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Thoda waiting hai

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Pilot episode for a fiction series based on the working relationship of a genius chef and the entrepreneur who gives him a second chance.

Pilot episode for a fiction series based on the working relationship of a genius chef and the entrepreneur who gives him a second chance.

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  • 1. Thoda Waiting Hai (Pilot Episode) by Uddhav GhoshKamikaze Films (Mind Heist Media)Address: 1302, B Wing, Evershine Embassy, Veera Desai Road,Andheri West, Mumbai - 400053Phone Number: +91 9967774468
  • 2. 1. INT. COUNSELORS CABIN - EVENINGAarti and Mario are sitting across each other. (Cameramovement during this sequence is 180 track). She looks at himwith the sternness of a school principal. Uncomfortablesilence. Clock ticking sound in the background MARIO What?Aarti raises her eyebrows. AARTI You tell me. MARIO There’s really nothing much to tell.Mario stops. Aartis expression has still not changed.Mario’s eyebrows go up in exasperation. MARIO (CONT’D) I asked the staff, politely...Aarti sniggers. MARIO (CONT’D) Politely, to not use cellphones in the kitchen. CUT TO:2. INT. LITTLE ITALY - MORNINGMario standing with his kitchen staff around him in a semi-circle. On the kitchen counter lie a couple of cellphones.Mario looks at the staff and nods disapprovingly. CUT TO:3. INT. COUNSELORS CABIN - EVENING AARTI Mario...What really happened?Mario sinks deep into the couch. (Cue- Bonobo- Between theLines)
  • 3. 2.4. INT. LITTLE ITALY- MORNINGThe entire sequence is shot in slow motion. Slightlyexaggerated movements. Mario has lined up his employees andis checking them with a metal detector. Takes out a phonefrom a pocket and puts into a bowl. Using a huge sieve, hetakes out the phones from the same bowl, peels of the phoneskins and covers, separates their parts, boils some oil anddeep fries them.5. INT. COUNSELOR’S CABIN - EVENINGAarti looks at Mario with her eyes wide open. Mario shrugshis shoulders looking at the camera.Credits roll out.6. INT. SHOPPING MALL - LATE EVENINGAndy and Khushi are walking in and out of stores inside amall. Andy is hyper, whereas Khushi appears calm. ANDY Ok, so let’s do this one more time. The boutique was first right. KHUSHI We had a good nameShe picks up a dress and holds it against herself. KHUSHI (CONT’D) Khushi’s (with a flourish)Andys look is one of disapproval. The dress is placed backin the shelf and they keep walking. ANDY Oh yea, of course. That really took some time to come up with, did it? Next was artist management? KHUSHI We got as far as the logo didn’t we? ANDY True true. Moving on. We had the music label, the lingerie brand and my personal favorite, our very own ski resort at Gulmarg.
  • 4. 3.And , this time, a shortish dress. ANDY (CONT’D) Priya has the same dress in blue.That dress is rejected. KHUSHI Heyyyy. The Ski Resort was a fantastic idea. What went wrong with it again? ANDY You hate the mountains and you DON’T know how to ski Khushi Arora. KHUSHI Oh yea. Ah well. Too bad. Could have been something. ANDY Excuse me! You have just two weeks before your dad’s deadline expires! Then its gonna be at the export house with daddy dearest. KHUSHI You give me very little credit. I have a plan. Extension or hunger strike! And we are here to have fun. Don’t ruin it.Andy picks up a copy of a lifestyle magazine from a magazinerack outside the shop. Mario features on the coverphotoshopped as the devil, article about restaurant owners “Iworked with Mario, and lived to tell the tale”. Holds itagainst him, like hes a holding a dress so that Khushinotices. ANDY (As he flips through the article) Four restaurants in five months. (Whistles)Khushi sees a dress inside a store and she walks in. Andykeeps the magazine back and when he goes back into the store,she is already holding up that dress in front of the mirror.She selects the same and goes on to pay the bill. KHUSHI We have a winner! And you need dinner! Baby, youre stressing out and we need to celebrate you know!
  • 5. 4.Andy is stunned by her proposition. KHUSHI (CONT’D) Dunno what is it about men, (looks at Andy) well even gay men, that you guys stress out too much. Daddy’s gonna come around. Got a feeling the next idea is gonna be a winner. Come on, call the others, lets get some food and get those creative juices flowing. ANDY I want to try Little Italy. See what all this Mario hype is all about. KHUSHI Whatever you want darling. CUT TO:7. INT. KARTIKE’S APTT - EVENINGKartike is sitting on a bean bag in front of his televisionset. It’s a small aptt. He is playing- rewinding- playing aDVD on his player, the footage of which is his name beingannounced as the winner of a food based reality show. Phonerings. KARTIKE Hello? ABHIJEET So basically it takes for me to call from another phone for you to take my call? Why are you avoiding me bro? KARTIKE You know why. ABHIJEET How is it a bad move? Come on. Highest TRP’s on the telly. And there’s a kitchen. You can cook all you want for the other guests. KARTIKE Dude Im not going on Bigg Boss. Either get me a food show I can host else I’m just gonna try find myself a job as a chef.
