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  1. 1. Aviating Your Business with Precision Online Marketing1|P ag e
  2. 2. OverviewThis document outlines Unique Contacts solutions to make your solutions strong in order to generate moreresults out of your marketing activities, and increase revenues multifold. An accurate prospect/customerlist is critical to your business. This is a Warm Lead Strategy structure to send sales letter, scheduling aspecial seminar or training session for the system of buying and selling merchandise. You can conduct aone-on-one call, make a presentation, or present a proposal, estimate, or contract.About UsUnique Contacts specializes in Email Marketing and is one of the leading global service providers forbusiness information solutions.We provide comprehensive Electronic Mailing Lists that are unique in nature depending on yourrequirements and specifications to ensure that at the end of the day, you as a customer will be satisfiedand appreciative of our informative services. Our business solutions involve compiling lists from exclusivebusiness databases of leading corporations across the world. These lists will comprise critical contactinformation of key executives and top management individuals from the corporate world.Sales are easier using e-mail than direct-mail. These campaigns and functions are similar to direct mailefforts. It’s easy Building a brand name, informing prospects and customers of sales and opportunities. Ifyour data is inadequate, you may not reach the intended recipient. On the other hand, a good databaseboosts response rates and increases sales rapidly.Most organizations have applied the key information solutions of Email marketing and gained the successof development to their organization. We provide business intelligence to corporate world in the form ofbusiness and consumer mailing lists, data appending and technology mailing lists. In addition, our MarketIntelligence team collects edit and update specific, valuable information such as in-depth private companybusiness descriptions, executive contacts and merger and acquisition activity. Unique Contacts combinesand organizes corporate intelligence from hundreds of information sources supplied by world class contentproviders, creating highly strategic market information to give you a competitive edge.We provide list database service that includes fast delivery, simple management, and responsive,knowledgeable customer support. We use our in-depth knowledge of direct, email, and search enginemarketing in order to help you find new prospects and customers; turn your house file into a profit centerthrough list management; plan successful direct marketing campaigns; and get the most from yourmarketing investments through cost effective computer services. We are ready to become your marketingpartner, working together with you to produce direct and online marketing profits.Challenges facing ****** facing following problems with its in-house marketing database? Does ***** database contain incorrect addresses, duplicates and Personalization errors? No Email addresses? Has *****database aged due to frequent changes of email address, postal address etc? Some important information or vital fields are missing?2|P ag e
  3. 3. Unique SolutionsAt Unique Contacts we understand that to make your marketing efforts most effective. Our UniqueSolutions for your Unique audience are:- Mailing Lists Technology Lists Data Appending Services  Business Mailing Lists  SAP Users List  Data Appending  Marketing Decision Makers  Oracle Users List  Email Appending  Fortune 500 & Fortune 1000 List  JD Edwards Users List  Phone Appending  Healthcare & Hospital Mailing list  Microsoft Dynamics User List  FAX Appending  Dentist Mailing Lists  IT Decision Makers List  Additional Contact Appending  Pharmaceutical & Biotech List  Siebel CRM User List  Title Appending  HR Executives Mailing List  People Soft Users List  Geography Specific List  Sage users list  Industry Specific List  Consumer Mailing ListMailing list:Having a specialized application product with quality and characteristics of sales without proposed planningis futile. Knowledge of adequate plans and marketing initiatives also play a vital role while targeting adefinite region. Your objectives and results can only be achieved if you know what your goal is, whom it isthat you are targeting and where will you be able to locate them. All the answers to these questions liewith Unique Contacts. We at Unique Contacts have the most comprehensive data base of Small, Mediumand Large sized Organizations. With over 35 Million business contacts, we can break down lists by CompanySize, Geography and Industry etc.Technology Lists:Today’s technology industry is moving swiftly. Branding, sales and marketing in technological industry ischanging. Precisely targeting to hold the clutch of segment for your products and services is becoming evenmore critical to business. We do specialize in Technology Lists to provide you business informationsolutions for your organization in an attempt to make a profit.Email Appending:Email appending process is associated with business customer database that consist customer informationlike name, address, telephone details etc, to complete missing information of the customer. We carry outmerging of valid email list from our up to date maintained database. We have the well collected largedatabase. And we provide guaranteed opt-in deliverable email addresses. By email append service you getbetter benefits out of customer communication. A typical e-mail appending scenario involves your businessinformation that has name, address and telephone data on its customers to do business through mail orover the telephone, but if your company wants to expand into e-mail communication then we havedatabase of e-mail addresses and help in order to merge the data together. Unique Your Email Updated Contacts Database Database Workforce3|P ag e
