Office-LinX 8.0 New Features
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Office-LinX 8.0 New Features



All the new features that Office-LinX 8.0 offers.

All the new features that Office-LinX 8.0 offers.



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  • Software service that integrates with an IT departments existing VMWARE Vsphere environment and provides Seamless scalable integration of an organizations existing phone system with any on premise or Cloud based business application.Delivers true ubiquity across any operating system and mobile network while investing min footprint or infrastructure to an organizations existing IT infrastructure
  • Enables multi PBX support-Enables Phone presence federation with other IM clients-Drive CTI services through web sessions on both mobile and web interface-development of ESNA CTI services to eliminate dependency on Presence enabled PBX’s

Office-LinX 8.0 New Features Presentation Transcript

  • 1. 1
    Version 8.0
    Enabling virtualized collaboration for
    cloud enabled enterprises
    ©2010 Esna Technologies Inc. |
  • 2. 2
    Technical Overview
    Driving mobility and presence across any environment and business applications
  • 3. 3
    New System Architecture
  • 4. Highly Scalable, SIP Based Feature/Application Server
    800 Ports/100K Users
    Windows Server with unique High Availability configurations
    Single server configuration supports VMWare virtualization- 100 Sessions/5000 users
    Legacy MigrationEnabler
    User and caller interfaces retained- OCTL/Call Pilot/Unity Migrations
    Integrates to virtually any e-mail or PBX (individually or simultaneously)
    Full portfolio of pre-packaged UC Applications
    Business Transformation& Innovation
    Single license for desktop/web and mobile applications for voice, fax, presence, and mobility
    Open API for 3rd party apps integration/enhancement
    Nuance speech tools
    Open SDK for IVR Development
  • 5. 5
    New System Architecture
    Esna (UC) CTI- Presence enables any phone system or network!
    • UC CTI Object Layer provides improved modular approach to Presence integration between Esnatech application and existing PBX, including new SIP CSTA module
    • 6. Microsoft OCS support and extension of presence to non presence enabled PBX’s
    • 7. UC CTI provides basis for Enhanced Call Control (FMC); this enables Presence functionality and Call Control in-call and via client applications without a direct CTI/Presence interface to a PBX
    SIP CSTA- Extend Presence with any SIP based platform
    • SIP CSTA architecture provides basis for call control to Office-LinX
    from Microsoft Office Communications Server (OCS) client
  • 8. 6
    New System Architecture
    UC Mobile
    • Revamped mobile clients provide improved user interface and support for popular smartphone devices including the Apple iPhone/iPod/iPad, Google Android, Windows Mobile, Nokia Symbian, and RIM BlackBerry
    • 9. Distribution is done via the platform-specific application marketplaces (Apple App Store, BlackBerry App World, etc.)
