10 useful tips email marketing


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Email marketing is predominant and contagious; it is slowly becoming the back bone of marketing, the pulse of all industries and the face of most. It's the best way to reach a larger audience, faster and easier.

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10 useful tips email marketing

  1. 1. 10 Useful Tips - Email Marketing Publication of Unique Contacts
  2. 2. Contents How Email Marketing Can Be Used to Increase Site Traffic /5 Can Email Marketing Help in Improving ROI /7 What Email Marketing Can Do to Increase Your Sales /9 Understanding the Requirements of Email Marketing /11 Email Marketing – The Secrets of a Successful Campaign /13 Revealing the Secrets of a Successful Email Marketing Campaign /15 Effective Email Marketing Strategies for Your Business /17 Getting Best Results from Email Marketing /19 Email Marketing Getting Good Leads /21 Email Marketing – 3 Essential Tips to Generate Clicks /23 2 PageUnique Contacts
  3. 3. Email marketing is predominant and contagious; it is slowly becoming the back bone of marketing, the pulse of all industries and the face of most. Its the best way to reach a larger audience, faster and easier. Online marketing entails many elements, which obviously includes the Social Media marketing which is fast becoming the brain of all marketing structures. It is more direct and the emails that land into existing customers or potential ones are considered as marketing, with a good chance of a large interested audience. It is also one of the best ways to keep track on interested customers and build a data base and keep them updated with all your business happenings, releases, products, events etc. 10 ESSENTIALS Email Marketing How Email Marketing Can Getting Good Leads Email Marketing – 3 Be Used to Increase Site Essential Tips to Traffic Generate ClicksCan Email Marketing Effective EmailHelp in Improving Marketing StrategiesROI for Your Business Understanding theGetting Best Requirements ofResults from Email Email MarketingMarketing Email Marketing – TheWhat Email Marketing Secrets of a SuccessfulCan Do to Increase CampaignYour Sales 3 Revealing the Secrets of a Page Successful Email Marketing Campaign Unique Contacts
  4. 4. How Email Marketing Can Be1 Used to Increase Site Traffic 4 PageUnique Contacts
  5. 5. How Email Marketing Can Be Used to Increase Site Traffic Traffic is a very important factor in the success of an online business. After the website has been set up, the next concern is how to get people to discover and visit the site. This concern can be answered in many different ways. Some website owners do it the fast way through search engine marketing and advertisements in relevant sites. These, though, requires a big budget allocation. If this is a limitation, there are more cost-effective strategies that you can adopt. This includes email marketing. All you have to be concerned about is getting a targeted email list and the rest will be easy. Email marketing is most effective when the content is written in a manner that makes the recipient realize the need to use the product or service offered. Even if you have a good email list, traffic may not be generated if the content is not engaging. If there is no call for the recipient to act quickly on the offered solution, the campaign will not get the results that you want. Worse, you will just be wasting your time and resources for doing an ill-designed email. The opportunity to improve sales will be lost. The key, then, to increase site traffic using email marketing is to first define who you want the email to be sent to. This is answered by the email list. It is therefore, important to get a good list through a list provider or through some other means. When this satisfied, the next aspect is the content and style of writing to use in sending the message. The best approach is to be personal in relaying the message but do not use words that may be too technical or beyond the understanding of the reader. Clear and concise language will help in making readers understand, realize the importance of visiting the site, and eventually, visit the site. 5 Page Unique Contacts
  6. 6. Can Email Marketing2 Help in Improving ROI 6 PageUnique Contacts
  7. 7. Can Email Marketing Help in Improving ROI The main objective of a business is to create profit and make the investment return at a short period of time. Business owners find ways to make the return on investment be at a faster rate. For online businesses, there are many approaches used to ensure that high sales figures will be attained. The strategies include email marketing, direct advertisements, pay per click advertising, among others. Compared to the other two approaches, email marketing is the more cost-effective method that can improve ROI. The two approaches require a good budget allocation in their implementation. The return on investment will be faster if your email campaign has been carefully planned. The email list is a critical component of the plan. If the list can produce good leads, the conversion rate can be improved. The list generates the traffic that can create the sales that you need. Hence, choosing the list is very important. You can find some free email list providers online but there is no assurance of relevance of interest insofar as your product or service is concerned. There are paid providers but you can be guaranteed of a filtered list according to your specifications. The benefits that you will get can compensate for the small cost that you need to pay for. It will be your choice. However, in improving ROI, it will be best not to sacrifice this component just because you are saving on some necessary costs. Your email marketing will also be effective if your message is clearly relayed to the reader making him realize the need to avail of what you are offering. This is the next step that directly creates the traffic to your site. If your message and your product or service is interesting enough to be further studied, an interested reader will surely find time to go to your site and get your product or service. As a result, your ROI will be positively affected. 7 Page Unique Contacts
  8. 8. What Email Marketing Can Do3 to Increase Your Sales 8 PageUnique Contacts
  9. 9. What Email Marketing Can Do to Increase Your Sales Sending emails in this generation of technology is one of the effective ways to relay your message effectively. Reading emails is becoming a normal activity not only for business people but also to ordinary consumers. People spend time checking on their inbox and evaluate which among the emails can answer their current needs or concerns. This is the reason why online marketers are using the email marketing strategy to reach out to potential clients, bring them to their site and convert the visits to sales. With a good email marketing strategy in place, it is very likely to improve the performance of a site in terms of visits and sales. The number of visits is the first determinant of a well-written email. The conversion from visits to sales is a factor of the site’s presentation of the solution to a concern and some other aspects. Hence, to increase sales, it is important to generate the most number of traffic leading to your site first. Email marketing needs to be implemented carefully. With a clear message and a definite solution to a person’s concerns, the interest to visit your site will be very high. The more visits to your site will be, the higher is the likelihood of getting people to buy your product or service. If for the first visit, the visit did not convert to sales your email marketing should not stop. You still have to make follow- up emails to further explain the importance of what you will offer to a potential client. The follow-up emails though should have reasonable intervals so as not to spam your readers with information that they will no longer be interested to read. A reminder every two weeks can help in reminding your reader that you can solve a current or future need through your product or service. 9 Page Unique Contacts
  10. 10. Understanding the Requirements of4 Email Marketing 10 PageUnique Contacts
  11. 11. Understanding the Requirements of Email Marketing Email marketing is one of the options considered by online marketers today because of its effectiveness in reaching out to the potential clients of a business. Reading emails can be part of a person’s normal day whether it is related to his job or just for personal reasons. Technology has truly made email so powerful that sales can now be generated just with a well-written content that touches a current need. Because of this, the need to use the strategy effectively is important. Thus, prior to implementation, there are prerequisites that need to be observed to ensure a successful campaign measured through the traffic and sales figures. Email marketing will not be successful if your email list is not in any way filtered according to a site’s target market. Even if you have a long email list but the content is not intended for the recipients, your effort will be useless. It is therefore, important to have a relevant list to invite visits and eventually, generate sales. Aside from a relevant list, another requirement for a successful email campaign is having a well-drafted content that touches the reader’s emotion and calls for action without forcing it. The action should be based on the desire to solve a current concern. The key to this act is the way the email is formulated. It should clear, brief, factual and interesting. These four characteristics can create a desire to see what is in store for the reader when the business website is visited. With a careful attention to the two requirements, it is more likely for your email marketing efforts to pay off. You will see improvements on site traffic. More importantly, you will observe the increase in your sales. Your site’s ultimate objective to generate income can be attained in no time at all. 11 Page Unique Contacts
  12. 12. Email Marketing – The Secrets of a5 Successful Campaign 12 PageUnique Contacts
  13. 13. Email Marketing – The Secrets of a Successful Campaign There are many marketing strategies that can be done today because of the convenience and reach that technology has offered. Direct online marketing through advertisements, search engine marketing, organic search results strategy, text messaging and email marketing are some of the methods used by online marketers today. Among these, the more common approach adopted by the experts is email marketing. Email marketing can lead to either positive or negative results, depending on how you will implement it. Below are some tips that can guide you in implementing a successful campaign. 1. Write an interesting subject The first thing that the recipient sees is the subject of the email. It is important to create an impression of providing an answer to a current need or concern without doing the hard sell approach. A personal message will get better attention than one written in the third person. 2. The email should be clear and concise A long email will most likely end up in the trash folder. To sustain a reader’s interest, your email should be short but clear in its message of helping provide a solution to a problem. 3. Get a good email list There are companies that provide a list of email leads. You can get their service to get a filtered list relevant to the needs that your product or service can solve. 4. Always include a link back to your site This is the reason for sending the email. You want the recipient to visit your site and realize that you have a solution to a concern or problem that is currently being encountered. Make sure that your website URL is correct. When you do the above tips, with the assumption of having a well-written 13 email, the number of visits to your site can surely increase. As a result, you return on investment can Page become shorter and faster. Unique Contacts
  14. 14. Revealing the Secrets of a6 Successful Email Marketing Campaign 14 PageUnique Contacts
  15. 15. Revealing the Secrets of a Successful Email Marketing Campaign Online businesses require a good level of traffic to be able to generate sales. There are many ways to have visitors to a site. One of the popular ways of meeting this objective is to implement email marketing. Opening and reading emails are now a part of the daily activities of a person, regardless whether he or she is working or not. The reach of technology is broad that anybody now has access to emails. Thus, if you have an online business and you want people to visit your site so you can share your products or services, one of the best ways to do it is communicate through emails. Email marketing can be very effective if this is done correctly. Many businesses improve their sales just by using this strategy. There are two main secrets of an effective email campaign. Although these may no longer be considered as secrets, because many marketers are already aware of it, there are still some who need to know so they can also benefit from this approach. The two important things to consider are your email list and the email content. If these are well-taken care of, you can expect good results to come. An email list can be free or paid. Free lists, however, may not be that reliable. The paid ones can be more targeted by some filtering criteria. Thus, you know that the recipients have a need for what you will offer. So, with a good list, things can go right. But in addition to a good list, you also have to present a well-written content. The email body should be clear, concise and short. Your website’s URL should be included. This is the key to generating visits to your site. When the two important components mentioned above are strictly followed, you can be assured of getting better results in your email marketing campaign. 15 PageUnique Contacts
  16. 16. Effective Email7 Marketing Strategies for Your Business 16 PageUnique Contacts
  17. 17. Effective Email Marketing Strategies for Your Business If you are into online business, you know that it is important for you to make people visit your site, read and see what product or service you offer, make them buy. These three objectives may be easy to say but there are many online marketers who fail in their businesses because of implementing ineffective strategies to achieve the said objectives. Some say the email marketing can be too general and may not give the results that you want. The truth is that this strategy can be very effective if it is carefully thought of and is implemented with the right guidelines. When you send emails and the content is read, it means that you are given the attention and importance for the moment. This means that you can make a change in one’s heart depending on the content of what will be read. Thus, your email marketing campaign should be able to translate the attention to action of visiting your site and getting a solution to a current concern. The key here is the content. The language, length, completeness and relevance of the email body to the concerns of the recipient are very important. You should make sure that your email will take advantage of that attention. It should be convincing enough to create an interest in visiting your site. Needless to say, your website URL should be included as a way to the solution of a problem. With good content and with the right recipients, you will surely have the results that you expect. It will not be based on random visits but because of defined reasons that visitors are brought to your site. These are the basic things to remember in implementing your email marketing strategy. When this is done well, you know that you are helping people in their current concerns and at the same time, you are meeting your sales objectives. 17 Page Unique Contacts
  18. 18. Getting Best Results8 from Email Marketing 18 PageUnique Contacts