  4. 4. This List will help you to reach professionals from wide variety of industries such as (Based on SICCodes):- Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing | Mining | Construction | Manufacturing | Transportation Wholesale and Distributors | Retail | Finance, Insurance and Real Estate | Services | Public Administration What’s in It for You?  By taking our List Solutions can connect you with your customers and engage their interest.  With internet having an estimated 400 million users, email has become the most preferred tool of communication.  By implementing List Solutions to your organization you can use it as appropriate communication channel.  This offers you the latest channel to communicate with your customers.  Communicating through email is the fastest and cost effectiveness.  You can send newsletters, product info, promotional offers and other marketing communications easily using this communication channel at a very low investment. Our solutions will help you in:  Building a consistent lead pipeline  Expanding prospect base by millions  Easily retaining prospects and customers  Emailing product offers to the right audience  Reducing spamming on old non-performing lists Results: You can slice and dice our Lead Base of 48 million+ records based on your target profile and generate more leads for you to find who your market audiences are. Fields of Information Available in the Lists: COMPANY NAME, CONTACT NAME, TITLE, PHONE NUMBER, WEBSITE ADDRESS, EMAIL ADDRESS, MAILING ADDRESS, INDUSTRY, SIC CODE, NO OF EMPLOYEES, REVENUE SIZE etc. Area of Service Provided: Global 4|P ag e
  5. 5. Why Unique Contacts?Unique Contacts offers a comprehensive range of lists and appending services will be the primary solutionand connects you to the right path of your business line. By utilizing these solutions, many companies haveoptimized marketing revenues. We are among the highest in the industry and we are able to achieve theserates because of our comprehensive database of over 362 million records of B2B and B2C across the US. 26 million global businesses. 97 million executives and professionals. 265 million consumers. Domain expertise. Data is owned and managed in-house. Quick Turnaround. Free counts and quotes. Data collected and refined with our exclusive data compilation standards. Dedicated team for application development and online marketing solutions.Custom & Pre-Packaged list Warranty, Package Cost and Terms:Will be based on the number of records purchased (Volume)Unlimited Usage License: Upon purchase you will have a limited license to use the information delivered toyou subject to these terms and conditions. You agree not to sell, sublicense and transfer or otherwise makeavailable any portion of the information to anyone outside of your business organization.WARRANTY: We guarantee 85%+ of the email list provided will be accurate on custom and 75%+ on pre-packaged list.Timeline: The complete email list process takes 4 -7 days and appending process takes 8 -10 business days.(Note: - This time may vary based on the quality and size of your database)Strong and experienced team:Unique Contacts has been providing list services for 4+ years now and has an experienced team of 350+members. Our team verifies each record manually to ensure maximum accuracy alone with our 550member calling agents who update the contacts to keep them up to date.Can-Spam complianceWe strictly adhere to the Can-Spam act by providing only opt-in email addresses to the client.We send out opt-in/opt-out messages to all the email addresses appended and remove the opt outrequests before providing the final data to the client. Unique Contacts is dedicated to protecting theprivacy interests of our customers and is in full compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act.Verification of databaseOur Data Base is verified every quarter with the help of our tele-marketing and our data team. We wouldalso verify the lists prior to delivery by pinging via mailbox and the domain.Strict confidentiality policyWe understand that all the information is most valuable asset and we secure it. We sign a non-disclosureand confidentiality agreement with our clients stating that their records will remain confidential and willnot be used for any other purpose. We have state-of-the-art security arrangements to safeguard theinformation from external impacts.5|P ag e
  6. 6. Contact Us@:#848, N RAINBOW BLVD #3893LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, 89107Ph: +1-702-949-0825Toll Free: +1.888.630.9406Fax: +1.888.630.9406Email: sales@unique-contacts.comWebsite: http://www.unique-contacts.comFollow US @ Unique-Contacts, Inc. Copyright © 2010. All rights reserved6|P ag e