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Presentation from 2010 Connecticut Library Association (CLA) conference on April 20, 2010 in Uncasville, Connecticut.

Presentation from 2010 Connecticut Library Association (CLA) conference on April 20, 2010 in Uncasville, Connecticut.



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    Reference Librarians Toolkit: Maps Reference Librarians Toolkit: Maps Presentation Transcript

    • Reference Librarians Toolkit: Maps William (Bill) Miller & Michael Howser University of Connecticut Libraries Map and Geographic Information Center - MAGIC
    • Session Outline Overview Print Maps Challenge Why Digitize Maps? GIS Data & Digital Cartography Challenge Q&A
    • Quick Overview: MAGIC Historical maps for USGS Topographic Connecticut Maps for the US Connecticut GIS Aerial Photography Data Focus: Provide public Print map collection access to Maps & of over 220,000 GIS data maps
    • Quick Poll How frequently do you use maps, aerial photos and/or GIS data to answer questions? Daily Weekly Monthly A few times a year Never
    • Ready? Let’s Explore!
    • Print Maps Challenge
    • The Print Map Challenge When to use maps to answer questions Where can you find maps What information can be unique to maps Is geographical place important to the researcher
    • Historical Maps Include roads, houses, businesses, towns.... Difficult to search for due to: Not being cataloged Minimal subjects and/or notes Unable to determine if a location is “on the map”
    • Historical Map Collections MAGIC Boston Public Library University of Southern Maine Library of Congress David Rumsey Historical Map Collection Yale University Map Collection and many more...
    • David Rumsey Map Collection
    • Flickr - Boston Public Library
    • Gazetteers Include place descriptions, Lat/Long information in “modern” versions Sources to search Google Books Internet Archive Library Catalogs
    • Atlases Include more than just maps! Images/drawings/sketches of businesses Descriptions of places, government officials Topics include: Historical, Environment, Political, Transportation.... Google Books Internet Archive Library Catalogs
    • STATE GO V ER N M E NT . ... TT ....TI( .... OF TOl'"X"-Contiullf.. i1. " ... XC"W LooJoa Cc _"': l1io1 I I . frOlJl, LDboa a.n.d fraDklia. u 06. GBDdltlt.! J9,.]; Pope I ... ta.tford Ton..-d ISo.s. takeu Bolton, Population. 1890. 1lo,SoS. 'd ll ersHeld t Hartford CoUDt)' ·)..-Popul&tioa, 4-515- Gra.od liA,:', 2;S,Y.l> Gra.udl,q,tofbor"oa,h GnuNI list., Gra.od list of cit)' of Roc:k- 1!WJo.2,271. Graod JUt, $1.350,619. "' lalllrnrd Couaty t -Populatioo, IbcJO. Xew London CooDt)'J.-Samtd lIay. to."a., 1;.;.10; boruagh,:1Jf4.. Grand list.. f ,lI],6.p. Ii lr&. Popnlation., 1"90. 1,060. GnlDd list. $l j3·9.':'.. Vilton ( Pai riiteld May. SewH.,"enCouuty ).- J>OpulaUOD, , Sal; taken from :Sorwa1k.. Population, ',7 22. iadbam Coanty -Iucorporated lby, I:'''; takeofrom'·ol utlto'lrlJ. Popalatiou..ISrJo. ',0;' , CraDdliu..!'l!J,'b.4. 1&90.6.514- list., !-:,6519#- Grand lU;lOf boroug:b. $1,7-15.935- " -arre n Lltda6eld llay. I list.,$U8.V56. Vi ll c b estcr (Litch6etJ Couuty)_lncorpor-at.ed )lay.I77'- Population. 18cp, 6,183; (No oeusta o f ... t oD in!rton XewLoudooCotml1 -locorpor.ated takellfromKenL POpalaUOD, I b90.41i. Grand theb<Jrougb ha5 beeulakeo .ilSee 1860.) run.i-zJJ.4 6 1. Grand list. $2,8 13.312. Gt1Dd liit of borough of - ,1'4,. BotougbiDdebudoe5l5., ...tlJu LitclJ6eld Couutyj.-Iucorpora!ed Winsted in $z.406,88I. Pairfield Coatlty .-Settled. 1639- Pop- al.a.t.¥JQ. I""'. 2.60... Gran<tlin.:-;:;l, 141. list. f"6i.oj5. --;;:::=::: "lIffi ("ld Hanfonl fuy, "'b.-rUMD f'tr"...dd C'l'Illlty - '.,. llu5acb1alet.U; aDtlaed. to CoooC'Ctinlt. beT. :: tUna (,<mJ. -CW' Fairfield. "lIpu1alicm. 11:ar.I:':''). POpulatiOD, J. 1f>9. Graadlist.$I,. I 66!. "ra.!ld.,;st,. S'.4r ... jrn .. bllry -Pcrpa.Iatioa.I890. Tboma...... tOD LitclJfield COQot,. .