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Packaging Industry : Overview
Function of Packaging
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Packaging Industry : Global

Packaging Industry : India

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Future Prospects of Packaging Industry

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The packaging industry in india

  1. 1. THE PACKAGING INDUSTRY IN INDIA BY: RAMESH KUMAR THAKUR General Manager, District Industries Centre (Madhepura Saharsa)
  2. 2. Contents * Packaging Industry : Overview Function of Packaging Classification of Packaging Packaging Industry : Global Packaging Industry : India Rigid Packaging # Metal Containers # Glass Bottle # Rigid Plastics # Paper Cartons Flexible Packaging Caps & Closures Labels Secondary & Bulk Packaging Packaging Machinery Future Prospects of Packaging Industry 2
  3. 3. Packaging Industry: OverviewPreservation: preservation of the quality andlengthening the shelf life of innumerable products -ranging from milk and biscuits, to drugs and medicines,processedand semi-processed foods, fruits and vegetables, edibleoils, electronic goods etc.,Branding: Distinct from mere packing”, Packaging playsit’s most visible and catalytic role in a modern economywith the widespread adoption of branding of products anddevelopment of consumer preferences.Attractiveness: To the extent that any consumerproduct is packaged in a manner that meets the criteriaof safety, convenience and attractiveness, it gains marketshare. In the aggregate, packaging as a sectoral activity boosts consumption and economic growth. 3
  4. 4. Functions of Packaging 4
  5. 5. Classification of PackagingBy Shape(Form & Size) By method(Way of packaging) By Contents By material 5
  6. 6. Packaging Industry : Global Size of Packaging Industry Worldwide (est.) : USD 600 Bn. (excluding machinery) US packaging market accounts for about 24 % Western European packaging industry is dominated by Germany, France, Italy & U.K Paper & Board leads with 36% of the world market followed by Plastics World packaging industry has been growing at a rate of 3 - 5 % per annum 6
  8. 8. Market Share of Packaging Media (by value ) McG 8
  9. 9. Indian Packaging - Notable Developments Metal cans and glass bottles have lost large markets to rigid & flexible plastics and printed monocartons Flexible packaging has replaced all forms of rigid packaging; the flexible packaging segment has seen many new innovations – the concept of the single use unit pack is now globally acknowledged as a marketing first Laminate tube has almost entirely replaced the aluminium collapsible tube for toothpaste packaging, now making inroads into the pharmaceutical sector PET bottles & jars have made a spectacular entry into the Indian market, recording annual growth rates in excess of 20 % per annum; in its wake, the demand for a whole new range of plastic closures has also emerged replacing metal closures PET bottles are used for mineral water, edible oil, carbonated soft drinks and a host of other products 9
  10. 10. Metal Cans in India Tinplate packaging, in India, includes Open Top Sanitary (OTS) cans, 3 -piece General Line cans & seamless cans - all manufactured within the country; Aluminium 2-piece beverage cans as well as limited quantities of OTS cans are imported The market for metal packaging in India has been nearly stagnant over the past decade owing to the high cost of raw materials and consequent shift to other packaging media Tinplate is produced in India; large imports take place as domestic production is inadequate 2-piece beverage cans have not yet made an impact 10
  11. 11. Select Metal Can Manufacturers: IndiaTinplate (OTS/ GL) Cans Aerosol Cans Comet, Silvassa  Asian Cans Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai Hindustan Tin Works, (Tinplate) Sahibabad  Metal Impacts Pvt. Ltd., India Tin Industries, Bangalore Bangalore (Aluminium) Kaira Can Company, Anand L & T, Hyderabad (contract mfr.) Petrox, Mumbai Shetron Metal, Bangalore Standard Tin Works, Mumbai Western Cans, Mumbai Zenith Tin Works, Mumbai 11
  12. 12. Glass Packaging: India India has a well developed glass bottle manufacturing industry Trends in Indian Glass Packaging ◦ Industry growth rate has been around 4 to 5 % per annum ◦ Industry has been under cost pressure in recent years ◦ Profitability has been low historically ◦ Loss of markets to PET containers, cartons, and flexible packaging ◦ Industry has succeeded in making light weight glass bottles, glass bottles of fancy shapes, frosted finish, etc. 12
  13. 13. Global Market for PET Containers :by User Segment McG 13
  14. 14. Market for Printed Cartons : India Total Market : 420,000 Tonnes 14
  15. 15. Flexible Packaging Market: Global The Global market for flexible packaging is estimated at USD 65 Bn. The US flexible packaging market is valued at USD 20 Bn. The main end user being food industry at 50 % Western European flexible packaging industry is valued at around USD 8 Bn. McG 15
  16. 16. Manufacturers Of Lamitubes: India Manufacturer Capacity (Mn. No.) Essel Propack Ltd. 2,800 Sri Rama Multi Tech Ltd. 640 Courtaulds Packaging 120 Essel Propack is the largest lamitube manufacturer in the world 16
  17. 17. Caps & Closures: India The Indian market for Caps & Closures is valued at Rs. 18.5 Billion Industry is characterised by large number of small and medium sized manufacturers and a few large manufacturers like Manaksia Group, L & T, and Oriental Containers Plastic closures has registered an impressive growth in recent years and is fast substituting metal closures in many applications Innovations in recent years : ROPP : Bulged / embossed caps, pressure holding caps Plastic : Guala caps, pressure holding caps, tamper-evident caps, pourer caps 17
  18. 18. Caps & Closures : IndiaType of closures & applications…... Type Major Applications Crown Cork Carbonated Soft Drink (CSD), Fruit Juice, Beer, Ketchup ROPP Cap Pharmaceutical, Liquor, Processed Foods, Hair Oil, Stationery Lug Cap Jam, Pickle, Condiment, Cheese Spread, Other Foods Plastic Closures CSD, Mineral Water, Lubricants & most products packed in PET, PP, HDPE containers 18
  19. 19. Market for Labels : India The Indian label market for packaging applications is valued at around Rs. 5 billion in 2010-11 Including holograms and barcode labels, the market size would be well in excess of Rs. 5.5 Billion Annual growth is around 15 % Printed label industry is highly fragmented with a vast number of small printers, spread all over the country; however the label industry in India is nearly on par with its global counterparts The leaders in the industry are today manufacturing labels that can be compared with the best in terms of graphic design and print quality. The industry has the capability to print on a wide variety of substrates 19
  20. 20. Market for Labels : India (contd.) In recent years, there has been a shift from simple paper labels to more sophisticated products such as self adhesive labels, shrink sleeves & heat transfer labels Sophistication within the category of paper labels has also taken place in terms of high quality of printing, use of special varnishes, coating, laminating with films High end printing machines and pre-press equipment are now visible - multi-station flexo and letterpress machines with stations for screen printing or hotfoil embossing and with in-line die cutting facilities, are now being imported Barcoding and holograms have recently entered the market, adding to the excitement in the labeling sector 20
  21. 21. Secondary and Bulk/ Tertiary Packaging 21
  22. 22. PACKAGING MACHINERY The market can be broken down into eleven mainsectors as shown below:3. Packaging machinery for beverages;4. Meat processing and packaging machinery;5.Coffee, tea and tobacco processing and packagingmachinery;6.Beverage processing and packaging machinery;7.Bakery Packaging machinery;8.Confectionery Packaging machinery;9.Basic food and feed packaging equipment;10.Packaging machinery for the pharmaceutical industry;11.Other food and beverage packaging machinery.12.Converting and printing machines;13.And packaging materials machines 22
  23. 23. Why Packaging is growing industryin India:Packaging industry serves the followingpurposes in India2.Protection and Preservation3.Containment4.Supplementary Product Protection5.Communication6.Convenience7.Environmental Aspects8.Reduction of Pilferage9.Marketing Trends:
  24. 24. Factors Affecting Growth ofPackaging Industry in India 1. Urbanization 2. Increasing Health Consciousness 3. Low Purchasing Power resulting in Purchase of Small Packets 4. Indian Economy Experiencing Good Growth Prospects 5. Changing Food Habits amongst Indians 6. Personal health consciousness amongst Indians: 7. Rural Marketing Pushing Demand for Sachets 24
  25. 25. McG 25