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UCS Mobile Application Portfolio


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Unique Computer Systems - Mobile Application Portfolio

Unique Computer Systems - Mobile Application Portfolio

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  • 1. Mobile Applications UNIQUE COMPUTER SYSTEMS
  • 2. Harness the Power of Mobility
  • 3. Rise of the Smartphone/Tablet The worldwide smartphone market grew by 95 percent to 80.9 million devices shipped, according to Canalys. iPhone still leads but Android is gaining fast Adoption and usage of mobile applications has soared Apple has 95% share of the tablet market with the iPad – and the market is just going to get interesting with launch of Samsung Galaxy Tab and Blackberry’s PlayBook New research by mBlox of 109 UK retailers reveals that 42 per cent have employed an iOS app to reach consumers, despite the relatively low addressable base of the iPhone.
  • 4. Reasons to build a mobile app Create a more engaging experience for the consumer Utilize a tool the is always with the consumer to keep them connected with the brand ―This is a very personal device, and you have to earn your spot on the users phone…‖ – Scott Michaels, Atimi Software New channel for retailers Build more loyalty Cut down costs of printing coupons and mailers Targeted marketing
  • 5. Questions to ask before developing mobile app What is our mobile strategy? What are my customers engaging with on their mobiles? Where are we with our mobile web? How would we want to engage the customer? How will we drive value for the consumer and business? How does the mobile app tie in with my other mobile marketing efforts? How many of my employees are using mobile apps?
  • 6. What features should a mobile application have Engaging content Targeted offers and events Barcode scanner Location based information Coupons Customer survey/feedback Social Media marketing
  • 7. Best practices - 2010 Best practices for retailers going mobile in 2010  Leverage you current customer base to engage in mobile.  Optimize your current marketing efforts by including mobile calls to action  Ensure that your mobile Web experience is relevant to both your customer and your product  Use mobile to drive more bang for your buck  Use mobile to build the sense of immediacy via in-store and limited time offers, and encourage virality through mobile send-to-friend programs Jan 2010 - Giselle Tsirulnik, Mobile Commerce Daily
  • 8. Location-Based ―For a number of companies, especially ones with physical stores, the value in knowing a prospect’s location is the opportunity to drive that person to a store, and thus increase foot traffic,‖ said Neil Strother, research analyst at ABI Research, adding that the industry is now ―seeing the first shoots‖ of location-based advertising being commercialized. ―Once in store, the retailer has a high probability of converting that visit into a sale, which is the ultimate objective.‖ - Sept 2010, MobileMarketingWatch
  • 9. Mobile Barcodes Use of mobile barcodes, such as Microsoft Tags is on the rise in fashion Allure Magazine gave away $725,000 worth of beauty products via 39 embedded Microsoft Tags in its August issue — a campaign that netted 444,579 total scans.(Nov, 2010, MobileMarketingWatch)
  • 10. Samba Bank – Blackberry App
  • 11. Samba Bank – iPhone App
  • 12. Dove Survey – iPad App
  • 13. Eton Institute Eng/Arabic Phrasebook - iPhone
  • 14. Eton Institute Eng/Arabic Phrasebook - iPad
  • 15. TouchPoint WP7
  • 16. Dubai Fashion week 2011
  • 17. Dubai Industrial City – Blackberry App
  • 18. Dubai Industrial City – Windows Tablet App
  • 19. AFE Trouble Ticket
  • 20. SalesWorx – Windows Mobile
  • 21. SiteWorx – Windows Mobile
  • 22. Mobile CRM – Windows Mobile
  • 23. Sales Promotions
  • 24. Platforms Supported
  • 25. Contact InformationUnique Computer Systems FZE PO Box 42645 Sharjah, UAE T: +971 6 531 44 33 F: +971 6 531 60 01 E: