How to Monetize Casino Social Games?

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  • 1. ©2013 Bees and Pollen LTDHow To Monetize Casino Social Games?Hear what the panelists at 2013 London ICE have to say
  • 2. ©2013 Bees and Pollen LTDUdi BaroneCo-Founder & CTO, Bees and PollenThe PanelRaf KeustermansCEO, PlumbeeVicenc MartiCEO, Akamon EntertainmentDaniel FiskeFounder & CTO ClickFun CasinoSumit GuptaCEO, BitRhymes (Bash Games)Dan WiegenfeldCEO, Diwip GamesAndrew TepperPresident, eGenesisAlan AvidanExecutive Director, Bees and Pollen
  • 3. ©2013 Bees and Pollen LTD“Monetization is something that can befixed once you have a coreengagement, once you have an audiencethat is receptive, that likes yourgame, that engages with your content“-Raf Keustermans, CEO PlumbeeShare quote:
  • 4. ©2013 Bees and Pollen LTD“You should have a really detailed, highresolution funnels, both in terms oftechnical issues and the game progress.”- Dan Wiegenfeld, CEO Diwip GamesShare quote:
  • 5. ©2013 Bees and Pollen LTD"Gambling has a big stigma, we are doingeverything we can today to say to playersits ok to deposit here. “-Andrew Tepper, President eGenesisShare quote:
  • 6. ©2013 Bees and Pollen LTD“Because its relatively easy to collectenormous amounts of data, you have tomake sure that the data is actionable fordifferent people.”- Raf Keustermans, CEO PlumbeeShare quote:
  • 7. ©2013 Bees and Pollen LTD“The real money casino seem to have losta little bit of innovation and not move asquickly as the social casinos“-Daniel Fiske, Founder & CTO ClickFun CasinoShare quote:
  • 8. ©2013 Bees and Pollen LTD“Our mission is to improve playersexperience and improve the gameperformance in terms of KPI”-Alan Avidan, Executive Director Bees and PollenShare quote:
  • 9. ©2013 Bees and Pollen LTD"In a game, what you incentivize reallydoes drive behavior“- Andrew Tepper, President eGenesisShare quote:
  • 10. ©2013 Bees and Pollen LTD“There is an obsession with quantity andnot enough on quality.”-Vicenc Marti, CEO Akamon EntertainmentShare quote:
  • 11. ©2013 Bees and Pollen LTD"Both worlds work together, Social gamescan learn from Gambling and vice versa."-Raf Keustermans, CEO PlumbeeShare quote:
  • 12. ©2013 Bees and Pollen LTD“You have to find another angle to thematrix that explains the behavior in termsof value”-Vicenc Marti, CEO Akamon EntertainmentShare quote:
  • 13. ©2013 Bees and Pollen LTD“How much credit youre giving to a new user? Ifyou’re giving too much, the monetization will bepoor, if youre giving too little the engagement mightbe poor – here’s where the social data comes to play- when you use it smartly and optimize the credits orthe game flow for new users. “- Udi Barone, Co-Founder & CTO Bees and PollenShare quote:
  • 14. ©2013 Bees and Pollen LTDWatch the full panel videoShare:
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