    • 10. Backwards compatible with Telephony Office-LinX 7.1 servers
    Esna VCPN
    • Esna Virtual Communication Private Network technology provides seamless integration across multiple VoIP/TDM platforms
    • 11. Flatten and consolidate core voice applications across any PBX network
    • 12. Unify independent voice and video networks into one seamless communications platform
    • 13. Dynamically bridge voice over DTMF or Speech for dynamic routing across disparate phone systems
  • 7
    Esna/Google UC Platform
    • Accessible from anywhere! Full browser-based Unified Communications solution leveraging Office-LinX UC solutions with Google Apps’ back end
    • 14. Fully manage synchronized voice messages, contacts, calendar and presence within the Google environment. No desktop software required
    • Leverages IMAP4, Web Services and Google APIs to provide a fully synchronized “one inbox” approach to voice and e-mail messaging
    • 15. Access Gmail messages over the phone (TTS playback), reach Google contacts over the phone by speech, manage call routing from UC web gadget
    • 16. Link PBX and phone functionality to Google Apps with Message Waiting Indication (MWI), dynamic call routing based on Google calendar
  • 8
    Bullet Title
    • gibberish text to follow
    • 17. gibberish text to follow
    Bullet Title
    • gibberish text to follow
  • 9
    Esna/Google UC Platform
    Unified Messaging
    • Play back voice messages directly within Gmail
    • 18. Access Gmail inbox over the phone: listen to e-mails, accept meeting invites
    • 19. Phone MWI lights/clears based on read status of new messages
  • 10
    Esna/Google UC Platform
    Calendar and Presence
    • Accepted meetings automatically change phone forwarding/routing during blocked time
    • 20. Location and availability are reflected in Google Talk presence and Esna UC locations
    UC Client Web Gadget
    • May be integrated directly into Google web interfaces (Gmail, iGoogle)
    • 21. Provides active call control, dialing, and faxing capabilities within the web browser
    • 22. Easily manage phone availability and destination numbers; quick setting of call behaviour dynamics
  • Esnatech/Google UC Portfolio
    Gmail Unified MessagingIntegrates with any phone system to deliver voice and fax access from Gmail and e-mail access over the phone
    Google Talk Rich Phone PresenceIntegrated phone presence with GTalk to see who is on or off the phone and initiate click-to-dial off your phone extension
    Calendar integrated mobilityPersonal, shared, and public calendars integrated with your phone voice mail greetings, and mobility settings for find-me/ follow-me functionality
    Knowledge Screen popsDesktop lookup using Google Search based on incoming caller ID and name to provide ad hoc call center functionality
    UC web services
    Both desktop and web gadgets enable full dialing, presence, and corporate phone search functionality from any OS or browser
    Google Fax servicesGoogle Apps integrated fax services for fax messaging with Gmail and outbound faxing from Google docs and Gmail
    Google Android PBX integrationIntegrated Android OS devices with existing phone system and PBX for station-to-station dialing and inbound and outbound calling of enterprise PBX
    Speech Access to AppsNavigate Google Contacts, Calendar, and Gmail over the phone leveraging DTMF and speech commands for offline, hands-free access to your Google Apps account
  • 23. 12
    New Application Features
    • Efficiently manage IT resources, leverage manageability of VMWare suite of applications (vSphere)
    • 24. Enables simpler transition and migration to hosted or cloud VoIP solutions
    VMWare Ready Virtualization Support
    • VMWare Ready program completion provides certification of Esna’s UC platform with VMWare virtualization products
    Microsoft Exchange and Outlook 2010 Support
    • Introduction of MAPI based synchronization for messaging (post release service update)
    • 25. Full contact, calendar and messaging synchronization for full Unified Communications experience
  • 13
    New System Architecture
    UC Web Access Framework
    • Web Access framework is a web services interface for Dynamic communication services for the Office-LinX Platform
    • 26. Enables Unified Communication services to be deployed across any computing environment over any operating system.
    • 27. Provides basis for UC Client Manager Web services and Google Desktop UC Client gadget; extensible framework may be utilized to develop web-based client applications in any browser and web-enabled environment or device
    Federated Presence
    • UC Client Manager provides base point for federated (and unified) presence across multiple networks; status changes and updates will be reflected across all networks based on your UC activity and schedule
    • 28. At release: Microsoft OCS, Microsoft Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk and Skype presence federation will be supported
  • 14
    New Voice Features
    Speech Commands
    • Speech Commands enable complete, hands-free navigation of voice mail and mailbox options
    • 29. Any voice menu action requiring digit entry may be spoken by the user
    • 30. Ideal for scenarios where hands-free requirements or laws are in effect
    • 31. Enabled in Admin under Feature Group  Speech Options  Speech Commands
  • 15
    New Voice Features
    Voice Verification/Speech Biometrics
    • Allows mailbox login through speech recognition based on individual voice prints
    • 32. Enrolment process similar to mailbox tutorial
    • 33. Configurable security levels
    • 34. Managed via Speech Options tabs in Company/Feature Group/Mailbox Properties
  • 16
    New Voice Features
    Enhanced Call Control
    • Empowers users to have call control while using any device (office, home or mobile); Esna’s advanced fixed-mobile convergence (FMC) solution
    • 35. Capabilities such as placing calls on hold and transferring to internal office extension numbers allow any phone to function as an office phone extension
    • 36. Enables CTI behaviour for systems without direct CTI integration via client applications: UC server manages call control between incoming and outgoing call legs
    • 37. Call Handoff allows seamless passing of a current ongoing phone call at your desk to another device (e.g. cell phone, another station, etc.) without any interruption
  • 17
    New Voice Features
    Enhanced Call Control (…Continued)
    • Controlled via UC Client Manager ‘Handoff’ button or with Enhanced Call Control “In Call” menu accessed by configurable shortcut key (** by default)
    • 38. Enabled in Admin under Feature Group  Transfer Options  Enhanced Call Control
  • 18
    New Voice Features
    Telephone Meeting and Appointment Management
    • Allows users to accept or decline meeting requests created in Outlook or Gmail over the phone or via WebClient.
