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CV/Resume Writing Workshop by Molly Steen
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CV/Resume Writing Workshop by Molly Steen


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Learn how to create a CV and resume.

Learn how to create a CV and resume.

Published in: Education

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  • 1. Résumé/CV Writing for Graduate Students in EducationMolly Steen
  • 2. What this workshop will cover Overview of Résumés and CVs Specific Sections of the CV and the Résumé
  • 3. Resume v. CV: Résumé Curriculum Vitae A comprehensive summaryA brief advertisement intendedto evoke interest and action. of qualifications.Used in industry & the private Used in education andsector – and community research/scientificcolleges institutions.A focused marketing piecepresenting information relevant A detailed and inclusiveto the position sought document about an applicant’s past
  • 4. Curriculum Vitae - length A CV for a recent Master’s or Doctoral graduate would normally be 3-5 pages. For someone with extensive professional experience, it could run much longer.
  • 5. Basic Categories for aCurriculum Vitae Contact info Education Experience  Use appropriate and thoughtfully sequenced sub-categories References
  • 6. CV: Education List most recent degree first. Include institution, academic discipline, city, state, and date degrees conferred (or expected). Include titles of dissertations and theses. Consider including attendance at institutions where you did not earn a degree when this information highlights specialized study or geographic location.
  • 7. CV: Experience List in reverse chronological order, with descriptive statements and achievements. Include sub-sections on teaching, research, community service.  Include as appropriate: graduate assistantships, internships, postdoctoral fellowships, etc. Non-academic positions? Include under “Other Experience”.
  • 8. CV: Additional Categories Areas of expertise: Use this to demonstrate areas you are qualified to teach – beyond courses already taught. Publications: Include research papers, pamphlets, monographs, articles, etc. Presentations and Workshops: State the title of papers presented, poster sessions conducted, names of conferences, locations, and dates. Committees and Appointments: List your titles, names of committees, locations, dates, and, if appropriate, results achieved. Professional Affiliations: List in alphabetical order or in order of importance.
  • 9. CV: Even MorePossible Categories Symposia Military Service Awards/Scholarships/Honors Exhibitions
  • 10. A sample CV From the CV Doctor Returns
  • 11. The last word… We’re here to help:  Grad student drop in hours  Tues. 1-2 and Fri. 11-12  Drop in hours for everyone M-F 11-4  Individual appointments Best wishes on your job search!
  • 12. Additional Information onCVs Books in CRR Developing A Professional Vita or Resume The Global Resume and CV Guide
  • 13. The Résumé Brief, focused. Purpose is to “advertise” Allows flexibility and creativity with respect to format, content, and style. Purpose is to get you an interview.
  • 14. Steps to Take BeforeWriting Define your objective. (Consider Career Leader) Review your work experience, skills, etc. to identify what’s relevant. Read the job description. Highlight skills and qualities the employer is seeking. Conduct research on the position or occupation (e.g. “editor”), noting skills used. Emphasize on your résumé how you have used these skills.
  • 15. Basic Categories for aRésumé Contact info Objective Education Experience
  • 16. Additional Categories(optional) Honors Activities Community Service Special Skills, e.g., relevant computer skills, lab skills, languages Research Projects Affiliations or Memberships Travel
  • 17. Objectives An objective shows what you want and/or what you have to offer. A research and development engineer position in the manufacturing industry A position in publishing to utilize my skills in writing, editing, and my knowledge of cross- cultural education.
  • 18. Education Include institution, degree, academic discipline, actual or expected graduation date.
  • 19. Experience Determine how to organize the résumé  What will promote your best experiences for the position to the top of the résumé?
  • 20. Describe Skills or WorkExperience Use action verbs Focus on accomplishments Be concrete and specific. Quantify:  e.g. “Taught over one hundred undergraduate students.”  e.g. “Supervised a staff of three.”  e.g. “Increased production efficiency by 75%.”
  • 21. Experience Teaching Assistant, University of California,Santa Barbara, CA  Taught child development to over 100 undergraduate students .  Designed course materials and prepared weekly lectures.  Received Award of Merit for teaching service. (9/10-present) Curriculum Assistant, Miami-Dade College, Miami, FL  Assisted in writing of course competencies.  Prepared materials and forms in accordance with College standards and requirements.  Collaborated closely with other curriculum development team members. (9/08-8/10)
  • 22. Skills Teaching  Taught advanced physics to over 100 students.  Designed course materials and prepared lectures.  Provided orientation training to incoming employees.  Received Award of Merit for teaching service. Management  Reconciled daily receipts of up to $1500.  Selected and supervised three employees.  Oversaw department in manager’s absence. Work History  Teaching Assistant, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA 9/10-present  Assistant Manager, J.C.Penneys, Stockton, CA Summers 2008-2010
  • 23. Language for Résumés andCVs Phrases rule Avoid personal pronouns Use descriptive language Avoid acronyms
  • 24. Aesthetics Easy to read Use eye relief techniques Use easy-to-read fonts
  • 25. References “Available upon request” – optional Prepare separate page of references  Ask permission  Provide a copy of your résumé to your referrers  Thank your referrers
  • 26. Reference Page References for Susana Searcher  name  title  organization  work address  work phone number and email address  context
  • 27. Additional Resources forCV and Résumé Obtain a critique from a career counselor Consult examples from books in Career Resources
  • 28. Last minute tips Use eyes of others Be positive and be persistent Be truthful and accurate