  • 6. 5. ABHIJEET Khatron Ke Khiladi? Roadies? You’re a little old, but I could try... KARTIKE Bye Abhijeet.Kartike rewinds the scene again and plays it again. CUT TO:8. INT. KITCHEN - EVENINGMario is like a man on fire. Barking orders left, right andcentre. The kitchen staff on full alert, following everyorder as if it’s an order from God himself. Vidya stands inone corner looking at the playout of this entire sequence. MARIO Tissue paper thin Pastrami Nicole. I should be able to see through it. Potato Wedges Rishabh, not the kinds you got in school. The pig needs to feel honored that the bacon is being made in this kitchen. Slice and dice Nancy. Slice and dice. Will you get with the program Anush. It’s called Pasta. Not Sasta.Vidya looks on. Figuring no one is noticing her, she steps toone corner and dives into her pocket to fish out hercellphone only to find it isnt there. She’s horrified, andturns to find Mario standing right behind her, her phone inhis hand, eyebrow raised. MARIO (CONT’D) One of these days, your phone’s gonna be in the frier too, you know that right? VIDYA I’m a PR Manager for crying out loud Mario. 3/4ths of my job hinges around the phone. MARIO 3/4ths of your job is Facebook?
  • 7. 6. VIDYA I manage the restaurants page!! And twitter, and the blog. Not to mention damage control for your shenanigans. MARIO Ya ya. Take it outside will ya? Dont want the others to see me give you a pass.Vidya grins, grabs the phone and steps outside. As she goesthrough her Facebook feed she see’s Kartike’s update “The‘Realities’ of Life are hard to face :(” She immediatelycalls him up. VIDYA What happened? KARTIKE Bigg Boss. Wild card entry types. VIDYA Is that really such a bad thing? 2- 3 weeks away from the world might be just what the doctor ordered! KARTIKE Hey. You want time off from me, just say the word. VIDYA Arre. Why so serious? Was just kidding ya. KARTIKE Look I know we’ve had fights over this, but can you get me to just meet Mario once? VIDYA Kartike please yaar. He doesnt work like that. My introduction means nothing to the man. Will just spoil your case. KARTIKE Come on, you’ve been so loyal to him. Sticking up for him, with him past 3 years. That’s gotta count for something.
  • 8. 7. VIDYA You know he’s never even asked me what my life is like post work hours. He doesnt want to know. Doesnt want to mix personal and professional. God only knows how he’ll blow up if he gets to know we’re seeing each other and Im angling for a job for you. KARTIKE You don’t need to tell him that. Use the ‘Kitchen Masters’ plug na? VIDYA You kidding me. Don’t even mention that to him. Whatever chances you may have would get killed if he figured you’re ‘Kartooz Kartike’ from Kitchen Masters. KARTIKE (sullen) ya ok whatever. VIDYA Gussa mat ho Kartike. Kuch figure karenge na. KARTIKE Lets do our own thing Vidya. Small lil cafe in Andheri? You do what you do, and I’ll do what I do. VIDYA Really? And who’s putting in the money? Your Kitchen Masters money toh went into that monster standing outside na.Kartike looks down at his Harley Davidson standing in theparking of the colony. VIDYA (CONT’D) Look, I need to get back to work abhi. Lets talk once i’m home. Love you.Cuts the call before Kartike has a chance to say anything. CUT TO:
  • 9. 8.9. INT. KHUSHI’S CAR - EVENINGKhushi driving while Andy sits in the passenger side. Threemore friends sitting at the backseat ANDY You made the call for reservations? KHUSHI Arre it’s Kapoor Uncles place. He’s called up the manager and told him to expect us. Best seats in the house baby! CUT TO:10. INT. DINING AREA - NIGHTThe Restaurant Manager Prakash Kamte is standing with Vidyabehind the Maitre D. As Khushi and gang walk in, he and Vidyagreet them and take them to what appears to be a privatecorner. Kamte hands them the menu’s personally. As the groupfigure what they want, Kamte leans across to Vidya. KAMTE Better give Mario a head-up. VIP’s in the house.Vidya nods and heads to the kitchen.11. INT. KITCHEN - NIGHTMario is still in game mode. Vidya calls out to him. VIDYA Ok. So here’s the deal. Khushi Arora of Arora and Arora is in the restaurant. MARIO Ahh. VIP’s. How I love the VIP’s. VIDYA Give it a break Mario.Kamte enters holding a slip with the order. MARIO Lemme guess. Some Pizza, Pasta, Risotto and Salad.
  • 10. 9. KAMTE Close. Also an order of Bistecca alla fiorentina, Ossobuco and Tiramisù for Ms Khushi and her friend. MARIO (Almost giddy) Really? Connoisseurs ...finally.Back to game mode. Starts barking orders. Vidya grins andhead back to the dining area. CUT TO:12. INT. DINING AREA - MOMENTS LATERKhushi and her friends sitting at the end of their meal. Theserving dishes have been wiped clean, the plates lying emptyexcept for a piece of chicken on Andy’s plate. Remnants ofdessert on the side plate. KAMTE Did you enjoy your food Ma’am? KHUSHI I don’t think I’ve ever eaten like this before. I have to compliment the Chef. Would it be possible to meet him? ANDY Oh yes. Could you call him please. KAMTE Errr. Yes of course Ma’am. Sir.Kamte whispers in Vidya’s ears who goes in towards thekitchen. Moments later we can hear Mario screaming frominside. MARIO You think i have the time? Tell Kamte to take a lap in that glory. I have a kitchen to run. What the hell. You watch how you talk to me in my kitchen. Nancy...hand me that cleaver.Vidya walks out embarrassed with Mario in tow. Mario walkstowards the table and in contrast to the screaming inside,takes a graceful bow.