    • 39. When a user checks their messages, there will be a Meeting Request message. Over the phone, the new number of Meeting Requests is played.
    • 40. Ex. “You have 3 new voice messages, 2 new meeting requests”
    • 41. Meetings can be accepted over the phone and UC Location set for the duration such as “In Meeting and Unavailable”
    • 42. In WebClient, a new icon indicates a meeting request and new options to accept
    • 43. Requires MS Exchange or Google Gmail synchronization enabled environment
  • 19
    New Client Features
    UC Client Manager 8.0
    • New look and feel with many consistent items to not alienate users
    • 44. Cross platform support (Windows & Mac OS)
    • 45. Improved plug-in model for 3rd party application integrations
    • 46. Easier deployment (supports MSI push install and preconfigured options)
    • 47. Improved call management and call feature additions
  • 20
    New Client Features
    UC Client Manager Web Edition
    • Provides UC Client functionality from anywhere within your web browser
    • 48. LanTalk, Call Control, Presence Management, Directory and Workgroup Management, Message Notification, and Web based Faxing functionality
    • 49. Provides Google Talk presence synchronization
    • 50. May be integrated into any Web Interface or portal (Gmail, iGoogle,, etc.)
  • 21
    New Client Features
    UC Client Google Desktop Gadget
    • Google Desktop gadget provides UC location, Call Control, Directory and LanTalk features
    Microsoft CRM 4.0 PIM Support
    • Microsoft CRM Contact pop capability for inbound calls to desktop users Support and Integration
    • Integrated dialer and contact display within Salesforce CRM interface
    • 51. ‘Click-to-dial’ from Salesforce contacts and customer listings
  • 22
    New Client Features
    Knowledge Call transfer-Related Document Desktop Search
    • Enables document and local e-mail search based on Caller ID and Name on incoming calls
    • 52. Provides relevant and useful information related to the caller
    • 53. Leverages Microsoft or Google Desktop searches
  • 23
    New Client Features
    UC Mobile Clients – Apple iPhone
    • Available to download on the Apple App Store (free)
    • 54. Utilizes iPhone touch capabilities and location services
    • 55. Provides location and presence management, UC dialing, and chat (LanTalk) features
    UC Mobile Clients – Google Android
    • Available to download on the Google Market (free)
    • 56. Utilizes Android touch capabilities, notification bars and location services
    • 57. Provides location and presence management, UC dialing, and chat (LanTalk) features
  • 24
    New Client Features
    UC Mobile Clients – Apple iPad
    • Available to download on the Apple App Store (free)
    • 58. Utilizes iPad touch capabilities and larger screen real estate to improve navigation and quicken UC-related tasks
    • 59. Provides location and presence management, UC dialing, and chat (LanTalk) features
    UC Mobile Clients – Windows Mobile
    • Available to download on the Windows Phone Marketplace(free)
    • 60. Provides location and presence management, UC dialing and chat (LanTalk) features
  • 25
    New Client Features
    UC Mobile Clients – RIM BlackBerry
    • Available on the BlackBerry App World
    • 61. Provides location and presence management, UC dialing, and chat (LanTalk) features
    Outlook Contact Call Control
    • Integrated Outlook toolbar for call control, provides UC Call Manager functionality from Outlook
    • 62. Includes the ability to Answer a Call, Answer and Record, Take Message, Hold and Transfer all directly within the Outlook Contact window
  • 26
    New Application Features
    Calendar/Contact Synchronization
