingarten Rights: Tim Terifay Know Your Rights at Work! Negotiating company to try and get a fair, reasonable contract. However, the company wants to One of the Union Shop Steward’s most Rule 1: If you think you will be asked ques- Rule 3: If the company denies the request Borough of Lindenwold important jobs is to prevent threats and tions that will lead to discipline, and if the for Union representation, but continues to take away the benefits that our members Camden County Prosecutors Office have worked many years to obtain. Local intimidation by management. Nowhere is company automatically let the Union Shop ask questions, it commits an unfair labor 1360 representatives will keep you posted this more important than in closed-door Steward attend the meeting, you must practice and you have the right to refuse Risoldi’s Thriftway with any updates. meetings where supervisors or guards, make a clear request for Union representa- to answer. The company cannot discipline Rite Aid often trained in interrogation techniques, tion before or during the interview. You you for refusing to answer under these cir- Cherry Hill Library will try to scare or intimidate employees, or cannot be punished for making this request. cumstances. (You cannot get up and leave Saker and Eickhoff ShopRites members in the industry. We are will- force them to confess to wrongdoing. However, the company does not have to the meeting though until the employer Washington Township MUA We are waiting for negotiating dates from ing to continue to negotiate and bar- permits you to leave.) In a case called NLRB v. J Weingarten Inc., the inform employees of their ‘Weingarten Saker ShopRite Wakefern attorneys. The negotiating com- gain in good faith, to get a fair contract U.S. Supreme Court ruled that employees rights.’ You may be familiar with ‘Miranda Weingarten rights apply to all employees mittees will keep you updated in the future completed. We will keep our members have the right to have a Union Represen- warnings’ police have to give in criminal represented by the Union, whether proba- Eickoff ShopRite with any issues regarding negotiations. posted with any updates. tative present during investigatory inter- cases. This is different - employees have tionary or permanent. If you do not request views. These “Weingarten Rights” or We- ‘Miranda’ rights on the job. representation, the company has the right New First Contract Risoldis Thriftway Cherry Hill Library ingarten Rules”, named after the Supreme to do the interview without the Shop Stew- Be sure to ask for a Shop Steward or Union Camden Redevelopment Agency Court Case, are among the most valuable ard present, and to use the information it This company is going above and beyond to We met with the township and are put- Representative if one isn’t there at the protections Union employees have. obtains in any way it sees fit. destroy industry standards. They had many ting together a health and welfare pro- meeting already. Rite Aid chances to get a fair contract, but are intent posal that will provide savings for the Your request to be represented by the Union Rule 2: After you make a request for Union on bargaining in bad faith. Local 1360 is township and maintain good health Weingarten Rules should be in the following form: Negotiating issues include health and representation, the company can do one of trying to maintain the basic benefits that benefits for the employees. Under the Weingarten case, all employees the following things: “If this discussion could in any way lead to my welfare, contract language, and econom- all other employers are providing to our have the right to Union representation being disciplined or terminated, or affect my ics. UFCW Local 1360 has met with this • Grant the request and delay questioning when they reasonably believe that an personal working conditions, I request that until the Union representative arrives investigatory interview is about to take my Union Representative, officer, or Shop and has a chance to consult privately place. ‘Investigatory interviews’ occur when Steward be present at the meeting. Without with the employee; or representation, I choose not to answer any President’s Message (continued) a supervisor, guard, or other company of- ficial questions a worker to try and obtain • Deny the request and end the interview questions.” information which could be used by the immediately; or company to discipline the worker, or when • Give the employee a chance of (a) having There was an interesting feature on the Ed unions have declined so has the middle employees are asked to defend their con- the interview without representation or Show that I believe everyone, union and class share of income. That middle class duct. If the company breaks any of the fol- (b) ending the interview. non union should be made aware of. The share is not just affecting union members lowing rules, it breaks the law. point is in reference to the union busting it is affecting every middle class citizen as that has been going on in this country. you can see by the middle class share of the The chart below, taken from the Center of national income. So, while the republicans It Is Your Right And Responsibility To Make Sure You Are Enrolled In Our Union American Progress shows that with the praise the Bush tax cuts for the rich, it is Sam Ferraino decline of unions there is also a decline in obvious that those cuts did nothing to spur For your convenience, your dues can be deducted directly from your paycheck by the company, with your application. It is NOT the compa- the middle class. Their facts come directly the economy or the earnings for the