  • 11. 10. MARIO (CONT’D) Buona Sera, Ladies and Gentlemen. KHUSHI Buona Sera Chef. Sorry for stealing you away from the kitchen but we just had to meet you. MARIO I thank you, as does my staff. I’m glad you all had a pleasant meal. ANDY Oh it was beyond brilliant. Just felt that the chicken could have been roasted just a tad bit more.SILENCE. Vidya looks at Kamte who looks at Mario who looks atAndy. MARIO Oh it wasnt done right was it? ANDY No no. I didnt mean to...I mean it was fine.... MARIO ...fine? Let me see if I can better it for you.Mario storms off towards the side gate. We hear him comingback in a few seconds. Loud clanging sounds which becomelouder as he comes closer. Everyone especially Andy looksterrified. CUT TO:13. INT. SHOPPING MALL - DAYAarti is with her husband and kids. Shopping cart in tow,they go from row to row when her husband suddenly stops. VIRAT I think they’re paging you Aarti. AARTI What? ANNOUNCER Calling Aarti Mehra to the information counter. (MORE)
  • 12. 11. ANNOUNCER (CONTD) Calling Aarti Mehra to the information counter please.Aarti makes her way to the front of the mall. A littleworried she reaches the counter. MALL MANAGER Are you Aarti Mehra? AARTI Yes. MALL MANAGER Ma’am theres a man looking for you. Your mother was in an auto accident. AARTI What? Who came? MALL MANAGER Errr....that gentleman there...(pointing towards Mario sitting on a bench)Aarti is livid. AARTI What’s the hell are you doing here Mario? What happened to my mother? MARIO You weren’t taking my calls. I needed to talk to you. AARTI I don’t work Sundays Mario. And you know that. How did you know I was here anyways. MARIO Managed to find your landline number. Your mom told me. You better call her by the way. I told her your husband was in an auto accident. AARTI You’re a sick man Mario.
  • 13. 12. MARIO Why do you think I’m here. Something happened. CUT TO:14. INT. MARIO’S APTT - EVENINGMacro shots of kitchen knives, various ingredients, pot, pansand saucers. Cue - Walk in the sky - Bonobo MARIO (V.O.) So here I was, back at the apartment. Was feeling stressed so I figured I’d do some focussed meditation.Shots of Mario chopping vegetables, slicing meat, makingsauces, boiling, dicing. MARIO (V.O.) (CONT’D) You were right you therapy. It was magical. The feel of a good strong knife, the sound of a good deep cut on a chopping board, that little slide into the frying pan, that heavenly sizzling sound as you see good meat turn into that perfect red. Could feel all the anger seep right outta me. CUT TO:15. INT. SHOPPING MALL - MORNING AARTI Why were you angry? MARIO Oh, I got fired. But that’s not important. I was... AARTI You got fired? Again? Why? MARIO Oh ho. Some nonsense at the restaurant. Try focussing on the story doc. CUT TO:
  • 14. 13.16. INT. MARIO’S APTT - EVENING MARIO (V.O.) So where was I...oh I could feel the anger seeping out. The room was a cacophony of sight and smell, the different aromas wafting through the air, bringing in the promise of a new beginning. And then suddenly.There’s a knock on the door. Mario is awakened from histrance and he goes to open the door, to find Khushi standingthere. CUT TO:17. INT. SHOPPING MALL - MORNING AARTI Ok. So who is Khushi? MARIO Khushi Arora. Only child of Mr Narendra Arora. The Arora and Arora family. AARTI Ok. And what was she doing at your apartment? CUT TO:18. INT. MARIO’S APTT - EVENINGKhushi dressed in simple casuals, looking younger than herage flashes a dazzling smile at Mario. KHUSHI Hi again. MARIO Hi. KHUSHI So I heard you got fired. MARIO You come here to gloat?
  • 15. 14. KHUSHI Andy’s the one who’s gloating. I’m just here to talk. MARIO I already have one counsellor. But thanks for dropping by.Mario starts to shut the door. Khushi jams her foot betweenthe doorway. KHUSHI Why haven’t you ever started your own restaurant? MARIO What do you mean? KHUSHI You obviously dont work well as an employee. And judging by how you live, Im guessing money really isnt the big hurdle. So why havent you started your own restaurant? MARIO Do you see me wearing white collars? KHUSHI You’re wearing a chef’s jacket, of course I see white collars. MARIO You know what I mean. KHUSHI Aah. Not management material are we? MARIO What is it to you? KHUSHI Well Im not gonna stand outside and tell you. Aren’t you going to invite me in? MARIO (hesitant) I was just cooking dinner.
