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Easy pad

  1. 1. Easy Pad
  2. 2. „To be the unrivaled work-life balance enabler‟
  3. 3. “Our mission is to be a leading innovator Inenhancing consumer lives through technology.Our Products will revolutionize the world byempowering working women. This is achievedby creating a communication hub that is easilyaccessible, time saving and user friendly”
  4. 4. Apple has best-known hardware products which includes Macintosh computers, the iPod, and the iphone. Apple software includes the Mac OS X operating system, the iTunes media browser, the ilife suite of multimedia and creativity software, the iwork suite of productivity software and many more.
  5. 5. So now after eight years of rumour and speculation about a tablet device from Apple has come to an end, and the most anticipated device is unveiled with the name iPad.The announcement was made by Apple chief executive Steve Jobs at an event in San Francisco. So this the first new product in any category where people have the great option of having a hundredthousand application integrated in it CEO Apple : Steve Jobs
  6. 6. Easy PadWhat is bought • Novelty: unique softwares: “Helping hand” • Standard functions: music, photos, Bluetooth, GPS, Wi Fi • Image statusWhere Online, Retailers and Distributors (Corner or Flagship store)When When a life of a woman changes: • A mother • Stressful lifeHow? Credit cards, cash and gift vouchersWho? Target group (high income): Working moms, White collars, Working singlesWhy? (Benefits) Eco-friendly Small – portable, thin User-friendly Access to easy life, entertainment and knowledge
  7. 7.  The architecture can be grouped into 3 headings: The A4 processor iPhone OS(OS X) System requirementsThe A4 processor It is a 32bit-ARM based system-on-chip designed by Apple It is first used in iPad It was first announced on jan 27,2010, during Apple‟s “Latest creation” event It runs at 1GHz and contains a Cortex-A8 CPU core with a powerVR SGX graphics processor
  8. 8.  It was custom designed by Apple engineers to be extremely powerfull and efficient The performance is like anything we vie ever seen on a touch based device It makes iPad fantastic for everythingfrom productivity apps to games The A4 chip is so power efficient that it helps iPad get up to 10 hours of battery life on a single charge
  9. 9. Size and weight DisplayHeight:9.56 inches(242.8mm)  9.7-inch (diagonal) LED-backlitWidth:7.47 inches(189.7mm) glossy widescreen Multi-TouchDepth:0.5 inch(13.4mm) display with IPS technologyWeight:1.5 pounds (0.68 kg) Wi-Fi  1024-by-768-pixel resolution at model; 132 pixels per inch (ppi) 1.6 pounds (0.73 kg) Wi-Fi +  Fingerprint-resistant oleophobic 3G model coating  Support for display of multiple languages and characters simultaneously
  10. 10.  Portable - smaller than a laptop, with connectivity options that are similar. Can use any existing iPhone apps Uses a 1Ghz new Apple chip 10 hours of battery life (very good versus a laptop) Has 3G, and will be unlocked At&t will provide unlimited US data for $30 and it will be prepaid Already runs iPhone apps Will run iWork
  11. 11.  No multitasking Awkward Design No Adobe Flash No USB Memory business module Touch keyboard Apple store application No camera No removable battery No HDMI output No wide screen No GPS Its is large and slow
  12. 12. PRODUCTS Existing NewMA Market penetration ProductR Existing developmentRKET New Market extensionS
  13. 13. Product/Services market Volume of sales Market share segment (n+1)OBJECTIVES To provide BEST quality, To ensure that To achieve 2 To achieve 100% innovative and eco- every 3rd million sales of of the facilitation friendly product in the working mom in Easypad in market share in facilitation market in Germany have Germany within 1 Germany within Germany at affordable Easypad year 1st year price within 1 year within 1 yearSTRATEGY - Focus at R&D - Promotion - Distribution - Strong department (special channels and advertising (employment of new events at direct sales campaign in talents and offices e.g the beginning financing) embassy)PLANNING - Supplier selection - Social media - Easypad - Increasing& (Code of conduct: no advertising corners at brandDISTRIBU- child labour, 100% - Internet BUZZ Nokia stores awarenessTION recyable materials - Special offers - Flagship shops used) on womens for Easypad day and valentine dayADVERTI- - Development of the - Market - Online sales - DiscountSING product (marketing research policy to research) (questionnaires) distributors
  14. 14. New entrants medium BargainingCompetitive power of rivalry suppliers low Strategic high position Threat of Bargaining Substitutes power of high buyers low
  15. 15.  Faster, Lighter, Thinner Cameras and Gyro iOS 4.3 Operating system 3G on Verizon & AT&T 10 hour battery life
  16. 16.  Retail Price € 999 Selling Price € 899 (10% profit margins for the distributors) COP € 200 (20%) R&D € 200 (20%) Marketing Expenses € 300 (30%) Profit margin for the company € 200