middle ny’s responsibility to deduct your dues or initiation fees. If you are in question of your membership status, please call us at 1-888-yes-1360. us. Be proud to be union and be proud from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In 1967, class. Think about it. Have the republican to be part of the middle class. We are the BYLAWS OF U.F.C.W. LOCAL 1360 27% of the country was unionized. In 2007 leaders ever said let’s turn things around for backbone of this country. that number decreases to 12%. The blue the middle class. The answer is no. What ARTICLE IV – MEMBERSHIP – Section A: line shows the middle class share of the they have done is to put into people’s Know that the leadership of Local 1360 will All persons engaged in work within the trade and geographical jurisdiction of this Local Union shall be eligible for membership subject to national income. As anyone can see, as the minds that unions are out to break the continue to fight for our members during the provisions of these Bylaws and the constitution and the laws of the International Union. middle class. This chart shows just the these difficult times. Remember, you the opposite. The republicans are directly members are what make us strong and that ARTICLE XI – INITIATION FEES AND DUES – Section B: attacking wage earners. As they chip away strength is what makes us a union. 1. Dues shall be due and payable on or before the first day of the month for which they are due. An applicant for membership shall pay an at unions, they continue to chip away at As always, I am proud and honored to serve initiation or reinstatement fee, plus the current month’s dues and assessments. the middle class. Why, so they can reduce as your President. Though times ahead may the amount of money that middle class 2. Any member two calendar months in arrears for dues or fees to the Local Union shall stand suspended if same are not paid on or before the be difficult, we as a union will continue to first day of the third month. The responsibility for maintaining membership in good standing rests with the member; suspension therefore, workers have to support those leaders who be unified and strong. support wage earners and unions. We are when it occurs, is the voluntary act of the member involved. the middle class, and we know that what Thank you for your support and the republicans are proposing is not just remember you are the backbone of what U.F.C.W. LOCAL 1360 ~ 400 Commerce Lane & Rt. 73 – W. Berlin, New Jersey 08091-9253 ~ 1-888-YES-1360 – 1-856-767-4001 their attempt to break us but to also blame makes UFCW Local 1360 great!page 4 page 5
  6. 6. Union Representative Reports From Out in the Field - continued put RTS (refused to sign), date, and initial could exhibit physical symptoms. You must Reports From Out in the Field... Union Representative it. Then ask for a copy. Never meet with have any accidents documented, or file an Helen Polizzi Reports Management or Loss Prevention without accident report, because you may feel the Union Representation! affects later. It is also a good idea to consult Union Representative you all as family, more than members. You Please remember to keep our troops in with a workman’s compensation attorney. have stood together strongly through this your thoughts and prayers. Super Fresh It has also come to my attention that some Maryann Oswald Reports difficult time and helped each other stay members of the management “team” claim Your Union Representative will be able to Once again, there are put you in contact with one that Local 1360 I hope everyone enjoyed strong. I will miss you all! numerous rumors that they do not know what seniority uses regularly. Protect your health and your a safe, healthy, and Union Representative going around about means and what it is for. They are playing rights. Many of our Acme associates have recently happy holiday season. Saylor Winslow Reports your company. While stupid! You are union, and you have rights taken the buy-out offered by the com- Next I want to go over purchase policy A&P goes through the under your contract. You have earned it. The New Year unfor- pany. I wish everyone much success in their We are going through We at Local 1360 are here to help you, just AGAIN. tunately has gotten future. tough times as a union. bankruptcy process, rumors will continue to grow. Please keep in call us! 1) Nothing is to be consumed without first off to a rough start Companies are strug- We have recently seen some changes to mind that they are just rumors. The anxiety being paid for. already. UFCW Local 1360 was notified gling and our members This past February, the majority of you our territories. I will no longer be the rep- that our members have on a daily basis is in early January, that six Acme markets are fighting for their didn’t get paid on time and you weren’t 2) Any purchases you make are to be made resentative for the Mount Laurel ShopRite. enough without added stress, but this is were slated to close in February. Two economic lives. With given any direction to find out what you off the clock. This store has been assigned to Helen Po- common with any company going through are in our jurisdiction, Cinnaminson and these problems, our should do. If this should happen again, you lizzi. It has been an honor and a privilege to Chapter 11 reorganization. Until you hear 3) Never knowingly discount merchandise Moorestown. This announcement was members need to be more aware of the can get a “payout”. Request this through be your representative for the last six years. directly from Local 1360, please ignore any for anyone or accept a discount for yourself. certainly a