  • 16. 15. KHUSHI Excellent. I’ll join you.Khushi enters the aptt to discover food everywhere. MARIO I cook when i’m angry. CUT TO:19. INT. SHOPPING MALL - MORNING AARTI Ok wait. Andy who? MARIO They guy I accidently lit on fire. AARTI What??? CUT TO:20. INT. RESTAURANT - NIGHTFlashes of Mario with a blowtorch holding up a chicken andcooking it, Andy, Khushi, their friends, manager, staff andVidya freaking out. Andy trips causing Mario to turn and‘accidently’ turning the blowtorch towards him. CUT TO:21. INT. SHOPPING MALL - MORNING MARIO I said accidently.Aarti looks on with disbelief. CUT TO:22. INT. MARIO’S APTT - EVENING KHUSHI I’m starving. You mind if I?Mario hands over a plate. Khushi starts to look over the foodbefore serving herself some _______
  • 17. 16. KHUSHI (CONT’D) Andy’s fine by the way, in case you were wondering. MARIO Oh Im so relieved. (Sarcastically) KHUSHI You don’t need to be mean about it. MARIO The flame barely even touched him. You want some garlic bread with that? KHUSHI Yes please. So...Mario...I have this place at Versova. It’s in shambles as of now, but it’s got a great view of the sea. MARIO Good for you. KHUSHI Ya well anyway, I been thinking, some renovation, some decent wallpaper and some furniture it could really be something. MARIO What do you mean? KHUSHI I’m glad you asked.She takes out an A4 sized envelope from the folder she iscarrying. Opens it and lays out a sheet on the table. Thesheet has logo designs with the word ‘Mario’s’ written on it. KHUSHI (CONT’D) We can work on typeface, but this should give you a gist of what i’m talking about.Mario looks at her stunned. CUT TO:
  • 18. 17.23. INT. SHOPPING MALL - MORNING VIKAS Aarti, mom just called. Someone called her and told her that i’ve been in an accident. She’e really freaking out. We gotta head back. AARTI It’s ok Vikas. There was a misunderstanding. VIKAS What do you mean? AARTI Don’t worry about it. I’ll explain later. Why don’t you take Rishabh and head back. Ill take an auto back. VIKAS Ahh...ok. You sure. AARTI Don’t worry about it.Vikas heads off with Rishabh. Aarti looks back at Mario. MARIO I’m sorry doc. Didn’t mean to put you in this position. AARTI Forget it. So then what happened? CUT TO:24. INT. MARIO’S APTT - EVENINGMario and Khushi sitting across the table. The logo optionslying in front of Mario. MARIO Why me? KHUSHI Beg your pardon? MARIO Why me? Why start a restaurant with me after what happened?
  • 19. 18. KHUSHIYou’re an artist Mario. I knew thatfrom the time the I took that firstbite of that ________ . MARIOAnd? KHUSHIWell. Every artist is allowed a feweccentricities. You’re more extremeno doubt but the way you defendedthe food really got to me. What youneed is a handler. MARIOHandler? KHUSHIOk maybe wrong choice of words. Nota handler but someone who can keepthe bullshit off your plate. MARIOAnd you can do that? KHUSHIDon’t mean to sound hoity-toityabout it but I’m born uppermanagement. I mean I know food aswell as everyone else, maybe alittle bit more than average butthats only cause my dad’s such afoodie. But I know the differencebetween good food and great foodand more importantly I know how tomanage, to keep everything runningship-shape. MARIOSo you run the restaurant. You haveexperience in hospitality? You knowhow to manage Guest Relations,Vendor Management, Health andSanitation inspections, Liquorlicenses, Music permits, Marketing? KHUSHIYou know how to keep a job for 3months straight?
  • 20. 19. MARIOPoint taken. Ok so basically youput in the money and manage therestaurant while I handle thekitchen and we are equal partnersin this venture. KHUSHIYup MARIOAnd the restaurant is calledMario’s. KHUSHIYup MARIOAnd the long term goal is to have a‘Mario’s’ in all metros? KHUSHIMaybe ever abroad. MARIOOk. Why me? KHUSHIOHHHH GOOODDDDDD. We’re back tothis again. MARIOWhat’s in it for you? KHUSHISigh. Look, its either this or I gojoin daddy’s business. And this isnot saying that i don’t believe inthe idea. I do. MARIO(grins with a look ‘it all makessense now) Ahhh. Gave you a blankcheque book, did he? Try your ownthing or get back to your roots? KHUSHISomething like that. Except for thecheque book. He needs to beconvinced about the business plan. MARIOAnd this...’Mario’s’. This is yourfirst idea?
  • 21. 20. KHUSHI No no. This is one in a long long list of ideas. Most of them were trash to be honest. Don’t mention that to Andy. MARIO Speaking of which, what does he feel about this? He’s involved in this too? KHUSHI (sarcastically)Oh he’s thrilled. MARIO Ah...haven’t told him yet. KHUSHI Andy, Daddy....all part of Step 2. MARIO Step 1 being? KHUSHI Are you in or are you out? CUT TO:25. SHOPPING MALL - MORNING AARTI And are you? MARIO I called up your mom, drove all the way across town, got the information desk to page you, told you the entire story in vivid detail if i may say so myself...for what? AARTI For what? MARIO For the answer doc! Jeez get with the program will you? AARTI need a job. MARIO Thank you for stating the obvious.
  • 22. 21. AARTI And ‘Mario’s’ is most definitely an ego boost. MARIO Umm Hmm AARTI I’m not saying you need one. But still....doesnt really hurt. MARIO Go on. AARTI And well...I like the way Khushi sounds. And who are we kidding can always quit or get fired if it doesnt work out. MARIO Sounds about right. AARTI your very own restaurant eh?Mario hands over the logo options sheet to Aarti. Does anexaggerated bow and walks off. CUT TO:26. INT. KARTIKE’S APTT - EVENINGVidya and Kartike are walking in carrying shopping bags ofBig Bazaar. KARTIKE Come on yaar. One interview. VIDYA Kartike please. How many times do we need to have the same argument? KARTIKE Last time it was different. You told me there were no openings. He’s starting a new restaurant from scratch baby. He’ll need a good Sous Chef.