    • Full Calendar and Contact synchronization between the UC Server and Google Apps or Microsoft Exchange
    • 63. Support group synchronization configuration via Exchange Super User or Google Oauth credentials
    • 64. Provides unified location and presence management
    Microsoft OCS Support
    • Provides Esna CTI call control to Office Communicator, OCS enabling supported Esna CTI platforms (including Esna UC CTI on any PBX)
    • 65. Shared presence between Office Communicator and UC clients
  • Top Down Approach to Unified Communications
    • Works with existing infrastructure
    • 66. Legacy PBX and or phone system
    • 67. Works with existing core business applications
    • 68. CRM/SFA/ERP
    • 69. Consolidates costs in each separate technology into one cost effective license
    • 70. Consolidates costs of management and deployment
    • 71. Future proofs your technology investment
    • 72. Supports future IP and or Cloud computing direction
  • Unified Messaging
    Speech server
    IVR/ CTI server
    Mobility server
    Conference server
    Notification server
    IM/ Presence server
    Fax server
    Single server solution
    Future proof interoperability
    No infrastructure upgrade
    User choice of access
    Provides Migration strategy- UM/IP T
    Video Enablement
  • 73. Value of Version 8.0
    • Alternatives to traditional Microsoft/ Cisco RIP and Replace UC
    • 74. Delivers full UC portfolio at a fraction of the cost and footprint compared to complete Microsoft suite
    • 75. Alternative position with Google integration- total communication and collaboration
    • 76. Add-on to core Microsoft servers for a more green and cost-effective Microsoft UC
    • 77. Enables interoperability with any phone system and mobile device driving UC sales on non VoIP opportunities including Centrex, and TDM based customers
    • 78. Solves budget/cost and management issue with the ability to flatten and consolidate primary voice applications across all business locations
    • 79. Works across any OS or business infrastructure - minimum cost of deployment, maximum access to communication tools
    “Exchange holds approximately 70 percent of email market share today, but over half of Microsoft’s customers are still running Exchange 2003. This means most customers are currently working with 7 year old email technology.”
  • 80. 30
  • 81. 31
  • 82. How to Order & Get Esna Support
    Pre Sales Support for product info, datasheets, tech pubs, YouTube videos, etc.
    Channel or Customer Interaction Support for Design, Configuration or Pricing
    Canada: David Burwash905-707-9700::
    United States: Enterprise: David Ballins 905 695 3175:: Mike Seeley 905 695 3176::
    Mid Market: Susan Fernand905-707-9700::
    EMEA: Nick St John 905-707-9700::
    Product Ordering
    Government and Government Related Agencies/Entities
    Federal, State, and Local Gov’t entities can order from Avaya Gov’t Solutions directly
    Utilize Standard Partner Process with order and fulfillment through Esna direct
    Installation Options
    • Esna provides all installation services. (BP can mark up Esna services as needed)
    • 83. On Site and/or Touch2Cut Remote Services Available (TTC BP Must be Certified)
    • 84. BP Installation and Certification
    • 85. $5,000 to train and certify up to 3 techs (CBT)
    • 86. Includes demo kit and 1st install support
    Post Installation Professional Services
    • Software Support + Upgrades
    • 87. Managed Care
    • 88. Custom Development
  • To access more product information, log on to:
    For our online demos, access our Demo Center at:
    For our online YouTube Channel:
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