blow to everyone. The next company policies and rules we work by. your store manager. He will get the DM’s I have gotten to know many of you, and rumors you may hear. piece of devastating news came a few days Companies are looking to save money any approval, and you can get a payout to I realize that I sound like a broken record have enjoyed my time with you. You will be later, when our members assigned to these way they can. Make sure you are not taking Local 1360, the Regional offices, all other hold you over until your check arrives. You about this, but it continues to loom as a in excellent hands with Helen. two stores were told they had a choice of extended breaks or lunches. Don’t text or Locals with A&P contracts, and our Interna- should get paid on pay day. Sometimes it large problem within our membership. four stores to choose from for placement. I will now be representing the following use your cell phone on company time. Be tional Union have been working closely to can’t be prevented, but it should never take Rite Aid locations: 1596 (Voorhees), 688 more than a couple of days to rectify. If it Lastly, as I am sure most of you know al- The four stores are: Morrisville, Levittown, careful of horseplay either on the sales floor continue to protect your interests. We will (Cherry Hill), 1732 (Cherry Hill), 757 (Mer- takes longer than a couple of days, please ready, there have been some changes made Newtown, or Glassboro. These stores are or in the backroom. You should also be keep you informed of any changes that will chantville), 833 (Cinnaminson), and 135 let us know. to the Union Representative’s territories. between twenty to forty miles from the careful in sampling product that has been affect you. (Willingboro). I can be reached at 1-888- I want to take a minute to say goodbye to closing stores and three are in Pennsylvania. put out for customers to sample. Don’t give Lastly, it has been a great pleasure repre- YES-1360, ext. 307. I look forward to meet- For the stores that I will no longer be repre- all of my members at Murphy’s Markets, Ark Talk about a happy New Year! Local 1360 these companies any reason to terminate senting all the Rite Aid stores for the past ing you in the near future and helping you senting directly, thank you for your support Road ShopRite, Whiting Stop N’ Shop, and immediately filed a grievance to include or suspend you. Employers are being more eight years. I will continue to represent in any way I can. over the years. I will miss you. I’m sure I will Foodtown in Whiting. It has been a pleasure the choice of stores closer for the effected aggressive with their disciplinary policies. seventeen stores, but I will miss all of you. see you again. to work with you for the last five and a half members. Not only will our members have Not to sound like a broken record, but you It is getting harder to get people put back Thanks for everything! years. Also, I would like to say a very spe- to travel further, but they will also have the MUST NOT use your cell phone at work for to work. cial thank you to all of my Shop Stewards additional travel expense of bridge tolls. any reason. Also, do not post anything on Rite Aid Please know your contracts. Make sure you in these stores who have been so helpful Currently, most Acme members receive the Internet or text anything negative or to me during my time serving your stores. only the minimum hours. How does the derogatory about a co-worker, a member are getting what you are entitled to. If you As you know, we are currently in nego- Union Representative Keep up the good work! Be well, and I’ll see company expect their solution to this are not sure, ask your Shop Steward or con- tiations with Rite Aid. Unfortunately, the of the management team, or the company. tact your Union Representative. However, it weather has caused us to postpone some Tom Zola Reports you all again at the membership meetings problem to survive, when a large portion This WILL get you fired comes down to you. It is your responsibility meetings. Please rest assured that we will Greetings everyone! and Shop Steward seminars. of workers’ paychecks will be gobbled up in travel expenses? I have also been assigned to the Ark to know your company’s rules. We will help continue meeting until we achieve a fair I hope you all had a Road ShopRite. I look forward to meeting you with any contract problems. Protect contract. In the past few weeks, it has happy and safe winter Naturally, news of the store closings spread everyone in the near future, and helping yourself and your job. Nobody can afford become evident that you want a fair con- season. For the second Union Representative like wildfire to the other stores. It started a in any way I can. Again, I can be reached to be unemployed. Jobs are scarce and un- tract, and we have your support in order to great deal of concern and anxiety for not employment is getting harder and harder do what it takes to make sure that happens. year in a row, we got Lyle Haynes Reports at 1-888-937-1360, ext. 307. We will open walloped with horrible only the associates that are affected, but negotiations soon with the Eickhoff Shop- to get. The strength you have shown in standing winter storms! I hope Hello again! Warm also for all Acme associates. I want to talk Rites. Please make sure to update your up for what’s right helps us to push for a fair all of our members and weather is on its way! about boosting morale. I want everyone to I need Stewards in these stores: phone numbers with us, so we can keep deal. their families got through them safely. This means vacation smile, greet, and thank the customer. Even you