  • 23. 22. VIDYA I also told you that he will blow his top if he got to know about us. Not to mention you reality show background. KARTIKE Come on. It’s not as if I havent done my hotel management. The show was just a leg up. That’s all I need to say to him about that. VIDYA It wont work Kartike. Not with Mario. KARTIKE Vidya. VIDYA Yea? KARTIKE Is there anything else you wanna tell me? VIDYA (Sighs) Look I dont think we should be working in the same place. Its just too much time together. KARTIKE You think my working at Mario’s is going to put a strain on our relationship?Vidya looks at him. Silence CUT TO:27. INT. KHUSHI’S HOUSE - EVENINGNarendra Arora sitting across the dining table on the farside. Khushi sitting next to him with her laptop, a powerpoint presentation open which talks about projections. Andysitting on the other side of the table fiddling with his cellphone. ANDY Uncle, before you say anything, let me go on the record and say that I think this is a truly bad idea. That man is a lunatic. Certifiable.
  • 24. 23. KHUSHIPapa, please ignore him. He justhad a bad experience with the man. ANDYHe lit me on fire!! NARENDRA ARORAHe lit you on fire? KHUSHIPapa, please ignore him. You knowAndy’s such a drama queen. NARENDRA ARORAAh ok. Well the plans good.... KHUSHI(hugging Narendra) Yayyyy!! NARENDRA ARORA...on paper. KHUSHII know I can do this Papa. NARENDRA ARORAThis fellow...Mario. His think you can make thiswork with him? KHUSHII’ve lived with you haven’t I?Mario’s just an overgrown child. NARENDRA ARORA(thinking) Ok Khushi. I’m notpromising anything right now. Butyou can take an advance fromTiwariji for the preliminarygroundwork. Give me a report in aweek and we’ll see. KHUSHIOh Papa (hugging him again) NARENDRA ARORABeta, One piece of advice, at leastin the beginning, even if you andMario are in partnership, have aninsider in the kitchen staff. Hiresomeone you feel you can trust.
  • 25. 24.Andy looks on sulking. CUT TO:28. INT. COUNSELOR’S CABINAarti and Mario sitting opposite each other. AARTI have got to listen to me. And you have got to absorb. And you have got to make sure you don’t screw this up. MARIO Woah. Thanks for that vote of confidence doc. AARTI Your boss... MARIO My partner. AARTI Your boss, isn’t an old hand at this. And you being...well you...are going to try take advantage of that. Resist that temptation. A partnership is about trust. It’s about faith. And it’s about compromise.Mario sinks in into his chair. CUT TO:29. EXT. ARORA WAREHOUSE - MORNING AARTI (V.O.) Show her that you’re as invested in the process. It’s not about a monetary contribution. It’s about building something together.Mario and Khushi standing against the backdrop of the sealooking at a rundown warehouse. MARIO Are you kidding me?
  • 26. 25. KHUSHI What? MARIO This place? This is your little slice of heaven? What are we opening...a franchise pizzeria? KHUSHI Arre. we’ll sit with the architect na. Make it more...Italian. CUT TO:30. INT. COUNSELOR’S CABIN - MORNING AARTI You both are still trying to understand each other. So give it time. Don’t get into a fight. Talk it out like mature adults. CUT TO:31. EXT. ARORA WAREHOUSE - MORNINGMario picks up the cover of a trash can and holds it in hisright hand raised slightly above his head. MARIO Oh look at me. I’m Chef Mario and Head Delivery boy of Mario Pizzas. I sit on my little moped and brave the bombay rains, and avoiding all the potholes I reach your shitty apartment building called Golf View, I argue for about 5 minutes with your security guard and get into a WW2 era elevator to deliver your pizza in 30 minutes or less. Of course if i’m late you don’t need to pay me, cause who are we kidding, we are the very face of mediocrity. You anyways dont expect much from our pizzas which is why we are THE budget pizzeria around town. It’s not as if we need the money to well i don’t know...make the place look more ITALIAN!
