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Unique Computer Systems - Mobile Application Portfolio

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UCS Mobile Application Portfolio

  1. 1. Mobile Applications UNIQUE COMPUTER SYSTEMS
  2. 2. Harness the Power of Mobility
  3. 3. Rise of the Smartphone/Tablet The worldwide smartphone market grew by 95 percent to 80.9 million devices shipped, according to Canalys. iPhone still leads but Android is gaining fast Adoption and usage of mobile applications has soared Apple has 95% share of the tablet market with the iPad – and the market is just going to get interesting with launch of Samsung Galaxy Tab and Blackberry’s PlayBook New research by mBlox of 109 UK retailers reveals that 42 per cent have employed an iOS app to reach consumers, despite the relatively low addressable base of the iPhone.
  4. 4. Reasons to build a mobile app Create a more engaging experience for the consumer Utilize a tool the is always with the consumer to keep them connected with the brand ―This is a very personal device, and you have to earn your spot on the users phone…‖ – Scott Michaels, Atimi Software New channel for retailers Build more loyalty Cut down costs of printing coupons and mailers Targeted marketing
  5. 5. Questions to ask before developing mobile app What is our mobile strategy? What are my customers engaging with on their mobiles? Where are we with our mobile web? How would we want to engage the customer? How will we drive value for the consumer and business? How does the mobile app tie in with my other mobile marketing efforts? How many of my employees are using mobile apps?
  6. 6. What features should a mobile application have Engaging content Targeted offers and events Barcode scanner Location based information Coupons Customer survey/feedback Social Media marketing
  7. 7. Best practices - 2010 Best practices for retailers going mobile in 2010  Leverage you current customer base to engage in mobile.  Optimize your current marketing efforts by including mobile calls to action  Ensure that your mobile Web experience is relevant to both your customer and your product  Use mobile to drive more bang for your buck  Use mobile to build the sense of immediacy via in-store and limited time offers, and encourage virality through mobile send-to-friend programs Jan 2010 - Giselle Tsirulnik, Mobile Commerce Daily
  8. 8. Location-Based ―For a number of companies, especially ones with physical stores, the value in knowing a prospect’s location is the opportunity to drive that person to a store, and thus increase foot traffic,‖ said Neil Strother, research analyst at ABI Research, adding that the industry is now ―seeing the first shoots‖ of location-based advertising being commercialized. ―Once in store, the retailer has a high probability of converting that visit into a sale, which is the ultimate objective.‖ - Sept 2010, MobileMarketingWatch
  9. 9. Mobile Barcodes Use of mobile barcodes, such as Microsoft Tags is on the rise in fashion Allure Magazine gave away $725,000 worth of beauty products via 39 embedded Microsoft Tags in its August issue — a campaign that netted 444,579 total scans.(Nov, 2010, MobileMarketingWatch)
  10. 10. Samba Bank – Blackberry App
  11. 11. Samba Bank – iPhone App
  12. 12. Dove Survey – iPad App
  13. 13. Eton Institute Eng/Arabic Phrasebook - iPhone
  14. 14. Eton Institute Eng/Arabic Phrasebook - iPad
  15. 15. TouchPoint WP7
  16. 16. Dubai Fashion week 2011
  17. 17. Dubai Industrial City – Blackberry App
  18. 18. Dubai Industrial City – Windows Tablet App
  19. 19. AFE Trouble Ticket
  20. 20. SalesWorx – Windows Mobile
  21. 21. SiteWorx – Windows Mobile
  22. 22. Mobile CRM – Windows Mobile
  23. 23. Sales Promotions
  24. 24. Platforms Supported
  25. 25. Contact InformationUnique Computer Systems FZE PO Box 42645 Sharjah, UAE T: +971 6 531 44 33 F: +971 6 531 60 01 E: info@ucssolutions.com