updated as we get new information. Stop-N-Shop – 850 – 2nd steward time is here again! though this news was upsetting to say the I get calls daily from people asking about The first topic I would like to cover is get- Simply call me, or call 1-888-YES-1360, ext. Royal Health Gate – 2nd steward Please remember to least, please remember to stay focused at what their rights are. I also get calls from ting injured while in the workplace. If you 301. Please be advised that the company is get your vacation work. Follow all company rules and policies. If anyone is interested, please contact me at people telling me that the Manager said this should happen to be injured while on the strictly enforcing the time and attendance requests in on time, as Try your best each day to provide outstand- 1-888-YES-1360, extension #311 or that. Remember that your Store Manager, job, it is of the utmost importance that you policy this year. If you are not sure what the outlined in your con- ing customer service. Now, more than ever, your DM, and your PDM, do not know your report this injury at once to the person in policy is, ask either your H.R. representa- tract under the Vaca- YOUR job really does depend on you! rights under your union contract. They are charge. Make sure it is documented and fill tive, the manager, your Shop Steward, or tion Article. If you are not sure about what there to protect the company, not you. Call out an accident report. This is extremely I would like to say that it has been an honor give me a call. you are entitled to, please check with your us at Local 1360 if you have any questions. important because often times the physi- and privilege to have had the opportunity Shop Steward or feel free to contact me at Although this year has gotten off to a Remember that if a member of manage- cal problems from an injury may not show to represent both the Cinnaminson and the union office, at 1-888-937-1360 ext 322. rough start, let’s all pull together and make ment tells you to sign something, you have up until days afterwards. You may feel Moorestown stores. I have gotten to know Also, do not try and save all your vacations it a better year. the right to refuse. We encourage you to fine, and then three or four days later youpage 6 page 7
  7. 7. Reports From Out in the Field - continued Members’ Milestones till the end of the year, because you may not Cherry Hill Library In Sympathy Congratulations Local 1360 Retirees be able to take them. HOEY, Harry E. Sr. We are in negotiations to get you a new Local 1360 would like to offer our deepest Emma Abate contract with the changes that will be best sympathy to Bill McCormick and his family. On December 21, Acme Loretta Agnello for you! Bill lost his mother, Martha M. McCormick, 2010, Harry E. Hoey As you know, Acme has begun closing some Sr. passed away at James Bates on January 12, 2011. We would like to rec- stores and they cannot follow the contract ognize Bill’s decision to ask for contributions age 85. A resident Diana Berent Rite Aids on how to do it properly. However, they Acme has left. I wish them all the best that to our UFCW Local 1360 Scholarship Fund/ of Pennsauken, Joyce Blair want you to keep smiling and saying hello. I now represent the following stores: 837, life has to offer. Leukemia Society, in lieu of flowers. Dona- NJ, Harry served Donna Branch Maybe there will be reason to smile now in 4601, 4739, 1860, 4819, 236, 1716, 843, 789, tions to our Scholarship Fund will directly in the US Army We have seen an increase of negative Suzann Brower the stores I have, because of our new DM. 687, 523, and 2740. I will be in your stores to benefit our members in higher education during World War II comments from our members about their Charles Clemments Jr. So far, I think the new DM will be a lot better keep you updated on your contract negotia- and will continue research by the UFCW and was a recipient of the Purple Heart. He managers, co-workers, and about their jobs than the last one. According to the feedback tions and anything else I can help you with. Leukemia Society. worked for over 45 years at ACME Markets Nora Conti in general on Facebook and other social we received, people felt the former DM was I have represented all the Rite Aids before in and was the President of the Local 1360 Re- Dwain Davis networking websites. Please be aware that John Wynne worked at Super Fresh 463, in not very employee friendly. Try to keep faith 2002. So, I do remember most of those still tiree Club. Harry was a jokester who enjoyed this will probably get you in trouble and “Little Marlton”. John passed away on De- Joan Doughty because they still have to keep the stores here, although the upper management has camping, fishing, crabbing, and family possibly terminated from your job. Social cember 25, 2010, leaving behind his mom Joan Darlene Way running. I would like to say goodbye to the changed. events. Harry is lovingly survived by his wife, networking sites are not private. They are and brothers. John was a fixture at the store. members of store 7931 Audubon. Your new Mary (nee Wispert), and his children, Anna Albert Gennett public domains and anyone can view them. Since 1988, no matter when you were there, Union Representative is Terri Dunnet. It has Health Care (Salvatore) Bagnana, Harry (Sherry) Hoey Jr., James Grant Sr. This means that the company you work for day, night, or on the weekends, you would been a pleasure to serve as your Union Rep- Rae Mary (Philip) Sacca, Deborah (George) Elaine Grayauskie I must remind the LPNs about making sure is also monitoring these sites, so please be be greeted with a big smile, a hand-shake, resentative for the past five and a half years. Giansanti, his ten grandchildren, and thir- you take the time to document all treat- careful what you post. and a friendly hello from John. Ella Hoffman teen great-grandchildren. ments, medications, and anything else that We are also seeing an increase of union A customer from the Super Fresh in Marlton Joseph Ireland ShopRite Zallie’s you do for a patient/resident before you members ratting out other union members. made a memorial to John on the bench that Kenneth Jackson Jr. Just a quick reminder that your contract will leave for the day. If you do not do the treat- you would always find him sitting when he Local 1360 Shop Steward Retirees: Elizabeth Keenan We do not condone wrong doings, but turn- be up for renegotiations on August 8, 2011. ment or give medication as per orders in was not working. When you walked in or out ing in another union member is not the way On behalf of Local 1360 staff and membership, Louisa Kelly Please start making notes on what you see chart, DO NOT SIGN the chart that you did of the store, he would pop up and greet you to handle the situation. You can always go we would like to thank the following recently Diane Knott that needs to be changed. We will be hand- do the order, inform your Supervisor that with a smile. His conductor hat is placed to your Shop Steward or call me to discuss retired Shop Stewards for their many years of ing out surveys soon for you to fill out so you did not perform that order! These are the matter first. No union member should on the bench which he wore all the time John Koveloski we can better work on proposals when we state regulations we cannot fight against. when he wasn’t working. His work apron, dedication and service to Local 1360 and our be writing statements about another union Guido Lure meet with the company. I would like to say Make sure all the daily, weekly, and monthly his funeral memorial card and a card from membership. We wish all of them a happy and member. healthy retirement and the best of luck in their Loretta McCrea goodbye to the members of store 531 West reports that you are responsible for doing on customers and employees is also on the Berlin. Your new Union Representative is your assigned resident/patient, is complet- It seems that all companies are starting to bench. They expressed how much they will future adventures. James McNerney Helen Polizzi. It has been a pleasure to serve ed on time. Do not put off or delay because write up members for “Stealing Company miss him and love him. James McNerney Acme 7904 Linda Montone as your Union Representative for the past it could cost you your job. C.N.A.s/C.H.H.A.s: Time”. This is any offense where you are Robin Norcross supposed to be working and are not. For John had a passion for automobiles and Harold Kee Acme 7910 five and a half years. I would like to say hello Please remember your resident’s rights per Beverly O’Neill example, if you are supposed to be working planes. However, his true passion was for to the members of store 539 in Laurel Hill. I the state. I know one of our nursing facili- Vance Watkins Acme 7910 and instead, you are standing around talk- trains. John was a loving person with a Denneth Pagliaro look forward to serving you. ties has been running short-staffed on aides child-like playfulness. He will be forever Bill Rust Acme 7926 Michael Peoples to the point that if someone calls out, they ing, taking an unauthorized break, using I would also like to say goodbye to everyone your cell phone, texting, reading a maga- missed by his family, his Super Fresh family, Deborah Cheeseman Acme 7943 are below the state minimum for staffing. Michael Pingitor at Ravitz ShopRite’s 525 & 529. It has been a zine or circular, or taking an unauthorized and all the customers that knew him. God The state is NO help to the nursing homes Linda Johnson Acme 7973 Walter Schwartz pleasure to serve you for the past three plus smoke break, you may be written up. If you bless you, John. May you rest in peace. when it comes to financial aid. Over the past David Seybert years. Maryann Oswald has store #525 and are on the clock, you should only be doing Robert Smith Acme 7991 couple of years, they have cut the budget Helen Polizzi has store #529. what your employer is asking from you… Robert Shinn on assistance to all senior health care, put- Gary Auten Acme 7991 ting more of the costs on the caregivers. WORKING. Andrew Sims Pathmark 551 & 591 I ask that everyone please make yourselves Suzette Smashey aware of your company’s purchase policies. If your name has been admitted from the above William Smith Well, we are feeling the effects of the bank- ruptcy of A&P. Only one of our Pathmark Union Representative Do not eat or drink anything before it is pur- please contact us so that we can recognize you Eileen Tharrington chased and keep the receipt. Also, do not inour next addition of “The Voice of 1360”. stores is closing, but that’s one too many Terri Dunnet Reports Patrick Toner when it costs people their jobs. I know you shop on company time. Hello, everyone! Wow, John Voorhees have gone through this before, as I have If you need to get in touch with me you can gone through this with other companies what a wild winter we Joanne Warner had! I hope everyone’s contact me at 1-888-YES-1360, ext. 325. as an employee. I have dealt with this as a Carol Wiest Union Representative, and I know it is not backs are okay from all Until next time, have a great spring! the shoveling! Dorothy Young easy. However, we will work with you and Andrew Zerillo help you through this. By now, everyone who took the buyout atpage 8 page 9