  • 27. 26. AARTI (V.O.) Don’t act childish. You don’t want her to be believing all that’s been written about you.Mario throws the trash can towards the building, smashing awindow in the process and drives off in his SUV. CUT TO:32. INT. COUNSELOR’S CABIN - MORNING AARTI You need to show that you’re willing to work towards a middle ground. There will always be disagreements but sometimes you need to show you’re the bigger person and step off the plate.Mario nods. CUT TO:33. INT. INTERIOR DECORATORS - EVENINGInterior Decorator, Andy, Khushi and Mario in a verytastefully done office. Khushi holds up a catalogue ofwallpapers KHUSHI So what do you think? ANDY It’s so rich. I love it! RAJIV I know right? The minute you mentioned Saint Peters Basilica, I just knew you were gonna love this.They all look at Mario. AARTI (V.O.) All you need to do is breathe deep. Feel calm and let your senses loose. And say ‘If you like it, I have no problems’ MARIO Oh Ill tell you what I feel about it all right. (MORE)
  • 28. 27. MARIO (CONTD) The Basilica you said right? What did you do? A quick wikipedia search? Have you ever even been to the Basilica?He whips out a lighter. ANDY Oh my god, oh my god he’s got a lighter! KHUSHI Mario no please no.... MARIO It’s idiots like you who will go buy paper lanterns and a statue of the Buddha and some feng shui crap for doing up a Chinese restaurant.Lighting up the catalogue of fire. MARIO (CONT’D) You bring your gift wrapping paper close to my or any other restaurant again, you’re next. AARTI (V.O.) Trust me Mario. You will feel so much better in just giving. CUT TO:34. INT. COUNSELOR’S CABIN - MORNING AARTI And you’ll feel good about it. It will bring the two of you closer as partners and as friends. And you need to get there. CUT TO:35. INT. CONFERENCE ROOM - EVENINGKhushi and Mario sitting on one side of the table. AARTI (V.O.) You need to work on your interpersonal skills Mario. Become more of a people’s person. (MORE)
  • 29. 28. AARTI (V.O.) (CONTD) The world isnt your kitchen and you arent the sole monarch however much you may want to be.Vidya enters the room. KHUSHI Hey Vidya. You met the guys over at CNN-IBN? VIDYA Have pitched the story. They’re very interested but... KHUSHI ...they want to do a piece on Mario not the restaurant? VIDYA Yup. MARIO Can I help it if I make for good TV? VIDYA What’s been happening here? KHUSHI The food tests were done. We have the finalists coming in for the personal interviews now. You should sit in for this. VIDYA Sure.Khushi presses a switch on the intercom. KHUSHI Virat Sanghi please.Virat enters and goes to sit towards the far end of thetable. Before he sits down Mario cuts in. MARIO There’s a timeless Italian cake dessert which consists of whipped egg yolks, liquor flavoring, cocoa, and a delicious triple-cream cheese.Sitting down.
  • 30. 29. VIRAT Yes. The Tiramisu. I made that in the morning. MARIO Yes you did. How do you spell it? VIRAT I’m sorry? MARIO How do you spell Tiramisu? VIRAT T-I-R-A-M-I-S-U MARIO Perfect. If only you cooked as well as you spell.MONTAGE- Interspersed with candidate reactions rangingbetween correct answers, wrong answers, weird answers andpure silence. Also cutaways of Mario accepting and rejectingcandidates, banging his head on the table, pretending tosleep. Khushi and Vidya getting very tired by the process. MARIO/ KHUSHI/ VIDYA Whats the pasta which is traditionally made with chopped, sautéed bacon, egg yolks, grated cheese, cracked black pepper, and sometimes cream? Canederli are a typical dish in Trentino-Alto Adige. The most common kind look like meatballs, their main ingredient however is not meat but...? What kind of shirt are you wearing? One of my favorite salad is made from cubes of toasted bread (pane), ripe tomatoes, basil, salt, pepper, olive oil, and vinegar. It is also made with very firm textured bread that has been soaked, squeezed dry, and then crumbled and added to the other ingredients. What is this called? Who is your favorite film director? (MORE)
  • 31. 30. MARIO/ KHUSHI/ VIDYA (CONTD) Raisins are a traditional ingredient in sweets such as the Milanese Panettone as well as savory dishes, such as the Venetian Saor, a cold fish dish. What is their Italian name? Seriously dude...whats up with your face?Khushi looking at the call sheet. KHUSHI Ok. We have one candidate left. By the way, this guy’s food was the one we liked the most. So take it easy will ya? MARIO We’ll see.Khushi presses the buzzer. KHUSHI Kartike Kapoor please.Vidya is jolted out of the chair. Kartike enters and avoidseye contact with Vidya. KHUSHI (CONT’D) Kartike, you look very familiar. KARTIKE Ahh..I have one of those faces. Everyone finds me familiar. MARIO No No. She’s right. I have seen you somewhere too. KARTIKE Ahh well... VIDYA ...weren’t you a contestant on Kitchen Masters? KHUSHI Oh that’s right. You weren’t just a contestant. You were the winner right? KARTIKE Ah yes Ma’am.
  • 32. 31. KHUSHIYou haven’t mentioned that in yourpapers. Any particular reason why? was great fun while itlasted. Gave me great exposure. Butit truly wasnt about the food. Idont want my life to be judged onthe basis of one experience of mylife. MARIOYou went for the show though. KARTIKEI beg your pardon Chef? MARIOI said, you went for the showthough. You wanted to be ontelevision, you couldnt make it toany other show so you used the onething you do have to fulfill yourfantasy. KARTIKEWasn’t like that Chef. MARIOOh really? What have you done sinceyour show? KARTIKEI was taking a sabbatical Chef. MARIOYou were waiting for the offers topour in. You hoped to have your ownshow didnt you? KARTIKEInitially yes. But I just realizedover that period that I’m movingaway from my only real passionwhich is cooking. MARIOAh. A true artist. KARTIKEI had offers Chef. Including thoseof being a Head Chef with the KDGroup in Delhi.