  19. 19. Getting Best Results from Email Marketing Online marketing is a very broad area. With the many tools available today, getting the number of visits and improving your company sales can be achieved easily. However, the available tools do not necessarily equate to cost-efficiency. There are strategies that can create a good level of traffic but can drain a company’s budget. There are also some cost-efficient strategies but careful implementation should be observed to ensure success. This includes the implementation of email marketing. Email marketing allows you to reach to a potential market and present the reason for a visit to your site. With this strategy, you do not need to sell anything. You only have to present your email content in a way that will convince the reader to visit the site. This can only be done if you have a well-organized content that makes the reader think that you are offering a solution to his concern. There is an art in writing emails. You have to learn how to craft this kind of content to touch the heart of your reader. Otherwise, there is no way that the reader will visit your site. If the content is poorly-written, do not expect great results from the effort. You can only get the results that you want if you are sending your emails to the right people. It is not a hit and miss strategy. The target should be defined. You have to specify the characteristics of your intended recipients in terms of age, gender, interest, economic status and even location, if necessary. Without these filters, anybody will receive your email and you wouldn’t know if there is a need for the product or service that you are offering. You will simply be waiting for random visits. If you want success in your business, this is not the strategy to make it happen. Your email marketing campaign will give the best results if you consider the right market and the right content. 19 PageUnique Contacts
  20. 20. Email Marketing9 Getting Good Leads 20 PageUnique Contacts
  21. 21. Email Marketing Getting Good Leads Setting up a site does not start and end with website. It is important to invite visitors to see what you can offer that will answer their needs or concern. There are many ways to do this. Some resort to advertisements in the popular websites but this can be costly especially if the payment scheme uses a pay per click (PPC) approach. Another strategy is to implement search engine optimization to generate visitors through organic search. This approach can take so much time especially if the keyword is competitive. The strategy that most marketers consider effective is email marketing. Email marketing can create targeted visits to a site with a well-written content that invites the readers to look for a solution to their concerns in the given website. If the email is written in a manner that touches the reader’s emotions and makes him act because of the necessity to address a problem, the result can be an improvement in sales. However, you may be able to write the best content but if the recipients are not in your target market, you may just end up disappointed for not getting the results. Hence, it is important to get good email list that contains addresses of your prospective clients. This can be done through a sign-up page in your site or you can use the services of an email list provider to get the leads that you are looking for. With a good combination of the right leads and a well-written content for your email, you are sure to get positive results in your email marketing strategy. There is no reason for you not to meet your business objectives when these are done. Even with good leads, you may not get immediate results. However, follow-up emails can make the convincing easier. 21 Page Unique Contacts
  22. 22. Email Marketing – 310 Essential Tips to Generate Clicks 22 PageUnique Contacts
  23. 23. Email Marketing – 3 Essential Tips to Generate Clicks Marketing is very important in making sure that your online business can generate sales. No matter how well-designed your website is if there is not enough traffic going to it, the existence of your website is useless. It is important to reach out to your target market to inform them of the products and services that you offer. One effective strategy to create leads is to include email marketing in your plan. Email is one of the best strategies to make people read your message. Before starting with your email marketing campaign, you can consider the following guidelines to make the most of the effort. a) Write an effective message It is important to be straightforward but not too blunt in writing your email. Short emails with clear, concise and sincere messages are more likely to get the interest of the reader than long emails loaded with information. The shorter emails with a clear message of answering a current need can better catch your reader’s attention. b) Use a good list relevant to what you are offering If you have an existing list of leads for your email marketing campaign, you have to make sure that the interest will include the product or service that you are offering. You can have this specified in the email list that you will buy. It can also be based from the interest expressed by those who sign up in your newsletter or whatever you are offering in your site. c) Always include a link to your site Even if you have the best message to relay, if you will not include a message to visit your site, the purpose of converting visits to sales will not be realized. Your website URL is basically the most important component of your email to generate sales. 23 PageUnique Contacts