Finding Funding Part I


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PowerPoint by Grad Div Funding Peer

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  • Dissertation grants—like STEM relevant work*Spencer—can see examples of what have funded in past*Accord does not cover tuition/fees*AERA—other internship-based fellowships (some post PHD)
  • Affiliates---say environmental focus but have been given to humanities before
  • Finding Funding Part I

    1. 1. + Finding Graduate Student Funding Education Department October 2012
    2. 2. + Finding Funding Tools  UCSB Source  UCLA Grapes  Pivot  Keywords: Education (And subfields), Counseling/Guidance (under Social Sciences), Psychology (clinical), Cultural or Population Studies (adolescents, ethnic groups, minorities, etc.)  UCSB Graduate Division  GradPost(  Video Tutorials  Department Specific Funding List links
    3. 3. + Sampling of Education Extramural Fellowships: Early Years  National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship: $30,000/3 years, STEM education/learning  Fulbright: study abroad, ~1 year
    4. 4. + Sampling of Education Extramural Fellowships: Dissertation Stage AAUW Dissertation Fellowships: women in final dissertation year, $20,000 APA Elizabeth Munsterberg Koppitz Child Psychology Graduate Student Fellowship: child psychology, $25,000 award (4) and $5000 for runners-up (2) APA Esther Katz Rosen Fellowship: $25,000, work relevant to psychological understanding of gifted children/youth Ford Dissertation Fellowship: $21,000, engagement with students from diverse backgrounds and using diversity of human experience as resource UC/ACCORD Dissertation Fellowships: $20,000  This year: 1) critical transitions in underrepresented students lives, conditions for enhancing college opportunities for underrepresented students, making higher education more accessible National Academy of Education Spencer Dissertation Fellowship Program: $25,000, relevant to improvement of education (history/theory/practice formal/informal education) American Educational Research Association  Minority Fellowship Program: minority graduate students working on dissertation, $12,000 stipend and $1000 travel support for AERA conference, Nov  Dissertation Grant: research making use of large-scale data set, up to $20,000
    5. 5. + Central Awards  By Application  Brython Davis: children of U.S. Navy or Marine Corps members (possibility for multi year), $6667/quarter  Affiliates Graduate Dissertation Fellowship: doctoral candidate,$3000 Fall stipend  James Kline: promote international understanding, $1500-$2500  Humanities and Social Science Research Grant: doctoral candidates, up to $2000  For details of the awards, visit:  By Department Nomination  Many full-year fellowships  Discuss with department
    6. 6. + Other Options for Funding  Student Employment (GradPost)  TA-ships/reader (other departments too!)  Financial Aid (
    7. 7. + Resources for Applications  Funding proposal library  Workshops (writing, specific fellowships, etc.)  Peers and departments
    8. 8. + Questions?  Contact me at  Stop by the Graduate Student Resource Center/Grad Post headquarters
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