  • 33. 32. MARIO You should have taken that up. No place for reality stars here. I need real chefs. Not those who’s calibre has been judged by the number of SMS’s they are able to wangle from the public. KARTIKE Chef, there’s a reason I’m here applying as a Sous Chef. I can cook. And you do know that. Don’t you ma’am? KHUSHI Your food was very good. It was in fact the best out of the lot. KARTIKE Which is why I left out the show from my CV. Wanted you to judge me on my food not a television appearance. And Chef, the idea was to learn from you. I knew I wasnt Head Chef material. But I do know I’m right for this job.Kartike steals a glimpse of Vidya and then looks back atKhushi and finally Mario. KHUSHI Mario would you like to ask anything off Kartike? MARIO Nope. KHUSHI Thank you Kartike. Vidya here will get in touch. KARTIKE Thank you Ma’am. Thank you Chef.Kartike walks out. Khushi turns to Mario. KHUSHI You’re not going to hold the TV thing against him. MARIO He hasn’t been in a real kitchen for over a year. (MORE)
  • 34. 33. MARIO (CONTD) He isnt going to sharpen his skills at our expense Khushi.Khushi smiles. MARIO (CONT’D) What? KHUSHI You called it our restaurant. That’s a first. MARIO Yea. It was a slip of tongue. Dont get used to it. KHUSHI Coming back to the point, I think this fellow was good. He’s honest, seems to have seen a low phase but loves cooking. We should take him in as Sous Chef. MARIO Look you wanna go out with the guy, do it on your own dime. I’m not letting ‘Reality’ here into my kitchen. KHUSHI Vidya could you excuse us please.Vidya walks out. KHUSHI (CONT’D) My dime Mario? This here, is all my dime. MARIO I was wondering when you’re gonna throw that in my face. KHUSHI Oh come on Mario. All these days you’ve done nothing but oppose everything i’ve been trying to do. Saying no for the sake of saying no. MARIO Can I help it if you have lousy choice?
  • 35. 34. KHUSHI Lousy choice? The only lousy choice I’ve made is to try and work with you. MARIO So says the woman with 6 failed business ventures. KHUSHI At least I try Mario, I don’t burn bridges when I move on. You scar people as you move along. You think you can live your life like this. Be an island. Tell me Mario, how many friends do you really have? MARIO I don’t need friends Ms Khushi. I don’t need support of sycophants to pass my days . All i need is here and here. (showing his hands and then tapping his head) KHUSHI I wish you realized you need a little of this too Mario. (pointing towards his heart)Khushi walks off. CUT TO:36. EXT.OUTSIDE CONFERENCE ROOM - MOMENTS LATERKhushi comes out and drives off in her car. Kartike isstanding in the corner. Khushi doesnt see him as she drivesoff. As Kartike turns he finds Vidya staring at him. VIDYA How could you do this to me Kartike? KARTIKE What? You mean making one last ditch attempt and finding a career? VIDYA Of the fifty thousand restaurants in Mumbai, you find only the one where I’m working?
  • 36. 35. KARTIKE Kya yaar? Is it wrong for me to aspire to learn from a chef like Mario? Tell me yaar? How can I face you sister and your dad when they ask me what I do? Two years under this guy and I’m golden. I can set up my own place. Don’t you want that for me? VIDYA Not at my expense Kartike. He finds out about us, and both of us are out of a job. How do we face my folks then? KARTIKE Why you getting so hyper? VIDYA Were you even in that room Kartike? Did you see how he reacted to you? Khushi was there defending you and his blood was boiling. The worse thing which could happen is for you to get the job and be stuck between a rock and a hard place. KARTIKE I’ll win him over baby. I will. Trust me please. I can do this. Will make sure he doesnt get to know about us. At least till the time we’re sure he wont react adversly. VIDYA Please say no if Khushi offers you the job. Please. For my sake. CUT TO:37. INT. ANDY’S OFFICE - AFTERNOONAndy is on the phone with someone when Mr Arora opens thedoor to his office and pokes his head in. NARENDRA ARORA got a minute?
  • 37. 36. ANDYUncle...of course. (speaking intothe phone) listen I’ll call youback in ten.Uncle please sit. How come you’rehere in this part of town? NARENDRA ARORAWhats happened to Khushi? Past 2-3days she so... disconnected. I know Uncle.It’s that Mario fellow. He’s drivenher up the wall. NARENDRA ARORAIt’s just been a couple of weeks.How bad could it have been? ANDYPretty bad. I mean, Khushi reallytried Uncle. I’ve never seen herhave so much patience. She’smatured through this experience,she’s just been stuck with a‘partner’ who hasn’t. NARENDRA ARORAYou think thats deliberate? ANDYOn Mario’s part? Honestly, I don’tthink so. He’s not out to piss heroff, but I don’t think he cancontrol it either. I tried toexplain this to Khushi in the verybeginning, but it didnt reallysink in. NARENDRA ARORAShe really believed she could pullit off. ANDYYea she did. And now she’s reallyembarrassed about it all. Totallydevastated. Especially when itcomes to facing you. NARENDRA ARORAOh come on. She know that Iwouldnt hold it against her.Except...
  • 38. 37. ANDY Except...?Narendra Arora stays silent. CUT TO:38. EXT. MARKET - EVENINGMario is doing some shopping, haggling with the meat vendorwhen a man comes and taps him on the shoulder. Mario looks upirritated, the man points out to a luxury car parked rightoutside. Mario looks at the man with a confused expression.The man hands Mario a business card which reads ‘NARENDRAARORA’. CUT TO:39. INT. NARENDRA ARORA’S CAR - MOMENTS LATERMario sitting next to Mr Arora looking very uncomfortable.His shopping bags forming a partition between the two. MrArora flattens the plastic bags in an exaggerated movement tomake eye contact with Mario. NARENDRA ARORA Yaar bada gussa karta hai tu? MARIO Khushi came and complained to you? NARENDRA ARORA She isn’t a snitch. She’s a good girl. MARIO Andy. Of course it’s Andy. That little piece of.... NARENDRA ARORA .....thand bhai thand. So....tell me what happened? MARIO Nothing happened. Just had a minor disagreement. NARENDRA ARORA Wouldnt be a partnership without a few of those.