-looorpont.ed 1 .... GrudliJ,t,$ 10lJ.4 lby uketJ frrnn Plymouth. Popc.l.atioo, 1590. 'om .. r-. Tolla1ld CoI:lntJ" -Ineorponr.tcd Jilly. -z-::- ' 1;j4 t.,-lf.-.c-ba.iU aonuC"ilOC01loectictrt.llay, Thomp'4)D Windham Coullty).-lncotpOraLed llir ukea from KiUiDgly. POjJllIatiOIl, I¥ . Se. n .. 'f1:'II CotuIt]" -IDcorpmalcd ( ,0- t.akea(rt;tm'cOObary. Popalalioo,'¥, TolJalld Tolaod COOIl1rJ.-Xamed. llay, I iI; 1 GTaDdlist.fJJ9,6.t 1. ...... uthJ.,!rt'Jll Jlvtf' CoaDtyl.-loC'orporalffl T ... Litchfield COllntYj.-Illcorpotatod t.keD fr<;>m FarmiJlli:oJl. f'opulatioD, October, 'j.;o. Poptllatiotl. Gr.lDd Iw., 1 .. r .... ·Dt,ill,· lJ6 BorougbllfSoDth. $t.9 Ii,6JO. 11J«1 'rano't!'-&,l.;r,s Tnllnbull Fairfield COUlltyt-JIlCOrpotaud Oc. ...... uch fHart(OTd County .-Jooorpo-n. tober li9i· takeoftom Stn.Lfol'd. Pllpulation, 18o}o, .• } .. n:.fromE.utWiodl.oo" r'opalatioo, Gntod list, $XlI,O;, . • """ I," ( rand lilA.. ... C .. 1'SatlU:dlda,.,l!.:o6. • _ 4 SF And Prominent Financial and Indu trial In titution that haye Aided in the Publication of the TOWN AND CITY ATLAS OF CONNECTICUT. BHRTFORO COU f'l TY. Atlas of the State of Connecticut - 1893
    • Topographic Maps Elevation information Railroads Roads Buildings (in less dense areas) Water features (wetlands, rivers...)
    • Topographic Map Sources MAGIC - Connecticut University of New Hampshire - New England United States Geological Survey - US
    • Topographic Maps @ MAGIC
    • Transportation Maps Road names - locations of places Peripheral information! Basic background information streams, rivers, places
    • Transportation Map Sources Library of Congress David Rumsey Historical Map Collection Flickr!
    • Aerial Photography Map Sources MAGIC - CT Connecticut State Library - CT MassGIS - MA RGIS - Rhode Island Google Maps Google Earth Bing Maps
    • Aerial Photography
    • Additional Sources How to Read Maps - U of Indiana Map Catalogers Toolbox - U of Buffalo Perry-Castaneda Map Collection - UT Austin
    • Why Digitize Maps?
    • Just a few reasons.... Preserve the original map Increase discoverability of maps Increase access to materials Basis for scholarly research Enable new scholarship
    • GIS Data & Digital Challenge
    • GIS Data Challenge How can GIS data help answer questions What software/resources do I need to view GIS data Should I use GIS data instead of a print map
    • What is GIS Data? GIS - Geographic Information Systems Data used to create digital maps Popular format - Shapefile (.shp) Multiple Projections Requires software to use - typically
    • Where Can I find GIS Data? MAGIC - Connecticut MassGIS - Massachusetts GRANIT - New Hampshire RGIS - Rhode Island US Census Bureau - US coverage and many more places...
    • Viewing GIS Data - Options ArcGIS Explorer - Free (similar to Google Earth) ArcExplorer - Free Google Earth - view KML files
    • Digital Cartography Challenge Creating a map may be the best answer for: Identifying sites/historical locations Highlighting change over time Focusing on study area When a print map is not available
    • Tools to Create Maps Google Maps ArcGIS Explorer - Free (similar to Google Earth) Google Earth - view KML files ArcGIS - High End/ Complete Custom Maps
    • You Can Do It!
    • Making Maps can be Fun!
    • Coming Attractions
    • Connecticut Water Resource Maps
    • Geology of Connecticut
    • New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad 1920s Valuation Maps Includes: NY, CT, RI, MA Each map is georeferenced Mosaic and individual images
    • GIS Data Connecticut School Districts Census Data - 1990 Census Projections Aerial Photo Indexes
    • On The Line: Hartford Jack Dougherty - Trinity College
    • Maps Enable Collaboration
    • Collaboration Opportunities Interested in Collaborating with MAGIC on a digitization project? Want to make your map collections accessible to the public? Contact us!
    • And Remember...
    • Questions?