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Obtaining a Non Scheduled Operator's Permit (Flying Operations) in India
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Obtaining a Non Scheduled Operator's Permit (Flying Operations) in India


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  • 1. S.T.E.P.S. MENTOR Obtaining NSOP for Charter Operations in India Procedure & Requirements for NSOP Uday S. Naik 10/24/2013
  • 2. INDEX 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Scope Key Definitions Eligibility Minimum Financial Requirements Stepwise Procedure 1. Scope i) ii) iii) Twin Engine aeroplane having a maximum seating capacity not exceeding 09 seats excluding crew seats. Single Turbine Engine aeroplane having maximum seating capacity not exceeding 09 seats excluding crew seats. Single Piston Engine aeroplane having maximum seating capacity not exceeding 04 seats excluding crew seats. 2. Key Definitions Non Scheduled Air Transport Services (Passenger) – It means Air Transport services other than Scheduled Air Transport services as defined in the Rule 3 of the Aircraft Rules, 1937. Charter Operation – It is an Operation for Hire and Reward in which the Departure Time, Departure Location and Arrival Locations are specially Negotiated with the Customer or the Customer’s representative for Entire aircraft. No ticket is sold to Individual passenger for such operation.
  • 3. 3. Eligibility A Non Scheduled Operator’s permit can be granted only toa) A citizen of India OR b) A company or a body corporate provided that: i) ii) iii) It is registered and has its principal place of business within India; Its chairman and at-least two-thirds of its directors are citizens of India; and Its substantial ownership and effective control is vested in Indian nationals. 4. Minimum Requirements Before the Non-Scheduled Operator’s Permit is issued, an applicant shall have: A. A minimum subscribed equity capital as given below, as amended from time to time: Fleet Strength Minimum Subscribed Equity (In Crores) Upto 3 Aircrafts/ Helicopters 1.00 Between 4 to 10 Aircrafts/ Helicopters 2.00 Above 10 Aircrafts/ Helicopters 5.00 B. Be in possession of an aircraft either by outright purchase or through lease. The aircraft shall be registered in India and shall hold a Certificate of Airworthiness in Normal Passenger category. Aircraft acquired and certified in Private category shall not be used for commercial air transport services. Note: For leased aircraft, a copy of the lease deed shall be filed with DGCA
  • 4. C. Have his own maintenance and repair facilities for carrying out the maintenance as per DGCA requirements specified in CAR Sec-2 Airworthiness OR Make suitable arrangements with any other DGCA approved maintenance organization, for all maintenance including line maintenance of the type of aircraft. The operator shall provide to DGCA a copy of the agreement made with the maintenance agency in this regard. A suitable person in the organization and acceptable to DGCA shall be designated to ensure that the maintenance is carried out as per DGCA approved program; D. Have adequate number of flight crew, duly licensed or authorized by DGCA; and E. Have adequate/ appropriate manpower to ensure the following :i) Ground handling ii) Loading of aircraft iii) Preparation and filing of Flight plan 5. Stepwise PROCEDURE 1. Letter of NOC (No Objection Certificate) 2. Fees for Issue of NSOP (Non Scheduled Operator’s Permit) 3. Issue of NOC by this office for Import of Aircraft 4. Security Clearance for the Directors 5. List of Board of Directors 6. BCAS approval of the Company’s Security Manual 7. Approval of the Base of Operation 8. Preparedness Meeting
  • 5. 9. Company’s Operational Manual 10. List of Trained/ Licensed Flight Crew 11. Certificate of Registration of Aircraft to be Endorsed on Permit 12. Certificate of Airworthiness of Aircraft 13. Proof of Requisite Insurance Coverage of Aircraft 14. Copy of approval of Maintenance Organization Exposition 15. Firm’s Approval under CAR 145 16. Component Overhaul and Storage Limitation (COSL) 17. Approval of Load & Trim sheet 18. CAR Compliance report by the Regional Director of Airworthiness 19. Proof of Arrangement of CVR and FDR/DFDR Readouts 20. Inspection report in respect of Facilities of the Applicant Source: Uday Naik Aviation/Airline Consultant S.T.E.P.S. Mentor, +91-8109540463, 9407174203