  • 39. 38. MARIO You here to tell me that the deal’s off right? NARENDRA ARORA She doesn’t even know I’m here Mario. I just wanted to meet you. MARIO Why? NARENDRA ARORA You made my little girl cry Mario. MARIO Look I... NARENDRA ARORA ....but you also brought out a side of her I haven’t seen in a really long time. Chowpatty pe gaadi rokna. MARIO I don’t understand. NARENDRA ARORA She’s not just called Khushi, Mario. Wherever that girl goes, she brings in this wave of sunshine. And very few people realize that within that cheerful disposition there is an inherent sadness.The car stops at chowpatty. The two of them step out andstand leaning against the car. During the conversation theywalk along the chowpatty. NARENDRA ARORA (CONT’D) This (pointing towards some of the Pani-Puri stalls), this place, whenever I pass this place I’m reminded of that Khushi. The one who was truly happy. Every saturday, come hell or high water Khushi and Vaijanti, my wife, would come here. It was their mother- daughter time. They would come here and Vaij would let Khushi gorge on chaat, and paani puri and whatever else she wanted. (MORE)
  • 40. 39. NARENDRA ARORA (CONT’D) I was never allowed to come with them, because I had forbidden Vaij to let Khushi have street food. Was too paranoid a father. Vaij brought her here anyways and to me it was always some story about having ice- cream at _____ or having rolls at _____. Vaij told me about this when Khushi was in her tenth standard. Ten days before she died. Funny thing is even though I knew she was going, I was furious with her. I screamed and I shouted. I still don’t know whether it was because they had defied my one express wish, or whether inside I was feeling sorry for having missed out on the smaller moments, the little things which make a family. Anyways, Vaij died. And I tried in my own little way to compensate for the loss. The following Saturday I got her into the car and drove down here. She never stepped out. Been 13 years now. She still hasn’t. (Silence) And then you came along, a hurricane which seems to have brought her back to life. A sense of purpose so definitive that the sadness just dissipated. I was in the presence of the Khushi I lost years back.The reach back at the car. Facing each other. (Cue- In TheAir Tonight- SAGEONE REMIX) NARENDRA ARORA (CONT’D) This partnership, Mario, it isnt about the restaurant or the business. It’s about the smaller moments...the little things. Sometimes you dont realize it till it’s gone. And then it’s too late. CUT TO:40. I/E. - VARIOUS - NIGHTMario sitting in a couch sipping some red wine.Kartike having food alone. Place for Vidya all set up.
  • 41. 40.Khushi all decked up, leaving for a party giving peck on MrArora’s cheek.Vidya having coffee in a CCD. Happy people all aroundMario looking at the logo options sheet.Khushi in car with friends talking and laughing. Snapshotmoment of sadness visible on her face before she joins theconversation again. Andy noticing.Mr Arora looking at picture of him, his wife and Khushi froma decade ago.Mario making a phone call and leaving his aptt with purpose.Khushi interacting with people.Vidya in an auto.Kartike’s cellphone buzzing bringing him back to life fromhis PS3 game.Mario haggling with a random guy outside a shack.Kartike on his bike.Mario making phone call. CUT TO:41. INT. CLUB - NIGHTKhushi and gang partying. She keeps cutting calls. Andy comesup to her. ANDY You seem far away. KHUSHI It’s Mario. He’s been calling past fifteen minutes. ANDY Ignore him. Come on, lets get a drink.Phone rings again. KHUSHI You know what, I’ll have that drink, but first I’m going to give him a piece of my mind.She takes the call. We only hear her part of theconversation. KHUSHI (CONT’D) You’re out of your mind Mario. NO. No freakin way. You really expect me to... And why is that? I’m not a pushover... (MORE)
  • 42. 41. KHUSHI (CONT’D) Really? You have some cheek to call me out like that. Fine. I’ll see you in twenty. But you better be... Hello? Hello? AAARRRGHHHHHH CUT TO:42. I/E. ARORA WAREHOUSE - NIGHTKhushi gets out of her. The sound of the sea in thebackground, and pitch darkness around her. She walks aroundnavigating her way using the light of her cellphone screen. KHUSHI Mario? You there?She walks around some more. Hears a strange sound coming fromthe warehouse. Very apprehensively she walks towards thedoor. A clang here and a shuffle there. Khushi is freakingout. KHUSHI (CONT’D) Mario this isn’t funny. Where are you?She walks in the darkness and almost trips over something.She flashes her cellphone light on the floor to see a wirerunning. She follows the wire. As she comes closer towardsthe wall, suddenly the led lights all over the place come on.Bang in the centre of the room is a Paani Puri stall, withMario dressed in full chef attire. Standing next to him in avada pav stall is Kartike. And in the next stall Vidya and MrArora and in the last stall, dressed completely absurdly forthe part, Andy. There are the other people who have beenhired earlier also present. Initially stunned, Khushi burstsinto laughter. She walks towards Mario’s stall. MARIO I know it isnt a Saturday. But then traditions have to start somewhere.He makes a paani puri and hands it to her. Makes one forhimself. MARIO (CONT’D) Here’s to second chances. The little things in life.
  • 43. 42.They cheer. Festive mood all around. Andy shaking hands withMario, Mr Arora hugging Khushi. A look of respect betweenMario and Mr Arora.Vidya looks over at Kartike. He tilts his head ever soslightly with a look of apology. She ignores him and goes tohug Khushi and then Mario.