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Technical Seminar ppt on Share point

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Share Point

  2. 2. CONTENT Introduction History of SharePoint Application of SharePoint Core Platform Functionality Advantages of SharePoint Disadvantages of SharePoint Architecture System Requirement References
  3. 3. Introduction Microsoft SharePoint is a Web application platform developed byMicrosoft. It is First launched in 2001. SharePoint has been associated with intranet content managementand document management . The SharePoint is a n-tier service-oriented Architecture(SOA).
  4. 4. History of SharePoint SharePoint evolved from projects codenamed "Office Server” and “Tahoe”during the Office XP development cycle. “Office Server” evolved out of the FrontPage and Office Server Extensions and“Team Pages”. It targeted simple, bottom-up collaboration. The versions are-:• Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2001• Microsoft SharePoint Team Services (2002)• Windows SharePoint Services 2.0 (free license) - Microsoft SharePoint 2003(commercial release)• Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 (free license) - plus Microsoft Office SharePointServer 2007 (commercial extension)[3]• Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 (free) - plus Microsoft SharePoint Server2010 (commercial extension for Foundation), and SharePoint Enterprise 2010(commercial extension for Server)• Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2013 - plus Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013(extension on top of Foundation)
  5. 5. Application of SharePoint Intranet Portal Enterprise content and document management Extranet Sites Internet sites Content Management System
  6. 6. Core Platform Functionality Sites-A SharePoint Site is a collection of pages, lists, and librariesconfigured for the purpose of achieving an express goal Lists & libraries-Lists and libraries are stored in SharePoint Sites. A Listcan be thought of as a collection of pieces of information Web-parts-Web-parts are sections that can be inserted into Pages inSharePoint sites. These sections are UI Widgets Pages Search
  7. 7. Advantage of SharePoint Many built-in features are available with MOSS which can be usedto easily develop complex solutions. Rich Security features which come built in. Integrated with Content Management. Very less efforts required to create basic sites with lot of features. It is quite scalable. OOB Integration with Office products. Rich backup techniques Business process can be integrated with Workflows. Multiple sites can be created with the help of templates.
  8. 8. Disadvantages of SharePoint It is difficult to add custom code in SharePoint. Features and WSPfiles take time. Difficult to solve the problems in development. Creating pages is easy then creating web parts. Cost is very high. Performance for ASP.NET apps is much better. 6. Very few expertsare there.
  9. 9. Architecture The SharePoint a n-tier service-oriented Architecture(SOA). It can be scaled down to operate entirely from one machine. It can also be scaled up to be managed across hundreds ofmachines. Architecture Has –• Farms• Web Application• Service Application• Administration and security
  10. 10. System Requirements Server HardwareProcessor 64-bit, four cores.RAM • 4 GB developer or evaluation use.• At least 8 GB for production use in one server or multipleserver farm.Hard Disk 80 GB for system drive, varies for production environmentdepending on application size.
  11. 11. System Requirements Server software -Operating System- Windows Server 2012(64 Bit) Standard, Enterprise, DataCenter, or Web Server.Windows Server 2008 R2 (64-bit) Standard, Enterprise,Data Center, or Web Server.Windows 7 (64-bit) or Windows Vista (64-bit) (for testand development purposes only, requires packagemodification).Database server - Microsoft SQL Server 2012 (64-bit) With Service Pack 1Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (64-bit) R2Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (64-bit) with Service Pack 1and Cumulative Update 2 (Reporting ServicesIntegration requires Cumulative Update 8)Microsoft SQL Server 2005 (64-bit) SP3
  12. 12. System Requirements Supported web browsersSupported web browsers include• Internet Explorer 7 or later: 32-bit versions of this browser are fullysupported; 64-bit versions have limited support. Internet Explorer 9+must run in compatibility mode.[37]• Firefox (latest version): Support• Google Chrome (latest version): Support• Safari (latest version): Support
  13. 13. References Hardware and software requirements for SharePoint 2013 -, Retrieved 7 April 2013. Application-, Retrieved 7 April 2013. The SharePoint Wheel-Microsoft SharePoint Book By GeottEvelyn, Retrieved 7 April 2013. Advantage and disadvantages of SharePoint- /comparing-sharepoint-server-with-aspnet.html
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